Scam letter(s) from Olga Dadiyko to Carlo (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello Carlo, I got your message via dating site.
Can you send me your photos?
Yes, I would be happy to try to correspond.
Right in the beginning, I want to write I do not search for long virtual correspondence. I placed my profile in dating site to find good man for correspondence, but my main goal is real meeting and real relations in near future.
My English is quite poor, I use translating programme to translate and write letters in English. Also, I'm forced to visit Internet cafe, because I have no computer at home, and I would like to find a man, to keep daily active correspondence during a few weeks and to arrange real meeting somewhere after that. Because long-term correspondence without be real headache for me to tell the truth.
Well, I think in this letter I should write basic information.
My height is 1.63m. I'm 23 years old.
I live in the city Norilsk. It's northern part of Siberia.
It's about 4 hours by plane from Moscow or St-Petersburg to the East.
I work in not big firm, my job is economist and secretary in personnel department.
I never was married. I have no children as yet.
My parents are quite old already, they are pensioners.
They live not in Norilsk now, but in other city, in other region.
In own house.
I rent one-room flat in Norilsk.
Also, I have one cousin, he is older than me, and he lives with his wife and family in Norilsk too.
In house next door.
I want to return to question of theoretical meeting.
My idea: I have International passport.
Therefore, I can travel out of Russia, and our first meeting can be out of Russia.
Tourist firm here sell trips on credit to a few possible countries.
I would prefer to follow the next plan:
if we would like to meet, I would book trip to country I can reach with trip on credit. We would meet there to look at each other and to get real impressions. You would cover my travel expenses when we would meet (without sending of money beforehand of course).
I know that tourist firm sell trips on credit to Finland (Helsinki) to Stockholm (Sweden), to Bulgaria, to Turkey and to Egypt.
I repeat, I can meet only in my town, or in one of these places first time.
Because trip to other countries demand real payment beforehand, and it would demand your help beforehand.
But I do not want to ask unknown man to send money.
Therefore - I can meet ONLY in my town, or in places I wrote you here already. OK?
I hope to get your answer.
Kiss kiss
Letter 2
Hello Carlo! I got your letter and photo! Thanks.
You asked me - actually, age difference is not very important thing, if man and woman are "on the same level".
I mean - if we feel we are the same age inside and if we are interesting for each other - what is a problem?
I have no idea about point of view of women from West Europe, but women in Russia have their own main reason when they search for future husbands - they search for stable life, loving and and careful husband who will support and protect them.
Therefore, as a rule - a difference in the age of 10-15 years - rather usual thing in Russia.
Other moment - my goal is to change my life, to start stable family life. I'm afraid to start such serious constant relations with young guy, because if I would start my new life in new country and new society - of course I would expect support of my man.
Therefore, it would be very risky to plan such serious life in new country with young guy, who have no stable life even for himself.
OK, I think I'll start from narration what is the goal of my searches in Internet and why I want to find my soul-mate abroad.
I think, I have two goals. First goal - I'm single, I can't say I'm too young girlie, I never was married, therefore I would like to find my own man, who would like to create own family too. I think it's completely logical and understandable wish, and I see no reason to explain why girl want to find a husband and to have own family life, right?
The second goal - I started my searches through the Internet because I want to find a husband abroad. Yes, I can find boyfriend or husband in Russia, right in my own village, but I would prefer to find more interesting variant for me (I mean - in financial aspect, also in questions of more safe and stable future life in more successful country than Russia).
We have the saying in Russia - "the fish search for deeper place, the human search for better place".
So, I'm the fish, who search for deeper place in a river.
