Scam letter(s) from Elena Yud to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, let's talk, my e-mail address:
Letter 2
Thank you for what you do not have ignored my message and responded with interest to do so.
If you honestly, I was not sure that you answer me.
I thought that you accept my letter of spam, but now I checked my mail and saw your response on my face appeared joyful smile.
You answered me, and so I interested you? I right? I hope that this is true.
I think that you are still asking yourself the question, where I picked up your email address?
I saw your address on dating site. It is practically impossible, as email in your profile is not showing but that day, when I looked at your profile, I really saw your email in your profile.
I can not say how it happened, but I can not lie to you.
I hope that you will believe me, the more I would like to start our first acquaintance with a lie.
If you honestly, I'm not even sure what to write to you about me, I so much want to tell.
I live in Russia.
My name is Elena, was born August 11, 1980, I am 29 years old.
I am pretty relaxed and friendly, young and beautiful, full of energy, needs love, respect and understanding.
I am proud of my appearance, but not too much, there are more important things to do than look in the mirror.
Free time from work, I like to go to restaurants, cinema, theater.
I love the sun, and I love life.
What else can you interested to know about me?
My hobby, my job, my search? How it started?
So, if you have questions for me, do not hesitate to ask your questions.
I am happy to answer them.
To tell you about my search, I search for man for long and serious relationship.
I am looking for honest, understanding man who can respect and love me.
I'm not interested in the game feeling and if you intend to only play in a sense, I think we better not even to continue our correspondence.
So I hope now that you're as serious consideration to our acquaintance.
I look for a man not from Russia and I have many reasons for this.
Now I would not like to write to you about these causes, but may later, when I know more about you, I confess to you, ok.
Incidentally, I heard a lot about people from your country.
My girlfriend last summer traveled a lot and she left a good impression.
She told me that people are polite, attentive, caring, elegant ....
In general, people who have always been understanding everything and never turn their backs to you back.
I myself think that you're as good a man and a family man and I'm glad to meet you.
Forgive me for my frankness, but I hope you enjoyed reading my letter.
Incidentally, are you really a nice man, I like your photo and I would like to see as much as possible and I'll just going to meet each other.
Now I would like to ask you about something.
I only ask you not to be offended at me, but I think it will be correct.
I would not want you just asked me for my phone number and also about the conversation via chat.
I confess to you honestly. After a chat I can not talk with you, because I do not have any program in my office computer.
At home, I do not have a computer and I will write to you only through my work computer.
The phone number I do not want to give you, because I do not know you.
I think that would be more correct, if I know you first and then I send you my phone number.
I only ask you understand me now and do not be offended at me, ok.
Well, if you will have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.
I'll try to answer them.
I now finish my letter and will wait impatiently for your answer.
Sincerely Elena.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Reggie.
I am writing from my friend.
How are you today without me? What mood, health? I hope that all is well with you?
You know, I have today the most wonderful day. This morning when I came to work
My boss said to me that I could get my vacation next week. I've always wanted a rest from work.
I asked leave from his job last week, but we have at work do not have enough staff and not let me leave.
A few days ago I told my boss that met you through the Internet and would like to meet you in reality and therefore I need a vacation.
And when today I was told that I can have a vacation, I was very happy, I even danced with happiness.
You know, I dreamed that leave to carry out next to you, and it is I want to make my dreams become reality.
I want to start life with a clean slate, I want a stable and happy life. I say this openly to you, because
I did not want to start life again, without love, without feeling .... Love without feelings and confidence,
it is not love, but ordinary game ... These games are very bad end ...
I think this will not happen to us in the further future, what do you think??
I do not know what is happening to me, but I am more and more I think about you and about our meeting.
At heart I was delighted that I meet with you shortly.
And now there's good news for you, I lost no time and today signed a contract with the tour company, you understand me, that is a new week, I get all the documents and come to you.
I hope that you will welcome this news.
But despite this there is a problem that may prevent us to meet and now I do not know, our meeting will be held or not.
Dear Reggie, please do not think that there are any problems with the registration of my documents.
Since it's all right, and travel agency has all of the documents from me, which were necessary to obtain a visa.
My vacation starts on July 5 and will last 30 days.
Today I had a long conversation with an agent from a travel company.
First they told me that the registration of my documents, they begin to engage directly with the day and on Thursday 1 July they will send their documents to the embassy.
Thus, if all goes well, July 5, I get a visa on his hands.
I was very glad of this news, but then she told me bad news and this news has upset me.
My agent told me that before Thursday, July 1, before they will send their documents to the embassy of your country, I must pay money for the paperwork.
It is for all 394 dollars:
Visa costs $ 56, plus the visa fee at the Embassy of $ 124, insurance - 1 dollars a day ($ 30 a month), travel company $ 110, a passport in 1974 dollars.
She told me that the funds necessary for them until Friday because of the money they would pay for the visa, and as for the visa fee.
I told him that I can not pay until Monday, as my salary is only on 12 July and asked them to wait, so I got my pay.
But my agent told me that they will not wait for the money, as it is not in their rules.
It made me understand that I must pay before Friday, otherwise they will cancel my trip to you in accordance with the contract that I signed with them, and I'll get a fine.
My love is unfortunately my financial situation at the moment is very bad. My love I do not want to bother you with my problems but nevertheless, I would ask you to help.
My dear, if the money is not a problem for you, that probably you can pay me for my documents??
Please forgive me, I ask you about it but I no longer have anyone to ask for help, and so I ask you to help.
I truly hope you can help me, as I most want to see our meeting place.
I dream about it every time I think of you, my darling. Reggie dear, you know, I can not find the right words that would explain everything to you,
As I dream that we will be together, that we will have a happy life and that in future we will be happy.
Reggie Please, do not get angry at me because of my request, and if you can help me with 394 dollars, I ask you to help me.
I promise you that your money will not be lost, and that I give you back the money as soon as I get my salary.
It turns out that I ask you to borrow money. Reggie you can lend me the money for a week?
My dear Reggie, you can not imagine how I am now grateful for your financial help now.
If now, beside me, probably, I kissed and strong strong hug you. But you are far away from me, but this does not mean that I forget to thank.
I will keep myself and my gratitude for our first meeting, I present to you this kiss. I promised you, and you'll see that I restrain speech.
I asked him to work with some colleagues the possibility that you would be better to send the money which it was quickly and safely.
But unfortunately, I do not have a bank account, and the more I've never had.
There might be for you it seem strange, but in Russia only rich people have a bank account.
I am not a rich woman, I did not keep in a bank and, therefore, I have never registered a bank account.
Now for me the only option to get their money immediate transfer. It is popular in Russia and almost all of it is used, the system Western Union.
You need only my full name and address to send money.
I have already told you my address, but once again I write you this now:
My full name: Larisa; surname: Vishnyakova
Russia, Moscow Krasnogvardeysky Bereich.
Udarnykiv Str. Haus 18 qm. 65
My love very much hope that our meeting will be held soon.
My love, I am sure you are very sincere, kind and reliable person, and you never leave me in the lurch. I now close my letter and I look forward to hearing from you with all my heart.
Write to me, as far as possible in the near future. I'll wait.
Your and only Your Larisa
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