Scam letter(s) from Alena Karaseva to Mark (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello, Thank you for your letter. Of course love will change a lot, rainy days becomes sunny, you have a goal for your life. That's for sure, and what is more wonderful then knowing someone loves you? But love is a short word, but it is not you can go to a shop and buy it. Of course there is love at first sight, but real love takes time. This means there must be lot of mutual interest, things you like in love (regarding sports, hobbies, free time, and so on), the way you look at world (politics, economics, and so on) and personality. So if all these things are what i and you like too, there is a good base to start from. So i really like to know more about you, what you do, what you want, what you like and dislike. And i hope you will add some of your photos into your next letter. I hope you will add some of your photos.
First I would like to thank you for your interest in me. I know that I have a good look and everything of that kind, but I was very surprised to receive your respond as I thought meeting in the Internet was quite impossible. Anyway I can see that it is okay and it is possible. It will be nice to me to let you know more things about me and my life despite usually I don't like telling about myself. So it is my first time and hope I will manage to introduce myself to you. I guess you can understand that I am lonely and i don't have any boyfriend here as I write to you. Actually I had a good childhood and my birth date is on the 10th of June, 1982. I was born in a small town of Svatovo, it is situated in Ukraine, in its Eastern part. I can't tell you much about this place because it is a small town, but it is beautiful here and people are very friendly. After school I went to the university, but to be honest now I work not according to my speciality, I am a shop-assistant now and actually it was quite difficult for me. I was looking for a good job for very long time, but I really couldn't find it and that was why I decided to become a shop-assistant. I find it quite good because I can have communication with new people and I can find out much more about life and relationships. As for my family it is not so happy thing because my father died ten years ago in a car accident and that is why now I live with my mom and I give her my support. I am doing all my best to be able to help her and now she is much better. i think I will be able to tell you much more about me and my life next time. And now i can say some more words to you. I am open, talkative and I like communication with my friends. I am sending you my pictures and as you can see I like doing sport as well as I want to keep fit. So as for the other things I will tell you next time as now I have to go.
I will be waiting for your letter as well and hope you will be able to let me know more about yourself as well. Wish you a nice day. your Alena
Letter 2
Hello my dear, Thank you for your letter and for photos. I have received them. I can not wait to read your words and look at you again, because I feel we are growing closer at a speed much faster then the computer can send.
All I want is to know that my best friend and soul mate is happy to talk to me. I will be waiting to read from you soon. As I can see you still have an interest in me and it makes my day brighter. I am glad to receive your letter and I am sure we can be good friends at least. it is very interesting for me to get to know you closer with each your letter and I want you to know me better as well and that is why I think I should continue telling you about myself. I have told you about main ideas, I mean about my job, my place of living and short story of my life and now I guess it will be good to let you know more about my personality. but first I would like to tell you about my pictures. I hope you like them all. Actually I have told you that now I live with my mother and you know we have very close relationships with her. so I am sending you my picture with her, she always gives me her support and i do love her much. I think you already have some ideas about my personality and to be honest I will be very glad to hear about them. But still I give you my ones. So I am trying to be realistic in my life, but still I have many dreams and I find it really natural because when a person has ones he or she is doing all best to achieve that, so it makes us stronger you know. I think I will tell you about my dreams some day, but one of them is to learn English. I forgot to tell you that I don't know English and I can't speak it. And that is why I use a translation firm. Maybe you won't like this, but here in my place it is the best way of translation. If anything is wrong for you just let me know, but I hope you will be able to understand this. Well you know I open-minded and I often try to tell the truth and it is important to me. My friends say that I have a good sense of humor. I am friendly and I like communication much. I mean I prefer being in a company of friends, but sometimes when I am lonely I think about sense of life and everything of that kind. Of course, as any person I have advantages and disadvantages, but i can't point them and that is why I think you will find them out when you communicate with me. So I hope you will find only advantages, lol.... Anyway I need to close my letter now, but i already wait for your next one with great impatience. Have a nice day
with best wishes
Letter 3
Thank you for your letter and for photos. I really want to learn some language to speak with you. But unfortunately i don't have enough money for it now. So i need to earn them, so only them i will start learning something. I hope you will understand it. I am writing my another letter to you and it makes me feel so good. To be honest I always thought it was boring to write letters and I hating doing that, but now I can see it is very pleasing and it is even more exciting to wait for the answer. And I am very glad to receive your answers every time. it is great to have such feelings about letters and I have noticed that in my letters to you I can feel free and I can tell you anything about myself. It is for the first time with me. i really want to continue our communication because I can feel that it changes me as a person. So this time I would like to let you know about my private life. I mean I didn't tell you anything about my boyfriends and love in my life. In fact I had several boyfriends, but unfortunately or maybe even fortunately I didn't manage to build long-lasting relationships with any of them. And exactly that is why I am here writing to you. my relationships with men were not so lasting because they were interested in other things and they really didn't want to have serious relationships and family. But as for me I am already read for such things and I would be happy to have children soon. By the way what are your thoughts as for children and family? Anyway now I want someone who is ready for such serious things and who wants to create a family. It is important to me to have honesty in relationships and I want to be close to my man in all meanings. I hope I don't scare you with my intentions and ideas. I want to have a simple life with my beloved, but this simple life should be full of happiness and love... i want us to be equal and to be ready to have everything together. Of course, these are just basic my ideas and I am really ready to sacrifice some things for my beloved because love and family means much to me. I need to go as my kitty is waiting for me. Oops, I haven't told you that I have a cat, but I promise I will do this, it is a very exciting story you know. So just be ready to hear about that next time and I hope you will find something interesting for me as well despite it is always interesting for me to read about yourself.
already missing you
Letter 4