I do not think I should hide this second goal (my will to relocate in other country), because it's quite strange when other girls write about goal to find just husband, but when they search such husband abroad without any intelligible and clear explanations. I perfectly understand that such goal is more hard and complex than the date with guy next door, because we live in different countries, and any development of our relations will demand the solution of plenty questions (for example - real meetings in real life; my future adaptation to new rules and life conditions in new society and so on).
I'm ready to go by this way, because I'm completely sure in myself.
I'm well educated, quick-witted, nimble and well informed girl, I'm quite active and I'm quick on my toes. I realize the true situation and I'm not afraid of difficulties.
Of course I had different romantic close relations with guys in past.
With different duration and different level of intimacy.
It would be quite strange if I would had no such relations in past.
Because I'm not a teenager, I'm not a monk and I'm not a crazy frigid ******.
I had different relations in past as any normal girl.
But I never was married. I can't answer why.
Because it's a very hard and interesting question and I want to get answer of this question too.
I have no idea why.
I hope not because I'm **** or silly, or very strange. I sent you my photos and I hope I'm not **** monster.
Also, I do not think my letters looks like letters from silly cow.
Moreover I have quite high attention and interest of men, I never felt lack of interest of guys in village where I live.
I think, answer is - I was not ready and because I didn't meet right guy as yet.
Not because I have crazy demands and expectations. No.
But all such process and wish to marry should be natural, right?
Any person have a period when he (or she) want not serious flirt and not serious romantic relations.
I had such period too. But I think it's a time to start real serious relations and to think about stable family life and marriage.
Therefore I started these searches via Internet.
OK, I wish you very good day!
Kiss kiss kiss
Letter 3
Carlo, hello, honey bunny!
Sorry for my late answer today.
I attached a couple of my different photos with tattoos :)
When I have been in Egypt last summer - we made different tattoos together with my girlfriends. Just for fun.
It's not real tattoos, it's pictured temporary tattoos of course.
Special saloons make it by henna.
And life of such tattoo is about two-three weeks.
I write about it because I had so funny story with tattoo today!
One of my girlfriends decided to make tattoo today.
Real tattoo.
And we went to tattoo saloon.
I think I would be ready to make tattoo only if such tattoo would have some deep religious sense.
Ok, maybe not religious sense, but very deep sense anyway.
It's like your name that was given by birth - you are forced to live with your name during whole life and you have no chance to change it.
And such things like name, or tattoo on your body will have an influence on your life.
I think I would never ready to make real tattoo just for fun because of fashion.
Because today you think it's nice and cool, but tomorrow you think it's ******, and you have no chance to change it.
Moreover, I'm afraid of needles. Brrrrr......
I can't imagine how it's possible to poke needles into own body.
I remember, once upon a time, our boss asked all employees in our firm to do good deed - to visit our clinic all together and to give our blood during Donor's Day.
Nobody thought it was good idea, but boss promised to give a cost-of-living bonus to each employee, who will go to clinic to the station of blood transfusion.
I thought his idea is very ******, but as a very mercenary and greedy person, I decided that idea with additional cost-of-living bonus is very good :) ha ha ha
And I went to the station of blood transfusion together with other, most greedy colleagues :)
Wow, you know, it was the first and last time in my brave life when I fell into a faint.
Hospital nurse tried to pierce my hand by long and thick needle to take my precious blood. It was so scary...and I fell into a faint.
Nurse decided to cancel this procedure with such fearful girl.
And I didn't get additional bonus :(
But all my blood in still in my body. :) Yeah..
OK, back to tattoo.
We went to tattoo saloon because my girlfriends had naive idea that her *** will look more attractive with tattoo of some butterfly or dragon.
(I can tell you one little secret - there are no dragons and butterflies which would be able to make her asre attractive)
But we went to saloon and she squealed like chipmunk during a few hours, while tattoo-master made her tattoo.
She was able to make only one tiny, microscopical tattoo.
Her huge *** would allow to make tattoo of state Texas life-size, but she made tattoo of butterfly in size of newborn ant. he he he
It was so funny!
Kiss you, honey pie! Kiss kiss kiss!
Letter 4

