Letter(s) from Valentina Sokolova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

My name is Valentina. I am very excited that I have caught your attention on the web site. I am totally new to this kind of communication and I hope that my expectations will be proved to be correct!
I'll try to introduce myself briefly now and I hope you would be interested in the further exploration of each other.
So,I am 37 years old, divorced. No children. I live in Ukraine, Zaporozhiye. I lost any hope to renew my private life here and when I ran across web address in the women magazine, I decided to try my fortune through the Internet. I am looking for a man for whom family will be on the first place in his priority list and who knows that attention and care are vital for a woman. I am ready to become faithful friend, passionate lover and caring wife! As I have not become a mother myself (though I still hope that I will) I will be happy to become a good friend for the kids of my partner (if he has got any).
I am sending you my photos and I hope that you will be interested in getting known each other better. It will be a big pleasure for me to answer any questions of yours.
Wish you a lovely day and hope to hear from you soon!

With the best regards,

Letter 2

Hello my dear!!!
I am very glad to get a response from you!
May be we are on the right way towards our dreams and hopes;)
So how are you doing today? I hope you stay in nice mood and high spirits!!!!
Thank you so much for your letter! I was very glad to get it from you!
It was very interesting for to me to know about you a little!
You are very interesting man and i would be very glad to know about you more and more with every letter!I think we have much in common and good chance to be together, don't you think?
Thank you so much for your wonderful photo, i like it very much!
You are very handsome man!I like you warm smile and magic eyes it is attract me like magnet!
Well in order to make a better picture of me, I will try to tell something about me, though I even don't know where to start:)
So, what do I do for fun...well, that depends on my mood, weather and lots of circumstances. I do like outdoors activities... starting from the sun bathing and finishing with snowball playing. During the whole year I attend the swimming pool as I am a real "gold fish";) I adore everything what is connected with water and swimming is my favorite sport...
though to be more detailed- this is the only sport I go in for:)
As for the rest kinds of sport- I am an active TV watcher :D
I must tell you that I am a normal woman and I do like to hang on the phone:)
I have got few girlfriends, which whom we can talk for hours gossiping about some nice trifles:)
Reading- that takes separate and very important place in my life. Also I can add, that I am easy -going person and can be busy with lots of things...
Just because I can't lie on the sofa still:)
What can I say about my character??? Normal character... with my own pluses and minuses.
I do like nice jokes, but from time to time I can poison my speech with sarcasm. But I am struggling with this my feature .
(Hm, I put myself a big plus now, cause I try to judge myself objectively and it turned out to be pretty hard..:) )
Family- that is the basis of everything!!!! My family broke when I was 13- dad started drinking- and he was the God for me and when he died when I was 25 and I decided that I won't repeat this kind of experience. I am fine when people drink occasionally but I fall into panic when I see that a man can't put himself into some kind of frames.
So at the present moment my family consist of a women army:) these are my sister Katerina my mom and my grand mom.
Background...I got Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and now I work as a Senior Sales Lady in the big clothes shop which is located in a big shopping center called Ukraine.
As I have already said I am serious in my intentions. I don't want to write for several years ...If we see that we match each other, I will take off the profile at once and we will plan a meeting.
Well, Probably you are already tired to read all this. Dear, Write me back if you are interested. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day Valentina

P.S Honey, dont worry please i will answer to you in Monday, because i will go today to my grandmother.
She need help with her vegetable garden.it is very hot time!!!!We will be fight with weeds, we need a lot what to do!!!!
It is a pity, but we have not Internet in the village, so i have not possibility to answer to you from the village, i am so sorry my dear i hope you forgive me and will understand!!!!
i will be miss you like crazy two this days, i miss you already my dear!!!! Kiss you so much!

Letter 3

Hello my dear!!!

