Scam letter(s) from Elvira Yamanaeva to David (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Dave!
I am madly happy to receive from you the letter and at once I write to you the answer.
At me at once it was cheered up when I have received your letter.
How at you an affair? You have very much liked me and I want find out more about you and as more in detail to tell about myself.
As I wrote already to me 35 years. By a trade I an actress of drama theatre. I work at Drama theatre of city of Ruzaevka 14 years, right after theatrical institute.
My work very much is pleasant to me, though also very small salary.
At leisure I have additional work at children's school of arts and I teach at them skill of the actor.
I very much love the work, but it takes away a lot of time and forces, therefore the free time at me happens a little.
First I would like to tell to you why I was solved on correspondence with the man from other country.
The matter is that I have very sad experience of dialogue with Russian men, and besides heard many good histories about happy marriages of our Russian girls with men from other countries.
My close girlfriend, one year ago has married the fine person from England.
Has left with him and at them soon on light the daughter should appear.
She sends me letters. She does not want to come back to Russia.
Speaks that will come to meet relatives who here live only.
You probably ask to yourselves a question why I have written to you?
I very much liked your photo, at once it is visible you the unusual person.
I hope to you my English language is clear?
I studied it at school, and then and in institute, therefore I rather well it understand also all letters I write to you, not using the translator.
I am sorry about you if any phrases or words will be not clear to you, all the same I yet so know English as you aboriginals of the country.
But I very much hope, that all of us shall understand the friend - the friend.
On a horoscope I - the Aquarius, for the woman is very good sign though I especially am not fond of a horoscope.
I was never married and I have no children, but very much I want.
Very much I love children I do not present even the life without them, therefore the free time I give their education at children's school.
I want to have the big family and the favourite person near to myself.
Likely in my life there was no yet that person with whom I would be possible to create the family about which so a long time dream.
To find such the man with which it is possible to leave on edge of light and to remain there for ever.
For the sake of which, I would give all on light and on anything did not reflect, could give up even work only to be with him}beside and that he to me have answered same.
Many my girlfriends and familiar already for a long time have children but so it is not enough on the present of happy people and high-grade families where there is mum and the daddy.
Our men so are not reliable, frequently use alcohol, and it is still softly told!!!
My family will consist from five person: mum, the daddy, the senior sister which is married and I live in Moscow, and my younger brother. At us very amicable family, where always mutual understanding and kind relations.
I was born on February, 8, 1970 in our beautiful city of Ruzaevka.
Dave and where you were born? Our city is based not so long ago. It is located in the center of the European part of Russia, in a river basin Volga.
If you will open a map Russia can find our republic Mordovia near to such big cities as Penza and Ulyanovsk.
You sometime heard about such?
In the following letter I shall more in detail write to you about it. And you write to me about your city.
On the nature I the big romantic person, very sentimental and impressionable.
Very much I like to travel and frequently I am in other cities with performances, somehow I shall more in detail write and about it, very much I dream to go abroad where never was!!!
At me it is a lot of friends and they respect me for sincerity and frankness of character.
I very much appreciate in people honesty and skill to be responsible for the words and acts.
Dave, write to me that you think of it?
Yes, I have overlooked to tell to you, that I have access in the Internet only through the Internet - cafe.
Therefore please do not take offence if suddenly not at once I shall answer your letters, but I shall try to check my I shall esteem every day.
On it I finish the electronic letter and very much I wait for your answer. I send you the photo, I hope it to you it is pleasant?!
Good-bye, your new friend Elvira.
Letter 2

Hi my new friend Dave!
I am overflown with emotions and the smile does not descend from my person!!!
I so am glad to receive again from you the answer to my letter!
It would be very pleasant for me to visit once you in yours the country. I think, that we should find out a little better the friend to the friend.
In the street now bad weather, but at me very good mood because I now sit and I press keys faster to send you the letter.
With such happiness at me all ideas are confused in my head, I at all do not know from what to start.
It is very interesting to me to correspond with you through the Internet because I never did it earlier.
You the first person to whom I have decided to write and to whom I write. In my letters probably, many different mistakes?
I hope, what all of you understand my English? Write to me about it in the following letter.
I heard that the American men much, at least the majority of them are very good people, fair and hardworking.
Respect women and appreciate the family, as against Russian men! In Russia it is very hard for majority of women to make the way in this difficult life.
From the beginning it is very hard to receive higher education, and then to find prestigious work, which else plus to all well paid.
And if to you with all it will carry that the more difficultly for you to meet the beloved because men have not got used that wives worked and were engaged in the career.
They have got used to see them houses at a plate all day long, wiping a nose to children, in the old washed off dressing gown.
But it, besides, if to you will carry if you in general will meet on the way the man which will want to create with you family and will want to get with you children.
In fact many very much are afraid to enter now with women serious relations, will play and stop are very easily and does not demand what obligations!
Other cases it is even worse. Will get to you any which through any period of time will start more and more and to use more alcohol for which is not present what values in a life except for a bottle.
Whether will want to live with such person further? I think, that was not present!
I hope, you have presented this picture at yourselves before eyes?!
And to me and to represent I was not necessary it I see every day by the example of the friends and familiar.
That is why to Russian women is very hardly in without that the hard world.
It is very difficult to keep the individuality, independence, to not get under the general current which carries away and back against it to be floating very hardly, and thus it is always good to look and remain the woman.
My last guy which I met about two years, simply was afraid to get serious relations and to create family.
First all was very good, we had many general interests, we spent together each free minute of our time, had frequently a rest together with friends, but soon I want that our relations have developed into more serious.
And to him appeared, that anything than he had the greater, he and does not want.
I was for him a beautiful toy for a while while I have not bothered him.
To him than a party, friends, alcohol, than family with the favourite person who would give all to be together and to be separated never were more important!
It is very hurt and hard for me to recollect now this sad history from the life, but I it could go through and now it for me as the read page which I have turned and have overlooked!
Very much it is not easy to be in such big world of one, but I have understood for myself, that it is better to be free and to not adhere myself to such person at whom is not present what values in this life.
I want to meet such strong the man that I felt like as behind a stone wall that I did not think that he will go and will spend all money for alcohol.
I respect those men which validly concern to women, to their individuality which do not put a stick in wheels, and on the contrary will always submit to you a hand and not only to difficult minute.
Which hold the man's word and responsible for the acts which not looking on anything achieve an object in view!!!!!!!!!
For the sake of such men I would give all on light and have gone behind him with the fastened eyes, there, where he would lead me for a hand because I in all would trust him and would rely on him, and he on me!
Unfortunately such men almost did not remain in Russia, but he can somewhere at the other edge of the ground waits for me?!
To me 35 more also I hope, that he will find me or I him.
Who knows can this person there are you?!
But I do not want to hurry event, let all will show time.
Write to me in the following letter that you think of it. I hope our ideas coincide?
I also want to tell to you, that for me the nationality and religion have no any value.
Even appearance does not matter, to know the main thing what person inside and to appreciate him sincere qualities.
As if to me - I on religion of Christians, and all my family trusts in the God so we were brought up by parents since the childhood.
I am very glad, that I have such family to which any person could envy.
All of us live in one small apartment and at us very good mutual relations, everyone helps the friend - to the friend.
And relations of parents among themselves simply a sample of behaviour of the loving pair.
To mine to the daddy - 54 years, he works as the engineer in one firm, mum - 53 years, she is the senior nurse in city hospital. To my younger brother - 23 years.
He studies at economic faculty in institute.
We see the senior sister seldom she is married and lives in Moscow, but on family holidays all of us gather behind the big amicable table.
I am very grateful to the parents that they gave all of us such education and education.
On it I stop to write the letter to you, and already I wait for your answer!
I hope that we with each letter more and more and we shall use to know about each other more.
Dave, write to me about the country, about traditions, than you are engaged at leisure?
Letter 3

