Scam Letter(s) from Julia Bluskavka to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello, dear!!!

I am so happy to write you this letter! I hope you are doing fine! I am sorry for surprising you with this letter but Internet gives such a big opportunity to communicate that I decided to use it in order to find a serious man to make a family with. I don't know if it will help me or not but I believe that I have to try!! Are you agree?? So I just wonder what if you are single too and eager to find a reliable woman for a family purpose??? If so you will answer me immediately and then... Then we will continue our communication by Internet which will lead to a personal meeting!! If we will be seriously interested in each other of corse:) Isn't it a nice plan???

You know I am eager to find my soul mate, I feel that I am ready to create a family but I can't find a husband here in my town:(( I truly hope that my searching in Internet will be successful and it will lead to a happy marriage. May be you are my destiny, who knows... So my name is Yulia I am very easy going and like to socialize a lot. I have a lot of friends but I miss my soul mate so much... I am a funny girl who likes to be sexy and naughty for her man but she has not such a man now unfortunately:(( I need a man I will be able to count on, I need a man to love him with all my heart and soul!!! I have a lot of tenderness and love in my heart I just need a man to give it to... If you are looking for serious relationships, if you want to find a wife who will love you forever and ever, who will stand by your side always please write me back and we will try to establish strong relationships!!! So until you will decide for yourself if you want the same as myself or not I just have to sit and wait for your decision just as you can see in one of my photos I have sent you with this letter:))) But hope you will not make me waiting for too long!!!
Please write me soon on this e-mail address:

Kisses! Yulia :-)

Letter 2


How are you there?:)) Thank you so much for your reply, darling!!! I appreciate your attention to my decent person a lot. I like the photos you have sent me a lot, thank you for it! You are a nice man, please send me more photos! I am really sorry that you had such a bad experience in Internet before:( I wish I could be the first you have met here as I am an extremely serious woman and I am looking only for serious relationships. You say you live in the USA, how is life there going?? It will be good if you will tell me more about it as I have never been there. But may be you will show it to me one day, who knows... I like your age. I think it is a very good age for the man.
You have already a lot of wisdom and also a lot of strength to do things which you didn't know about being younger. Am I right? I am glad to hear what do you expect from your woman. I am looking in a man for love and understanding, for honesty and affection, I want him to be tender and strong at the same time, and also very passionate, all these things I see in you!!!

I guess I have to tell you more about me now:)) It will be rather difficult as they say never judge yourself let people judge you and I am agree with it completely. But nevertheless I will try:) So my name is Yulia in the passport and Yulechka for friends, I am 28 years old, I was born on the 2nd of July 1981 so I am a Cancer!!! I hope my age is ok for you?:))) I live in Dobropolie town Donetsk region, it is a small town and I am more than sure that you have never heard about it at all:))

I work as a book keeper at a local building enterprise. It is not a big business enterprise but I like and value my job because I studied hard at the Donetsk Economical University to get my education of an accountant and get a stable job. So I appreciate what I have now. The salary is small but the job is really stable and it is important nowadays.

So my family lives in Sedovo town on the Azov sea, I was born there and after school left for Donetsk for studying. I studied for 5 years and then I was sent for a job to Dobropolie town. I live in a hostel here and visit my family in Sedovo approximately once per two months.
My family is my mom and younger sister Marina who is 13 now. I adore that little angel! As for my mom saying the truth I am not very close with her:( She divorced my dad when I was 16 and Marina was 1.5 years old. My father moved to Russia to his birthplace and I miss him a lot:( My mom's new husband is not a very good man, I don't like the way he treats my mom and sister but it is my mom's choice and I can do nothing with it. The only thing I worry about is my sister. I can't wait her to finish the school soon and move to Donetsk for studying. I love my sister dearly and the days which we spend together are not forgettable for me. I send you the photos of her and me playing in the Azov sea last summer:))) We were so happy those days!!

May be you wonder why haven't I found a man here in Ukraine. But you know I am very disappointed with local men:( They seem to be very abusive, they can't treat their women as queens, the only thing they think about is alcohol and sex. Of corse not 100% of our men are living this way but a lot of them. They mostly are not family oriented at all. They need just sex for one night and I am not interested in it at all. Of corse I like sex but only with the man who treats me seriously and not like a girl for one night. For such a man I am ready to be a real porn Venus and do a lot of crazy things with him in the bed!!! :-))) Saying the truth I lost hope to create a nice family here. I was told that men abroad are very serious and can treat women in a proper way. I guess it is the main qualities I am looking for in a man:)) Also I want my partner to have a nice sense of humor, it is very important for me too. I like to have a lot of fun and I like to joke with other people:)) And of corse I want him to be hot and passionate! And what about you?:))

Darling, I will tell you something from the beginning as I don't want to hide from you anything. You know I don't speak English unfortunately and to communicate with you I have to use a translation firm here in Dobropolie. Now a lot of Ukrainian girls use such a firms to find a husband abroad and almost all of them are satisfied with their service as they provide them with a proper correspondence in English language and help people to find each other. I truly hope that my personal translator will help me to create a family!!

Darling, I guess I will finish my letter for today. Hope I gave enough information to you about myself and that you will write me soon!!! I will try to answer you immediately as I will come here to the agency and read your letter translated in Russian for me!!! Kisses! Yulechka from Dobropolie :-))

Letter 3

My dear, thank you as usually a lot for your letter! Honey, I don't know how to say it to you but it seems that we are going to have a delay in our correspondence:(( The translations got too expensive for me, I put 50$ on the account when I started to correspond with you and now the balance of my account is -5$, I am really sorry for it:( I have to refresh it to continue our communication but I can't do it as my salary is too small and also my boss has a delay with paying it for this month and I can't afford to pay for our letters:(( I am sorry for this sad news, I am extremely frustrated now and don't know what to say. I just want to ask you if you can help me to put some money on the account so we can continue our correspondence without any delays??
It could be really wonderful but if you can't do it I understand. I just want you to know that I am VERY interested in you and don't want to lose our contact. The number you may call is +380508108155. Please don't let us lose each other!! I truly hope to hear from you soon. If I will not be able to answer you you may ask my translator Inna any questions you want she will answer you immediately. I will be missing you... Yours always



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