Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Tokareva to Jimmy (USA)

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Letter 1

Jimmy, my name is OLga and WOW! I would love to get to know you more. I am really interested in what you have written in your profile and getting to know you.\n\nI am thinking about you now...

Letter 2

WOW!!!!!! I am happy to see the letter from such interesting man. That the reason of what you have written to me???
I think, that we by all means should learn better each other.
So, I think, that it would be more convenient to speak on e-mail. After all so we could send pictures each other. I am assured, that you would like to see more than my pictures.
It is good, if you want continuation of our dialogue give me the e-mail. I will write at once to you.
Today fine day. After all I have met you.

Letter 3

Greetings my new friend Jimmy

As you remember my name Olga.

What to tell... For me it is unusual to begin acquaintance so on the Internet because before at me were familiar to men only actually.

But I think, that it is very interesting to have familiar to the person in other country.

As you already know, that I search first of all for the friend. The Friend but only then already love. All it is unusual to me, but I think, that you to me will help which to study with what each other.

It would be desirable to tell, which became the reason of why I have written to you. Certainly, I had many men who have written to me. I will tell it because I do not love lie, and I want, that our relations have begun at once on trust to each other. I have chosen you because you only come nearer to my requirements of the person much more.

I search serious for the person who could be for me the good friend and then if our friendship is strong, and we well will concern to each other, we could to plan a meeting and already then to think of serious relations. So allow to study each other and to become good friends. I think, that it is fine.

My friend Jimmy, I am interested in a photo, and I have many absolutely other photo, I will send you, it with my each letter so that you could see me. To see, how I spend time with the friends as I have a rest and that I like to do.

I think, which in the following letter if I receive your answer, I will tell to you about where I live and in general about we wash a city, I will tell about how I like to spend time, and it is pleasant to me and as I will tell about the work.

I think, which you also will tell to me about all it.

Well I wait for your letter, and I think, that you have not lost interest for me.

Have good day.


Letter 4

hello Jimmy!!!
About my god, that I see!!! YOU have answered my letter. It is such greater pleasure for me.!!!
That the my dear friend Jimmy, I am very glad that you have agreed to have friendship with me. In fact it so is fine, when the man and the woman have friendship. I am happy, that have found you in a network the Internet.

Big to you thanks, that you have send me the pictures, it is very pleasant for me. So please send me the pictures constantly because it is always pleasant to me to see it.

I would like to tell to you, that I very active girl and do not like to sit simply on a place. I love so-called " a life in movement ". I think, that presently only so it is possible to become successful in a life.
I like to vary constantly, I do not like stereotypes. I think, that you could see that that I constantly vary. I shall send you the pictures, and you can see it.
I love sports, it has completely changed my life and I am very grateful for it. I like to be engaged in shaping, to go to an exercise room, was engaged in diving earlier and very much I love a pool. So you see that I the active girl)))

I hold a post of the lawyer - of the adviser in one of large legal firms.. And I in process of my work constantly should communicate with people. But it is pleasant to me. I shall tell to you about the work later.

As I would like to tell to you, that I comprehensively developed girl and very much love all my hobbies. I very much am interested in architecture, painting, very much I love classical music and I like to visit museums.
Probably, in your country there is much that is pleasant to me.

By the way, and what there is your hobby? Tell to me about your hobbies.

As I very much like to travel. And you like it to do?

2 years ago I had a fine trip to the USA. It was business business trip with the purpose of studying of legislative sphere of the United States. I liked it the country. I think that in the Europe and America, people nevertheless have reached full democracy. And it pleases me.

I think it is necessary to finish conversation on the politician))))

It would be desirable you to tell, why I have written to you. So this everything because in your eyes I have seen that could not find in other men long. I think, that you really will to me the good friend and if all at us will be good and we wash with the beloved.

I send you again my pictures. These are some pictures from my work and I am simple.

I expect as soon your letter.

Your new friend Olga



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