Good afternoon Dave!
How are you? How are you doing? How mood? What at you now weather? I'm fine.
I am again glad to receive from you the letter, with each letter all of us it is more and we find out about each other more and we become closer, not looking, on such big distance between us.
In each letter I find out about you a lot of new and interesting, you to me very much like also to me it seems, that at us it is a lot of interests, much in common about what we can talk.
I hope, that my sympathy to you is mutual also I too to you I like.
And now I want to tell more to you about the work.
As I already spoke I work at drama theatre of the city of Ruzaevka, I work as an actress and I accept participation in performances.
My work is very interesting to me also it occupies the most part of my life and a free time.
In my life there was no yet that person to which I could give itself without the rest.
We at theatre work both in the morning and in the evening and in the days off, that is on Saturday and on Sunday.
And the day off we - Monday, but sometimes have also exceptions. In the morning basically there are rehearsals of performances or fairy tales for children, and in the evening we play performances for adult public.
We have director which puts, rehearses with us different performances - statements.
Sometimes there come other interesting directors and too work with us. We frequently go in other cities of Russia on performances.
We take part in different festivals and we communicate with very interesting and popular people.
All this is certainly very interesting, but when you do not have close favourite person with whom you can share the pleasures, creative achievements all this quickly bothers and becomes not interesting.
As I already spoke you, that if in my life such person I can for the sake of him will leave theatre and be engaged in education of children as I already enough for a long time work with children of different age and have had time to study their psychology.
In repertoir of our theatre there are many interesting and different performances.
There are very interesting statements which live years and even decades, and are and are not present.
We put products of different playwrights, recently more foreign, they bring to theatre the greater income.
So-called modern comedies, different commercial projects which like people, modern youth, but unfortunately quickly bother the spectator and cease to be shown.
The classics, both Russian, and foreign lives eternally. It look generations.
For example, L Romeo and the Juliet ¦, L Taming obstinate ¦ Shakespeare go at our theatre many years.
At these performances always full halls of spectators.
Tell to me as at you in the country affairs with culture are?
Whether you love theatre and how to it concern?
I for the work at theatre have had time to play many interesting roles. Now it is time to concede a place to young guys, students. At them all ahead. They only start to go on a stage.
But behind them the future of our modern theatre.
Him is at whom to learn, and to us is what to tell him. As at present theatres of all world live and will live.
People require such art as theatre, and it will be always popular!
It is possible to tell about my work many interesting things and one letter will not suffice for this purpose.
Write more in detail where you work? How have a rest during free time from work the days off and holidays?
I to you did not tell about the city in which I have grown and now I live.
It is very ancient city with the big history, with the secrets and legends.
For the first time on a place of our city the village Ruzaevka, in the second half seventeenth centuries has appeared. Later it began to refer to the city of Ruzaevka.
It is the second-largest city in republic Mordovia after city of Saransk which is capital of republic.
Our city is approximately in 25 kilometers from Saransk.
It at all less and even it is possible to tell, that is the main industrial centre of republic.
As the city still is also very big railway junction.
Through it passes many different trains, in different directions.
Our city even name a railway gate of Mordovia.
Near to the city of Ruzaevka two very beautiful rivers Insar and Pishlya proceed.
They are very rich a fish and consequently to city always there came many merchants.
The population of city is made approximately more than 70000 person, these are Russian, mordvinians.
On our ground people talented and known worldwide were born many.
At us it is a lot of museums in city, it is a lot of theatres, showrooms and musical interiors.
Word it is a lot of places where it is possible to go and have a rest cultural.
The most beautiful and known streets in city is area Mojakovskogo and parkway Gorshkova. They very big and beautiful in our city.
And as roads for us, as well as Arbat in the city of Moscow are well-known also. Dave, you heard about existence of such street?
But I very much like to walk on quay along the river, there it is even more beautiful, there it is a lot of cafe where it is possible to have a rest with friends, to drink a cup of coffee and to admire a fine and picturesque kind of the river.
Who does not like to be among a plenty of people, that goes in park. I there like to be one, when at me sad mood.
There fibers live, it is possible to buy nuts and directly from a hand to feed them.
I very much love animals, and you?
My favourite colors - yellow and green, I love all warm and bright that pleases an eye and calms me.
Therefore my favourite season this summer smoothly flowing in warm autumn.
Until then rains for the present do not begin and paints of the nature have not grown dull yet.
Dave, and what favourite season at you?
Write to me please somewhat quicker. I shall wait very much from you the letter.
Tell to me about all to me all very interestingly.
On it I stop to write to you, and already I start to wait the answer.
It is very pleasant for me to receive from you news and news of your life. I miss, I wait, yours Elvira.
Letter 4

