Scam letter(s) from Julia Trofimovskaya to Vedran (Croatia)

Letter 1
hello my honey, my wonderful and tender Vedran!
all this time i was thinking
of you. i printed all your last letters and reread them again and again and i felt as my heart began to beat faster, i felt creepy all over and i even can't imagine what will happen to me during our first meeting:o) your words, your phrases, your expressions make me feel very close to you, make me forget about everything what is around me, because you have become for me everything, my hope, my dream, my sun and moon, my distance star, my warm ebb and flow, my gold sunrise, my blue sky, my fresh wind, my breath, my sweet dream, my first thunderstorm in the spring, my singing of birds, my smell of night violet.
my honey i so want to be with you, because with you i could get to know what is care, what is passion, what is understanding, what is to be desirable, with you i forget what is loneliness and have got to know what is affection. though we are so far from each other but i really feel as our hearts beat in unison. there is no more your heart and mine, there is only one, our.
Recently I've read a wonderful legend, I liked it so much that i decided to share it with you.
There is an old legend about the great giant love heart. It was existing in air and encluded all the little people's love hearts inside itself. People had just to come to that Heart and ask for their love and the Heart helped them. But people didn't appreciate it, they were quarrelling, hurting and leaving each other.
The Heart was crying and blooding. And one day it bursted into millions of little pieces and they were through all over the world and people lost their only true love. fool people:o) instead of just to be happy, instead of to show to each other all their care, instead of to give each other tenderness and warmth, they're killing this wonderful present as love.
my lovely, it seems to me that our connected hearts are like one big Heart, which again is able to love and to give the love to others. by the way my lovely Vedran, how to get to know the difference between a love affair and a real deep and true love??
you know my dear every morning i think how it would be wonderful, just i open my eyes to see you, sitting on the border of my bed. you are smiling sweety, your tender hand is stroking my hair, but i still don't believe that it's you, you are real. i'm still afraid to touch you, because i'm not sure if it's true or just lovely sweet dream, which can disappear as only my hand touches you. you see me confusion and so as i could believe completely, you incline and your lips at first very slowly and lightly begin to kiss me, but then our kisses become stronger and more and more passionate. and with every our touches, with every our kiss my fear disappear and instead of it my heart is filling by happiness, rapture, tenderness, warmth, my heart is filling by you, just one thought in my mind and it's thought about my honey...umm how i'm dreaming about it. hope one day t wil come true.... My darling, I know that you are serious with my as I am serious with you too,. I am not here for playing any games and I know that you are not also. I really like you so much and with every letter I am falling in my love you. My sweetheart, I think that may be it will be great to meet each other soon, what do you think about it????
Can you come to me or may be I could go and visit you????? Please, tell me your thoughts about it, ok???? waiting for your letter impatiently, Julia.
Letter 2
My darling Vedran, I will be very glad to come to you. You know, I have never been abroad and you know, people tell that if you wish to know person better you need to spend time with him in his area. But I really don’t know if it could be possible. As I know I will need to have passport for traveling abroad and visa and tickets and all these really cost huge money for me. . Today I visited the travel agency to find out what I need to come to you. My darling, they told me that I need to have a passport and visa and also for getting visa I will need to get the police report and I wasn’t involve in any crime and also medical documents that I am healthy to go abroad. All these documents I could get during a month and I must pay for them about $840 ($420 for the passport, $68 for the documents from my work that they guarantee my working place when I will come back, $100 for the police report and $115 for medical document and $135 for visa). You know, I was so sad to hear about it because this is really huge money for me and my family. I don't have such money and my family also can't help me with it. I was asking some my friends but they also refused because this is really huge money. I am so sad and I really don't know what to do. I wish to be with you, to come to you, to make you happy.
i am missing you so much and thinking about you all the time, your Julia.
Letter 3
My darling Vedran, my sweetheart, thank you so much for your reply. I am so happy to know that you will help me to come to you. I have been in the bank and asked how it's possible to make the transfer from yout country to Ukraine they told me there's such system as Western Union, which deals the money transfer all over the world, the transfer can take 15 minutes in any bank of our city, it's easy in using and very convenient. they said so as to get the transfer everything what i need is my passport, to know your full name and address and to know the code - Money Transfer Control Number, which consists of 10 numbers, which you say to me. they showed me the blanks, which you fill - "sender" and i fill the blank, which is called the "receiver", where i write my name, your name, summa and code. and in 15-20 minutes i get the transfer. my lovely, did you hear about this system? what do you think about the using it?? I hope you could send me the money as soon as possible.
My full name is Julia Trofimovskaya.
My address is
Nikolaevskaya st., 77/11
my lovely, your kisses as always are so soft and sweet, so much tenderness in them..:o) i'm waiting for your next letter, Your Julia with all my love!!!!!!!!!!
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