My darling, Thank you for your letter. I really want to see you. And i have a dream, i want to see the world. But unfortunately i don't have an international passport, i don't know if it is a problem for you. So, if you want to visit Kiev it will be wonderful. It was so difficult for me to have all that patient to wait till now.
To tell you the truth I have been missing you much. I don't know how it is possible, but I was thinking a lot about you and our communication and you know I have found out that you have really touched my heart. I mean you have something special in yourself and it attracts me to you so much.... i didn't use to have such feelings to men, but you have made them wake up and I am thankful to you for this. i still can't understand what it is, love or just a temptation, but anyway I like this for sure. Hope it is okay for you. Sorry, I don't have any pictures of my cat, but I will tell you about it and our meting. here we have a special place where they sell different kinds of pets and this place is situated in a park. So once I had a walk there and I was just watching all the dogs and cats there. They all were so cute, but i was not going to buy any of them because I wanted to buy a dress that time as it was before my birthday. But on my way suddenly I met a cute little kitten that was standing near my feet and looking at me like the cat in the "Shrek" you know. I think you have seen this cartoon, it is very funny.... I was going to pick it up, but the the seller came up to me and told me that this kitten cost money and if I wanted to buy it I should have paid. I was looking at the kitten and didn't know what to do. it was kind of love from the first sight you know. So I refused from the dress and bough my little kitten that I love so much now. I am very happy for my decision because now I have a wonderful companion, I think you will like it. Well that was my happy story of my meeting with my cat, but to be honest I am not so happy now because I have bad news. I didn't expect this to happen this way, but I can't do anything with it. The fact is I am run out of money and that is why I can't continue correspondence any more. i have told you about the firm and translation of my letter, but now i can't afford it. It was my only way to keep in touch with you because they provided me with everything..... I don't know what to do now, but deep in my hear I have a hope that it won't be the end.... I don't want to let you go.....
with love
yours Alena
Letter 5
Hello my dear,
Thank you for your letters and for your help. I was very happy to know that someone worried about me. I love my mother very much, but you should understand, that i want to find love of a man. It is amazing that we find each other. Thank you hundred times once again, that you bring grate smile on my lips and in to my heart. Today i get you money. Thank you very much. I took 216$ and pay for translation, , but i don't know if i have done everything right. Please tell me what should I do with a rest of money, how should I spend them? Should i pay for translation office, or i can make a present from you for my self? I hope you will give the answer on this question.
I want to tell you a lot of things from my life, i want to tell you about my childhood, but i don't know if you are interested in it. I want to share everything that i have with you. I hope you are not angry with me, because i am so quick. Maybe i think that you are a part of me, but i really want it to be so. If i am not right, please, tell me. It is very important for me to know if i am good for you. I want to do everything for my love person....for you.
I would like to know you better, to know from first sight when you are angry or happy and why it happened. I will wait for this times, when i will understand you without words, only your breathing and quick winking of your eyes. In privies letters you told me about your trip in Tibet, tell me please more about it. I have never been anywhere and it is very interesting for me to learn something new about the world.
Also as you, i want to find meaning of life, i hope we will find it together. Tell me please more about your life.
Kiss you, your Alena
Letter 6