Hello the my dear friend Dave!
I am again happy to receive your answer.
I so am glad, that we have found each other in such huge world, in a world wide web and to us it is very interesting to communicate both more and more and find out about us more.
Today I want to tell to you about the hobbies and interests.
And also it is interesting to me find out about your hobby.
As I already spoke you, with my work I have very few days off and a free time.
Because when usual people sometimes have days off and holidays we for them work, show performances.
And in breaks between rehearsals I hasten in the Internet of cafe more likely to check up the mail, whether there is no to me a letter from you.
And so when the days off nevertheless drop out, I try as it is possible carry out them more variously and more interestingly.
Because who knows when such opportunity to have a rest still can be presented?!
In general certainly I have a rest in a circle of the relatives and friends more often. Very much I like to leave on the nature, for city.
There it is possible to fry on fire meat or sausages, now as I shall think of it then it would be desirable to go on the nature.
And in the summer we take tent with ourselves and we remain for the night.
We go for a drive on boats on the river, we fish and from it we prepare for fish soup in the big bucket directly on a fire.
But the most interesting begins when day comes to an end also a sunset is reflected in water, it seems that you stand and look at this miracle of the nature and such sensation that are at edge of light!
Such emotions overflow you, that there will be no all words and adjectives to describe all this beauty.
In the evening we sit around of a fire and we sing songs under a guitar, and at night when the sky clear and is not present clouds, on it it is visible one million stars and it is very beautiful.
I very much like to dream such minutes, that somewhere at the other edge of the ground there is one person whom as well as I, lay on a grass, having lifted a head, looks in the sky at stars and dreams.
If very for a long time to look in the sky it is possible to see the flying satellite or a comet, well if will carry, a falling star and to think of desire.
At me good friends and with them it is possible to go to have a rest anywhere and everywhere it will be interesting.
At us in Russia it is a lot of woods and we in the summer with family or friends we go we collect different mushrooms and berries, we make preparations and with winter of them we eat.
At you, probably, such is not present?
The wood is in general a separate history. There completely other air than in city.
When there you come, it is not dependent on a season you get as in a fairy tale.
You overlook about all problems and vanity which has remained in city.
Mum and the daddy all free time carry out mine on a summer residence which is behind a city boundaries.
They conduct there the small facilities, raise vegetables and fruit.
Let not so it is a lot of, but nevertheless it is very pleasant to reap a crop the hands.
We with the brother too help them whenever possible.
The daddy the last year has constructed on a summer residence the present bath. Now there it is very healthy!
One more place where it is possible not only to work has appeared at us, but also to have a rest.
And you heard, what such Russian bath?
Or can to you even it was necessary be in it?
Sensations after it simply inexpressible. I at all do not know what to use adjectives to tell to you feeling when you are soared by a fresh broom from a birch.
In Russian I would tell I do not know much but as it to translate to English I simply.
In a word, any sauna is not comparable.
As I think myself very vigorous person sports in my life takes not last place.
Well even on the work I am simply obliged to look well and well to move.
Before the beginning each rehearsal at us pass different trainings.
Such as dances of different centuries, depending on performances what we put, scenic movement, fights and all that that takes place in performance.
But most of all I like art of fencing to which us taught in institute. I simply adore to fight on swords in historical performances.
They are well rehearsed also you always know than they will end. Certainly it with sports fencing completely different things, but all the same so is interesting!
As if to sports in a usual life, outside of a stage I adore to float.
Unimportantly where, whether it be pool, either lake, or the river.
The main thing that there there was a water, and I swim very well.
Image of my life very active, it is necessary to be in time everywhere, both to have a rest, and to work, and keep up the figure.
In the summer I swim, I run and I go for a drive on a bicycle.
And it happens we in the winter gather with girlfriends and we go to skate, on the big stadium.
Very seldom we leave to ski from hills.
It for me very extreme kind of sports.
Few times broke the ski and departed to a snowdrift, but adrenaline in blood suffices for one year after such walks.
Dave, and you prefer what kinds of sports? At you in the country people most of all prefer what sports and like?
And you prefer what music? I, for example, cannot relate myself to people which listen only to any one direction in music.
I listen to music absolutely different. All depends on my mood.
When to me I I am sad also miss listen to classical music, slow compositions Metallica, Madonna and others.
One of my most favourite compositions which I can always listen is Era - Flowers of the sea if can that please listen, I hope, it is pleasant to you?!
And so I can listen to everything, both fate and the priest music if only it there were on the present talented things which are worthy.
Whether write to me you heard somebody from our Russian executors and how they have liked you whether or not?
Probably, a name of our singer Alla Borisovny Pugachevoj world renowned. You heard sometime about her?
She is the Russian well-known singer.
At night I frequently have sleeplessness. I think of you and I think that you to me write.
Already I plan about what I shall tell to you but when I receive your letter that all ideas in my head at once are confused also I cannot concentrate.
When I do not sleep, I read different books or I learn the new role, but I read is more often.
In the afternoon on it almost there is no time and there is the best time it is night when it is possible to plunge completely with a head into product, to present itself on a place of any heroine of the love novel.
Earlier I read even more and my reference book long time was philosophical fairy tale Axupri L Small prince ¦.
It has shaken me up to depth of soul by the simplicity about what we people frequently overlook in the mad life.
Favourite writers and poets, it is possible to list for a long time.
There are things which has read and has overlooked, and is which leave a print in your soul.
They can be re-read again and again.
Such as L the Master and Margarita ¦ Bulgakov, "Anna Karenina" Thick. At present I read modern prose author Pelevin.
Very unusual product completely written in modern youth Russian slang.
Films which I look, too are various.
Now all over the world it is fashionable to go to cinema. I too very much like to go to a cinema.
I like such films which set me thinking about something and which I do not know than can end.
Tremendous film "Temptation" From Antonio Banderas, L Get acquainted Joe Black ¦, well and it is a lot of others.
Probably, it is time to finish my letter to me it is necessary to run home and to prepare for a supper for our family.
I adore to prepare and next time necessarily to you I shall write about our national cuisine. I so would like you to tell much, that in the letter there is no place to find room for all this.
Answer my questions.
I shall wait from you the letter.
Yours faithfully your friend.
Letter 5

Hi Dave!
I so waited your letter and it have received.
My pleasure is not present borders and I am very happy.
Each time when I receive the new letter my life is overturned, I completely overlook about time and again I communicate with you.
Sometimes it seems to me, that you absolutely beside directly opposite to me and I see you.
We can communicate and you too will hear my voice. You want to hear my voice by phone?
I already for a long time present myself our conversation, it seems to me, that at you very pleasant man's voice.
I want to tell to you, that there is one small problem.
In our apartment there is no phone. At us in Russia it is very much distributed, that in many houses there is no phone and the telephone line is carried out at all.
That to establish it people occupy turn in the company and wait while it will reach them.
Then it is necessary to pay the big sum of money and to you it will connect.
Many people want to have a home telephone number and consequently the big turn is created, and the telephone company cannot cope with such quantity of addressed people and to have for a long time to wait.
Sometimes even 1 year or is more, when you will be reached with your turn.
We found out in the company and to us have told, that in some months will spend a telephone line in our house, therefore it is very good news.
We can communicate with you by phone directly from a house!
And cellular telephones are presumed to itself not by each person.
They very dearly cost and every month still it is necessary to pay for them in addition.
I cannot afford such luxury, for me it is very expensive thing.
In Russia very solvent people have them only.
On work, unfortunately, all phones service and them it is not authorized to use for a long time, especially to call abroad.
They even are blocked. On them it is not possible to type a code of other city or other country, on them it is possible to do only bells on the city.
I have decided that I shall call to you from a public telephone booth.
The public telephone booth is a place whence people can call in others the country with telephone automatic devices.
For me now is a unique way out.
Dave, write to me please, what you think of it?
The public telephone booth to be not so far from my work.
I promise you, that at once I shall call as soon as I shall more freely from my work.
Now at me very much loaded schedule and consequently remains not enough time.
I to you in the last letter promised to tell as well as that I like to prepare.
In our country as well as in any another, I think, there is a traditional cuisine.
And so in our country there are present Russian dishes which recipes are transferred from generation to generation, and there are dishes which recipes of preparation, are borrowed at next peoples.
But already so at us have got accustomed, that we by the right of them can count the.
Actually I am able to prepare for everything, or all is possible to tell practically. Mum speaks at me and an easy hand.
If I plant flowers they necessarily grow and blossom, and if I prepare, at me always all turns out is very tasty.
There would be a desire and products, and on kitchen it is possible to work wonders.
Most of all I like to prepare for the stuffed goose.
In it I fill groats with apples and so it to be extinguished some hours.
I with pleasure of you would treat with my dish. And you sometime tried Russian I peep?
Well and so it is possible to list much all that I like to prepare, easier to tell I like to potter long on kitchen and to create.
Because when in a meal you invest a drop of the soul, it turns out is more tasty.
I never search for myself easy ways and consequently for all holidays which we mark, I take on myself.
I prepare and cover always only.
Very much I love different sweets and a batch. With my figure and a rhythm of a life I in it do not limit myself.
I adore to bakee pancakes and to eat them then, to bake different pies, pies and cookies.
Dave, and what tastes at you? You prefer what cuisine?
Whether also there are at you any national dishes what prepare only in your country and more they anywhere cannot be tried?
You know I for a long time was going to tell to you, but could not be solved on it in any way.
Whether I do not know all of you understand about what I to you I write.
Also there can be you something could make out in my letters!
To read any sense between lines and offers.
But I want to tell to you that since I began you to write, and you to me my life has completely changed.
Certainly in the best side!!!
I cannot easy work, at me before eyes of a line from your letters and your image.
I would like to run and write to each free minute to you.
I do not know that occurs to me, but I know one, that in my heart the place for one person who became very dear to me has appeared!!!
Dave, you understand about whom I speak???
I look at people at which there are children and the beloved and dream that sometime I too will have family.
And not simply family, and the best on the ground, the most amicable and loved.
I so a long time want it and I hope that all in my life will turn out. It is necessary to trust and wait only.
Probably, it is dream of each normal woman?!
Also I have told to the family and the close girlfriend about our correspondence.
If it is fair, they for me very much were delighted.
For them the most important that I was happy and in my life all has developed successfully.
I have told about you to my family, that you very fair and decent person.
I know that I should not hurry event, and we should as it is possible find out better each other.
But most important it that we understand each other. It for me the most important.
I hope, that you as think as well as I.
All time is to be spoken me with you, to tell about all things and news in my life.
I do not have not enough letter that all to tell to you.
I shall necessarily call you as soon as I will have more free time from work and can hear your voice, and you mine.
On it I stop to write my electronic letter.
I miss and wait your letter.
Yours Elvira p.s. In this letter I send you a photo of me with my brother. On this photo my brother looks very ridiculous. You so do not consider?
Letter 6

