Scam letter(s) from Elvira Yamanaeva to TJ (USA)

Letter 1

Hello TJ!
I am madly happy to receive from you the letter and at once I write to you the answer.
At me at once it was cheered up when I have received your letter.
How are you? You have very much liked me and I want find out more about you and as more in detail to tell about myself.
As I wrote already to me 35 years. By a trade I an actress of drama theatre.
I work at Drama theatre of city of Ruzaevka 14 years,
right after theatrical institute.
My work very much is pleasant to me, though also very small salary.
At leisure I have additional work at children's school of arts and I teach at them skill of the actor.
I very much love the work, but it takes away a lot of time and forces,
therefore the free time at me happens a little.
First I would like to tell to you why I was solved on correspondence with the man from other country.
The matter is that I have very sad experience of dialogue with Russian men, and besides heard many good histories about happy marriages of our Russian girls with men from other countries.
My close girlfriend, one year ago has married the fine person from England.
Has left with him and at them soon on light the daughter should appear.
She sends me letters. She does not want to come back to Russia.
Speaks that will come to meet relatives who here live only.
You probably ask to yourselves a question why I have written to you?
I very much liked your photo, at once it is visible you the unusual person.
I hope to you my English language is clear?
I studied it at school, and then and in institute,
therefore I rather well it understand also all letters I write to you,
not using the translator.
I am sorry about you if any phrases or words will be not clear to you,
all the same I yet so know English as you aboriginals of the country.
But I very much hope, that all of us shall understand the friend - the friend.
On a horoscope I - the Aquarius, for the woman is very good sign though I especially am not fond of a horoscope.
I was never married and I have no children, but very much I want.
Very much I love children I do not present even the life without them,
therefore the free time I give their education at children's school.
I want to have the big family and the favourite person near to myself.
Likely in my life there was no yet that person with whom I would be possible to create the family about which so a long time dream.
To find such the man with which it is possible to leave on edge of light and to remain there for ever.
For the sake of which, I would give all on light and on anything did not reflect, could give up even work only to be with him}beside and that he to me have answered same.
Many my girlfriends and familiar already for a long time have children but so it is not enough on the present of happy people and high-grade families where there is mum and the daddy.
Our men so are not reliable, frequently use alcohol,
and it is still softly told!!!
My family will consist from five person: mum, the daddy, the senior sister which is married and I live in Moscow, and my younger brother.
At us very amicable family, where always mutual understanding and kind relations.
I was born on February, 8, 1970 in our beautiful city of Ruzaevka.
TJ and where you were born? Our city is based not so long ago. It is located in the center of the European part of Russia,
in a river basin Volga.
If you will open a map Russia can find our republic Mordovia near to such big cities as Penza and Ulyanovsk.
You sometime heard about such?
In the following letter I shall more in detail write to you about it.
And you write to me about your city.
On the nature I the big romantic person, very sentimental and impressionable.
Very much I like to travel and frequently I am in other cities with performances, somehow I shall more in detail write and about it, very much I dream to go abroad where never was!!!
At me it is a lot of friends and they respect me for sincerity and frankness of character.
I very much appreciate in people honesty and skill to be responsible for the words and acts.
TJ, write to me that you think of it?
Yes, I have overlooked to tell to you, that I have access in the Internet only through the Internet - cafe.
Therefore please do not take offence if suddenly not at once I shall answer your letters, but I shall try to check my I shall esteem every day.
On it I finish the electronic letter and very much I wait for your answer. I send you the photo, I hope it to you it is pleasant?!
Good-bye, your new friend Elvira.
LETTER2Hi my new friend TJ!
I am overflown with emotions and the smile does not descend from my person!!!
I so am glad to receive again from you the answer to my letter!
I sometimes think that would be not bad to arrive in America to work there and to live and grow children. I do not exclude an opportunity marries the American.
I have found yours Profile on a site of acquaintances Yahoo. And when I have seen your photo and have read your resume you very much to me have liked also I have decided to answer you.
