Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Phil (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend!!!
Forgive that I have not answered you earlier... Simply I have been occupied on work....
I will tell a little about myself...
To me of 28 years... I work as the seller in shop!!!
My attempts to find the love came to an end failure (((
I hope that we with you friendship to become stronger and will outgrow in something ?????b?!!!
I live one... Parents at me are not present...
I was left by parents when I still was the child (((They have given me to children's home...
But I hope that it as will not affect ours with you of the relation!!!
I hope to hear from you too a part of your life!!! I hope that you that from me you will not hide!!
I have made a new photo... Which I sent the Photo to you have been made 2 years ago... I then was still the blonde...
I hope that I was pleasant to you!!!
I will wait for your letter!!!
Your new girlfriend Natalya!
Letter 2
Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Phil!!!! I very much liked that that you speak about the first meeting. I think we shall make so. I would want that it was so!!!!! I very much waited for your letter. Phil I know that our meeting soon. You know about what surprise I to you spoke? I soon shall with you!!!!!! I to learn all that shall be necessary to be with you and I shall make all that in my forces and we shall be together.
Phil I shall be with you!!!! We can enjoy our love, passion, tenderness, caress. We can feel breath of one another, touch, kiss, our lips can caress one another. We can embody all in a reality. I shall see you happy. I WOULD SHALL MAKE ALL THAT YOU WERE HAPPY.
Because when you are happy that I am happy also. I adore you. I want to you. I cannot think more of what, except for you. Only about you, only about that as it is good in your embraces, I am good when I can nestle on you. To feel your hands, yours kiss.
Phil I would not have words what to describe that that will be when we shall meet. Because such happiness to describe it is impossible.
The truth? Phil you agree with me. You will meet me when I shall arrive to you? I already have learned today on work. I can take holiday at any time.
Tomorrow I learn what to do what we were together. And to inform you. And soon we shall together. You represent? At me such feeling that at me to begin I shall grow wings by means of which with you. And this fine feeling. Phil I shall in your embraces soon!!!!!!!!
You represent!!!! I so am happy to it. I WOULD WANT MORE LIKELY THAT IT HAPPENS!!!!!
I shall inform you all that I learn. And when you tomorrow will receive my letter you will already know when I shall be with you.
I love you Phil!!!!!
I want you Phil!!!!!
And we shall be together.
And we shall be happy!!!!!!!
Are happy for ever!!!!!!
I already in your hands. You feel it? Yours and only yours Nataliya
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