Good day mine Dave!
I do not know as to express all those feelings that overflow my soul and heart when I read your letters.
I would like them to re-read again and again.
It was very pleasant for me to receive a file with your voice. I liked your voice. It very beautiful.
Also I have received a picture of your cat. I when did not see a cat of such color as Kitty.
I have found out in the Internet of cafe and to me have told, that they do not have such equipment that I could write down my voice and send you.
Still to me have told, that it will cost very dearly as the size of such file will be big and to me a lot of time on the Internet to send it will be necessary to you.
I want to tell to you, that I see in them a lot of sincerity. Your words for me mean much.
The matter is that the Internet in our country very expensive also can so to turn out, that I not always can use the Internet of cafe.
I not so earn much and on this for me it is not always possible.
And the salary still can detain frequently on work. I hope you of me understand?
I cannot present the life without your words any more and letters. It will be awful if we cannot write each other electronic letters.
They already became for me sense of my life and are necessary for me as air and water.
I at once want to tell to you, that you to me that did not send usual mail.
We in the country have all. Sendings can not reach the addressee and if the envelope or a sending will reach that will be necessarily opened.
Especially if mail delivers something from other countries. It is very insulting, but who cannot be found guilty.
Yes such it happens very much frequently at us in the country. And it already happened with my friends.
People which work on mail check all letters and sendings, and last time is opened by everything, whether to check up there is no that suspicious or dangerous.
In fact in our country send any envelopes with the dangerous both poisoned powders and illnesses.
And here already there's nothing to be done, the law completely on their side.
And if they see something valuable can easy appropriate it to itself as nobody knows and does not keep up them.
People very greedy up to values of others, such at us in the country people.
And if not because of greed can simply pull out a beautiful card or still something. Mail in any way is impossible to insure!
To me it will be very insulting and it is a pity if the sending or the letter from you up to me will not reach.
Ruthless and dishonourable people can appropriate things not suspecting, that they I can be very dear to other people, that is me.
It is very a shame to me and it is not pleasant for people and the country, but here already there's nothing to be done!
I am sure, that in your country anything similar does not occur.
Therefore convincingly I ask you do not send anything by mail.
I shall better wait for your electronic letters and photos. It for me the best gift from all!!!
Now I want to write my full home address and my full name, just in case:
My full name: Elvira Yamanaeva
My index: 431462
The Russian Federation
Republic Mordovia
The city of Ruzaevka, street of Uhtumskogo
The house 15, apartment 27
Please keep my address.
On it I finish the letter, I need to run for work. I and so already am late on rehearsal.
I wait from you for the letter!
Answer more quickly!!! Always yours Elvira.
Letter 7

Hi the my dear friend Dave!
I have again received your letter and at once I write to you the answer.
I so would like you to tell much, but all over again I want to express words of gratitude, that you write to me, that our ideas and desires coincide. I am boundless is glad. I am simple in the seventh sky with the happiness.
I never thought, that I can get used to your letters so, that I can not live without them.
For me one simple night seems eternity without you!
I do not know as me to fall asleep, that have come tomorrow that we could communicate again.
I to you so am grateful for words which you to me write in the letters.
In each letter I find out about you a lot of new and interesting, and also I tell about myself.
All my friends began to notice, that I have changed, began thoughtful, and sometimes the smile from the person long does not descend. All this due to you!!!
We so much already know about each other, you became me very much the close and native person.
Reading your letters, I continue to be surprised, what you the sincere, decent person.
You very much like me!!!
Under your letters I can tell that you very clever and kind. I would like that you were now a number.
To me with anybody was not so interestingly to communicate as with you. Only with you I can speak on all themes, knowing, that you support me.
Dave, write to me where people in your country go on rest?
Where they try carry out the holidays?
In what countries you were and in what else want to visit?
Write to me about it on more detailed, it will be very interesting to me.
As well as where you carry out the holiday?
I all life dreamed to visit abroad, other countries and continents.
Due to the work I was in cities of Russia, and could look at the most beautiful and historical places of our country.
But to leave in other country at me while there is no financial opportunity.
If I could go to travel, necessarily would visit the countries of Europe.
For example, France or Italy.
In my opinion it is two most fantastic and most beautiful places.
You sometime there were?
I when was not outside our country. I think, that in the world is a lot of beautiful a place.
At us in the country is a wise proverb about inhabitants Russia - " Well there where there are no we. "
At me difficult day today was, I so am tired on work. But when I with you communicate I overlook about all on light.
My weariness at once somewhere was gone. I do not have not enough you, I madly miss.
I think, that you realize, that our relations it is more than simply friendship!!!! You agree with me?
With each letter I in it more and more also am more convinced.
Day and night my ideas about you and about us. I cannot concentrate on anything.
That I did not do I all time mentally with you.
Sometimes it seems to me, that you feel too, as I, Only at the other edge of the ground.
For certain it is not casual! Write, what you think of it?
My parents constantly are interested and ask about you.
I only speak them, that everything is all right and we communicate, exchange letters, but they already began to guess, that between us something the greater occurs.
Mum speaks I there was absolutely another, but she is very glad for us.
Parents transferred you greetings, with wishes of health.
It is twice pleasant for me for you to transfer it.
In total you good. I embrace. I miss. I wait for you in my dreams.
Yours Elvira.
Letter 8