In the street now bad weather, but at me very good mood because I now sit and I press keys faster to send you the letter.
With such happiness at me all ideas are confused in my head, I at all do not know from what to start.
It is very interesting to me to correspond with you through the Internet because I never did it earlier.
You the first person to whom I have decided to write and to whom I write.
In my letters probably, many different mistakes?
I hope, what all of you understand my English? Write to me about it in the following letter.
I heard that the American men much, at least the majority of them are very good people, fair and hardworking.
Respect women and appreciate the family, as against Russian men! In Russia it is very hard for majority of women to make the way in this difficult life.
From the beginning it is very hard to receive higher education, and then to find prestigious work, which else plus to all well paid.
And if to you with all it will carry that the more difficultly for you to meet the beloved because men have not got used that wives worked and were engaged in the career.
They have got used to see them houses at a plate all day long, wiping a nose to children, in the old washed off dressing gown.
But it, besides, if to you will carry if you in general will meet on the way the man which will want to create with you family and will want to get with you children.
In fact many very much are afraid to enter now with women serious relations, will play and stop are very easily and does not demand what obligations!
Other cases it is even worse. Will get to you any which through any period of time will start more and more and to use more alcohol for which is not present what values in a life except for a bottle.
Whether will want to live with such person further? I think, that was not present!
I hope, you have presented this picture at yourselves before eyes?!
And to me and to represent I was not necessary it I see every day by the example of the friends and familiar.
That is why to Russian women is very hardly in without that the hard world.
It is very difficult to keep the individuality,
independence, to not get under the general current which carries away and back against it to be floating very hardly,
and thus it is always good to look and remain the woman.
My last guy which I met about two years, simply was afraid to get serious relations and to create family.
First all was very good, we had many general interests, we spent together each free minute of our time,
had frequently a rest together with friends, but soon I want that our relations have developed into more serious.
And to him appeared, that anything than he had the greater, he and does not want.
I was for him a beautiful toy for a while while I have not bothered him.
To him than a party, friends, alcohol, than family with the favourite person who would give all to be together and to be separated never were more important!
It is very hurt and hard for me to recollect now this sad history from the life, but I it could go through and now it for me as the read page which I have turned and have overlooked!
Very much it is not easy to be in such big world of one, but I have understood for myself,
that it is better to be free and to not adhere myself to such person at whom is not present what values in this life.
I want to meet such strong the man that I felt like as behind a stone wall that I did not think that he will go and will spend all money for alcohol.
I respect those men which validly concern to women, to their individuality which do not put a stick in wheels, and on the contrary will always submit to you a hand and not only to difficult minute.
Which hold the man's word and responsible for the acts which not looking on anything achieve an object in view!!!!!!!!!
For the sake of such men I would give all on light and have gone behind him with the fastened eyes, there,
where he would lead me for a hand because I in all would trust him and would rely on him, and he on me!
Unfortunately such men almost did not remain in Russia, but he can somewhere at the other edge of the ground waits for me?!
To me 35 more also I hope, that he will find me or I him.
Who knows can this person there are you?!
But I do not want to hurry event, let all will show time.
Write to me in the following letter that you think of it. I hope our ideas coincide?
I also want to tell to you, that for me the nationality and religion have no any value.
Even appearance does not matter, to know the main thing what person inside and to appreciate him sincere qualities.
As if to me - I on religion of Christians, and all my family trusts in the God so we were brought up by parents since the childhood.
I am very glad, that I have such family to which any person could envy.
All of us live in one small apartment and at us very good mutual relations, everyone helps the friend - to the friend.
And relations of parents among themselves simply a sample of behaviour of the loving pair.
To mine to the daddy - 59 years, he works as the engineer in one firm,
mum - 55 years,
she is the senior nurse in city hospital. To my younger brother - 23 years. He studies at economic faculty in institute.
