Scam letter(s) from Alena Karaseva to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Steve, Thank you for your letter and for photos. I don't know how many people live in my town, but i can tell you that it is rather small. I don't know how to drive a car. I don't have a car. They are to expansive in our country. As I can see you still have an interest in me and it makes my day brighter. I am glad to receive your letter and I am sure we can be good friends at least. it is very interesting for me to get to know you closer with each your letter and I want you to know me better as well and that is why I think I should continue telling you about myself. I have told you about main ideas, I mean about my job, my place of living and short story of my life and now I guess it will be good to let you know more about my personality. but first I would like to tell you about my pictures. I hope you like them all. Actually I have told you that now I live with my mother and you know we have very close relationships with her. so I am sending you my picture with her, she always gives me her support and i do love her much. Steve, I think you already have some ideas about my personality and to be honest I will be very glad to hear about them. But still I give you my ones. So I am trying to be realistic in my life, but still I have many dreams and I find it really natural because when a person has ones he or she is doing all best to achieve that, so it makes us stronger you know. I think I will tell you about my dreams some day, but one of them is to learn English. I forgot to tell you that I don't know English and I can't speak it. And that is why I use a translation firm. Maybe you won't like this Steve, but here in my place it is the best way of translation. If anything is wrong for you just let me know, but I hope you will be able to understand this. Well you know I open-minded and I often try to tell the truth and it is important to me. My friends say that I have a good sense of humor. I am friendly and I like communication much. I mean I prefer being in a company of friends, but sometimes when I am lonely I think about sense of life and everything of that kind. Of course, as any person I have advantages and disadvantages, but i can't point them and that is why I think you will find them out when you communicate with me. So Steve I hope you will find only advantages, lol.... Anyway I need to close my letter now, but i already wait for your next one with great impatience. Have a nice day with best wishes
Letter 2
Hello Steve, Thank you for your letter and for photos. Do you wish to continue to write? I hope so because I want to get to know more about you, and as for you being able to write about yourself, I find it hard also, other than doing the normal, so just be yourself, write what is in your heart, share with me what ever you wish to, it is when you share from your heart and soul, as you will find I will do the same, it is from there we will know each other, we will learn about each other, and all those “I am this, that, I like this, that” those things will come out without us knowing they are coming out so easy and not in such a way like I just said, “this and that” it will be our person, it will be us, the real us. And i hope you will add some of your photos in your next letter. First I would like to thank you for your interest in me. I know that I have a good look and everything of that kind, but I was very surprised to receive your respond as I thought meeting in the Internet was quite impossible. Anyway I can see that it is okay and it is possible. It will be nice to me to let you know more things about me and my life despite usually I don't like telling about myself. So it is my first time and hope I will manage to introduce myself to you. I guess you can understand that I am lonely and i don't have any boyfriend here as I write to you. Actually I had a good childhood and my birth date is on the 10th of June, 1982. I was born in a small town of Svatovo, it is situated in Ukraine, in its Eastern part. I can't tell you much about this place because it is a small town, but it is beautiful here and people are very friendly. After school I went to the university, but to be honest now I work not according to my speciality, I am a shop-assistant now and actually it was quite difficult for me. I was looking for a good job for very long time, but I really couldn't find it and that was why I decided to become a shop-assistant. I find it quite good because I can have communication with new people and I can find out much more about life and relationships. As for my family it is not so happy thing because my father died ten years ago in a car accident and that is why now I live with my mom and I give her my support. I am doing all my best to be able to help her and now she is much better. i think I will be able to tell you much more about me and my life next time. And now i can say some more words to you. I am open, talkative and I like communication with my friends. I am sending you my pictures and as you can see I like doing sport as well as I want to keep fit. So as for the other things I will tell you next time as now I have to go. I will be waiting for your letter as well and hope you will be able to let me know more about yourself as well. Wish you a nice day. your Alena
Letter 3
Hi my darling Steve, (don't you mind me calling you this way?) Thank you for your letter and for photos, i was waiting for it. I am waiting for your letter like little girl who waiting for presents on Christmas. I really think that you are a present for me. Thanks God hundred times that we find each other. I love you very much, and i also think that we are both ready to make a new step in our relationship. I don't know English, but as you understand it is my dream, i hope one day i will have enough money to learn it. I am a shop-assistant. And when i have a free time i like to read books, to visit my friend, to cook. And i have graduated university specials as a teacher of first classes ( i like children a lot). And i would like to work as a teacher. I would like to travel, but i have never been abroad, but it is my dream to visit all world. I hope, we will do it together. I am writing my another letter to you and it makes me feel so good. To be honest I always thought it was boring to write letters and I hating doing that, but now I can see it is very pleasing and it is even more exciting to wait for the answer. And I am very glad to receive your answers every time. Steve, it is great to have such feelings about letters and I have noticed that in my letters to you I can feel free and I can tell you anything about myself. It is for the first time with me. i really want to continue our communication because I can feel that it changes me as a person. So this time I would like to let you know about my private life. I mean I didn't tell you anything about my boyfriends and love in my life. In fact I had several boyfriends, but unfortunately or maybe even fortunately I didn't manage to build long-lasting relationships with any of them. And exactly that is why I am here writing to you, Steve. my relationships with men were not so lasting because they were interested in other things and they really didn't want to have serious relationships and family. But as for me I am already read for such things and I would be happy to have children soon. By the way what are your thoughts as for children and family? Anyway now I want someone who is ready for such serious things and who wants to create a family. It is important to me to have honesty in relationships and I want to be close to my man in all meanings. Steve, I hope I don't scare you with my intentions and ideas. I want to have a simple life with my beloved, but this simple life should be full of happiness and love... i want us to be equal and to be ready to have everything together. Of course, these are just basic my ideas and I am really ready to sacrifice some things for my beloved because love and family means much to me Steve. I need to go as my kitty is waiting for me. Oops, I haven't told you that I have a cat, but I promise I will do this, it is a very exciting story you know. So just be ready to hear about that next time and I hope you will find something interesting for me as well despite it is always interesting for me to read about yourself. already missing you
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