Scam Letter(s) from Kendra Christopher to Baron (USA)

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Letter 1

My Name is Kendra,30 years old woman. But when i look into your profile it really make me feel you are the type of man i would love to live with . And i love the way you are .And i really would love to meet you in person,only God Knows the best, My hobbies are Reading Magazines , Novels , Sport and Meeting People . My likes are very simple , A very honest , humble , dedicated,hardworking,loving,caring , trustworthy and­ faithfulness, And my dislikes is not as many as my likes , unhonesty ,unfaithfulness­ hatred and selfishness That's about me.I am born to the family of two,my father is an american man while my mother is Nigeria, i was born in Kansas in a city called Garden city and raced up here in Nigeria.. I am the oldest, I have single brother but he died. I am a mixed Mom and my father had passed away when I was so young,my parent died in a car accident with my lovely brother.I was brought up by my Grandma who cares about my lives .. She was always a caring Grandma..I love her so much and I will always cherish her. She is always a good and loving Grandma all time.i currently live in nigeria with my grand ma,i would like to explain to u about why i move to nigeria with my grand ma only if u are willing to listen.
after the death of my parents i went to my dad family place and when i get there no one want me,they told me to leave and never come back again,i ask them why and what have i done to deserve all this,they said to me that my father is the cause of all this and i ask them how,they told me that my father disrespect their culture by getting married to my mom.i ask them how and why,they said that in there religion they were told not to get married to any person from another country and my father disrespect them by getting married to my dad is from usa and my mom is from nigeria,after i was been told to go away and never come back,i move to my uncle place in another city,i live with my uncle there for some times and one night my uncle called me and tell me he want to have sex with me and i told my uncle that i cant do such thing because it is not per at all.My uncle went to the bathroom and before he came back i ran away from his house,i ran down the street to hide under a three and i slept under the street that night till the next day,so the next morning i went to meet one of my good friend that we both went to the same school together and i explain everything that is going on with me,i told her about my dad family and my bad uncle who want to have sex with she come up with an idea telling me to move very far away from them and she ask me if i have any relative in any other country and i told her yes and she ask me who is that and i tell her that its my grand ma and she live in nigeria.she told me that i should go to her there and live with her for some time so that my dad family and my bad uncle will not be after me any more,i have been living in nigeria with my grand ma for many years now,but it is a petty that i have lost my friend who help me out when i am in trouble,she died by cancer.
Am looking for my dream man and soulmate to live forever, Age is nothing to me and Age is just a number , what matters most love , understanding faithfullness if you really care to be Honest...My Hair: Blond, Height: 5'7" ,Eyes: brown, Shoe: 9, Well, I want you to know that i am a very Patient woman which i dont mind if a man smoke or drink all i want is just to be Honest cause i have been Hurt alot which i dont want that to countinue moving foward in my Life....Email me your pics and also tell me more about yourself hope to hear from you soon



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