Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Tokareva to Dave (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my new friend!!!
I am glad that you like my profile, and you decide to answer me. Thank you for your e-mail. Now we can have a more personal communication. This my first letter to you, and I do not wish you to offend at all. If I casually offend, please, forgive me. I should tell you, that now I live in Russia. On a site I have made an error, and was registered under another country. I have made it because I want meet man of another country. My purpose in a life is create happy family where one person supports another and never leaves in a trouble. I really would like to learn more about you. Please, ask everything that you wish to know. I need confirmation, that I talk to you, I hope, you understand. I will answer personally to you, instead of I will send all the identical answer. I will read yours letter and to answer only to you. I was sincere with you, and I hope that you can estimate it. I will be very happy, if the distance between us does not force you to be afraid, and you will answer me. I can tell to you more about me in the next letter. I do not know as to begin our acquaintance, and what to tell to you about myself. Probably, you have some questions? I with pleasure will answer. Well, I will not write much and I look forward to hearing from you. I hope that you will not ignore my letter.
Letter 2
Hello!!!! Thanks for your answer to my letter! I very much waited, that you will write to me. I am glad, that you have become interested in me. I will be very pleasant for corresponding with you, and I think, that both of us shall receive from it pleasure. We can communicate with you through e-mail and we learn about each other more. I very much would want to learn what you the person. But while I little about you know, and if we shall give our dialogue of more time, we can learn each other closer. I was glad to see your photo. You very pleasant and nice man. You my type man. And I am glad will get acquainted with you.
And I will be glad to see more photo from you. It is good if you write letters in English. I understood all. Speaking about confirmation. I had in view of that I would like to know that I speak with you. That is to receive answers to the questions, and mutual letters. That I could know that you read my letters and answer me. Instead of to tens women. You understand? My name Liliya. This my real name. Also I would like to ask to you still some questions. What do you like to do at leisure? What do you like in a partner? Tell to me about the city, and a place where do you live? What is your religion? What is your favorite food? Do you like music?
What kind? Do you like to dance? Do you ski? Do you smoke? You have pets? Tell about the rest, you like to visit what places?
I hope, that I set very few questions. Simply I want to find out about you more. And now I want to tell to you a little about myself that you could learn me better. I was born on June, 17th, 1978 in the city Galich. I there lived have not left school yet. After school I have decided to act in the state pedagogical university in city Kostroma on the tutor in a kindergarten. I liked this profession because I very much love children, I like to walk, talk and bring up with them. I like this city and I have decided to remain there to live. I have ended university with excellent and was employed by the profession. I work in Kostroma in children's youthful centre "Malushkovo". Whether I very for a long time doubted it is possible to leave mum one, but she to me has told that the profession should be more important.
I try to visit mum very much frequently, in fact she lives there one and to her it is very boring without me. My father was a military man. He first served in our city, in a military unit. A year and 7 months ago under the contract, he went to serve in South Ossetia. He was a peacemaker. Then came the war with Georgia. First, he wrote to us frequently, but then the letters stopped arriving, and my mother began to worry. But for some time to us there came a letter in which it said that my father was missing. Was information that he could be captured by terrorists. We were with my mother it was hard to get past the loss of my father, but we hope that all is well with him and we hope that it will still be able to return. In Kostroma I live with my aunt Galina. She the cousin of my mum. When I have gone to Kostroma to study, my aunt has suggested me to remain with her to live. So I also live with her. My aunt already does not work, she became frequently sick. Last two years she not frequently to leave on street, at her sick legs, and heart. I should look after my aunt. Also my cousine Nastya lives in this city. we frequently spend time together with her. Nastya frequently remains at my home, and also spends the night. Kostroma the big beautiful city, here very much is pleasant to me. Certainly I do not have no mum, but I try to visit her as it is possible is more often. And now I shall tell about the appearance. At me blond hair, brown eyes, my height of 170 sm, weight of 58 kg. I love animals. Now I have a parrot, his name - Yashenka. I found it very small, it was with a broken wing. It was a pity to me him, and he was so cute that I took him to her. I found him last summer in the village of my grandmother. I like to cook, it at me from mum. Since the childhood I liked to look as she cook, and when began mature itself began to cook from all family, at me it well turns out. I very cheerful, with me was possible to spend well and with me it is not boring so my girlfriends speak. Well basically and everything, that I wanted to tell to you about myself. It seems to me that you can understand not much about me under this letter. I send you photos, I hope, she for you will be pleasant. I would like to learn about you more, than you are engaged, that it is pleasant to you. With the big impatience I shall wait for your following letter. I hope you to me you will soon answer also to me it is not necessary to wait for your letter for a long time!!!!!!!! Your new friend from Russia Liliya!!!