Carlo, honey, I have very urgent message:
My parents called me today and they miss me very much and they asked me to come to visit them. My dad bought my tickets for me and I should go to airport tomorrow to fly to Kaliningrad to visit my parents. My dad bought my tickets for full week, and I'll fly back home next Friday (July,17). I'll write you and tell about my visit to my parents as soon as I'll come back home, OK?
I return back home on next Friday.
Of course, I'll try to find Internet cafe in Kaliningrad to check my mail-box.
But I'm not sure they have Internet cafe around, I'll see, OK?
Just in case - please, do not worry without my letters next week, OK?
I'll miss your letters very very much!
Also - I have big request - do not forget me during my visit to parents, OK?
I'll take different pictures about my visit because my girlfriend gave me her digital camera.
OK, I send you my hot hot hot kiss!
Wish me good flight!
Kiss kiss kiss
Letter 5
Hello Carlo, honey! I've just returned back home!
I decided to visit Internet cafe right from train station, together with my suit-case, to write my short message that I'm at home already and everything is all right!
I'll be in Internet cafe again this evening and I'll write you my letter, also I'll ask my girlfriend to make my photos from digital camera onto diskette and I'll attach my new photos.
OK, wait for my letter this evening,
Kiss kiss kiss
Letter 6
Carlo, honey, thanks for your answer.
Carlo, can I ask you one important question?
Our present phase - virtual correspondence.
But I think both of us search for real relations, right?
It means: real meeting somewhere.
Therefore I have a question: how you plan to develop our correspondence?
Do you have any realistic plan of meeting?
Actually, it's very important question, because two persons can have very good and successful correspondence, but they can have problems to meet face to face, as they live in different countries.
You placed your profile in dating site, right? Therefore, if I understood correctly - you try to find real relations.
I would like to discuss any plans of theoretical possible meeting.
Your opinion where, when and how to meet.
I look forward to your answer.
Kiss kiss kiss
Letter 7
Carlo, honey, hello!
OK, how was your day?
When I returned back home from sunny and warm Kaliningrad to Norilsk - I somehow managed to get light chill.
I tried to sit at home and didn't show my face outside.
But anyway, I cough now. This treacherous weather caught me.
I sat at home whole day, but had a time to quarrel with girlfriend.
I asked this brainless chick to visit our shop and to buy a sugar for me, because my sugar was ending. I can't drink coffee without sugar.
My body demands glucose.
She went shopping and she bought some ****** pills instead of normal sugar. Because "these pills are sweetener and they are not so dangerous and unhealthy as a sugar" (it's version and words of girlfriend certainly, not mine). And I'm forced to drink the real wish-wash instead of tasty coffee now.
Maybe these pills are very health-giving, but they turn a taste of any drink into a muck.
I suffered from this sweetener during whole day, and now I should go shopping on my own, to buy normal unhealthy sugar and to drink normal unhealthy coffee as all normal people.
By the way, I bought new serial. "My name is Earl".
My girlfriends told me it's very funny American TV serial.
Have no idea what is that. I'll see tonight.
OK, Carlo, honey, kiss kiss kiss
Letter 8
Hello Carlo, honey! Thanks for your letters!
Carlo, listen, I have priority in choosing of our place of meeting? Wow! Thanks you!
Carlo, of course, I would be happy to meet as soon as possible.
You wrote me you can meet in the end of August or in September.
Let's do the next thing - I have two variants of meeting.
1. We meet in place I can reach by trip on credit - Helsinki, St-Petersburg, Turkey or Egypt. Can you check - can you meet in one of these places in the end of August?
2. Carlo, if to meet in Italy - you should help me to buy standard tourist package with visa. Give me exact airport where you would be able to pick me up.
I'll take detailed information of such trip, OK? And we'll discuss it.
How is your day?
I bought two newest horror-movies and I'll watch it tonight with girlfriends. We'll try to scare ourselves well and truly tonight.
Night is the best time to watch such kind of movies.
Therefore if you'll hear some strange howls and screams tonight - do not worry, it's your terror-stricken girlfriend is yelling in Russia. :)
Listen, let's write each other about our uncontrollable, congenital fears, ok?
I think it would be interesting.
So, my irrational fear:
1. I am afraid of great height. Certainly it's not the pathological fear when the person cannot scramble even upon a stool for example, but if I shall stand at brink and to look downwards from the big height, I shall feel myself comfortless.
2. I am afraid to go for a drive on carousels, to go boating, etc.
Not because I am afraid of ships or merry-go-rounds, but because I have very feeble cerebellum. I'll sick of sea-sickness in one second.
I do not know why, but I feel myself wonderfully in cars and airplanes.
But any swings, merry-go-rounds and long boat-trips - not for me.
If I feel sea-sickness - I become green and grow gray and I want just to lie down and to die quietly. :)
3. I'm afraid of unknown dogs (big unknown dogs). You know, I'm absolutely indifferent to any snakes, spiders, bats and so on. I can take any creature into my hands, no problems.
But if I walk on the street and I meet a big homeless dog, I have the big vague wish to stop or to run at top speed in opposite direction.
Of course it does not mean I do not like dogs. I like dogs very much.
But I write your about unaccountable fears.
4. I'm afraid of dentists. Holy cow! I'm afraid of these sons of a ***** with dental drilling machines more than everything what I wrote you above about. I have perfect teeth, but when I should go to visit dentist it's should be a very good reason, **** it.
When I hear this strident and humming noise of dental drilling machine I want to find myself one million miles away.
5. I have the wild uncontrollable fear of ***...ha ha ha ha :) Joke.
Ok, you know, to tell the truth that's all. I think I'm very brave girl.
I'm completely indifferent to a lot of usual other persons's fears.
In most cases I'm fatalist and I have no fears and fright in cases when other people will try to protect themselves or will tremble like an aspen leaf.
It would be very interesting to hear about your uncontrolled wild wild fears. I should know about your fears because it better way to rule future boyfriend. :)
Kiss you! Write to me soooooooon!
Letter 9
Hello Carlo, sweetie, good morning!
I send you information I took in agency and in bank:
Tourist agency can sell me longest trip they can book - duration of trip is 18 days. OK?
Dates of trip are: September,5-22.