Hi my dear Dave!
How at you an affair? At me all is simply wonderful, in fact you again near to me.
To me it is very warm from your words which you to me write.
You force me to test such feelings which I cannot describe words.
One more problem, that I can in Russian could use many different words, but I do not know as you to translate them to English.
The matter is that in Russian value of the same word can be told using ten adjectives, and in English only one or two.
I certainly can write them and in Russian, but from it the sense has not enough.
But I nevertheless hope, that you understand me.
As though I wanted to speak all this to you, looking in your eyes, holding you for a hand and to feel your heat which so is a lot of in letters.
You and only you could change my life.
You have turned it from legs on a head, and then back.
But I only am glad from it. I was so is lonely, me nobody interested and was not necessary, but now one person who forces my heart to knock at reckless speed lives in my life.
When I read your letters in me all is compressed, this very pleasant and unusual feeling!!!!
I simply do not know as though I could live without you and your letters!
You are completely not similar to Russian men, you not such.
Our Russian men at all do not respect and do not appreciate women, address with them very severely!
Can easy strike the woman and the child, to him for it that does not happen.
After such reference all desire to get acquainted and meet other men vanishes.
Some women and remain for all life one, and the some people finish a life suicide because of such relation to, for their sincere love.
I am absolutely convinced, that in America men so do not act with women.
They good husbands, love children and wives. You agree with me?
I very much dream of such family, the house or an apartment where I could live with favourite people all life.
I think, that we should not miss such chance, a gift of destiny, that all of us have found the friend - the friend on such continent.
I do not want that our relations have ended only with electronic letters.
It will be very hurt me if I shall lose you.
I know and I feel, that have already met the man which can give me all.
The man courageous, strong, courageous and decent.
The man which I so for a long time searched and waited in the life. For the sake of which, I am ready to offer all in my life!!!!!!!!!
You the self-assured person, the kindest and decent, and the most important understanding. All these words about you my dear Dave.
I could learn you for all that time which you have presented me the dialogue, the letters. And I speak all this with the big sincerity and heat.
I am tired to live in my lonely life, your help and support is necessary for me.
I am very grateful to you that could feel the present woman. You have inhaled in me a life!
I very big period in the life was one, I did not have man.
After last my friend I awfully was afraid to begin new relations with men.
At me remained much not pleasant memoirs after those relations. They have brought to me many tears and pains. I when do not want to go through and test similar feelings more.
Now I at all do not want to recollect it, I wrote to you already, therefore I shall not repeat.
But you my dear, completely not such.
Due to you I could forget all bad their past and again start to smile to a life.
I know, it is very fine, because such person lives in it as you.
For all time, that at me was nobody in me many warm feelings which I would like to give you have collected!!!
I am ready to repeat all this every day! You do not leave at me ideas in the afternoon not at night!
You it already a part of me, nobody can take away at me this time my happiness.
I shall strong hold it in the hands and you I ask to make too most!
I shall give all on light to you and our family!
On it I finish the letter, it is difficult for me to write further, at me on eyes of tear, but was tears of pleasure.
Much still it is possible to write all that I want to tell to you, but I think, that you should feel it!
Write to me somewhat quicker, I very much wait for your warm letters.
I think of you.
Only yours Elvira.
Letter 9

Hello my most dear the man, the best on all light Dave!
First of all I want to tell to you that is very glad that you wanted to send me flowers.
It is very pleasant for me even in spite of the fact that I could not receive them.
I cannot put words into the feelings which overflow me.
I cannot even write to you the letter as at me intercepts breath!!!!
At me such feeling that the whole eternity has passed since I have written you last letter.
For me minutes lasted years, and at night I could not fall asleep completely.
Thanks you for your warm words and support.
I knew, I felt, that we not another's, that we are not indifferent each other!!!
After I have sent you my last letter, I for a long time thought of our relations with you, about our correspondence through the Internet.
About our acquaintance and as all began.
I have understood, that all is not casual, that you mine the man, my second half, my life.
I cannot without you!
I know, that I can not be mistaken. I for a long time did not dare to tell to you my dear Dave, I am confident it love!
I on another cannot name this feeling.
Yes, I love you mine Dave!.
I cannot believe that could tell to you all this.
Also I can not as to believe In that that all this occurs to me, now, in the real world and time, that all this not dream and not a fairy tale.
I could not invent all this. I for a long time was not such happy and did not test such feelings, therefore I cannot be mistaken.
I too for a long time searched for you, all this has taken place so unexpectedly and you exist in my life.
I fly in the sky with the happiness, from the love to you mine Dave!
Here words are not necessary, I hope, you understand me?!
Also feel too most.
As my most favourite writer Antoine - De-Sent Ekzjuperi has told, that WORDS ONLY PREVENT TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER!
I have very strongly become attached to you. I very much love you my dear and loved Dave!
I want to repeat these words again and again!
I shall give all on light, everything, that at me is if only to be happy and only with you!
I am ready to leave my family, my work, my friends and to arrive to you.
I think, that I can be happy only with you.
I very much want to be near to you. To nestle on you that you have embraced me, to feel your breath, your smell of a body.
To look in your eyes and to touch your hands, I dream of it, you feel too most?
You want it?
We should trust, what it necessarily will take place, in fact we so want it, truly my dear Dave?
I would like to ask also you my dear, whether write you to other women except for me? It is very important for me!
I hope, that you write to me the truth. I need to know your answer because I had to go through much burning and insults, I do not want to be again deceived.
I believe in you and I do not want to be mistaken once again.
I am sure you the good and sincere person, my loved!
If I feel to you such feelings of love and they are mutual, I cannot simply be mistaken in you.
We should in all and completely trust each other.
It will be very bad and hurt me if you deceive me, I do not want so to suffer you for me now very close person.
I want to connect to you destiny and to create family.
Nobody is interesting to me, except for you. I done not interested at all by other men.
You have filled in all my life and all me, that did not remain places for anybody another.
It is very a pity to me, that all that us now connects it only electronic letters by which we are copied.
And I so love you my dear Dave.
I cannot present day to not think of you, to not dream of our meeting, to not re-read your letters and to not write to you!
I cannot without you, separation from you for me is intolerable!
I cannot even think of ideas, that to you there can be something or we shall go away.
I shall go from mind without you, very much I grieve and I miss on you my loved Dave. And you?
I am ready to arrive to you, to your country to love you, to rush to your embraces, to be every second near to you and to not be separated never!
We and so very long time wait for such moment.
What do you think of it my dear?
I have told to my parents about the feelings though they already about all and without it had time to guess.
I have told, that I want to leave to you, for your country to be with you my loved.
They know, that I very serious person and that before making the decision I all I shall well consider.
Therefore they have been surprised to that I am ready to throw all in the life and the country and to leave for America.
But they as understand, that my feelings to you are very serious also I is very happy, that in my life such decent and fair person has appeared. It you my love!
And as it is very important for them, that I was happy and in my life all has successfully developed.
They I realize, that I want to be a line only with you and hope, that I have made a correct choice.
What to live in our country to the simple person it is absolutely not possible.
Here survive only what steal or work in the government, and other people very hardly make both ends meet.
Live from the salary up to the following salary.
Parents adult people, they have much gone through in the life and know, that you do not want to move to our country.
And consequently they agree, that I have moved to you.
They as transfer you huge greetings and are glad for us with you!
I realize, that in other country I the first time shall miss very much on my native and close, but I will have you my loved.
And nobody is necessary for me except for you, all of you that at me are also to me of the greater it is necessary nothing.
I very much very much very strongly love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I speak you with all my heart, I cannot be silent.
I want to be close close with you as soon as possible, and you?
Lovely my, the best and loved, and you want, that I have arrived to you?
My you and only mine! I to whom shall not give you!
I have asked the sister who lives in Moscow find out about all necessary documents which are necessary to arrive to you my love to America.
She promised me to go in embassy the USA and find out, that is precisely necessary for departure.
One of these days she should arrive to us on a visit for some days with the family and all to tell to me about it in detail.
I at once shall write to you about it. You agree my loved?
Together with this letter I send you a photo of my parents.
They at the left.
On the right you can see the mother's sister and the brother of my father.
I shall stop to write my letter.
Good-bye my love.
Up to a meeting in my dreams.
Protect please itself for me, you are very necessary for me.
I love you!
I tender kiss and embrace, for ever yours Elvira!!!!
Letter 10