Letter 3
Hello!!!!!! I am very glad, that we continue with you dialogue. It was very pleasant and interesting to me to read your letter. With each letter I find out you all better. I would like to find out about you everything, that you could tell to me about yourselves. It was interesting to me to hear this history with a site. I did not leave on a site more, and have already removed profile. Yes it is amusing that you have met the same girl with an identical name. But I think that in it there is nothing surprisingly. Name Liliya it is happy it is extended. And that she from Russia it is clear. After all it is site RussianEuro. Here Russian women search men from Europe. But it was pleasant to me to hear that you have refused to her, and that have decided to be with me. I have estimated your act. And you for me also the unique man with whom I wish to correspond. Also I have still questions to you. I hope you not against? I would like to know about your last relations with girls? Why they came to an end? And also I have one very important question. I would like to know your intentions in ours with you dialogue? If you will have questions I shall try to answer all your questions. I wish to talk about us. Yesterday after work I have gone to city park. There beautifully and there probably to have rest.
There also it is possible to plunge into the thoughts. I thought in park of our acquaintance. I also thought of you. My purpose finds the person with whom I could live all life. I search for a true love. I wish to find the person for the sake of which it is necessary to live. I want that you would be frank with me. Only then it is possible to see the person and to understand. You the person on which I have paid attention. I want that you would write to me more about yourselves. As I want you the nobility and to learn more and more. I wish to spend the life with the person whom I will be same true and reliable, as well as. My house warm and pleasant, but is lonely without that especial love man. I wish to get acquainted with you by means of correspondence, and then to meet personally. I hope, if affairs go well, I would like to meet this summer, because at me soon holiday. Well, I will tell to you about the most important. Read more attentively.
I wish to explain to you why I cannot find the man of the dream in the my country. I had relations with the russian men. But they do not suit me. As they became more rough and not responsible. They do not appreciate and do not respect. At us to have men, but many drink or beat the wives. Such relations me are not pleasant. If that is clear to tell to you in Russia I do not see normal men. This my opinion. I want the person which me will love and appreciate. Therefore I am serious to search of the person through the Internet. I try the first time to construct relations with the man on the Internet. And I hope that it it to turn out. Well and now I would like to tell to you yet much about the life, I hope, that it will be interesting to you to hear about it!!!! I want to tell to you a little more on the life. Mum now on pension. When I arrive her to visit, we frequently go with her on the nature on picnic and frequently we recollect my father. We like to go by bicycles, it is very convenient, useful for health and does not harm to the nature. With children from a kindergarten I frequently go to campaigns, it is very interesting. During free time from work I like to go to a cinema and to visit different exhibitions. Also I like to be cleaned in the home, it does not deliver to me efforts, even on the contrary helps to relax after work. I like to bathe, in Kostroma is a fine beach, we with girlfriends in the summer frequently spend there time, we sunbathe and we swim. In a winter season I very much like to skate and on a ski, it is very healthy and it is fascinating. In Russia there are very beautiful winters. I hope, that I write that to you interestingly, I speak you all employment. Well I have written to you one more letter which as to me should seems to help you to understand me and in my feelings. My friend I shall wait for your following letter.
Write to me soon, it would be very pleasant for me, if you have written to me a lot of interesting about yourselves. With hope your friend Liliya!!!
Letter 4

Hello!!! I am very glad, that you have written to me again and thanks you for your letter. It was very interesting to me to read it.
And when I have received your letter, I re-read it some times, you see, that I so would like to find out about you in the greatest possible degree. I am glad to your letters more and more, you become for me very interesting and attractive the man.
