Scam letter(s) from Irina Borkova to Jan (Austria)

Letter 1
Hi my honey Jk! You already smile for me? Hey?! Allow to do it together? (Smile)
My favourite, Jk how there passes your day? At you all is good? And how your mood? I hope, thanks to my letters you are happy and full of forces? Tell, I am right? Jk, present to me the smile, well?
Yes. I very much would like to move now to you. Also it is sweet having embraced to you, gently to whisper «the darling .. I love you .». Do not think At all to resist. (Smile)
Yes, a meeting it actually is pleasant and fine. For this reason, today I said with a management of a palace of weddings that I leave on a vacation.
As I was not three years in holiday and as I use the big recommendations in the work. Therefore to me have allowed to leave in holiday at own expense. The darling, you do not represent .. I am now ready to fly up on the seventh sky with happiness!!!
To me have allowed to take full holiday. That is my vacation, will proceed at my expense three months!!!!! I am madly glad! I can be in your country all this time! Tell, Jk, you are glad to it? OH .. The DARLING, I LOVE YOU! I am ready to arrive right now to you . .!
My sweet man, already today after I have carried out preparatory consultation in travel agency, I have begun at once preparation of necessary documents. You know, when I visited all establishments and institutions in which it was necessary for me to receive documents. It was very heavy to me to wait. As in each of institutions, there were the hugest turns. Unfortunately in our country it is constant so. Therefore, only thoughts on you helped me to suffer and shine with happiness.
To me remains very few preparations, for this purpose, that I could arrive without problems to you .
My sweet angel, you know, not looking on any difficulties and problems, I always think only of you. And me it is very pleasant, what even thoughts on you, help me to keep with a tone! Yes .! I love you! You simply do not represent, as it is pleasant to me to speak and speak «Jk, I love you! I love you!». From these words to me it becomes simply mad pleasantly, it is sweet and it is gentle on heart!
My angel Jk, tell, you love me?
Tell, thinking about me, you could tell to me in eyes, whether you love me?
Therefore I would want that you right now, have looked at my photo, and have told that you love me! Ok? Only I ask you, tell it so, that I would feel it!
My honey, I wait for your declaration of love to me .
Your loving Alevtina!
Letter 2
Hello my hot man Jk! Why the hot? Because you now to me are more important than the sun! As thoughts on you warm better than the sun! And it is more pleasant than heating system!
(Smile). You have already smiled? You know, Jk, today I met the girlfriend. Yes! You have again appeared in centre of ours «female gossips» (Smile). We spoke about you and about us as a whole much. I will not speak all details. Simply I wish to note, what even my best girlfriend having winked at an eye has told:
«Alevtina, I am very glad, that you have found to yourself the man! Now I do not need to worry about you! As you have a man whom you love. Love it, Alevtina.». Having heard these words from the person close to me, I have pleasantly understood, that you the fine man. And dropping the tears of pleasure, I have silently whispered: «Jk, be with me, always, I love you!» .
Ohh . Jk, I have a little got confused in the pleasant emotions. I have absolutely forgotten to ask you. The darling, how you? How there passes your day? Your state of health allows me to present to you my sweet kiss? Ok, I am glad! (Smile).
Ok, I am assured, what it is interesting to you as for arrival preparation of my necessary documents and other necessities suits to you? I am right?
Yes! The darling, I hurry to inform you that I have managed to collect and prepare all necessary documents, for arrival for you.
Right after how I have prepared all documents, I have addressed in travel agency. In agency, to me were pleasantly glad. Also have told, that now it is necessary for me to go urgently to Moscow, in embassy of your country. For this purpose, what to pass interview, and to receive necessary documents, including the visa to arrival to you. I will be already glad to such pleasant development after all very soon I near to you! The darling, I already wish to be with you!
Hey, embrace me! I want it!!!
My angel, Jk, tomorrow I will go to Moscow. Therefore it is necessary for me to finish this letter what to make necessary affairs for acceleration of process of official registration of papers.
Oh . Jk, I do not know as to finish this letter. (Smile) .
Ok, the darling, I will simply kiss you and once again I will whisper to you: «I love you!!!».
Only yours Alevtina .
Letter 3
Ohh … my darling Jk hello! You simply do not represent, I have prepared what fine news for you! But first of all I wish to tell how strongly I love you! Mine Jk, I really understand, that you that man with whom I am ready to be a number! The man with whom I wish to be always! Yes! Jk, you that person who with advantage can carry a rank of "my man»!
My honey, how you? How are things going with you? as your state of health, I very much hope, what all is good, it after all is valid so? Tell, the darling Jk, you will present for me the smile and gentle embraces? (Smile)
As you already know I already in Moscow. Now I write to you about the cafe Internet. (It is a little unusual to me). At me it is a lot of impressions. As Moscow is the hugest city and, I will not begin to hide, that it is a little dangerous!
