Scam letter(s) from Olga to Fabio (Italy)

Letter 1
Ciao Fabio!!
Sono contento che siete interessati a me e mi ha scritto e-mail.
Saro molto felice se mi scrivi anche un'altra lettera.
Non ** tempo iniziato a cercare l'amore su Internet, e io non so molto su di lui.
Mandami il tuo nome completo, quindi sapevo come contattarti.
E 'stato molto difficile per me di mettere la mia struttura al servizio dei conoscenti, perche sono in Russia, nella citta di Kirov, conoscenti manutenzione non accetta i membri di quel paese.
In questa lettera, vi diro alcune informazioni in proprio, e se il dialogo con me sara interessante per voi, io dico di me in modo piu dettagliato nella lettera seguente.
Il mio nome Olga, la mia eta 26 anni. La mia altezza 171 cm. Un peso 54 kg.
** un lavoro e sono impegnato nello sport.
Io sono donna molto romantica anche cercare di rendere la vita interessante.
Il mio sogno e di incontrare nella mia vita, un uomo buono che puo capirmi e di amore.
Io vi invio una foto di me, e vi chiedo di mandarmi qualche foto della tua vita.
Come sarebbe interessante per me per conoscere la sua vita, famiglia, lavoro e divertimento.
Scrivi a me, io aspettero la tua lettera.
Mi auguro che nelle sue lettere mi puoi dire su di te.
Per me, mi piacerebbe conoscerti meglio.
Vi chiedo di quello che avrebbe risposto alle mie lettere veramente, perche mi piace molto la sincerita e la verita!
Da quando ** sentito parlare un sacco di frodi online.
Io non voglio essere scambiato in te, voglio genuina comunicazione umana.
Cordiali saluti e sinceramente, Olga !!!!!! Post scriptum Non dimenticate di mandarmi le vostre foto! Per me, sono molto importanti e interessanti.
Letter 2
Hello Fabio ! How are you?
I waited your letter and was very happy when you wrote me.
Thank you sent me your photos! They liked me! Tell me, you like my photos?
I am very glad that we started to develop our relationship!
I think it is an interesting thing to learn someone Far through the Internet.
It is unusual for me because I'm somewhat familiar with the Internet. Fabio, I want to inform you that I have no computer at home as I enter the Internet - cafe, in free time from work.
To translate my letters to you, I use an electronic translator program, because since I was faster and more convenient to write to you in Russian language and then translate the letter in Italian.
And on your tongue, I know him. I can speak and fall on it, but for me much easier and more convenient to use an interpreter.
I hope that you do not mind that.
Now I'm lonely, I do not have any man now. I have never been married. I have no children.
You're lonely? "
I hope that you can understand well my letters. I studied the language italyasnky Earlier in the school, and then in college and I understand your letters very well. Just please do not use abbreviations of words.
While I did not install the computer in the house, so what I am not there phone.
It would be interesting to talk with you and if you do not mind, I could in the future try to call you, that we could talk about different things. Fabio I want to tell you that it is - a little about yourself.
I live in the city of Kirov, he be in Russia.
And I have a very good family. Because of my work I take off my small apartment, and I live in this separate from my family.
But I very much frequently reach to them and I spend weekends with them. We often we have chosen together on a camping and we have other entertainment. The field is the city not large size, and this is a little people. Most of us in different factories and mills. Present. Some restaurant and bar. I friends often get there to buy some things or fashionable clothing. I work at an insurance company. I have been insured. Tell me about the work.
It is pleasant to you? To me my work is pleasant. I love to laugh, and I respect people with good humor.
I like to travel. I still was not far from mine At home, but I dream in the future to visit in different places. I 2-3 Week'm going to be busy in the gym, keep my body in order.
And you Fabio keep any sports in life? You love Entertainment on nature? Hunting? fishing? Camping? Some inform me Things about the entertainment. It will be very interesting to me to find out about it.
In my hope that my letter of interest to you. Because I spend a lot of time to write to you.
I have no men on this I'll give you a lot of time.
I hope you appreciate this and so are you going to tell me in detail about myself, about how you spend your day.
I am waiting for your letters. Sincerely Olga !!!!!
Letter 3
Hello my friend Fabio!!!! How are you today? I am glad to receive your e-mail.
And why have not you responded to my questions? For me it is very important. I am in earnest about our correspondence!
I think that I more seriously now think of acquaintance through the Internet. Fabio, When you set the structure to maintain the friends you thought about the possibility to find a man for a serious relationship?
You be you, can, did it to have a little fun? Tell me about it please.
Tell me why you decided to get met online, instead of on the street. Do you have fellowship with other women on the Internet??
I have never had any good friends on the street.
I think it is especially if the person uses the service of acquaintances, it has serious intentions to find a special man for himself. Coe told me about many games on the Internet, but I hope that you a serious person. Fabio, I would like what you wrote me a little story, like an ordinary person in your life.
Our peoples of different cultures and life, and I think this story will help me better understand you.
I think it's on television does not always tell the truth, and I never do opinion on other people on TV. I hope this is not to say certain things about this tiresome for you.
