Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vinogradova to Christiaan (Namibia)

Letter 1
Hello my the most gentle, the finest and sweet Tiaan!
At me not to the mother-in-law of phone, write me the number as soon as it will appear I to you at once I will call.
How mood in my beloved?
I have madly passed your attention and very much waited your new letter!
Yesterday I long could not fall asleep because to think of you. I to feel, that you think of me also, and your ideas have found the answer in my heart.
Emotions fall outside the limits me, and I could not find for me directly place on a bed :)
I would like to jump out at night on a balcony and fresh air of a drink; because my heart insistently struggled also to it there was no oxygen.
I to understand, that I am the happiest woman!!!!!!
My eyes again shine, my cheeks again burn, my smile again sparkles, because you in me!
You only mine! There are only you and I!!!!! It is the valid happiness!!!!
It is all owing to you my sweet Tiaan!
You the unique person who could understand me and allow me force to trust again the enamoured!
When I to arrive for work, all saw changes in me.
All spoke it in me, something has changed also I as a fly :)
I am valid flied with happiness and all have appeared without effort.
I had time to speak with my head about my rest from work.
To my surprise, he has informed me, that I can have a rest in a week.
He has told, that I well carry out duties recently and necessarily should have rest.
My favourite, I very much wish to be close to you!
Now it is the most important for me because I very much am absent also I I wish to reduce distance which divides us.
I constantly think of a bottom when we will meet.
Many times I represented this happy moment, and I cannot wait, when he will arrive.
I see, as you meet me at the airport, and I run to you to to fall in your embraces.
Then you show me the house, both all your friends and relatives hurry to get acquainted with me.
They speak: "Tiaan, there is so, what a beautiful Russian woman about whom you spoke very much?
And you answer them: «Yes! He/she is mine Vinogradova Tatyana !"
At this moment we are in the happiest pair!
I still a lot of imagination am final :) now which I do not know as it happens, but will be assured that it very interestingly and amusing!
The most important for me, that we will be together! All rest only addition to our happiness!
I think of travel really very much because it is my first trip abroad.
To me said, that I should order the documents necessary for a trip and spare tickets onboard the plane.
I also to go to learn all about a trip to you my love and the manager travel company to me all to tell about flight.
The manager has suggested to conclude to me the contract on grantings to me of services in registration newspapers of travel.
But when I to look this contract, that to lower it on a floor.... Services in manufacture of my documents to cost 520 US dollars.
My sweet which I so have broken which did not know, that to me has made it. I did not think, that it will cost such money, I have money, but it not, that the sum on which I hope.
But a question - that the contract is already signed also they my documents, the passport and the visa have started to be the occupied preparation.
I to pay 100 dollars to be in me. But I do not know where to take other sum. And before to go on work I,
To call to my mum. What to ask from it that it to me has made. Mum at first long to calm me.
As I to shout and could not stop me. Love Tiaan why so to be, that when you, to love the best man, up in the morning in
Its embraces!!! I long to sit and think, where to me to take this money, but nothing - also. And then mum to tell to me,
That I should ask the help from you as we love each other also you almost my future husband.
Mum has told, that you very good person and will help me...
My sweet for me, is a shame, but I so, wish to be to you to love you.
I ask, that you have helped me with a lack of the sum. They - 420 dollars, and then I can clean the visa and the passport,
Next week they will be already ready!! My favourite I very much believe, that you can help me with it and our meeting
It becomes real. To make Travel agency to me the visa within 90 days and after our meeting, I can prolong it if it is required.
My sweet I to study, as you can send me money. The head on work when to hear conversation on this all.
Tell, that you you can to help me Through system Western Union. My favourite with that end in view my information is obliged you,
That you could send this money here she:
The name: Tatyana
Lastname: Vinogradova
The country: Russia
My love still, I should know your full name and transfer number if you can help me with the visa and the passport. I very much very much to trust it!!!!
I do not have anybody to ask about it more!!!
I believe, that in us everything to appear and very soon I can touch you and kiss you.
To me to make all documents and I will depart to you on love of wings..... Forgive that my very sad letter.
My love now which I will expect your letters and to ask concerning our meetings, I very much, hope of you, that you will help me and will not leave me in trouble. I will wait very much your answer!!
It is the big kiss in you my sweet Tiaan!!
Always yours Tanya!
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