We see the senior sister seldom she is married and lives in Moscow, but on family holidays all of us gather behind the big amicable table.
I am very grateful to the parents that they gave all of us such education and education.
On it I stop to write the letter to you, and already I wait for your answer!
I hope that we with each letter more and more and we shall use to know about each other more.
TJ, write to me about the country, about traditions,
than you are engaged at leisure?
Letter 2

Hello the my dear friend TJ!
I am again happy to receive your answer.
I so am glad, that we have found each other in such huge world,
in a world wide web and to us it is very interesting to communicate both more and more and find out about us more.
Today I want to tell to you about the hobbies and interests.
And also it is interesting to me find out about your hobby.
As I already spoke you, with my work I have very few days off and a free time.
Because when usual people sometimes have days off and holidays we for them work, show performances.
And in breaks between rehearsals I hasten in the Internet of cafe more likely to check up the mail, whether there is no to me a letter from you.
And so when the days off nevertheless drop out, I try as it is possible carry out them more variously and more interestingly.
Because who knows when such opportunity to have a rest still can be presented?!
In general certainly I have a rest in a circle of the relatives and friends more often. Very much I like to leave on the nature, for city.
There it is possible to fry on fire meat or sausages,
now as I shall think of it then it would be desirable to go on the nature.
And in the summer we take tent with ourselves and we remain for the night.
We go for a drive on boats on the river, we fish and from it we prepare for fish soup in the big bucket directly on a fire.
But the most interesting begins when day comes to an end also a sunset is reflected in water,
it seems that you stand and look at this miracle of the nature and such sensation that are at edge of light!
Such emotions overflow you, that there will be no all words and adjectives to describe all this beauty.
In the evening we sit around of a fire and we sing songs under a guitar, and at night when the sky clear and is not present clouds,
on it it is visible one million stars and it is very beautiful.
I very much like to dream such minutes, that somewhere at the other edge of the ground there is one person whom as well as I,
lay on a grass, having lifted a head, looks in the sky at stars and dreams.
If very for a long time to look in the sky it is possible to see the flying satellite or a comet,
well if will carry, a falling star and to think of desire.
At me good friends and with them it is possible to go to have a rest anywhere and everywhere it will be interesting.
At us in Russia it is a lot of woods and we in the summer with family or friends we go we collect different mushrooms and berries,
we make preparations and with winter of them we eat.
At you, probably, such is not present?
The wood is in general a separate history. There completely other air than in city.
When there you come, it is not dependent on a season you get as in a fairy tale.
You overlook about all problems and vanity which has remained in city.
Mum and the daddy all free time carry out mine on a summer residence which is behind a city boundaries.
They conduct there the small facilities, raise vegetables and fruit.
Let not so it is a lot of, but nevertheless it is very pleasant to reap a crop the hands.
We with the brother too help them whenever possible.
The daddy the last year has constructed on a summer residence the present bath. Now there it is very healthy!
One more place where it is possible not only to work has appeared at us, but also to have a rest.
And you heard, what such Russian bath?
Or can to you even it was necessary be in it?
Sensations after it simply inexpressible. I at all do not know what to use adjectives to tell to you feeling when you are soared by a fresh broom from a birch.
In Russian I would tell I do not know much but as it to translate to English I simply.
In a word, any sauna is not comparable.
As I think myself very vigorous person sports in my life takes not last place.
Well even on the work I am simply obliged to look well and well to move.
Before the beginning each rehearsal at us pass different trainings.
Such as dances of different centuries, depending on performances what we put, scenic movement, fights and all that that takes place in performance.
But most of all I like art of fencing to which us taught in institute.
I simply adore to fight on swords in historical performances.
They are well rehearsed also you always know than they will end.
Certainly it with sports fencing completely different things, but all the same so is interesting!
As if to sports in a usual life, outside of a stage I adore to float.
Unimportantly where, whether it be pool, either lake,
or the river.
