Scam Letter(s) from Karen Amoako to George (USA)

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Letter 1

hi honey , how are you? i miss you so much, well i am so tired hon cos i am whole day in the philippine embassy to process the passport and i have a good news for you i can get my passport this monday or tuesday...and i hope u can send the 200$ this sunday or monday so that after i get the passport i process the visa... i am trying to chat with you right now but it seems you are walking your dog since it is morning there.. about here hon i am fine but i am bored cos i am all alone... anyway here is the place were ive stayed


and here is my phone in the room 639-0889-56604

if i didnt answer it hon it means i am out or i am sleeping cos for now i am so tired but its all worth it... i am so happy that we can be together soon

i love you so much honey...

kisses all over,




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