But it is not important, as I hurry to inform you that I have successfully passed interview. In embassy of your country to me have told, that my visa in your country will be ready in the near future. I can receive the visa from that travel agency in which I addressed. Therefore I, will come back today in the fine, native city. And I need to wait. But do not forget, that I needed to wait very little. As all necessary documents will be already ready very soon.
Tell, my sweet man Jk, you are glad to it? You love me, as well as I?
Ohh … Jk, why between us distance? You could not remove right now this distance? (Smile) I now would throw everything what right now to appear near to you! For my love to you there are no barriers, and I am very glad, that already very soon we will together! It is fine!
Ok, Jk, today I will come back home. When I will arrive to the native city, I will write at once to you. I very much hope, that I will receive your sweet answer at once as soon as I will arrive home. Hey, unless you are not glad? I am simply happy! I would want that you now, yes-yes-yes!!! Right now has thought of how we will spend time together! I very much hope, what you will not leave me on a threshold of the house? (Smile).
Jk, I have absolutely forgotten, that it is necessary for me to gather what to be in time on the train! Therefore I want, that you not simply would feel my feelings and emotions as I am really very glad, that before our meeting there are no barriers!
After all already very soon we will with you!
I wish you all the best! I want, that you would be really happy with me, my darling Jk!
Ok, I will finish this letter as it is necessary for me to hurry.
I wait for your fast letter my angel!
With gentle love, only your, loving only you Alevtina! Hey Jk, I love you!
Letter 4
Hello my angel Jk! I have already arrived to the fine city! At me just fine mood! As I am rather happy! After all I have you! I love you ! Now I very much wished to wink at you an eye, and playfully to present to you the kiss. (Smile)
And how your mood? You waited for my letter? Why I do not feel your smile? (Smile)
You know Jk, I should tell, that this letter will be short.
As right after how I have arrived to the city, I first of all have visited travel agency. I have told about results of interview, and process of registration of all necessary documents.
Jk, you know, me have very pleasantly surprised. We will tell so, to me have given not the big gift. To me have told, that for me there is a possibility of acceleration of registration of visa process, but for this purpose it is necessary, that you would contact travel agency and left the personal data. Therefore you should right now will address on a travel agency site «"World Tours"», or to write the letter to this agency. Here the address of this travel agency:
My lovely angel Jk, you should make it as it is possible soon. It is necessary for this purpose what to confirm that I will arrive to your country to you. And for this purpose, what to accelerate process of registration of the visa. I very much hope, that you will do it as it is possible soon. As our meeting really depends only on you. Therefore I want, what you as are possible soon addressed in this travel agency.
But! Mine Jk, you should not forget, that I really love you! Also what even in a dream I think only of our meeting with you! And it is very necessary for me to be with you! Only with you!
Well, my honey, I will finish this fast letter! What to receive your prompt reply.
Now, I want, that you again would present to me the smile!
I love you Jk! Yours Alevtina .
Letter 5
Hello Dear Janez. You are welcomed by agency "World Tours"
For us huge honour to receive your letter. And as to answer all questions interesting you
Yes, we have been warned in advance by madam Alevtina, that you will contact us.
Your information remains confidential. And I, as the representative of agency, guarantee, that the given information will be used only for the designated purpose and will be protected from "third parties".
The given information from you is necessary what to accelerate process of registration of necessary documents for this purpose. Including visa registration.
In the nearest terms, it is necessary for you, to give the following information:
1. A copy of your passport.
2. Your phone number (the international format). Your phone number will be used only in the event that will arise, any discrepancies in official registration of papers. And as in the event that our agency will require specification of your information.
You should be ready to that to you will call from embassy. It as necessary procedure what to confirm your authenticity and to avoid illegal entrance to your country.
3. Our agency requires acknowledgement of that that you agree on
realisation of a trip of the madam the Alevtina to you. (In the reciprocal letter you should confirm the consent)
4. You will carry out hotel room booking or it is necessary for making from our travel agency?
5. As we apply to you an invitation file, you should unpack this form, and with own hand fill all points of the questionnaire. After that you should us send back filled copy of the invitation. We are grateful to you for the reference in our travel agency. We hope for the further cooperation.
Yours faithfully travel agency "World Tourss". The licence of the ministry of tourist activity ? 77-AF-23223. The given out 15.11.2004 years.
You can receive the necessary information to the address:
For the additional information as you can will address with the
representative of agency in online under number ICQ: 576677222.
Letter 6
Hello my man Jk! How you? At you all is good?
Ohh .. Jk, you simply do not represent .. Today very difficult day for me, since the morning. It is simply impossible to transfer it in words.
As you remember, I had yesterday the hugest problem which very much disturbs me till now. Yes, I will not begin to hide. I cried today. As it really is very serious.
My angel, Jk, today since the earliest morning, me was necessary to undertake the decision of this problem again. My neighbours are very rich people. In their apartment very expensive repair has been made. Because of a flood, the part of their fine apartment has been destroyed.