Greetings my loved Dave! It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter today!!!
Also it is very pleasant for me to hear from you, that my love to you is mutual.
Today, I with impatience waited for that moment when I shall write to you this letter.
Unfortunately my love, at me for you is two news: one good, and another bad.
I think, that I shall tell for the beginning good news.
In the last letter I spoke you, that one of these days there should arrive my sister from Moscow.
Today early in the morning she together with the husband has arrived. Since the morning at me conversation in this occasion has taken place with her.
She has told to me, that has found out, everything, that it is necessary for me that I have arrived to you.
In embassy to to her have told, that for me visa K-1 (it is the visa of the groom and the bride) is better.
On registration of this visa leaves from 2 months and even till one year.
Unfortunately the main thing of a condition of this the visa is an our meeting and consequently this visa at once disappears for me as we did not see you yet.
In that case, for me visa B-2 visa of the tourist is better is.
Validity of this the visa from 90 till 180 days.
Registrations of this visa are engaged many travel agencies in Moscow and consequently it not so difficultly to receive as K-1.
Through travel agency, on registration of this visa usually there leave some days.
After I shall come to you under the visa b-2 I can receive K-1 or a green card which to me will allow to be with you for ever and never abandon you.
To my father have told, that for 90-180 days, I can easily renew my visa B-2 in America on k-1 or a green card and we can be together for ever.
And now I shall speak bad news.
I have counted up and have come to that on registration visa B-2 360 dollars are necessary for me.
Into this cost enters:
The visa b-2 - 150 dollars;
It is dear up to Moscow - 80 dollars;
All charges connected to residing at Moscow, with the account for 4 days - 130 dollars.
Lovely, I do not have such money. After conversation with my sister I asked money at the father and mum, but they have told, that at them now very heavy financial position and that they now I can not help me.
They have suggested me - And what if I shall ask the help you? I thought of it much.
Loved, it is very a shame to me, but I do not have other output how to ask this money you.
Dave, I ask you that you have sent me this money as it is necessary for an our meeting.
I ask you that did not think, that it is necessary to me from you only money, as it not so.
To me are indifferent money as all that is necessary to me from you it is your mutual love to me.
But unfortunately at my financial position, I am compelled to ask money you for an our meeting.
If it is possible, I ask that you have sent me of money today or tomorrow and I promise, that for my part I shall make everything to be with you as it is possible more soon.
My love, I promise you, that after I shall come to you I when I shall not abandon you and we shall work together above visa K-1 or a green card.
Today I went to bank and to me have told, that the most good translation system of money from one country in another is the Western Union.
They have told, that if you will send to me of money through the Western Union I can already receive your money in some minutes.
I have asked them, whether I should you give the address or any coordinates of bank where you should send money - they have told, that are not present.
To send money through the Western Union it is not necessary to have neither bank accounts and nor what coordinates of bank.
You should send money for my full name and I can receive your money in any bank of my city where there is a Western Union.
Also they have told to me still, that it is very safe translation system of money and that except for me who cannot receive your money which you have sent me.
When you will send me of money, to you should give MTCN (these are 10 control figures of a remittance).
With the help of yours mtcn (which you should give me) I can receive your money. Dave, my loved, I with impatience shall wait your answer to this letter.
I really hope, on your understanding and on a fast our meeting. Your love for ever. Elvira.
Letter 11

Greetings my love Dave!!!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter.
I read some times your letter and was very glad that you have found for me this sum of money. I am madly happy that very soon we shall together.
You have sent me very big money. I when in a life did not hold such big money in hands.
I have just come from bank and I am successful and without problems have received your remittance.
And I at once would hasten in Internet of cafe what to write to you the answer, my love Dave. You probably very much worry and wait for my prompt reply.
After I shall write to you the letter I shall go on road service station and I shall buy the ticket on the bus up to Moscow on a next flight.
Mine the the sister spoke me that by the bus will reach much faster capital of our country Moscow, than by train. I have decided to arrive to Moscow by the bus.
I cannot hide my tears of pleasure my love to me to not be trusted that very soon we shall meet and we shall embrace and kiss. I in the seventh sky with happiness and from your love.
In Moscow I shall live at my sister of a house. At their place there was mum of her husband. Her name is Tatyana.
I hope for her help. She for a long time already lives in Moscow and knows city for sure. She will help me to find embassy of America and will show road to him. I rely on her help.
It is very unpleasant to me to hear that your Western Union speaks to not send me money.
They speak about what fraud? What do they mean?
How they can speak about decent people which they at all do not know?
On it I finish my letter to you and I shall hasten to buy on road service station the ticket on the bus. Than more likely I shall buy the ticket that I shall faster arrive to Moscow.
As soon as I shall arrive to Moscow I shall try to go at once to the Internet of cafe and I shall write to you.
I very much love you also whole.
With hope for a fast meeting your love Elvira.
Letter 12

Hello Dave!
Today I have safely arrived in Moscow.
I for a long time could not find the Internet of cafe and consequently I so late I write this letter.
Today all official bodies are closed and consequently it was very difficult to find open the Internet of cafe.
The embassy today too does not work and consequently I am compelled to wait till Monday to start to do the visa.
My letter today will be short as now I should go on other end of city, in the house of my sister.
On Monday in the morning I shall go at once in embassy.
I very strongly love you.
I shall keep posted all that I shall do.
With love to my to loved.
Letter 13

Good morning my love Dave!
Today first of all I have gone to embassy to start to make my visa.
In embassy to me have recommended the person which the visa specializes on registration.
With him we have legalized all papers which to me are necessary for reception the visa.
When business has reached a financial part I was completely quiet, as you have sent me enough money.
He has told to me, that it is necessary for me to pay money for the visa and tickets are necessarily necessary for me.
I have told, that at me is money and that I can buy tickets at once as soon as they will be necessary for me.
He has told, that it not all.
I at once was changed in the person and my pleasure all has disappeared also I started now that she will feel to speak bad news.
Indeed. She has told to me that under the law of what to take off for America under visa B-2 I should have with myself cash.
At the rate of at least $30 for one day or $2700.
I it was very much upset also with me to her began to explain, that I in America have friends and I shall live at them and they will help me with money.
But she has told, that the law is the law and she cannot break it.
My agent has advised me to address with the help to you and to ask for the period of $2700. I shall bring this money to you back, they to return to you as soon as I shall go out from a gangway of the plane.
I have asked her except for this money still, what be it is required??? And she has told that is not present.
As soon as I show her my credit card on which she lays $2700 there and then prepares all documents and gives out to me the ready visa.
And I with quiet soul can take off to you a next flight.
I am very much upset and at me one hope, only on you my love. We have already overcome so much, that I think, it is not necessary to stop on last step up to ours with you of a meeting.
We needed to make last step up to our meeting and with us interferes to make it a step only this credit card from $2700.
I hope that you have very closely read my letter and have understood that I need in $2700, without this sum I cannot receive the visa.
At ocurrence in your country I should have cash money. At the rate of at least $30 for one day.
This money not where will not get to also they will be at me, that is at me. And when I to you shall arrive, I shall give you them as they are necessary for me only to show them that at me is money.
I understand, that it will be difficult for you to find them, but this last that I ask that you would make for our meeting.
If you now do not have such sum of money, I ask you to borrow from friends or familiar for the term of a maximum till 3 days.
And as soon as I to you shall arrive we shall give this money to from whom you borrow them, I shall be very grateful these to people and they will be our saviors and the first friends.
For tomorrow to me have appointed last interview, I should give all ready documents by tomorrow's day.
This interview very important part in reception the visa and if I will not have credit card on which is money, me will not allow before interview.
I ask you to find as soon as possible money for a credit card and to send me through office of the Western union.
I very much hope, that you have closely read my letter and all have, understood. I hope for fast your answer.
To me as well as it is a pity to you, that before us with you costs so many obstacles, but we together them should overcome all.
As at us speak: L In a field one not the soldier ¦ if even us two we already a command also can battle on our love and for our future. You think as?
I hope that you as soon as possible will find this money and will send me as through office of the Western union.
I shall wait by all means for yours the letter and your answer.
Also remember, that I very much love you, I want to be near to you and to love you.
I hope, on your strong love to me and I wait with impatience of news from you.
I shall try to come today in the Internet of cafe once again to check up your answer.
I ask you to answer this letter, at once as soon as you will read it.
On it I end my letter and I hope for a fast reply.
I embrace also whole.
Elvira your loved, beloved and loving you. XOXOXO.
Letter 14