Hello my dear, Thank you for your letter. First of all i want to discus all questions according money. I need your advice. I really want to learn your language, but i can also learn English. What you think is better? Then, i have asked one of my friends and she recommended me one school, where i can easily and quickly learn language, and what is more important i will have a good practice there. But it is very expansive, i think so. I went there and asked for prices. Here they are: if group will consist of 30 students i will need to pay 200$ per month, 16 students- 250$ per month, and if i want a tutor, which will be better, it will costs 300$ per month. I don't know if it is expensive for you, but it is so for me. But i really want to learn language. What will you tell me according this? And the next question, the passport costs 300$ and i in passport office they will do it approximately 2-3 month. Please, think about it, and tell me your thoughts about all this. And once more, i have paid 216$ for translation agency. Tell me exactly what i should do with the rest of money. I know our future meeting will be exciting. Maybe both of us would be a little nervous. But our first meeting might be at the airport. I will come off the airplane or through customs. When I see you, our eyes will widen and our smile will be from ear to ear. When I reach you I will give you the warmest of hugs and some good and maybe romantic kisses.....I realize this is our first meeting. But just maybe you might pick me up in your arms and carry me away. We could go to some resort to spend time just with ourselves getting to know each other. Then after a few days we could go to meet your family and friends. But the one thing I vision is the happiness we have between us. Excuse me, that i asked you a lot of questions, but i really need to know this. I don't want to scare you with all my problems, but i don't want to make any mistakes, and i don't want to disappoint you.
Love you and kiss you,
your Alena
Letter 7
Hello my dear, Thank you for your letter and for photos. They are wonderful. I like to watch them. We have wonderful weither today. I want to go somewhere, but unfortunately i don't have anyone to go with. It will be wonderful if you and i can walk in parks, to theatres, cinemas or even in restaurant together. But most of all i want to spend evenings with you at home. To be only with you, i don't want someone to interrupt our happiness. With all my heart i want to be your woman, i want to belong only to you. I hope one day we will meat each other, and we will understand that we don't want anyone. And in whole world will be only you and i. I hope you have the same dreams. And i will be very happy if you could come to me. Of course, i also want to see you country, and i hope it will come very soon. I want to tell you something. Today i was talking with my boss, and asked him if i could take some holidays. But unfortunately it is impossible. In the beginning of year our boss gave us days for holidays, and i will have vocations only on September. So, it will be better if you will come to my town. And now it is a lot of work, so it will be better if you will come on May. Of course, you can come to me whenever you like, i will be very happy, but because of my work i can't spend with you a lot of time. I work very hard from morning till night, and i can't find a lot of time for being with you. I hope you understand me. Please, honey, don't think that i don't want to see you, it is not so. I really will be very happy to see you, but i want to be with you, not only know that you are waiting me at home after my work. Moreover, i am very tired, and i don't want you to see how awfully i could look like. I want be very beautiful for you always.
I have paid for translation agency 216$ as i have told you. And i think that will pay 300$ for courses of English. I think i will learn language better if i will work with a tutor. I hope you don't mind. I am going to that school tomorrow, to know when i could start classes. And how long i should go to this courses. And 80$ i will hold over for passport. And i want to tell you, that passport costs 300$, and will need 2 or 3 month to do it.
Thank you for everything,
kiss you, your Alena
Letter 8
Hello my dear,