I think, that with each new letter we all become closer, we start to find out each other all better. I want to ask as you successes on work? How are you doing? How your mood? Whether all at you is good? Yes all your ideas are very close to me. I am absolute with you agree in relations. I think that the most important it not a ring, or still something. These are feelings. The most important thing love. I agree with you. I have the same idea as you. I have nothing to add more. My religion Orthodoxy. It is pleasant to me French and an Italian cuisine. I love especially a pizza and a spaghetti. Also different salads, and pies. I like various music. I listen to many songs of different executors and genres. I very much like to dance. Yes I can is free speak in English. Yes I will have holiday all the summer long. Our academic year to end in June, and will begin in the beginning of September. Between my city and Moscow there is a small difference in time. My dear friend I hope, that you understand my letters and I try to answer all your questions. I want to tell to you about my character. First of all, I very romantic person. I like to walk under the moon, I like to go in the evening on a beach. I am still very hardworking, work does not deliver to me difficulties. On a life I very kind, gentle and open person. At me gentle disposition. I was very easy for offending. I do not bear a rage in people. I like to help to people. I do not remain in the side when there are problems at my relatives. I cheerful, with me do not happen boringly. I think, that woman should look after for the home, in fact she the keeper of a home. I not choosy, for me have no special value, whether there will be at me a smart house or a small apartment. To me all the same, in fact the main thing, what the love person was near. I think, that you understand, that the overall objective in my life it to find that only thing the man with which I can go through all difficulties of a life, together meet pleasure, surround with care each other. In relations I appreciate, first of all, trust and honesty. We should trust each other because without trust it is impossible to live. I write to you in all sincerity, and I hope, that you with me will be fair. In men I appreciate kindness, wit. He should be kind, brave, interesting. In the man I want to see simultaneously and courage, confidence, quiet force, the defender, and the passionate lover, romanticism with young soul. He should have kind heart. The age and appearance does not play for me the big role, the main thing that in the man there was a sincere soul. It seems to me, that you such person. I so dreamed to get acquainted with the good person in the Internet. I know, that in it is a lot of deceit, but it seems to me, that you will not deceive me, because you inspire trust to me the letter. It is very pleasant for me to communicate with you. Your letters are interesting to me. I hope,that our dialogue will proceed. I think, what we start to trust each other, we become more frank, you consider also? I very much want to continue with you relations. Certainly, I shall help also to you in it, you see everything, that we do all this for us. Well, I finish all. You see, what I write to you the big and detailed letters. Do, as I. Have agreed?! Ok? Write more soon. All
bye!!! Your friend Liliya!!!
Letter 5
Hello!!!!!! Me very much pleases, that you continue to write to me. And from it to me it becomes joyful on heart. In fact each your letter I wait with impatience, I like everything, that you write. Now under your letters I have understood, that you quiet, kind, careful and gentle, romantic man. It very much to like me in you, and I appreciate such qualities in man. Yes I understand you. I agree that there are important things which to us need to be discussed at once. To understand where there are our relations. And I can speak with you openly. And certainly I also always will speak you all sincerely and fairly. Yes I wish to move to live to the USA. If our relations go well, and we will decide to be together. That we certainly should live together. I understand, that you hardly will want to move to Russia. But we should live together, the love on distance does not work. And I will be ready to move to live to you that we always were together. Here my opinion. That I to know all about the USA. I read it on the Internet. Probably there something is presented not correctly. But it was pleasant to me, that there it is written. And I think, that to a smog to live in your country. It is pleasant to me in your country. For me there is no problem if your friends black. I not racist. And me it is not important what skin at the person.
Main that is the good person.
If we live in the USA. That we will have probably the American wedding. After all there will be many your friends, and it is your tradition Evening I go to my girlfriend per a birthday. I hope, that we shall have good time. I shall tell to you tomorrow about it. In this letter I want to tell you about my family. My mum was the loved one for me certainly. Name my mum Tatyana. When I remained without the father we have approached with mum even more close. My mum very good woman. She was always the good mistress and the good wife. I always follow an example with my mum. Now she already on pension, we to see became more rare.
My father was the good person. Name my father Alexander. First of all he always thought of that with mum it was good us. he made all for us with mum that we could live normally and there is nothing did not require. he was kind, brave and clever the man. him now very much does not suffice me, and I every day think, about him and I hope that with him all well. I every day ask the god that he has returned to me the father, and we again began to live together as earlier. And still I have grandmother, she lives in village. This village from city where my mum lives, approximately 50 kilometers. She lives one. We speak her, that she moved to us, but she does not want. She speaks, that she has already got used to live in village, that here it is much better, and that she wants to lead the last days in the village. We with mum go to visit her, to visit as at her affairs and we help her on a facilities. But only recently she started frequently to fall ill because she already old and her it is necessary to have a rest more. We speak her that she moved to us that it was easier to look after her, and she all does not want. She speaks, that in village behind her girlfriends look. I have many friends. There is also the best cousin.
We are familiar with her 8 years. She the devoted cousin and always helps me when it is hard for me. I am very glad, that she at me is. In fact it is always good, when you with somebody can talk, tell to her everything, she will listen to you and than can, will help you. This remarkable feeling to have cousin. She the good girl. We always spend time together, we go, we walk together, we talk. I am happy, to have such best cousin. And you have such person? In fact it is healthy to have such person.
And you for me became such close person. It is easy for me to communicate with you, I trust you. I tell to you all about the life. You too can ask me about what you want, I to you shall answer all your questions. I before did not have such friend as you. I very much like to correspond with you, I want, that our friendship proceeded. Your letters heat my soul, and I cannot pass any your letter. Now, I would like to hear from you about your close friends and relatives, it will be very interesting to me to find out about them. I hope, that you will write already soon to me. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. Your letters for me as a beam of the sun among dark day. On it I finish the letter. Your good friend Liliya!!!! PS On a photo my most close people.