Loved Dave, I in a shock after your letters.
As you can think of me that I try to steal your money.
I went to embassy once again and found out about scam.
To me have told, that really there are girls from Russia which try to deceive people from other countries.
My agent has told to me, that things which to you have told in embassy are necessary for reception of the legal visa.
If to receive this the visa in such a way on it there will leave a lot of time.
We with him have decided all to make on another and consequently I need to have everything to receive the visa quickly.
For this reason it is necessary for me to have a credit card and tickets.
He is very good agent and he helps me. If I received the visa as you speak, on it a lot of time is necessary.
Loved if you will send to me of money tomorrow he can already finish my visa.
Necessarily this money for my credit card in the proof are necessary for me, that at me will not be what problems in your country.
He has told, that there are many sites on which it is possible to find all scamers.
He to me has advised to tell to you that you went on these sites and searched for me.
I not scamer and consequently you will not find me.
Loved mine, I ask you to believe me and to send me this money.
I do everything that the our meeting was as it is possible more soon and did not hope, that all will turn so.
I very strongly love you and I want an our meeting.
With love.
Yours for ever.
Letter 15

I just from bank. I have not received your money and I do not present why they speak that I wanted to receive your money from Yoshkar Ola.
Why everyone do so that you have thought that I scamer?
Loved mine, I there is nothing it is not guilty. I not scamer.
I pay.
Why all so is severe?
What to me to do?
I do not want love such price.
Loved, now I understand your position.
It is very hard for me of that your opinion on me has exchanged.
I when did not want to hurt you.
I ask you to correct my name that I could receive your money tomorrow.
Love if you will not correct my name I understand all.
If you will not correct, I tomorrow shall send you your money back meaning that my intentions were sincere.
To me hardly it is very strong. I pay.
To me when was not so hardly and it is insulting.
With love.
With hope.
Letter 16

Loved Dave, you probably are surprised, that I write to such time.
Already very much late. I as cannot fall asleep.
My ideas as cannot give me easy to fall asleep.
I still think that has taken place today in bank.
I have asked to show Tatyana to me where in Moscow is round-the-clock the Internet of cafe.
She, having understood my a situation, has completely understood my position and consequently at once has agreed to show me open the Internet of cafe. She also very strongly sympathizes about a having place case and in every possible way calms me.
First of all I want to answer your question about US Embassy in Moscow and Western Union.
Why you speak, what I to you that did not speak?
I have explained to you already that has found out in embassy about scams.
For this reason I have told to you to search for my name everywhere where you want, as I not scamer.
You will not find my name, because I not scamer.
In embassy and in the western union to you have told about it as it is a lot of cases when women steal money from men from other countries and they in every possible way try to prevent it.
In our case, they try to make too most.
Problem in that I not scamer.
I really very strongly love you and I want to be with you.
Unfortunately my opportunities do not allow me to arrive to you by own strength as it is very big money for me.
Loved mine, I have well understood you that you want that I have borrowed money from somebody and have arrived to you.
You understand that I spoke you? 2700 dollars very big money in our country and consequently at me are not present the slightest chance to find such money.
I when would not began to ask you money if at me was though the smallest chance to find such big sum.
I would give all on light to be with you, but it is not enough of it. You think to me it was easy to ask you money?
It was very a shame to me, but I did not have other exit.
You think, what is easy to overcome female vanity?
I am ready to go on everything to be near to you and when to not leave you.
For this reason I till now in Moscow also suffer all humiliations.
For this reason I till now work above the visa as if I it shall throw that I shall lose your money.
I do not want to lose your money in empty.
For this reason I still write to you letters.
For this reason I have come to the Internet of cafe very much late to write to you this letter.
Loved, I very strongly want to be with you.
Loved, I very strongly love you.
Loved, I beg you to send me this money.
I promise you, that if I tomorrow shall receive your money, I shall make everything to arrive to you this weeks.
I am sure that if all will be good I can arrive to you up to Friday.
I very strongly want to be with you.
Believe please to me.....
I when did not want you to deceive....
All that I want, it is our happiness.....
I beg you to correct my surname up to tomorrow....
I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you.
I shall look forward to tomorrow's morning to go and read your answer.
Now I think, that I can fall asleep, as now I have told all that I wanted you to tell. With hope..... YOURS FOR EVER. LOVE.
Letter 17

Hi Dave, first of all I want to tell to you, that is madly glad to your answer.
After all our difficulties which you it becomes passable together my love to you more strongly and more strong.
From all it I would like to be faster with you even more and when to not leave each other.
First of all I want to tell to you, that today I shall go on a public telephone booth to call to you.
Loved, I speak it to you that you did not speak me, that you again will be sleepy.
I think, that it will be about 12 o'clock in the afternoon on our time when I shall go to call to you.
Loved mine, I ask you to not sleep and accept my telephone call.
Now I want to explain a situation concerning tickets and a credit card.
Dave, I already wrote to you yesterday, that for me there will be no your tickets.
I ask you to read attentively the letter where I wrote about tickets and a credit card.
I just from bank. I went find out why from us with you such problem and that to us to do.
In bank to me have told, that really it is very difficult to send money in America through the Western Union as they are aggressively adjusted against Russia.
For this reason they to me have suggested to make the following: As your Western Union does not give to send money for my name, you can send money addressed to my friend.
In Moscow at me is not present friends except for family of my sister.
Loved Dave, I ask you to send me of money for name Ludmila Rybakova.
Ludmila Rybakova is a daughter mine of the senior sister which remained in Moscow because of study. As the Western Union does not give you to send money you can ask the friend or the girlfriend to make it for you. As the Western Union does not give you to send money you can send me of money other translation system.
In bank to me has told, that they can give me your money if you will send to me them through MoneyGram.
MoneyGram is a same translation system of money as well as the Western Union. I do not have bank account and consequently you cannot send me money for my account.
To create the account some which days at me are necessary is not present. Loved mine, I shall hope very much, that you will have time to read this letter up to an our phone conversation.
I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience..
I very strongly love you and I believe that the our love will overcome all and we shall be together.
About love.
Yours for ever.
Letter 18

