Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Pieter (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello, dear Pietak!
I am happy to receive your letter and photo. You are a handsome and interesting man. I believe we have much in common. I look forward to developing our relationship. I will tell you some things about me.
I am considered patient and understanding. Compassionate and passionate. I value family above all else. I live a good life and have enough. I seek to find a man who is kind and gentle. Sincere and faithful. A man who believes in marriage and the happiness children and a family bring in life. I admire a man who is willing to place his family and children's needs above his own. A husband and wife need to establish trust. They must develop a friendship. They must support each other in good times and when there are challenges to be faced. A marriage is a sacred vow between a man and a woman. They must be faithful and loyal to each other. There must be open communication and shared feelings.
I am a sensitive person by nature. I am considered shy and quiet until I am comfortable with a person. I enjoy romantic evenings. To share special moments together. I enjoy holding hands, tender kisses, and looking into my husband's eyes before we fall asleep at night. I want my husband's face to be the first thing I see as I awake each morning and the last thing I see as I close my eyes. I seek to find my companion and partner in life. To build a future with.
I am simple person by nature. Life is not complicated when you find the right man to stand beside you.
Warm regards,
Yours, Sveta
Letter 2

Hello, my dear Pietak!
It is lovely to receive your e-mail.
I am very happy that we are in contact with each other. I am very glad that you like that we are getting closer to each other,
as i am enjoying this very much as well. It is very nice to have this opportunity to get to know a wonderful person as you are. I am too very excited about where this relationship is heading.
You sound sincere and honest and that is something that gets my attention!! It's sad that so many people in the world are sad and lonely...
I think that people are just restless and need a new distraction most of the time. I don't think people appreciate how lucky they are when they find someone that truly loves them?? I wait for the day when I feel this feeling. I want someone that will love me forever and follow me to the ends of the earth. I must admit that I am very skeptical and very guarded when it comes to my feeling and my heart.
I go for things with 100% positive attitude and hope it works as well. Of course, there is disappointment if it doesn't, but if we don't try then we don't live, it seems to me.
Ah, well there is a difference between trying your best and giving your heart away before you know it's safe to do so! So, try your best and guard your heart, that's my view. It's good to be honest and reliable and I shall be the same with you, then we are both free to choose within our relationship. Dishonesty may seem to bring success but in the end it destroys whatever it touches, including love.
I think you have been searching for a long time, so I also know there must have been many disappointments for you. It's very good that you can still hope for the best!
I'm sure we shall meet one day, and because you are cautious,
we shall make beautiful love on our first night together! Then you will know that my heart and my love are true and you will know we are meant for each other!
No, I do not think that money is very important.
I adore cats, I have got two at home;)
I am a music lover, I like to listen to different kinds of music, but I do not play any music instrument.
I have never travelled but it is my greatest dream.
Yours, Sveta
Letter 3

Hello, my dear Pietak!
Thank you for your very insightful e-mail. You put a lot thought and passion into your e-mail and I appreciate every word. You are looking for the same wants and needs as I do in a long term relationship. You want a give and take relationship as I do, built on trust, passion, support, intimacy, and of course LOVE. I think we have a good start with having some of the same footings (ideals/values) in our search for that someone special that will make us whole. I do hope that you can be that someone special in my life.
I want a relationship that will last until we are old and grey. Maybe it is a romantic thought, but I would like to see myself with someone walking hand and hand throughout my life......... as the connection grows and grows over a lifetime.
I dream of having a husband and one or two children.
I dream of waking each morning with my beautiful husband beside me. I would start with a good morning kiss and think about wanting to stay in bed with him.
I know I would rather do that than go to work.
But of course I would go to work. I would hurry home each day just to be with him again.
To hold him and kiss him. I would hurry home to be with my children too.
To play with them and to have family dinners together each night. I see us spending time on the weekends doing family activities. But I also see us having romantic dinners for the two of us.
I want the romance to always be there in our lives.
I dream of having a nice home that is full of love and laughter.
I hope you liked my dream, Pietak? Yours, Sveta
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Pietak!
I live in Izyum - town in the east of Ukraine.
I work as a visagiste in a beauty shop "Glamour".
It is a very difficult job, because I have to choose the correct make-up for the different clients and for different occasions I was born on the 25th of July, 1984.
My height is 172 sm, and my weight is 55 kilos. I have blond hair and grey eyes.
I am serious about finding that special man in my life. I am a romantic woman and I dream of finding the man who will share my good days and my bad days;
my happiness and my tears. Quite simply I am looking for my second half. I have no children but would like to have some in the future.
I am a bit shy but I open up when I feel comfortable with a person.
I am a romantic woman and a dreamer but I am realistic about everyday life.
I hate prejudice and intolerance. I have good family values and ethics.
I love to read, go for walks and go to the cinema. Anything else depends on who I am with because I am very flexible and can have fun doing anything if I am with the right person.
I hope that we will get to know each other much better in the future.
Yours, Sveta.
PS. I was able to read just the first part of the letter, which was written in English, the second one was unreadable - all in some strange signs and figures...
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