Letter 6
Hi my friend!!! I have a little free time, and I can write to you. At me very good mood today. It is good idea to have wedding with elements of Russian tradition. It would be very cheerful:) We had a good party in birthday of my girlfriend Julia. At first we were at her home. It has made to us a celebratory supper.
All was very tasty. Then we have gone with it to cinema. This film has very much liked me, it was the comedy. It is Russian film. The name of a film "Gold eggs". It was very cheerful. XA XA XA!!! Then we with girlfriends have gone to walk in park, we very well spent time. I have presented my girlfriend a soft toy. It was a tiger. My girlfriend was very glad to this gift.
A toy very similar to it, and we long time laughed, discussing it! OA OA OA!! I want to tell you more about my work. As I already spoke I work in a kindergarten as the tutor. My work includes training of children. I teach them to read, write and draw. Also to consider, but certainly absolutely slightly. My pupils only 7 years.
So basically all of us carry out training in any games. So it is easier to small children to understand. I also should keep up children that with them happened nothing. In my class I work not one, I have assistant. So, that to us is not so difficult to keep up all children. As children of us like, and obey us. In a class at me 25 children. Also into my duties to enter to amuse children, and to make their small life of happier. We frequently with them play, and we think out various entertainments. My work very much is pleasant to me. I very much love children, and it is pleasant for me to bring them of happiness. My work does not bring to me the big money, but I allow a lot of pleasure and happiness to children. And I do not search for other work with the big salary, I want to carry by pleasure to children. such work at me. And I am very pleased. Well that's all my time comes to an end. I shall write to you more next time. And also I hope, that you will soon answer me.
Write to me somewhat quicker than and came to me the photo. Your Russian friend Liliya!!! Ps: On these photo my Yashenka:) And from my work.
Letter 7
Hello my! Thank you, you answered me again. I decided to write you a letter when there is free time. I really want to know about you as much as possible. I want you to know me better as possible and not make a mistake in the choice. Let me really think you're the man I am looking for a life. I think if two people always just on the other and they have a mutual understanding, they can build a bright future and long love. I really want to know about you all in detail. Thanks that have told to me about your family. It was very interesting to me to see new photos from you. And that has told thanks about all people that on a photo. I was glad gets acquainted with your friends. Yesterday I had a great day. We with my cousine decided in the evening to go in the gym. It is a good gym. There are many simulators on which we normally do. I try to support me in shape, it is very good for health. In addition, the gym has a solarium, I like to sunbathe there. In addition, there is still a massage. We go to a good friend, and there are always lots of people. But unfortunately I can not go often because there is no free time, and I'm tired after work, and there are no forces on training. Ok, it was time to finish. I hope you were interested in me. I am waiting for your letter. Liliya! PS. Yesterday, Julia gave me a picture with the birthday! You can see me now.
Letter 8
Hello dear friend!!!!!!!! I with the big interest read your new letter. As has usually found a free time on work to write to you. I think, that we can solve with you concerning wedding when we will decide to be together. I think, that to us prematurely to speak about it, and to make any plans. We with you still at all did not see each other. I think, that when we will decide to be together we will solve what wedding we we will have. Yes, the pie certainly, was. That film there was a parody to many Russian films, and comedy serials. No, I collect nothing. Thanks for all the photo, me also was very interesting to see this all. I not absolutely could understand about that your site. I tried to enter, but it has not turned out. I understand on the Internet a little. I am not registered on Facebook. Yes, of course, at me is Cyrillic on the keyboard. Yes my father was the military man, he was in infantry. Yes my mum worked. She was the teacher. My favourite season is summer. I do not know why, but I have woken up in excellent mood. Can because my childhood has dreamed me? I in fact to you did not tell about the childhood? It was the true children's happiness! My mother and father very much love me and have brought up me very strictly. But I am grateful to them for this purpose. I had many friends, and we played in a court yard of our house. It were carefree years. We lived, and we had no these problems which have appeared when I grew. I have gone to school since 7 years. I studied to school on good and excellent. My dream of the childhood was to become an actress. But as it was found out then I did not begin her. I very much liked to watch TV and I liked a serial " Wild angel " where was filmed fine and well-known actress Natalia Oreiro. I very much would like to be similar to her. I would like that me showed on the TV, but this could not come true. My happiest memory, probably when to me there were 12 years. I remember as I went for a drive on the pony. It was very cheerful. I could not sit on her astride and over me all laughed, but in a result I have driven. At me it is a lot of in memory of the happy moments. Also I remember as marked the 18 years. We with friends went to Volga(river) for the night. When we there have arrived we rented two small houses. Then began to cover a table. Boys began to make a shish kebab and we with girlfriends prepared for soups and salads. When we had a meal we have gone to bathe. As soon as we came to quay I has seen a boat and has talked to all to drive. We very for a long time floated by a boat across all Volga. After that we have returned to small houses have taken a towel and have gone to bathe. From the river we came very much tired. Also have gone home. Such interesting history. Tell too an interesting history. I also have told to you about the childhood. And what was your childhood? Write necessarily, ok? It will be very interesting to me. Also tell, whether that it was in you? Whether you see school friends? We start to trust more each other, we become more frank, you agree with me? I think, to which our souls come nearer. I would like to tell to you about everything, that in me occurs. I want to continue with you the relations, and I believe, that everyone can be very good. I wish you good mood within these days, and to not forget me ( smile!!!) I with impatience shall wait for your letter, and to miss on you!!! Your Liliya!!!!!!!
