Scam Letter(s) from Maame Paker to Bent (Denmark)

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Letter 1

Good Afternoon Mr.Bent,
Nice hearing from you and I will say that in reality you have no problem, our company is one of the largest Company in this city, Yes Shorine Amissah your wife and her mom came to us and told us everything.Really Yes and we can see that you are really serious and more people have been coming here for our e-mail address and we don't hear back from them, we can help facilitate Shorine travel documents including passport, visa, the hospital which is the blood test and Police report, tickets, etc. and it will take about 8 to 12 working days to do all this, we are ready to start with your wife 'Miss Shorine Amissah, passport, visa, the hospital which is the blood test and police report and we are very sorry not to take payment by credit card due to certain criminal offenses that we have lived, but we take our payments via Western Union only,


Denmark Visa ............................... ? 300

Hospital which is the blood test .... ? 200

Police Report ........................... ? 150

Passport ..................................... 100
TOTAL .................................... ? 750
I Hope you get this clear Sir, Bent, the Denmark Visa and all that is about 8 to 12 working days to get everything we want to do in order to know when you will be able to make payments for us so that we can start with you and everything that we take half the payment so that when everything is done then we take the other half, but the tickets we will be very happy if you tell us your nearest airport so we can book the flight for her and we also let you know the price of the ticket after. Tell us your nearest airport, Well we hope to hear back from you and we do not have any problem and also for payment You can choose to send money to your wife must be given to us and if you want to send us direct.Here is our address you can use,
Bismarck Osei Boamah
19th Caroline Street

Letter 2

Good Afternoon Mr.Bent,

Thank You so much for your mail and your maximum support well we have checked about your nearest airport and it has come to our notice that the ticket and the papers will cost you an amount of 1,683 euros and we will like you to cooperate with us and we will work with you as well so your wife can be with you very soon.Well can you tell us your data and when you are going to send the money to us or to your wife so she can bring it to us to start processing the papers and as we have told you we are going to work 8 to 12 working days and we hope you will cooperate with us and we assure you our company is the best and we have been working with so many people and we are going to serve you and your wife to your fullest satisfaction.Tell us when you will send us the money and hope to hear from you soon.
God bless you.
Bismarck Osei Boamah

Letter 3

Hello Mr Bent,
Good Afternoon it is nice hearing form You once again and we are saying we are going to do our possible best to facilitate the papers within 8 to 12 working days for Your wife Mrs Shorine Amissah and also as we know the Your Airport we are going to book Her flight immediately we get the money for the Ticket and we will let You know the exact date She will becoming to You...
Our Company is the most reliable and affordable and we are going to work with You to Your fullest satisfaction to the benefit of You and Your wife.We hope to receive the money for the papers on 29th of this month and the papers will be ready in a few days because we don't have to waste Her time and we are going to do Our possible best for Her to be with You in 7th of June 2010.
Have a nice day and God richly bless You hope to hear from You soon.
Bismarck Osei Boamah

Letter 4

Hello Mr Bent,
Good Morning and it's been our greatest pleasure to write to you from Our Agency and for your information we will like to let you know that your wife Mrs Shorine Amissah's papers will be ready really approximately on Tuesday.Well Mr Bent we have called her for an interview today and when everything is done we will let you know about that too.And also we will like to inform you that after the work is done you will have to pay us and amount of 400euros that is for the workmanship.Have a nice day and we hope to hear from you soon.
God richly bless you
Bismarck Osei Boamah

Letter 5

Hello My Lovely Husband Bent,
Good morning my love how are you doing there this morning i have missed you so much all my life and i can't wait to be with you all my life and you mean so much so to me all my life ...Darling well i woke up early this morning and your thought came to my mind and honey i was so happy for what happened to me yesterday and also darling i wish i was there with you now so we can make love together all our lives and also live a very happily and a great family as well....Darling i am sending you the copy of the Passport,Visa,Police Report,Medical Test and my Results as well cos i have gone to scan all of them now honey and i know you will be very happy to see them with your eyes.....Darling am online now waiting for you and also hope you will soon join me and am missing you so much babe cos you've really touched my heart and i can't wait to hold you and kiss you....Have a lovely and a wonderful day at work and am here thinking about you take care your lovely wife Shorine kiss You all my life....

Letter 6

Hello Mr Bent,
Good Morning and therefore am Mr Mudasir Seidu from Ghana Immigration Service the Officer you spoke with on the phone this morning who is handling the case of Your wife Mrs Shorine Amissah..
Well she is in our custody now and we have less than 2 days to prosecute her due to the illegal mineral(GOLD).Well she is needed to pay an amount of 8000euros before she can be released and also travel to you.This is because the Gold she carried on her has no documents guiding to it so therefore the Ghana Immigration Service has sat down and came out with that and it is the responsibility of any misconduct of any victim should pay that amount if caught when traveling with such mineral without any documents guiding it.
Well Mr Bent i want you to co operate with me so we can do something serious about it because i wouldn't be happy when your wife Mrs Shorine Amissah is sent to jail and she is here with us crying and also mentioning your name and she is really worried..We will have to get her a lawyer and also to prepare the documents guiding the Gold before she can come with it the Gold weighs very huge and it is really a huge sum of money when she comes with that to you.
Am very concern about her life and i will make sure they will not treat her like the way they doing to others.Mr Bent we have less than 2 days for her to come to you and therefore i want to assure you to do something serious about the money because without the money she will be sent to jail and be prosecuted as well.
I want to here back from you and also we have taken pictures of the Gold which she was bringing to you in our office.
I want you to co operate with me and try your possible best to work this out with me so your wife can come to you now.
I will be waiting for your responds.
Mudasir Seidu



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