Scam letter(s) from Natalia Petrova to Paulo (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hi my love Renato!
Very pleasantly that you have written to me. I very much waited from you the letter my sun Renato!
Here very warm weather some days. The sun))) Shines
At me today excellent mood.)))
How you my love? I hope, that with you as everything is all right and at you all is excellent! To wish your of good luck!
My sweet Renato! You ask, that I have written to you my full data, the address, a copy of the passport and the given accounts... ok? There are no problems... I can send to you all my data in this letter...
I will write to you the data Full name: Petrova Natalia;
My country... Russia (you already know))))))
The name my city Kirov (61000 post code)
My exact address:
Street Beregovaya
Number apartment: 27 Data mine the bank account:
Full name: Petrova Natalia;
Name of bank: VTB 24;
address of bank: Russia, 424036, street Komsomolskaya 88;
account: 40817978811090000138;
Bic 043602955;
SWIFT: OWHBDEFF; As I to send you a copy the passport. ok? I to execute all your requests... My darling, I wait from you the help to begin official registration of papers for a trip to you. ok? Tell to me when precisely you start to help me? When you will send money for my account? I will wait from you the answer. I have a free time. I do not wish to be in loneliness... I wish to arrive to you my sweet Renato! I wish to be with you in a reality... The best to be together in a reality. Than to write every day the letter on the Internet. You as to think? My darling, you look the World championship on football... Now on all channel TV show football. It is a pity that modular Russia does not play (((as you think who becomes the world champion on football? It is very interesting to learn your opinion))) My darling, write those to me in detail as there has passed your day... I miss on you and I think only of you my darling Renato! To send to you it is a lot of much sweet kisses! I wait from you for the answer! Your small princess Natalia
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