Thank you very very much for writing me back!! You seem to be a nice guy and I did really enjoy reading your letter.
I am really serious looking for a partner and I hope we are on the same track;)
After my unsuccessful marriage I was alone for a pretty long period of time and now I feel that I am totally ready to open my heart. I tried to find someone in Ukraine, but I understood that I am really tired of drinking problems and aggressiveness. As I have already written to you I ran across the web address in the magazine, I looked around and decided to try my fortune here! I do believe in love!
I am sure there are good guys who will take care of their woman and who will love her and who will value and see the care and attention he is given.
I know what I am talking about. I know the law... if you want to be given something - be ready to give first. I have much to give. What I am trying to tell you is that if you find me not the woman you are looking for, just tell me and we could stay friends. Don't waste either your time or mine.
All right, enough about lyrics:)
Thank you so much for your letter, i was so happy to get it from you!!!You are very interesting person and i like everything in you, I think more and more that you are my type !!!!!
Thank you so much for your nice pics,you are very attractive man!
You shouldn't be worried about the age difference. I am looking for a life partner, and not a stud! we have lots of them around here! and I don't want to run around the bars trying to catch him! I am looking for a calm person, with whom I could feel myself quiet and without any worries! I need a person with whom I could talk!
So let's see what will come out of this. I have positive feelings;)
I am ready to be wife and mother!!!
How was your day? I hope everything went smoothly and nothing upset you.
As for me, my day was a little bit tough as the new clothes arrived and I was busy like a bee accepting the boxes, putting all the labels, arranging everything on the shelves. I know this sounds funny, but I hate shops))))
Spending the most time at work in the shopping center I just dream about my sofa in front of the TV, but these are only dreams as I can't stay still even for a second:)
BY the way, what is your favorite way to spend free time?? How do you relax?
Well, I will close my letter for the moment, but I must tell you that I have already started waiting for your response!
Wish you a nice day and hope to hear from you very very soon! Sincerely yours, Valentina

Letter 4

Hello my dear!!!!!
So tell me how is that on that part of the earth??? How is the weather?? What are your plans for the coming week ends????
I want to tell you that you are free to ask me whatever appears in your head and I will answer you willingly:)))
Thank you so much for your letter I am waiting for your letter with big impatience!!! I am very glad that i met you in my life!!
it was very interesting for me to know about your days and your life!
Thank you so much for your nice pics i like it very much, you are very handsome i like every part of you!
honey, do you know you are the best what i have in my life!!
i wish to share my life with you!
I wish to make you the happiest man in the world!!And i wish to be the best wife for you!!!
Ok let's leave seriousness and talk about something easy:) I will start first:)
What kind of things do really bring you pleasure and excitement??
For example, I fall down into an excellent mood immidiately if I see snow. You know, when you wake up in the morning, and look out of the window you see fresh snow covered everything around!!! The things look so virgin at the moment!!!! I do live in a country where we have real winters but despite this, I can't stop admiring such kind of scenery, like a child, during the whole my life:)
I do like watching care racing!
All those cars or motor -bikes, with wild pictures or tattoos if I can name them so... and I admire those people who are not afraid of the speed and who have got those unbelievable skills to be a master of the motor!
Good music is also vital for me when I lack energy or some emotions!
You can always hear music in my flat! I do like different styles...starting from Enigma and finishing with Prodigy:) Everything depends on my mood.
Usually, before I go to bed, I turn on either saxophone or some nature sounds...
You won't believe how it helps to kill stress of the day and to go into deep sleep:)
What about you? What brings smile to your face? what calms you down and vice versa fills you in with energy? How do you kill stress???
I do want to know everything about you... Please, you are welcome to write a novel about yourself:)))
And I will close by now and start counting hours will our next "meeting"!
Sending you a kiss, your Valentina

Letter 5

Hello my beloved man!!
How have you been today??? I hope you are fine and feel safe and sound!!!
I must tell you that you are the first thing...sorry... the first thought I have in the morning is about you and you are the last picture I imagine before I fall asleep... I am just constantly thinking about you and you know what??
I do like this feeling.. I do like to have somebody I want to think about!
And the thought that "This Somebody" thinks about me too warms me from inside..
Actually I feel like I have some wings behind my back!!!:) WOW! What a terrific feeling..
I must add that during the day from time to time I catch myself on the fact that I am imagining different life situations with you taking active part there:)
I wonder how would it be to do food shopping with you?? Will, Reiggie, you stay next to me and say constantly: when are we going?? When are we finished ? let's go .. Or may be you will take an active part in choosing apples and herbs?? Or how would it be to spend a lazy Sunday with you??? Anyway, all those thoughts make me smiling and make my mood for the whole day!!!:)
Thank you so much for your nice pics I like it very much, you are very handsome man , i like you more and more , i like every centimeter of you!
I miss you so much and i wish to be with you as soon as possible, i wish to be with you and never leave you!
You are the best gift in my life!
Thank you so much to you my dear that i have you in my life!
What is happening here.. nothing... the days look like all the same. Home-work-home...
But I am always in a hurry to check if I have got a letter for you and this brings me into a nice mood!!! I must say- you are wonderful!! And I am happy that I was in time to cross your road!:) I don't know, may be tomorrow I will go to movies... if someone from my girls would like... Today on my way home I am going to pop around my sister's place... Who knows, may be she has some gossips to talk about:) By the way she constantly asks about you and us;)))
All right darling, it starts getting dark outside. I will finish by now.
I kiss you tenderly, hug you warmly and whisper your slowly: I MISS YOU!!!
Yours and only yours Valentina