The main thing that there there was a water, and I swim very well.
Image of my life very active, it is necessary to be in time everywhere,
both to have a rest, and to work, and keep up the figure.
In the summer I swim, I run and I go for a drive on a bicycle.
And it happens we in the winter gather with girlfriends and we go to skate, on the big stadium.
Very seldom we leave to ski from hills.
It for me very extreme kind of sports.
Few times broke the ski and departed to a snowdrift,
but adrenaline in blood suffices for one year after such walks.
TJ, and you prefer what kinds of sports? At you in the country people most of all prefer what sports and like?
And you prefer what music? I, for example, cannot relate myself to people which listen only to any one direction in music.
I listen to music absolutely different. All depends on my mood.
When to me I I am sad also miss listen to classical music, slow compositions Metallica, Madonna and others.
One of my most favourite compositions which I can always listen is Era - Flowers of the sea if can that please listen, I hope, it is pleasant to you?!
And so I can listen to everything, both fate and the priest music if only it there were on the present talented things which are worthy.
Whether write to me you heard somebody from our Russian executors and how they have liked you whether or not?
Probably, a name of our singer Alla Borisovny Pugachevoj world renowned. You heard sometime about her?
She is the Russian well-known singer.
At night I frequently have sleeplessness. I think of you and I think that you to me write.
Already I plan about what I shall tell to you but when I receive your letter that all ideas in my head at once are confused also I cannot concentrate.
When I do not sleep, I read different books or I learn the new role,
but I read is more often.
In the afternoon on it almost there is no time and there is the best time it is night when it is possible to plunge completely with a head into product, to present itself on a place of any heroine of the love novel.
Earlier I read even more and my reference book long time was philosophical fairy tale Axupri « Small prince ».
It has shaken me up to depth of soul by the simplicity about what we people frequently overlook in the mad life.
Favourite writers and poets, it is possible to list for a long time.
There are things which has read and has overlooked,
and is which leave a print in your soul.
They can be re-read again and again.
Such as « the Master and Margarita » Bulgakov, "Anna Karenina" Thick.
At present I read modern prose author Pelevin.
Very unusual product completely written in modern youth Russian slang.
Films which I look, too are various.
Now all over the world it is fashionable to go to cinema. I too very much like to go to a cinema.
I like such films which set me thinking about something and which I do not know than can end.
Tremendous film "Temptation" From Antonio Banderas, « Get acquainted Joe Black », well and it is a lot of others.
Probably, it is time to finish my letter to me it is necessary to run home and to prepare for a supper for our family.
I adore to prepare and next time necessarily to you I shall write about our national cuisine. I so would like you to tell much,
that in the letter there is no place to find room for all this.
Answer my questions.
I shall wait from you the letter.
Yours faithfully your friend.
Letter 3

Hi TJ!
I so waited your letter and it have received.
I liked your films, thanks. You very well look.
My pleasure is not present borders and I am very happy.
Each time when I receive the new letter my life is overturned, I completely overlook about time and again I communicate with you.
Sometimes it seems to me, that you absolutely beside directly opposite to me and I see you.
I see your eyes and I hear your voice. As it would be desirable it to hear really,
send me your phone number and at the first opportunity I can call you.
We can communicate and you too will hear my voice. You want to hear my voice by phone?
I already for a long time present myself our conversation, it seems to me, that at you very pleasant man's voice.
I want to tell to you, that there is one small problem.
In our apartment there is no phone. At us in Russia it is very much distributed,
that in many houses there is no phone and the telephone line is carried out at all.
That to establish it people occupy turn in the company and wait while it will reach them.
Then it is necessary to pay the big sum of money and to you it will connect.
Many people want to have a home telephone number and consequently the big turn is created,
and the telephone company cannot cope with such quantity of addressed people and to have for a long time to wait.
Sometimes even 1 year or is more, when you will be reached with your turn.
We found out in the company and to us have told, that in some months will spend a telephone line in our house, therefore it is very good news.