From what importance of family in your country and what opinion at you concerning it. Fabio, I heard that the women in your country frivolous touch to the family, which for them their careers more important.
And some women marry and divorced once, to take half the money from her husband. This - is not it?.
It is very difficult for me to understand this. I think that a family is very important in life and can not play the feelings of another people and have a big purse on it. I already informed you, that I have a job, which spoils me a lot of free time.
My salary is not so big, but enough for me for life, and I often who had helped my parents. I plan to study in the future to raise the level to work. I have previously attended the special classes for tricks of the trade. This was after I finished school. It was a very a good college, but I would like to finish university, to have a good education. Fabio That you have an opinion rather importance of education in life?
What education do you have?? Tell us about it.
I hope that my questions do not tire you.
I send you my photo, in this photo I'm in a park not far from my house. And on the second photo I visiting my girlfriend. Dear now it is time for me to go home. I write you tomorrow. I am waiting for your letters. Your
Letter 4

Hi dear Fabio!!!
I am happy to receive an email from you. Your letter was interesting information for me.
I was very accept the reading your letter! Thank you for your warm attitude towards me.
Today at work I was thinking about you and these ideas have been pleasant for me, it was a pleasure for me to understand a man who reads my ideas and wrote this especially for me. Fabio, write to me, what food to you is nice.
The deposit parents are very fond of food that I cook in the kitchen.
May be sometime, I can prepare for you your love dish.
To you it was a pleasure?
I very much like different sweet things, such as pie, cake, candy.
But often I do not pass directly to have it not to be ***.
Nevertheless, I love beautiful clothes and different things of light colors.
I like light colors such as blue, pink, beige.
And what is your favorite color?
I love modern music of various countries, and I also love dancing. Fabio, what music it is nice to you? Do you dance?
My friends say that I'm not bad at dancing.
I love going to discos, I am very like to be in a bar with friends and look at various film movies with a strong sound.
To me, since the film is very enjoyable to watch Brazilian soap operas about love, they are beautiful and romantic.
And what you love to do in your spare time?
You love evening walk?
Today, with my mother I made a little trip to the shops, we did some shopping for the buildings.
I told my mother of our acquaintance, she said, who would like to see you.
For my mother it is important that I got acquainted with good man also was happy.
Your family has a special opinion on your staff of life?
Or perhaps you think that this is only your own business?
I hope that my questions do not tire you.
I send you my photo, in this photo together with my girlfriends.
Now I will finish the letter, and I will expect your letter. Your Olga!!!
Letter 5
Hi dear Fabio!
Today I waited for a gap at work to enter the Internet - cafe and read your e-mail.
tell me, and you wait for my letter? To me would like to know about your ideas about our acquaintance.
Do you have any ideas to consider me better.
I would really like to learn more about this close to what you people. Perhaps you have me any questions?
I regard you as a good man and I think this is you, to love many women.
You want me to say about the last experience with women?
I have had in the past few relationships with men, but they brought me in just one disappointment.
I lost hope of meeting a good man in town for a family.
Our men take a lot of alcohol and do not respect women and children.
In their minds only entertainment and they can not be good care of the family,
Write to me please, that you - a good family?
What would you like to have a family and the attitude to it?
I am impatient to be waiting for your e-mail.
I like to read, when you talk about yourself.
I send you my photo, in this photo together with my girlfriends.
I'm always waiting for your letters. Kiss you. Your Olga !!!!!!
Letter 6
Hello Fabio!
How are you today? I hope you are well. Delight to read me your letters.
I was very interested to read your letter!
I want to tell you that perhaps we get to meet in Russia! It would be great!
But it would be even better if our meeting was held in Italy! This is a wonderful country and it pleases me very much!
As you look at it? On the meeting in Italy.
I am very glad that our relations are developing!
Previously, I was sure that is unrealistic to have an application to the man and the brand to the large sympathy, if not met it is not served with him now.
But now I feel pleasure when I have your e-mail, I think about you and sometimes I am, unfortunately, when I think we are far away.
I would like very much when I return from work to come to you in the visitors to bring with myself any tasty pie.
We could drink tea, and then together go for a walk.
Perhaps it would be great. I feel, unfortunately, because we have a relation only through the Internet.
Sometimes there is a desire to hug and be close to man.
I often, when I be in a cafe, I looked different pairs of people, I watch as they cover each other, good conversation and then I'm more sharp, I feel lonely.
I do not know whether you have a sense of loneliness.
If you also feel that if you understand me and know that I often wish that the line was a man who will always support and understand you can help at any time, you and comfort you.
I would like to explore the performance of your views of our relationship more serious.
Perhaps we could meet and take some time together.
It would be very good. What do you Fabio expensive, think about this?
For me it is very important to know whether you want to have a more serious relationship with me than a letter.
Tell me please ideas concerning it.
I send you my photo, in this photo I'm in the park.
Did you like it?
A kiss and a hug. Your Olga !!!!!
Letter 7
Ciao Fabio !!!!!!!
Come stai? come ti senti? Tutto bene?
Fabio, non capisco quello che hai scritto a me! Che cosa e?
Spiegare a me! Non capisco il tuo messaggio!
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