Letter 9
Hi my good friend!!! It again your Russian friend pleases read you with the letter. Thanks for your last letter and for that has cheered me up on all the day. At me as always everything is all right. I hope at you too good? If is not present then tell to me, share with me. Yes you correctly understood that my phrase. I sometimes get tired on work, and already then there are no forces to go on training. I very much love massage, and I would like to receive massage from you:) Yes I am afraid of a tickling. I "early bird". At school I like dances, music, ecology, history and the literature. I did not like mathematics and chemistry. Yes to me like roller-coasters. But I did not go for a drive often. In our city it not so is interesting, as at you to Americas Today I had interesting day on work. Today with children we went on excursion to a museum to republic that children could find out more about a history of the native land. To us told about how there was a republic as the capital who was the first governors who was the first inhabitants has appeared here. Showed many ancient pictures of our city. It was very interesting excursion. Children all have remained pleased. My day has passed imperceptibly. I want to write to you as I spend the days off and a vacation. In the summer we with friends like to go to a campaign. We go to a wood and on lake. Now in the winter we go to ski and on skates. I do not love winter because at us very coldly. But in the winter at us I was very beautiful also do not know with what to compare this beauty. As on the days off I with the girlfriend go to gymnastics to support itself in the sports form. In the childhood my mum has written down me in ballet where I was engaged about 9 years. Since then I try to go in for sports at leisure. In the summer I like to go for a drive on a bicycle and on roller skates. And about two years ago I had the most remarkable holiday. We with girlfriends went to have a rest on the sea. We went to Black sea. You know this place? We at last have saved up money, and have decided to have a rest together. It was first time when I saw the sea. We were there one week, it was magnificent. We had a lot of entertainment and pleasures, bathing in the sea and sunbathing on a beach. Also walked in the evenings. It was remarkable time, I have well had a rest. And where you go in the holidays? I hope to you boring my letter you will not seem and will write further to me. Ok bye my friend. I shall wait for tomorrow's day that again you to write. Write also you to me somewhat quicker. Your friend from Russia Liliya!!! PS These photos have been made, when I was on the sea.
Letter 10
Hello my dear!!! It will be possible to name I so? I did not tell for a long time already such words to anybody. I began to be convinced more and more that I have already attachment to you and already I look forward your letters. Your letter was today such big. I have had time to read all hardly. I have no so much time for work. I will try to come under that reference to your site. I travelled to Black sea by train. Still very much it was pleasant to me in St.-Petersburg. Yes I think it good nickname "The Impatient Couple". I also always wait for your letters. It is interesting to me that to you happiness? For me happiness, when near to me my close people. I am happy, when I have care of close people. I am very tired from loneliness. I search for the person who will destroy my loneliness. Your letters help me not to be lonely. Dialogue with you for me is very important. I wish to be happy at last with the beloved. For me happiness when I will love. And I hope that I will find the happiness. And what you wish to find? I have for you some news. Yesterday I spoke with my mum. And I have told to her that have got acquainted with you. Now I will inform you her reaction to our acquaintance. She was very glad for me and set many questions. I have told to her all that could. She has told that she had about you an opinion as about the good person. But she as well worries. She endures that suddenly at us not to turn out good relations. She is afraid that to me again will hurt. But I to say to her that I knowingly to waste time, and that at us all can it will turn out well. I have told that while we have no obligations, we simply has good feelings to each other. Also I spoke about our acquaintance by my girlfriend. They were very cheerful, and asked at me much. All of them asked, when they can already buy a dress for my wedding:) do not worry, they simply joke. And you spoke to somebody about me? It will be interesting to me to learn opinion. I hope that at us all will be valid well. Heart prompts to me that I correctly do all. Heart always to us prompts what to do, I have listened to it. Whether I very much am afraid correctly I arrive. I think that you will support me. Today at me good mood. And I already wait more likely your answer. Liliya

Letter 11
Hi my dear!!! How are you? You thought of me? I had in view of. Whether can name I you "my dear". There is no I did not take offence at you in any way. Simply then I yet did not know the answer. And now I know. I want that you were mine boyfriend. And I wish to become your girlfriend! I am very close to your last letter. In my heart is empty great place for single men, whom I love and with whom I live my life. I too am looking for my love. It also lacks men's care, tenderness and warmth. My nights are lonely, I do not have enough men embrace. Embrace in which I felt secure and happy. Your words about the relationship very gladdened me, because this is the life I want. I want to be always with her man, and that he was always by my side. On any given day, the bad and good. That we have always supported each other, and have never left our love. In my house will always be a comfort and peace.
