Scam letter(s) from Felicia Antwiaa to Mary (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Master,
How are you doing and how is your health??
I have been able to fulfilled the task you asked from me Master.. It wasn't easy for me as i went through many difficulties before getting this thing work.. Yesterday i had a luck to find a part time job which earn me with an amount of 30 Dollars so i used that money to work things out by seeing a professional photographer who has her own computer at her shop.. I have been silence for some days now because of the task i wanted to fulfilled Master.. Please take a very good look at the picture and let me read your comments later.. Try to Zoom it so you will see everything clear... I will send other pictures to later was am in hurry to send you this pictures so you can view it.. I wait your news Master.. ***** Felicia
Letter 2
Hello Master,
I just came back from town.. Today no luck and beside the sun was too hot that is why i have come back home early.. I am sorry that i could not fulfilled the task you put on me.. It was not my fault Master and i wish if you could still accept me.. The woman who took the pictures were very angry for no reasons.. Even she wanted to stop shouting the pictures and i have to beg her.. Please you said i have to send the picture as file, How do i do that?? I tried to that but i did not got to know how to do Master... Maybe you could give me directions to follow Master... Waiting to read back from you soon Master...Your Humble ***** Felicia
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