Scam letter(s) from Monalisa Bellone to Peter (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello peter, how are you doing? fine i suppose, At the time I am writing this you will probably be in bed. i have been very busy and apologize for the delay in response.
Peter you seem very decent and cool to me and i must confess that i am impressed with the attention and affection you show to your parent, it only tells me how caring and responsible you are. I am still thinking of the best way to put this section into words as I feel you need to know me better, peter If I am in a relationship, unless there is obvious information to the contrary, I feel secure and loved.I expect the person I love to be honest and true to me. I don't feel the need to be checking up on them, as suspicious thoughts almost never cross my mind.I don't let past disappointments weigh too heavily in my expectations of future likelihood of success, I am committed to someone, I am rock solid. I never wonder about what I am missing or whether or not I should be with someone else in a different kind of life, Imagine how difficult and devastating it was for me to discover my EX cheated on me all the while, he lied about everything. he had a wife and 2 kids in Germany and made a fool of me for 3 years. Peter i am sorry but i really have to take this slowly i cant stand another heart break, that would probably **** me. i hope to hear from you soon
Letter 2
My dearest, you made me speechless for some minutes. The night I met you, I never imagined,that I'd feel the way I do. I promised myself I'd never let anyone get close, but somehow you managed too I've been through so much in this life of mine, I haven't been truly happy in awhile. But with you its like everyday gets better, and I'm always wearing a smile.I’ve never really felt this way about a guy before, You’ve truly touched me deep inside, you’ve opened, unlocked, the door.
When you came into my life, you made things right, you put together what others tore. You took away my doubts and insecurities, and reminded me of what I was living for. i am off to the airport and hope to talk to you later.
your baby
Letter 3
Baby i just got attacked on my way to the airport by armed Robbers, i believed they followed me from the western union outlet i used, Baby they took all my money and wrist watch, i was almost killed. i am at the airport. baby please you need to send the 2000 for the PTA cos i wont be allowed into the plane with out it. Dont worry i will repay everything as soon as i arrive. there is a flight for tomorrow i want to be on it. i am so scared.
baby do all you can to send the cash for me. i will be waiting at the airport there is a western union outlet here. i love you.
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