Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Tokareva to Jim (USA)

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Letter 1

Greetings my new friend Jim
As you remember my name Ira. I now am in Russia in city Medvedevo and I dream to find the good man. I repeatedly was in the USA, I very much like people who live in this country and consequently I would like to find the man from this country.
What to tell... For me it is unusual to begin acquaintance so on the Internet because before at me were familiar to men only actually.
But I think, that it is very interesting to have familiar to the person in other country.
As you already know, that I search first of all for the friend. The Friend but only then already love. All it is unusual to me, but I think, that you to me will help which to study with what each other.
It would be desirable to tell, which became the reason of why I have written to you. Certainly, I had many men who have written to me. I will tell it because I do not love lie, and I want, that our relations have begun at once on trust to each other. I have chosen you because you only come nearer to my requirements of the person much more.
I search serious for the person who could be for me the good friend and then if our friendship is strong, and we well will concern to each other, we could to plan a meeting and already then to think of serious relations. So allow to study each other and to become good friends. I think, that it is fine.
My friend Jim, I am interested in a photo, and I have many absolutely other photo, I will send you, it with my each letter so that you could see me. To see, how I spend time with the friends as I have a rest and that I like to do.
I think, which in the following letter if I receive your answer, I will tell to you about where I live and in general about we wash a city, I will tell about how I like to spend time, and it is pleasant to me and as I will tell about the work.
I think, which you also will tell to me about all it.
Well I wait for your letter, and I think, that you have not lost interest for me.
Have good day.



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