Thank you for your letter and for help. I have get your money in amount of 584$. I appreciate it a lot. Today is fantastic wether. It is even hot today ( +12 C), i like such wether. I like summer, when you can hold up you chick under the sun, you can enjoy watch birds, enjoy their singing. I would like to spend this time with you. I could hardly imaging how starling it would be when we would be together. And what is you favorite time of season?

I adore flowers, black pearls and white silk, for more i like raspberries. I like white color, like clean snow which plays under the sun rays, slightly gleaming, tender as just blossom out rose bud, on which delicate petals sparkling drops of dew. I hope you can see that i am very romantic person. it is write. You can understand it and support me in it. I need love. Of course, i want to love someone. I want to love you. You are very nice person, and it is difficult not to love you.))) I want to bring a lot of joy in your life. It will be wonderful to get up with you in the morning in one bed, to make a breakfast with you for our children, to read books for them, to look after them, to see how they are growing. We will have a lot of dinners with candles and romantic evenings. I hope you will like it. Tell me your thoughts about it.

You are the first man, who make for me such things. Thank you, i was very unhappy in love. But you make my life bight and colorful. I was speaking with teacher today and she is ready to start with me on Monday. And i will learn in 3 times on week. I am afraid of it a lot. I don't know anything, but i hope i will be a good student. I will buy books that are needed today. And i will start with a passport on Monday too. I should collect a lot of papers. But i don't want to loose time, so i will do everything very quickly. And what about your coming on May. You can come whenever you like. You can choose a day yourself. I will be working, but i hope i will spend some time with you, more then i could spend with you now days. I will pay 300$ for passport. Ant there are 364$ rest. What i should to with them? Or it is a present for me from you ?))))

Kiss you thousand times,

your Alena.
Letter 9
Hello my dear, Thank you for your letter. How are you? How did you spend your day? I love you and miss you a lot. I am waiting for your letter like little girl who waiting for presents on Christmas. I really think that you are a present for me. Thanks God hundred times that we find each other. I love you very much, and i also think that we are both ready to make a new step in our relationship. I think that we a ready to see each other face to face moreover that we both want it. So, i think that you have good idea to come to my town. I hope you guess that it is my biggest dream. I think it will be better if you will come to Lugansk, and then i think you will take a bus, but maybe it will be more comfortable for you to stay in Lugansk. I hope we will have time to discuss it. Unfortunately i can't tell you now if i will stay with you at nights. I want it, but i hope you will understand that it is not very good to stay with a man, whom you don't know well. I hope you will understand me. I love you, but i don't want to make any mistakes. Today will be the second lesson of English, i hope i will get a good mark. )))) And we will talk with each other very soon. An something about differences. I hope you know them, but maybe you have forget about them, so i will remember them to you. We celebrate Christmas on 7th of January, we have other sign of cross, in our church during the mass people should stay, not to sit, we don't have benches, we have less colorful churches as in your country. We have batiushka instead of father. There are some little facts about our church, and if you are interested in it i will tell you more in next letter. Dear, i hope i will know more about your life, your job, your interests in life. I hope you will tell me more about yourself. And i will be very happy to read something about your way of living. Kiss you with love, your Alena
Letter 10
Hello my dear,

Thank you for your letter, unfortunately we can't open it. I don't know maybe it is something with a format? To tell the truth i don't know, so maybe you will do something with it, because i really want to red what was written there. Tomorrow we will celebrate Easter. It will be a big holiday for us. I don't know how it celebrates in your country, but i don't think that there are a lot of differences. It is a family holiday, i think that at first i will go to church, and that i will spend all day with my mother. I our country we are decorate eggs, and in ancient Russia there was a game: two people were fighting on eggs and who will shattered the egg should left this game and who will stay with safe egg was a winner and he will have a lot of good things during next year. And on this holiday we also bake Easter cake, and from curds we make paskha (Easter dessert of *** cheese mixed with sugar, butter, and raisins), and i can tell you that it is very tasty.

