Name: Jullie Beck
Age: 31
Name: Natasha Bruce
Age: 29
Name: Tatyana
Age: 37
Name: Olga
Age: 27
Name: Tatyana Lenchik
Age: 36
Name: Ekaterina Jablokova
Age: 29
Name: Sadahatu Raham
Age: 39
Name: Rita Asare
Age: 24
Name: Vintoria
Age: 40
Name: Tatyana Mironenko
Age: 21
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Age: 25
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Age: 29
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Name: Natalia
Age: 25
Name: Alina Karooller
Age: 28

Scam letter(s) from Olga Borowuyhk to Herbert (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my love Herbert! Is glad to see again your letter today! Mood very good! And at me all is excellent as usually! I love you, you to love me! And at us with you all is very good! And I am happy! In the beginning of the letter I to wish to speak you that does not suffice me on my trip to you approximately 300 euro. If you can help me such sum that I can arrive to you though in the beginning of July, though in the end of July. And about days off you do not worry. We can spend perfectly time and in the evenings. It will be much better than to wait our meeting as early as the whole year. Last night I to speak with my mum! And it to me on a secret has told that to it not exactly breathes one man! To it of 65 years also that this the man very much to look after for my mum! Always, when it to go to shop behind bread, there to work the man and it always to speak it, that my mum very well looks! And here at them the love novel has now begun! I even all over again to not believe in it! And here now my mum and this the man from shop go to walk in the evenings! It gives it flowers! And so it is lovely to look at it! I to speak mine mum, that it very successful woman that could find the man on old year! And I am very happy for them! In a life to occur very much all a lot of interesting! And even my mum at its age could find its new love! I to wish them the big love and a sound health! They very lovely when together to be! This the man to help today will come to us on a facilities! Though to it and 65 years, but it at sensible mind and memory too very good! Now it is possible to leave mine mum in my city without me. Also it is possible to not worry! Now it to have the man and all will be good! The big love it! As my mum to transfer and you greetings! My favourite Herbert! I now so am happy, that my good mood does not have a limit!
And at us too all will be good! And we as shall be happy with you!
Because we to deserve our happiness to be together! On it I to say goodbye to you! I love you very much! And to give you my sweet kisses!
Yours Olga
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