Loved mine Dave, I with impatience waited your letter in the Internet of cafe.
I am very glad, that you could so quickly to send money.
Right after that as I have received your letter I have gone to bank to receive your money.
Unfortunately to me could not give your money as to me have told, that without MTCN they cannot make it.
They to me have told, that I have asked for you MTCN.
It should be from 8 figures. It is at you?
If it is, I ask you to send me it.
I think, that today I can not already have time to receive your money and consequently to bank I shall go tomorrow in the morning.
I think, that today we shall strong sleep and see fine dreams about us as already very soon we shall together.
Unfortunately I cannot write to you the long letter as I am very strongly tired and now I want to go and have a rest.
With love to my prince.
Eternally yours.
Letter 19

Loved Dave, only the short letter that you did not worry.
At me everything is all right.
I have received your money.
I just also have successfully made of bank a credit card.
Now I hurry in embassy.
I have gone to the Internet of cafe only to write to you that everything is all right and all goes very well.
Today I should to have time make much and consequently I do not promise, that I can write to you today.
In any case I shall write to you tomorrow.
I very strongly love you.
Already very soon we shall together.
With love at my prince.
From princess.
Yours for ever
Letter 20

Hello my lovely Dave!!!
Today I have stopped work above my documents. My lovely, I today have received also the letter From a house and having read it it became very hurt me on heart. The father has written To me that at my mum to get in hospital and to her it is very bad in bad Condition. I do not know what exactly it was possible but to lay she in surgical Branch and her it is urgently necessary to make operation on heart. My lovely It is very a pity to me and it is very hurt. She is my mum and I to not want to lose her. At me Tears on eyes have appeared and it would be desirable to cry but I to behave in hands.
The father has written that on operation is necessary 4000 $. My family to not have Such money and they to hope only for me. My lovely I do not know that to me To do. All to go perfectly but this event of me very much to disturb. I should To fly to you, but I cannot throw mum in such difficult situation. I cannot To make a choice. My lovely I love you and I want that we were together. My lovely I know that if I not To fly to you now that I shall feel guilty to you and I shall be It is not right. But on the other hand it is my mum. I to not want her to lose. To me Very hurt on heart and on my eyes of tear. You to not represent as it To feel like before such choice. My lovely, me have told that Operation not difficult but expensive. My lovely, my Tatyana has suggested to make so. My love, if You can help with money for operation that I shall fly to you In time. Yesterday I have made my credit card and have shown it in embassy. In embassy to me have told, that I can buy tickets for September, 19 and that my visa will be already ready to fly to you. Tomorrow or on Monday I shall go to buy tickets and I can already fly to you.
But I cannot ask you more about money, because you and so To me to help with all that to me was necessary to take off. Mine Lovely but if all of you can help me with money that please Send this sum. To me any more to whom to address with this request and I not To know that to me to do if you you can not help with it. My lovely you unique who to me can To help in the given situation. It is hurt me but I love you and I do not want to lose. I I miss on you madly and I am ready to take off to you.
My loved if you can help me I ask you to send money through MoneyGram.
Mine lovely it should be made in today or in extreme cases tomorrow.
All our hopes for a life my mum only on you.
My father has told, that if you will help and will send money they will be very strongly grateful to you.
My father has told, that he it will be necessary to work and will return all money.
He has told, that it will not be fast. He has told, that every month will send you of money meaning that he will return them to you.
Yesterday he wanted to take the loan in bank, but to him have told, that on registration of the loan it is necessary to wait very for a long time. 2 weeks.
My mum does not have so much time as operation it is necessary to do urgently.
It is difficult, but all hopes for a life our mum at our family depends only on you.
All of us very much ask you to send this money.
Really it is very hurt me. But I should fly to you. I shall wait from you for the answer soon. Each minute Can solve much in a life. Write to me my prince as soon as possible.
For ever your princess Elvira.
Letter 21

Hi Dave, I am very glad that you could to answer my letter quickly.
I do not know that to me to do. You my unique hope.
You to hope to all our family.
I already thought of arriving to you more soon and take off money from a credit card, but I cannot make it as my visa will be ready on Monday.
The fastest I can arrive to you to Monday.
My father has written, that operation it is necessary for mum to make as possible more soon and every day can affect her life.
I beg you if you can that send to me this money.
Our mum is very dear for all of us and we cannot lose her.
I ask you to send this money from a name all of our family.
My father has necessarily told, that will return to you this money.
You will not get in prison as next week I shall come to you and I shall give money from a credit card.
Loved if you cannot send me money today I ask you to send me of money tomorrow.
Tomorrow worse than today, but all this equally is necessary.
I have given my passport to embassy to make the visa and the passport for travel abroad and consequently I I ask you to send money for a name the daughter of my sister.
Her name is Ludmila, and a full name I already to you allowed.
Still. If you will send money tomorrow through MoneyGram I cannot receive them up to Monday as this bank will be closed.
Therefore I ask you to send money through the Western Union.
Loved mine, I ask you does not go to that Western Union where we with you had problems and consequently ask you to go in other Western Union and to send money. Loved mine, you our last hope.
All our family will be very strongly grateful to you if you will send money for operation.
I shall pray on your answer and to wait for it.
Letter 22

I wait with impatience each your letter.
Loved mine Dave, I have well understood that at you only one Western Union but what to do?
You can make so that money has sent one of your friends addressed to my niece Ludmila?
I think, that a unique exit from this position.
I have understood that you mean about a credit card.
If I shall take off money from a credit card I cannot receive the visa on Monday.
I can take off this money only in hope that till Monday you can send me this money that I have had time to put back them before going in embassy.
I shall look forward to your answer.
And all the same I think, that the best exit from this position, that you have sent it of money through your friend for name Ludmila.
Your Love.
Letter 23

My love, you have not understood me.
My mum operation should do very urgently.
I am afraid, that she cannot wait till Monday or more.
I cannot arrive to you earlier than Monday as my visa will be ready only on Monday.
All of us very much hope for your help.
I cannot take money from a credit card now as I should go to you.
I ask you to send me of money.
You last our hope.
Letter 24

I in a shock.
What to me to do?
I pay.........
Why a life such severe?
Letter 25

I shall pray, that to you granted the loan as it is a unique exit.
Loved if it will turn out to take the loan from you today you can send me of money today through MoneyGram?
It is my unique hope.
If you will be late and cannot send me money today I think, that we shall be compelled to try to send money through the Western Union.
I as well as you do not understand their internal policy, but we do not have other exit.
In this case, I ask you to not send me money personally as they and me already know you.
Ask somebody. I think, that we should take advantage of this chance, taking into account that once they gave you to send money.
In hope for a fast reply.
Yours Elvira.
Letter 26

Hi Dave, I think, that you will not like my letter today.
My conscience has not allowed me to throw my mum in difficult minute.
I when would not forgive to myself her death.
I not when could not live with a stone in heart, that I am happy and have left my mum.
I have taken money from tickets and from a credit card and have sent her 4000 dollars on operation.
Your Russian girlfriend probably was in Russia very much for a long time.
Now other time and for all is necessary to pay.
Now in all our hospitals the new professional equipment and it very expensive.
Therefore the state organizations refuse to pay them.
Loved, I understand, that I have very badly acted, but understand that I did not have other exit.
My father will necessarily return this money.
Loved, I when did not want you to deceive and do not think that I scammer.
I not scammer.
If you can send me of money till Monday all remain without changes and I can receive my visa during time and I can go to you.
It was very hard for me to write to you this letter.
Now I shall wait your answer.
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