And i want to tell you some news, my cat was pregnant, and yesterday she gave a birth for 4 small kitten. They are really lovely, but now i don't know what i will do with them. They were born from unknown cat, and they are all don' have a race. They are very funny, black-and-white, with small pink legs and noses. I have cold to one my friend and she told me that she will take one, but actually it is a problem what to do with a rest of the. Maybe you will give an idea? If i couldn't find any decision i should go to sell them, and could you imaging how i will be standing on the street and selling them?! I think it would be a wonderful picture, i hope i will sell them, or just giveaway to anyone. but you know how i like all animals, so i need to find them good families, do you agree with me?

Love and kiss for you,

your Alena

Letter 11
From "Translation Group company" Dear Sir.

We wish to inform you that tomorrow we have a national holiday, Saint Easter and because of this reason it's a free day on Monday too, so our company won't be working on Monday and you will hear from your lady just Thursday. Wish you all the best and thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely yours
Letter 12
Hello, my dear

Thank you so much of your letter, which I've been missing all Sunday.
Thank you for your wonderful picture. You are really stunning darling. I hope I understand you correctly an you want me to spend money on English courses? yes, No it's not hard, I just want to speak it already.......Honey you worried about my head ache, but you don't take a good care of yourself....Please try to rest and relax more, I beg you....Do you know what I was thinking about? About friendship!!! And you know it is a foundation to any relationship, there cannot be love between two people without having a good and solid friendship which is based on a very good communication, talking and listening, and compromises.

Many times when I come home from work and I feel very lonely, in Ukraine I have many friends and this is it...I want you to understand what it is that I want to accomplish by writing to you, as a single man looking for here other half to share life with, on this matter with share the same hopes and wishes.

You know I feel more comfortable with people whom appreciate what they have in life, and I'm here for one who will be able to return my love for the love a will give. Of course you know that I like reading, cooking and spending time out on the beach or nature, and from time to time to watch a movie.

I want to finish this letter, hope that again we've became a bit closer to each other. I want to say that I very much hope I hear from you soon, I will be waiting anxiously for your reply, as well as I hope that this is truly a wonderful start for us both… You are right, life is beautiful and everyday we are looking at one sun....