Yes it will be a place where we will be just the two, and give each other all our tenderness. Now I'm willing to accept your offer. I want to try to build our wonderful love, and maybe I'll be a woman in your life. And you become a man of my life, the one I will always love. I would really like us to have you all got. I want to love, and get all your affection. You really like me, I treat you have more than just a friend. Now I know that you are a man, who can become my favorite. Let's try and see what we did. Now to me I would be desirable to tell to you about my father, do not know, why, but I have simply recollected him, from him there are no news already long time, and me then it was very bad. Certainly you of me the justification, that I write to you such letters, is simple you from time to time, would be desirable to contact the person who can tell all emotions from whom can talk in an open and frank manner. My father was fine. I remember as he took away me since a kindergarten, he did it almost every day. I was then small but I all the same remember him. My mum very strongly loved him, and I would want that my future husband was the same fine person and that we would like each other strongly. The most important that, my father always remains in hearts of each person which knew him and liked. As I shall carry out today's evening yet has not decided. Girlfriends call at cinema on any new youth comedy. They like to laugh at any nonsense. But I if fairly would not like at cinema at all. Most likely I shall go on a visit to the best girlfriend, she still yesterday called me, and can in general I shall stay at home. There is no mood somewhere to go, I want to have a rest a little from only. Well and how you will carry out today's evening? On while I shall close the letter though I of it would not like to do. As I would like to communicate with you. I shall wait for your letter, and I give you a kiss. Liliya!!! PS. In these photos a court yard of my home in Galich. There lives my mum.
Letter 12
Hello dear!!! It again your Liliya. Thanks for your words. To me it became much better. Well and how are you? Yes this conflict in Georgia has been shined in the press, and on the TV. Then Georgia has attacked the next republic.
Yes it was because of territory. And ours the Russian peacemakers tried to calm this war. And my father was as a part of peacemakers. And then he was gone. War has already ended, and in Georgia all has calmed down. But my father till now have found. I wished to work in a kindergarten because I like work with small children. What to you still to tell about me? I would like to find out as you like to spend the time usually? I usually spend the time monotonously. If to speak about usual days I spend my evenings with my girlfriends. Sometimes it seems to me that I have got stuck in one bottom. Every day, when I go for work I see the same people. On my work all as usually. When I wake up, I almost always know as will pass my day. In days off, I sometimes have new emotions. We can go to have a rest with girlfriends or I can go to the country to my grandmother. During the holiday, I try to make something interesting. But all the same my life without the person who will be always nearby, is boring. I constantly think what to change my life. I wish to meet at last my second half with whom I can divide the life. I wish to live for the favourite person. That every day it was possible to have new emotions in a life. And how to you your life? All arranges you? I hope, that you on me will strongly not miss. Know, that I shall think of you. Write to me soon. It will be very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter soon. And if you can it necessary have gone the photo. Your Liliya!!! PS These photos since the last summer.
Letter 13
Hi my dear!!! I am very glad to see your letter, and that you still are interested in me. Because you are very interesting to me. Moreover not all is solved with prisoners of war. And we with mum hope, that our father among them. Negotiations will soon end. And he it is fast can will come back home. That I would like to make. I would like to try something extreme. Probably weeds by a balloon, or mountains. I would like to visit mountains absolutely precisely. I never was in mountains. Still to jump with a parachute, but it is terrible:)
the scuba diving Can. It is possible to have many so much ideas when there is a beloved nearby. There are 1000 things to make together. My hobby it to dance. Today my mood has been spoiled. Today on work, one of my pupils was wounded when he gambolled on change. For me it was awful.
