Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Efremova to Janez (Austria)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Jan!
kak tvoi dela??? Ja ochen soskuchilas po tebe! Spasibo tebe za pismo!
iia i?aiu i?eyoii iieo?eou io oaay ecaanoey!
Eae ou iaiy e i?inee y oaaa ieoo ?a ?onneii ycuea!!!
Ii aoia? ?oi oaaa an? ?aaii aoaao nei?ii i?i?eoaou oae ?oi i?iaie?o ienuii ia aiaeeeneii. I did a long pause, to that-that there was no possibility to come into the Internet and to answer you the letter.
I saw that you have written to me, and could not answer. But as I have a possibility I to you at once write. I send a copy of my passport. There all my data are written.
Concerning your friend, let he does not worry.
I the truth am enamoured in you and to deceive you I do not gather.
I am actually, I do not deceive you.
About my God, about what public house there is a speech?????????
No! I go only to you! You hear, to you!!!!!!!! I live not with the friend, and with the girlfriend.
At me in thoughts only you. More it is necessary nobody to me!!!!
I very much wish to be with you. Now I finish the letter. I look forward yours. The whole. Yours Sveta
Letter 2
Hi. On holidays you I congratulate! I could not be on the Internet,
I laid in hospital! Forgive me, that I could not write to you!
Forgive please. I had a flu. To me it was very bad! Now I at home!!!
Also I can answer you letters every day. I send you a copy of my diploma.
I wait tomorrow for your letter. About love. Yours svetlana.
I think that in February we will be already together!!!
Letter 3
Hi my the future husband. Today there was the most awful day in my life. I as I also spoke to you have gone to agency, have asked for leave from work. Took with itself 800 euros, well precisely to be assured, to pay. Has arrived to agency, we with the girl her name is Andwela have started to make all papers, have issued, business then needed to be paid only, I look and I in a bag do not have phone and a purse where all money, I went by the bus, and at me who that has stolen phone and a purse. I cried all the day. Did not know as you to tell, you probably will think, that I not responsible, but it at me the first time in a life the such. Andwela has told, that I need to pay 790 euros. In a current of 3 days. And what I will do? I am in a shock. I do not know that to me to do. It turns out all my dream to arrive to you has departed to one moment? I pray to the god to arrive to you. I cannot believe that it happens with me. Forgive me, forgive that I such not the attentive. I have lost yours 400 euros and the savings 400 euros. I am in bad condition, to me so it is bad. To me distances only 3 days, It is last chance to be at you in February. Write to me. I very much would like to see your letter. I most of all in a life wish to be with you. You to me became very native person. I do not have anybody except you. I wish to be only with you, my favourite husband.
Letter 4

I do not trust the eyes, I see your letter and I do not learn you! In your letter one only doubts.
You say that you do not trust me, do not trust, do not trust! What happens? Why it occurs!?
You love me? You speak that me love, what for it is so much questions? Doubts?
I will arrive to you, and we will talk to you every minute, every second!
You about me learn all that you would like to know! My surname Efremova since a birth.
Me so named in children's home. I do not know why this surname, me its distance.
I do not have husband and was not. I never was married. I had 1 serious relations, but they are already finished for a long time!
I was free until as have got acquainted with you. At you is ICQ??? It is not pleasant to me that you in each letter, write to me that I deceive you.
I did not have even a thought.
I promise to you that I will arrive to you. I am valid that person who wrote to you from the very beginning of our acquaintance, my first letters were longer?
If I have time to write long letters, I write. I do not look when I write what letter will be, long or short.
I have already written to you, I do not have family and never it was.
I have grown in children's home, I was left by parents right after maternity homes. I them never saw.
I grew one, I was brought up by nurses and tutors.
Us was much in children's home when to me 18 years I were executed has left children's home and has entered the university.
I already sent you my diploma.
You have my passport. And you all the same do not trust me.
Why? What have I made that you did not trust me?
Your money is not necessary to me. I do not want that you thought that I deceive you.
I cannot arrive, if you do not help me. You understand?
My address street krasnoarmejskaja the house 120.
I do not understand what for to you it it is necessary?
If I arrive to you and we will want to arrive in the future here.
I will show all to you. A phone number? At me have stolen phone, and now I go without phone.
At agency where I will do the permit there is no address Internet, they have only e-mail Angela not a Muslim name, it is not similar to the Moslem, it Russian.
You are satisfied by my answers to your questions?
I wait for your letter.
I hope that you will change the relation to me. Do not upset me.
I have not deserved how you now concern me.
I wish to see that person who was in the beginning of our dialogue.
Kind, lovely, native.
I Love you.
And it not words. These are feelings.
Letter 5
hello my Jan. Thanks for the letter, I am glad. That at you now does not remain doubts.
That you have understood all. Your friend speaks in Russian?
If yes, he can call in agency and all to learn, I spoke today with Angela, she has told that it it is necessary to pay money only cash.
They do not practise transfers with the western union.
Therefore she has told that I would pay all.