All my love....., your Alena.
Letter 13
My dearest, Honey thank you for the money, but please, let me know how I should spend it and for what it is, okay? maybe for the apartment, but still let me know?! You are very right about our lives and I do hope that we will be together because I will really like this way of ending:-) You are very romantic and I do appreciate this. You know dear, as for the apartment, surely I will find the best one for you, so you should not worry about this))) You know dear, i think we will have so many moments that we will share together... Going on a forest trip with you and share a picnic on a blanket, reading a book with my head in your lap. Go for trips hand in hand on the beach, sit down and have you with your arms around me, kissing your neck in the sunset:-) And I look really forward for us to go on ski trips in the mountain and travel the world and enjoy every second of life with you by my side. We will accomplish great things in life, I hope one of these things will be that we will have children that are healthy and happy!! I know that all these are dreams, but I do hope that will be possible for us together one day... You are the man of my dreams and I have already met you, so that is why I believe it will be possible for us to make all other dreams come true as well:-) So I want too tell you that I have been a good girl today honey, but I have been working all day:-) It is a little frustrating being without you all days long... But I am getting used to it and I can keep my patience:-). You know dear, the weekend is coming and I already start planning what I may do! I have to wash a lot of clothes, and I have to clean the kitchen and bathroom. I also hope I may sleep for some longer:-), so that I may relax! maybe I will watch a movie. i guess if we were together we could go to the swimming pool or to the beach if it was hot! Or maybe we could enjoy the sauna... it would be really exciting!!!! Do you like to take a sauna Honey? Well dear, then I wish you a wonderful day tomorrow and I send you a big kiss for good night:-* Love you always
your Alena.
Letter 14
From your Alena
from: my love, How are you? And like you, I have found my love:-) we have each other !!! So now we are both really convinced that this is the right thing, and we both want this to happen. Every day without you is harder and harder for me now, I want to be with you, and only you!!! Thank you so much for all your words, you are special to me! Dear I forgot to tell you last time that on the 24th I'll need to pay for my courses, will you help me with this?
Yes, I've got the package today in the morning, yes....all, it was real horror story!! It was so complicated and hard that officer in a customs office told me that next time better to send money, then do all this things....they also don't like it, but that was rules!!!! Thank you for everything you put there.......I do love you and you know what real woman can've found really wonderful things and you know what I can like.....HOW????.....I love you. We have now written letters to each other for months, to be honest with you I feel it has been years. You are now a part of my everyday life, every single day the letter from you is what keeps me going, its like an energy boost for me when I see I have received a new letter from you:-) but when I go to bed in the evening, I have this big sadness that you are not here with me...
Darling, I feel that I have been "fairly good" with telling about me and what I do... maybe you don't think so... but please , if it is something you want to know about me, ask. I will answer whatever you ask me:-) It is hard to just start writing about myself... I feel this will be boring for you to read, but I will easily be able to answer what you ask:-)
You know that my close relatives told me that this is a communication problem, and you come from very different worlds. But when I say this makes it so much more interesting, and explain that we communicate very goo through letters, they are impressed:-) We are working hard for our future and we are doing this thousands of kilometers away from each other:-) I must admit that not everybody see who will be scared of what other people think or do. I would not have been writing all these letters with you if this was not something I wanted. This is something I want more then anything!!!! Where we come from, or what we have done to get here, does not change that, for me. I want you , and nothing will change that!
Basically honey, you are the only thing I can think of, and I love you with all my heart
Truly yours Alena
PS I love you too.
Letter 15
From your Alena
from: Hello my lovely, I think you must be desperate already, not hearing from me and having to wait so long for my new letter (ALL DAY:-)))). I am also happy that i am able to talk with you again:-)) You know we haven't seen each other, we are connected in our spiritual lives and world and we are together. After your letter I can tell you that you are right in everything.......just everything and to tell you the truth for me it's very important that we can have interesting talk and understand each other really good. Thank you for your money, I've got them and will pay for everything needed. For the rest i can tell you i am ok, just a little bit tired. Week is finished and on Sunday and Monday we will have a state holiday, and Independence Day, we will have a concert on the main square of town and fire works, I hope it will be interesting, but usually it's really boring, specially to see all that couples together!!!! as you already understand company won't be working on Monday and I'll hear back from you just on Thursday!!!!:-(((
I missed your words a lot. It makes my life much more attractive and easier when i can think about you, although i would like to feel and touch you in person. Being able to look into your eyes and discover how you feel about me.
Ok i have to stop because it's already late here. Send you my love and a lot of love and kisses and hughs and waiting your letter. Bye,
your Alena.
Letter 16