Yes, it is very bad. Therefore, what to avoid the further trial, I had most to put the finance what to solve this problem. As it is a correct and fast variant.
My darling, to me now really it is very heavy. I already said to you, that I saved money, for arrival to you. Yes, it is valid so.
Yes, I have resolved problems with neighbours and with a flood as a whole. But, I have spent all money which I protected for a trip to you.
Therefore, today, when I have come to travel agency. I have really begun to cry. As there to me have told, that all my documents are already ready, and I can receive documents. Including the visa. Yes, it is certainly fine news. But, to me will not give out these documents until I will not pay.
But, as you already know. My darling, Jk, I have spent all money for the problem decision. Therefore I now not in a condition to solve difficult, no, very much very difficult problem with the finance. My darling Jk, I do not know what to do...!
After all I really love you! And I really wish to be with you! You understand, the darling Jk? I love you, and I am ready on everything what to be with you. But, I cannot anything, make! L as the help is necessary for our love. I do not know to whom to address, and where to search the help. What to me to do, my honey? How to me to rescue our meeting? Our love?
To me it is very bad, the darling . after all I love you, each section of the heart, each atom the smother .
The darling .. I wish to be with you . do not leave me!
Letter 7
Behind a window night.... In heart warmly you.... Before eyes your smile.... And I do not sleep, all feelings I pour in in lines on a white sheet of paper.
Both day and night I think of you....
Memory-sand... I deduce your name on sand, and waves there and then erase it. But I persistently kneel also to a conclusion hands of the letter of your name.
And I fade, I try to understand.... The dark wave will not gush Yet and will not carry away your name in the Installed ocean, giving light of your name to stars. Can therefore they such bright and mysterious...
Will rush back..... And I write again... How to transfer words all that tenderness warmly, that shivers in my palms. How to find that Universe where there is a happiness to love the one whom you love.....
And how to find you in my fragile world for my world and is you...
I live only when I see you, I receive from you letters.... I Live and do not require in air, you for me both the sun and air.... The Love is a self-oblivion, the Love is a pain... I know, that I will sustain any pain, after all an instant to live without you is a strange torture. I never could tell to you about it earlier. I could not say words....
The Love is a silence, words are not necessary to it... The Love is reflected in eyes....
Morning, I open eyes, in a head the dream starts to be scrolled. It was the next dream about you. Recently all my dreams are connected with you. In the dreams I see us together. Each time conditions and people round us vary..... Invariable there is only that we together...... Already together.
In a real life all absolutely in another way. I as well as in dreams wish to be with you, I love you and you are ready on all for the sake of you, and....
And you probably do not guess at all that occurs to me.
To me it is sick.... To me it is very sick, but for the sake of chance to be with you, I am ready to suffer this pain... And so day by day.... In the afternoon I shudder from a pain, and I fall to the magic world of dreams at night..... Where I am am waited always by you... I close eyes and it appear in the world... We stand in a grove of huge cypresses leaving in the sky, and we look against each other in the face. I take you for a hand, and we leave on a meeting to the rising sun.... And around the nature blossoms, and there is nobody....
Only I, you and the sun...
And then the alarm clock rings, and you somewhere disappear. And the sun already does not shine any more, and high cypresses along which we met half-way a dawn vanish. All world somewhere disappears.
Morning begins. I open eyes... And again I one...
Yours and only yours Alevtina
Letter 8
Hello my loved Jan
Again I wait. I wait it is not known that. Sometimes I so am to be trusted in a miracle. I know: silly, fondly, but only so it is possible to rescue hope. Hope that all will be good. That I am still necessary to you, at least slightly. To me it is difficult without you, the darling. Very difficultly. Certainly, I understand, that to you all the same. To you it is absolutely indifferent, that somewhere away the loved little girl wants only one: that it recollected. At least sometimes.
If though somebody knew, how I love you! I did not think, that so happens. I always lived under freedom slogan. Always.... While I have not got acquainted with you.
Very painfully to realise, that you any more will not write. To realise even more painfully, that I never will see you, I can not embrace and kiss. I will not see your fine smile, she lives now at me only in memory. I will not hear your fervent laughter.
Never I will hear: "Alevtina, marry me?"
I am grateful to You that You have learnt me to love . Both let it painfully and every second tears me to slices . Let sometimes at me there is a desire all to forget and to recollect never . But . the most important thing that gives me forces is You...
We with You breathe same air . and we live in different cities... We with You look in one and too the sky and we see the identical moon .
Allow to believe me that sometime we will look together at this moon .
having joined hands . I I do not ask much . simply allow me to dream .
Because the Love is able to work wonders!!!... The love knows a secret of magic, transformation bad in good, dark in the light. On light there is no the best miracle, than to learn Love!!!......
Again I wait.....
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