In a current of 2 days. I do not know that to me to do.
If you do not trust me, can call it, or your friend can call in agency and talk to them.
Their number +79877029952. if you do not trust me, on so much that for what then were to begin all our dialogue? I have read the letter of your friend, it is a parcel of *******.
Your money is not necessary to me, I communicate with you not for the sake of money.
I am revolted by yours the letter of the friend.
He tells very bad things about me.
I am going to go to you! At me even in thoughts is not present, that you to deceive.
You understand???????? I do not tell about tourist date to that-that at me is paid nothing,
I yet do not know anything. And I do not have visa, to that-that it was not done yet, to that-that I have not paid.
I wish to arrive to you, and to remain only with you!
More nobody is necessary to me.
Your friend tells such things, it not about me. I not such, I am not going to throw you. Believe to me.
Your apartment is not necessary to me, I do not need your business.
I go simply to you.
I wish to live with you. If you are ready to believe in this delirium of your friend, your business.
But it is a parcel of *******. It is all not the truth.
Business remains all for you.
I wait for your letter. The whole.
Letter 6
I send you children's photos the and my not so long ago made
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jan. To me it is pleasant that you have listened to the heart, and have believed to me. Thanks you.
And you send to me still a x-copy as sent for the first time. I looked on a site, there have told that can go and receive. I will go to receive tomorrow, today-35 frost degrees, I think you will be not against if I receive and I will begin to cry tomorrow. I am right? You looked my handworks? It was pleasant to you? I embroidered it with a dagger itself, it very much is pleasant to me. I when will arrive to you, I will embroider too if you is not against, at leisure. Tell to me, than you were engaged today? I now will send you pictures which very much are pleasant to me. I kiss you!
Letter 8
hello my dear Jan. I have received yesterday from you. And on Monday I will go to agency all to pay. Thanks you that you have understood me. And soon we will together. Today Sunday, the day off! Yesterday I am very tired, and have laid down early to sleep! There was no even a possibility. Your letter very much was not pleasant to me! I after all all have not answered yesterday to you. To that-that has been strongly occupied. Also has then laid down to sleep! Do not worry, I former love you! We will be with you together! I think of you every day, my sun! We soon will together! I kiss you! My future husband!
Letter 9
Jan. My dear. I have not decided not to arrive to you. Simply when you consider me as the alcoholic? The bad girl, very much it is not pleasant to me to hear. I read your messages that you ask from me pardons. Also I do not answer, to that-that to me it is very insulting. I have not deserved it, understand? I the correct and good girl. Never deceived nobody. Angela what to approach me on Wednesday, to that-that it will do a next flight to you. All will make quickly. But if you have changed the mind, that I came. I can send you back your money. I kiss you.
Letter 10
Are glad you to welcome. Thanks that you have written us the letter. I with pleasure will answer you.
Yes, we had girl Svetlana. It should approach to us on February, 17th. She told that wishes to go to you in the nearest future. She said that wishes to arrive quickly to you. We to it chose round, but it had something. And she has told that will arrive later. And then I so have understood that at it all was adjusted. And it will arrive to us on Wednesday. She will not have time to arrive to you in the middle of February. But in the beginning of March, it will be at you. Do not worry. It does not look bad. By sight very sociable and polite girl. Hold with me communication. And if there are at you questions, write. I with it communicated yesterday, she has told that it does not have access to the Internet, and she very much on it worries that cannot communicate with you.
Letter 11
Hi my dear Jan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I very much have become bored of you. I do not have access to the Internet, I am on work in the city of Moscow. I very much very much very much on you miss. I LOVE YOU! I could not write to you earlier, now there are at me some hours to sit on the Internet. I work, me have sent here on affairs of our firm. Angela wrote me the letter that you have lost me. Also that very much you wait for me. I very much, you hear very much has become bored of you! I Now in Moscow, also will arrive from Moscow only on March, 1st. I at once, you hear? I will go at once to agency, Angela to me has told after registration I a week later I will be at you!!!!!!!!!! We in March will be together!!!!!!!! My dear. You my most expensive person!!!! I very much worry that could not write to you! Forgive you me, we here already all have got tired, papers, trips. It is my work. But it will not be fast it! To That-that I will be with you!!!!!!!!! I Kiss you! Do not lose me. I will try to write still to you the letter within the next few days!!!! You only mine!
Letter 12
Hello the friend.
I write to you at the desire of Svetlana.
The matter is that it has got to autofailure and lies in hospital in bad condition.
She has asked to write you the letter that you have not lost it.
She asked to transfer that loves you. Pray. For its prompt recover
Letter 13
Hello, Svetlana as lies in hospital. It did not come to the senses. As I will come to the senses to you I will write. :-(
Letter 14
Hi, I now am in Cheboksary, and it in Moscow. I do not have papers confirming that it in hospital.
27.05 it has come to the senses. Doctors have told that a condition stable.
It does not have anybody except you and girlfriends. As it does not have parents and relatives.
As I learn something more to you I will write.
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