Hello my dear, I is amazing that i can read again the letter from you. I can't stop thanking for the Internet and translation company that they gave us a chance to be with each other. Dear, i am happy that almost every day i can be happy, because i will read a letter from you. I have told you already that people start asking me why i am so happy, they also noticed that i am "shining from inside", could you imaging? Thank you again that you are with me. Dear, i am really sorry that i forgot to tell you that i got your money. I thought that i have told you about it. I am sorry that i made you worry about it. Dear, don't worry, i will pay 100$ from that amount that you have send already and pay for reserving the flat. I don't remember if i have told you that about payment, but i will tell you think once again.
The flat will cost 70$ per day, i hope it is not to much for you. And dear, i also thought that we will need a translator, i hope you wouldn't be against of it. And the work of translator will cost 50$ per day. So, tell me what you think about all this.
Oh, and about your coming, of course you can come and be here as long as you want, but dear, you know what kind of boss i have, so you can imaging that i wouldn't have enough time to be with you, we have already talked about it. So, as for me it will be better if you will come from 10 till 20th of October, but you can choose other date. And i will be waiting for your decision. And i think that it will be better if you will come to Lugansk on 10th, because on 11th we will have a chance to be together. And it is not difficult for me to come to the airport to meet you. And don't worry, there will be a transport to house.)))) ……………………………..
Ok, dear, i will continue my letter. I feel that i need to take a rest. Tomorrow is Saturday, and that mean that i will get one letter from you before Sunday will come.
Kiss you and love you,
your Alena
Letter 17
Hello my dear!
Thank you for your letter. Thank you for the smile that you brings to me. You know how i am waiting for your letter and what they mean for me, but i will remind you that this is a whole world for me, my universe. I can't see you, but when i read your letters i feel your touch and your smell, your breath and your smile. I need you, i need to tell you all this looking in your eyes.
I am really happy that you will come soon, and i will come to the airport to meet you, but i think that translator will come with me, dear this is necessary, because can you imaging if you will come and we will look on each other and couldn't say anything?
Rather funny situation, but i hope that we will be happy to see each other even if translator will be with us. Don't worry about it, i hope everything
will be wonderful.
Dear, as soon as you will know when you will come, and you will solve all problems with tickets, then please tell me.
Oh, dear, i forgot to tell you that i received money. Thank you, you want to me to pay for flat for all days you will be here? Or if not then please tell me
how i should use them.
....Your Alena
Letter 18
Hello my lovely,
I think you must be desperate already, not hearing from me and having to wait so long for my new letter (ALL DAY:-)))). I am also happy that i am able to talk with you again:-)) You know we haven't seen each other, we are connected in our spiritual lives and world and we are together. After your letter I can tell you that you are right in everything.......just everything and to tell you the truth for me it's very important that we can have interesting talk and understand each other really good.
Thank you for your money, I've got them and will pay for everything needed.
For the rest i can tell you i am ok, just a little bit tired.
Week is finished and on Sunday and Monday we will have a state holiday, and Independence Day, we will have a concert on the main square of town and fire works,………………………
Ok i have to stop because it's already late here. Send you my love and a lot of love and kisses and hughs and waiting your letter.
your Alena. PS: Oh, honey, i forget to tell you, that i am also going for shopping today, i want to buy some present from you, maybe i will find some beautiful raincoat or some shoes, i don't know yet, i will look for something special from you, and i will tell you on Monday what i have bought
Letter 19
Hello my dearest man! How are you today? How has your day been? I have missed you greatly honey and now your letter is great for me:-) it is very good to hear that you are doing well and all is fin. you know it is the main for me to hear that my man is alright and there is nothing to worry about. As to me I am fine as well and all is going on alright, so everything seems to be okay. You know dear, today my working day was not too long and I finished my work a half an hour earlier, so this is really good))) and do you remember about that new cafe in my town? So my colleague invited me there and after I finish my letter to you I will go there and meet her, we will have a cup of coffee and maybe some ice-cream, but nothing more. It is really interesting to see how it is there because the house looks very beautiful from outside and that is why I am very interested. It should be nice there inside as well and I think it will be very comfortable, so I will see everything and then I will tell you about it. Surely that would be great to be there with you, but I will be patient and when we are together we will go to plenty of such places))) Thank you a lot for money that you have send me, i will receive them tomorrow. Thank you once again for this. I didn't spend money which you have send to me last time, i put them on conditioner. I have told you that it is very hot here and that i don't have it, so i thought that you wouldn't be against of this. If you will tell me then i can pay for 2 months of classes, what do you think about this?
Well, dear, I am sorry to leave you now, but it is the time for me to go already. My friend Ann is waiting for me, so I will manage to relax a little bit and to drink some coffee))) I am thankful to you for all your patience with me, your care and your love. I am sending you all my love kisses and warm hugs, even though it is hot now... I will be here for you soon:-) Don't miss me too much, I will be with you in my thoughts....