We can communicate with you by phone directly from a house!
And cellular telephones are presumed to itself not by each person.
They very dearly cost and every month still it is necessary to pay for them in addition.
I cannot afford such luxury, for me it is very expensive thing.
In Russia very solvent people have them only.
On work, unfortunately, all phones service and them it is not authorized to use for a long time, especially to call abroad.
They even are blocked. On them it is not possible to type a code of other city or other country,
on them it is possible to do only bells on the city.
I have decided that I shall call to you from a public telephone booth.
The public telephone booth is a place whence people can call in others the country with telephone automatic devices.
For me now is a unique way out.
TJ, write to me please, what you think of it?
The public telephone booth to be not so far from my work.
I promise you, that at once I shall call as soon as I shall more freely from my work.
Now at me very much loaded schedule and consequently remains not enough time.
I to you in the last letter promised to tell as well as that I like to prepare.
In our country as well as in any another, I think,
there is a traditional cuisine.
And so in our country there are present Russian dishes which recipes are transferred from generation to generation,
and there are dishes which recipes of preparation, are borrowed at next peoples.
But already so at us have got accustomed, that we by the right of them can count the.
Actually I am able to prepare for everything, or all is possible to tell practically. Mum speaks at me and an easy hand.
If I plant flowers they necessarily grow and blossom,
and if I prepare,
at me always all turns out is very tasty.
There would be a desire and products, and on kitchen it is possible to work wonders.
Most of all I like to prepare for the stuffed goose.
In it I fill groats with apples and so it to be extinguished some hours.
I with pleasure of you would treat with my dish. And you sometime tried Russian I peep?
Well and so it is possible to list much all that I like to prepare,
easier to tell I like to potter long on kitchen and to create.
Because when in a meal you invest a drop of the soul,
it turns out is more tasty.
I never search for myself easy ways and consequently for all holidays which we mark, I take on myself.
I prepare and cover always only.
Very much I love different sweets and a batch. With my figure and a rhythm of a life I in it do not limit myself.
I adore to bakee pancakes and to eat them then, to bake different pies,
pies and cookies.
TJ, and what tastes at you? You prefer what cuisine?
Whether also there are at you any national dishes what prepare only in your country and more they anywhere cannot be tried?
You know I for a long time was going to tell to you,
but could not be solved on it in any way.
Whether I do not know all of you understand about what I to you I write. Also there can be you something could make out in my letters!
To read any sense between lines and offers.
But I want to tell to you that since I began you to write, and you to me my life has completely changed.
Certainly in the best side!!!
I cannot easy work, at me before eyes of a line from your letters and your image.
I would like to run and write to each free minute to you.
I do not know that occurs to me, but I know one, that in my heart the place for one person who became very dear to me has appeared!!!
TJ, you understand about whom I speak???
I look at people at which there are children and the beloved and dream that sometime I too will have family.
And not simply family, and the best on the ground, the most amicable and loved.
I so a long time want it and I hope that all in my life will turn out.
It is necessary to trust and wait only.
Probably, it is dream of each normal woman?!
Also I have told to the family and the close girlfriend about our correspondence.
If it is fair, they for me very much were delighted.
For them the most important that I was happy and in my life all has developed successfully.
I have told about you to my family, that you very fair and decent person. I know that I should not hurry event, and we should as it is possible find out better each other.
But most important it that we understand each other.
It for me the most important.
I hope, that you as think as well as I.
All time is to be spoken me with you, to tell about all things and news in my life.
I do not have not enough letter that all to tell to you.
Write to me in the following letter the phone number.
Do not overlook!!!
I shall necessarily call you as soon as I will have more free time from work and can hear your voice, and you mine.
On it I stop to write my electronic letter.
I miss and wait your letter.
Yours Elvira p.s. In this letter I send you a photo of me with my brother. On this photo my brother looks very ridiculous. You so do not consider?
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