Departure: NORILSK (NORILSK) 11:20 September,5 2009
Arrival: MOSCOW (SHEREMETYEVO) 11:25 September,5 2009
Flight: SU 792, plane: Tupolev Tu-154

Departure: MOSCOW (SHEREMETYEVO) 17:30 September,5 2009
Arrival: ROME (FIUMICINO) 19:40 September,5 2009
Flight: AZ 549, plane: Airbus Industrie A321

Departure: ROME (FIUMICINO) 21:20 September,5 2009
Arrival: TURIN (CITTA DI TORINO) 22:35 September,5 2009
Flight: AZ 1431, plane: Airbus Industrie A320

I'll come to airport Citta Di Torino at 22:35 on September,5.
Also, I have been in bank and I opened my euro-account:


3. ACCOUNT NUMBER: 42307978 15538 000067948


I draw your attention: Russia do not use IBAN-numbers.
Russia use own system of account numbers.
Therefore if clerk in bank tell you that IBAN number is wrong - you should tell him that everything is OK, but it's Russian account-number!
Bank told me - such transfer will go during 3 working bank days.
If I understand correctly - you can transfer your help from your own bank in Italy now without any problems.
I wish you to win in fight against Spiderman! :)
Kiss kiss kiss
Letter 10
Hello, Carlo, honey! Thanks for your answer!
Carlo, yes, I've understood - you'll go to your bank the day after tomorrow. It means you transfer will be in bank here on Thursday, right? I'll tell in tourist agency I'll pay my trip on Thursday.
Carlo, you asked me to give you information just in case.
First of all - I attach picture of my International passport for you.
My address: Russian Federation, 663300, Norilsk, Lenin street 18-16
You know, one of girlfriends have birthday party this evening.
This witch forced me and other her girlfriends to cook different dishes today to solve all questions of festive dinner by our hands.
She cried she is not able to cook at all, and we were forced to cook everything for her party.
At moment I try to choose acceptable dress for such doubtful celebration.
She is 35 y.o today, but she hide this historical fact, she tell for all around - she is 29 y.o. only. ha ha ha
If she is 29 y.o. - I'm ***** Woodpecker :)
And this ancient prehistoric cow truly believe in this ******** already I'm afraid.
I bought big cosmetic set, and I'll give this gift today.
She will need a lot of make-up to hide her real age, right?
Therefore my gift is very useful.
Her boyfriend asked my help, because he had no idea what he should present.
I told him - she need in new nice cover for her passport.
I can't wait when he will ask her passport, to put on new covers.
And he will get a chance to see her real age in her passport.
I'm so kind, you know :)
My passionate kiss of fire!
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