with love, your Oksy
Letter 20
Hello my dear, I would like to thank you for your letter and for all kind words to me. I am sorry, this letter will be short. I don't want to tell you anything bad, but i should. yesterday my father felt really bad, the emergency came and took him to the hospital again. I have spend there whole day, and the doctor told me that i should take my father to the other hospital which is situated in Lvov, this is the other part of Ukraine, and they had the clinic where they can help him to feel a little bit better. He need a surgery. Now we can't go there because he is very week, but we also don't have time. OS we will go there maybe after one week, when he will be a little bit better. I will tell you everything when i will know for sure. So according to your visit i think that we should wait till i will know everything. Now i will run to the hospital, i should be near my father, i hope that you will understand me. your Oksy
Letter 21
Hello, Thank you alt for your letter. But i should tell you that my heart is in the pain, you are tear it with you words. I can't be without you and i can't leave my father when he needs me. Of course i want to be with you, but now i have such thought that maybe it will be better if we will separate? Maybe it is too hard for you to love through such big distance? We have a lot of problems and we can't be together because of them when we want it. You should build your happiness and maybe life without woman from Ukraine, maybe for you it is too hard this. Of course i understand you and don't want to hurt you, but i should tell you for you to know this, that i don't know for how long i will be with my father in Lvov and when i will return, and when he will be better , it can take long time but you already can't wait. I don't know what to do now. I have a lot of problems and i feel that i can die now with all this. I don't know what to do, i want to be with you and help my father, i can't make you wait for me for so long.
Please understand me, maybe we both will find the way from this situation. Still yours Oksy
Letter 22
my dear, I at present in hospital. And, to tell the truth, I am in a situation enough inconvenient to me. I did not think that it will appear in hospital right now. Kidneys very strongly are ill. For last 2 weeks has spent for medicines almost all savings. I very much require antibiotics, they are necessary for buying. I very much ask, help me, on how many it is possible.It is especially terrible to be in hospital when literally all speak about this infection "Pork a flu". .......
I do not joke. About Ukraine now speaking in news worldwide. A situation in cities really catastrophic.
ii?aeoenoaa, help me on how many it probably. I can buy these medicines for kidneys and not be in hospital near to people who are carriers of this virus.
to me on the present it is terrible now.
Excuse, please, for such letter. But you for me the loved one. And I have nobody to share the experiences.
Naeieia a?eii
I love you my dear. Yours for ever. Your Oksana.
Letter 23
Good evening either morning or night! I wish to wish good night, or pleasant morning or sweet dreams! (I do not know when you will read the letter). I very much very much LOVE you!!! It is a lot of much I KISS YOU!!! YOU the BEST MAN ON the Earth! Day there has passed well my darling. I have had time to make much, but not all. Weather the miracle in the street is simple. Ice, and from above water. All the day today there was a rain. Falls underfoot, falls from the sky. It is pleasant to me. But if to be frank, of course, it is a little wettish:-). I hope tomorrow will not be so a lot of water. For work I will go in rubber boots. They at me blue colour. Well and let students joke. But at me feet will be dry. It is much better, than to sit all the day in wet boots. Is not present is not present, I am final at university I will replace footwear:-). my dear, could not help you to me with payment of lessons of English language. I perfectly know that this request not at the right time. Conversations concerning money again will begin. Conversations that you help me too much, that exclusively your money is necessary to me. But I wish to tell in advance that it not the truth. I do not draw. I only ask. If you refuse, I will not take offence also all I will understand. If you will help, I will be very happy, because within a month I can be engaged in that to me really is pleasant, that to me AIOOA?INNAO a sheer pleasure, that is necessary for me. I kiss you. And please be cautious, take care, protect the health. You are weak, you are nervous much and worry. Think more of itself. You the greatest value in this world.
Letter 24
My dear. There were small problems for works. Now all became better. Then there were still unpleasant news. One of my relatives is seriously sick. At it a cancer. On Tuesday will perform operation. We gathered all family. Only in such situation when you balance on the verge of a life and death, you start to understand how some senselessly and aimlessly spend the life, constantly sorting out relations, arranging OEAIAAOU, scenes of jealousy and infinitely offending the person whom at all you do not know. I have in view of your girlfriend. For me till now there were not resolved and up to the end not clear very many questions. Idea at this woman one and behaviour quite predicted - I do not go to Italy because I do not love you. If I have arrived to Italy she would say that I simply used you for the purpose of migration. Thanks. I will disappoint her. As to money it is quite normal when the loving man helps the to the girl. I ask from you much? I ask to buy the new car? I ask to buy new apartment? I ask to pay expensive training?
I simply sometimes ask to help me with payment of English language courses. if it is very heavy for you simply tell to me about it.
Is unnecessary to repeat infinitely: "You really require? You really love me, instead of my money?"
I will solve somehow this small problem itself, without assistance.
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