I very much was frightened for him. My dear, I very much suffer in this occasion. It is very a pity to me of my pupil. After he was wounded I has quickly run in a medical aid station which is at us in a kindergarten. Doctors rendered him the necessary help. Now with him everything is all right, but I very much experienced in this occasion. I very much love children. And I am glad, that all has well ended. I think, that I did not tell to you about my village where my grandmother lives. It very small, but young settlement. To tell the truth there only one crossroads. But there are two long streets. The village is almost in a wood. Many coniferous trees. It is a lot of tree a pine. It is pleasant to me as they smell. Nearby small river. Also in 2 kilometers from village there is a lake. In it very clean and transparent water. In the summer I like to float there. This incredibly beautiful place at any time year. Earlier when we were small we gathered all family and went to have a rest. It was healthy. We caught fishes, prepared for fish soup. On the nature any dish turns out is more tasty. our house in village is beautiful. It completely from a tree. Also there is a shed and bath. You know, what such Russian banya?
In the childhood very much it was pleasant to me in village, and now I go there with pleasure. I in general like to spend time in the summer somewhere on the nature. And you? I shall stop now and I shall come back to my work. I shall wait for your letter. Liliya!!! PS: Unfortunately I have no many photo from village. I hope, you can understand a little about my village.
Letter 14
Hi dear!!! How is everything? All is good also I hope it in all of you well. I every day wait for your letter. It seems to me more and more, that you, that person who so is necessary for me. In me such feelings which I cannot describe a word. I every day think of you. Your letters heat up my soul, they help me to feel your presence close to me. Your high temperature and care are necessary for me. Yes I with my pupil all is good. It was only a few scratches. That phrase, I had in view of, to depart by a balloon, as a dirigible balloon. Yes I and know now ballet. And also modern dance, variety dance. Yes, I know about what show you speak. At us in Russia also is it is show. And she is pleasant to me. But I would not like to dance with a star. I would like to dance with you:) I am glad that you liked my village. I read that you describe, and it is all is very similar. I will be glad to show you my village once. As usually I was on work, then have left to look my mail, and was pleased to see your letter to me. It at once has cheered me up. It seems, that we, already so have well found out each other during that time which we write each other, that I cannot live and day without your letter. I am very pleased, which have found such good the man as you in such big world now difficultly to find good person in the world began too many deceits and lie. It seems to me, that to me has simply carried.
Nevertheless it is good that there is Internet. If not the Internet that we would not be familiar. And I have not found you, the person which understands me. I want that you knew that your letters support me. To you I completely can will trust, to tell all of you that I think, all that occurs to me. Last evening to me came Julia. And we looked with her very interesting film. I very much to like such films which reach soul of the person and this film was tremendous!!! This film named "What Dreams May Come". This film was about love of the man and the woman, they had children and it there was very happy family, but once children were lost also the world began to fall under legs at this good pair, they thought of divorce and almost divorce, but then nevertheless have reconciled. Then the woman has committed suicide and got in a hell, her the husband too was lost also same considered that it was on her to fault.
The husband searched her and children everywhere, and at last he has found children, he was very happy when saw them, but children spoke him that he searched for their mum. It was strong the man and he could overcome all barrier and he has used the best efforts to find the wife, at last he has found her, she not learned him all over again and he has been upset with it, but then nevertheless she has recollected him and they have felt that they again are happy. Then the man has woken up already in paradise and him the wife approached to him and spoke that she is very happy to be with him, then their children came to them both they embraced together and it there was very touching picture and I for a long time cried when looked it.
Is film many emotions and feelings allowed to me, I cried and laughed, I grieved together with heroes of this film and experienced for them. I advise you to look this film. It has very much liked me. Ok it is time to me. I wait for your following letter. Your Liliya!!!
Letter 15
Hello dear!!! I wish to tell to you that I very much like to read your letters. I read them on some times. And each time when I read your letters they to me bring a lot of pleasure. To me was so pleasantly to see your photos. It was amusing to see all. Yes I know about this serial "Law and Order", "CSI:Miami", it showed at us on the TV. I saw one or two series. It was interesting. Only it is pleasant to me romantic transfers more. Russian banya is most better,that could think up Russian. We were washed separately. First girls, then men. The banya is constructed from logs of a pine. It gives special aroma when it will kindle. In a banya it is necessary to bakee, in which put fire wood that in it it was hot. From above furnaces lay stones that on them pour water when become very hot. When you come there at once you start to sweat strongly, and to you to become hardly, to breathe. You lie down on a special bench. In a banya wash together or three together, all depends on its sizes. When you lay on a bench you whip on a back birch brooms. It refers to "to soar". Brooms specially prepare since a summer. After you soared, you start to be washed or it is possible to run out on street and to plunge in a snow. It is simply fine, it cannot be transferred words. Then you are washed and leave from a banya in a special room. There people usually drink tea or other drinks.
After visiting a banya you feel very easily and it is fresh. I feel every day new feelings when I see from you letters. I never you saw in a reality, but I have fine feelings for you. We know each other completely not long. But I like with what tenderness you write the letters. And I feel your tenderness through letters. I did not love the rough relation. It is pleasant to me, when to me give a lot of attention, caresses and cares. I think that for women the most important attention and care. And I receive all it from you. You do me by the happy woman. From recent time I live in hope that we once will meet. I any more do not notice men and I think only of you. It seems to me that we already so have well studied each other during that time which we write each other that I cannot already spend day without reading of your letter. I start to miss, when you do not write. I am very happy that have found such good man as you.
And I have found the man who understands me. I can trust, tell completely to you to you everything that I think, everything that occurs at me on a shower. We should understand each other and have real dialogue! I so am glad that you at me are. If only was possible to arrive to you. Even dreams have begun to dream me where we walk together keeping for hands. I very much would like to walk with you along the street, to travel, have a good time together. I will go with the great pleasure near to you!!! It seems to me that every day between us there is something more than friendship. We start to trust more each other, we become more frank, you agree with me? Probably I have fallen in love you. I think that I have arrived correctly that have fallen in love you. I believe that at us with you all can be very good. I should finish already my letter, at me it is a lot of emotions now. I very much wait for your answer. And I hope that it will be mutual. I always attentively read your letters. I write to you from my heart. I wait Your Liliya
Letter 16
Good afternoon, my pleasure!!!!!! How your life???? What do you do???? How your health????
I am very happy that I receive your letter and it does me so happy. You know as to do of common sense in my afternoon. I am very happy that to you me to understand and my feelings for you. Dear, I understand that it is difficult to love the woman whom you did not see even did not meet never. I hope that in a life, you the same wonderful person who has written me these wonderful letters. I wish to talk today to you about us. I think, that our feelings to each other grow every day. And letters cannot already transfer all it. I want, that our relations became real. You know, that I will have a holiday since June, 1st.
And I think, that we need to meet. I wish to talk about it. Also it seems to me, that we already came to the that moment when it is necessary to solve about our feelings. You also became very interesting to me, and now I think of you constantly. It seems to me, that our relations can go further, than simply friendship. And I think, that to us in it to be defined, we need to meet. I think what to test any feelings it is impossible without a meeting. And consequently I want to meet you and that we could speak about ours relations, and decide that we want. What do you think? Dear, I think that we should meet. I try to understand that I test for you in a reality. Though, I can tell to you precisely that my feelings the presents for you. Instead of that it cannot change. Because I think that it of my heart. We require meeting and our meeting, we have, can help rather. Really, if we can understand our feelings. I think that at our meeting, they are going to become even stronger. What do you think of it????? I think that also it is necessary to see for you me. I know that you want. I understand it because letters are difficult to express my feelings to the person. I write my letters All of you my heart and my words for you. I am convinced that when we will meet, I can tell to you with your eyes same which I am going to write in my letters. Dear, I think of you every day. I wish to concern hands and to be assured that you are near to me. But I can calm myself, my thoughts always about you. I wish to be in your warm embrace and to sit down on your knees, courageous. I it wish to feel really now. My thoughts overflowed with you. I thank all those whom to me represents to you. You have given me positive energy in my life. I wish you good day. I hope that you will think of me. Your pleasure Liliya
Letter 17
Hello my dear!!!! I so am glad your answer to see fast. I very much waited for it. Because for me it is very important that now occurs between us. I very much wish to know about your feelings, and about your thoughts between us. I am very glad that you divide with me all my thoughts on us. To me so your warm words, and your confidence of us are pleasant. My darling, you became me in this time which we with you correspond very expensive person. And I at all do not know, who except you to me is more expensive than all on light. I do not know, how you live, you do not know, how I live. But nevertheless, me it seems that you my destiny because in this time I have very much got used to you, I constantly think of you, I look forward each your letter, and with the great pleasure I read each your letter. I am very happy that you also wish to meet me, as well as I with you. I am glad that you seriously concern me, and that is ready on serious relations. I think that we can make our meeting without problems. We should think of it. Only you not absolutely understood me. I will have now holiday, and I would like to arrive to you. I would be happy to have a meeting with you. We would execute unforgettable days together and slightly where it will be, in Russia or in your country. But I also very much would like to arrive to you. I never was in your country. I think, if you wish to do to me pleasantly you will allow me to arrive to you. And we will present each other unforgettable days and nights. I wish to come to you, to see that there are no borders between us. When I come to you, we together will decide what to make further. You agree my arrival? I have questions for you. And I hope that you without difficulty can answer them. 1 My dear when you wish to meet me??? You want that it was as soon as possible??? Or you wish to wait any time???? I want our meeting as soon as possible. Especially I will already have very soon holiday. 2 Today, I spoke with the mother. My mother is glad that we meet. She speaks that in this time we with you well find out each other. What do you think of it???? 3 Where I will live??? Hotel or at you the house??? I will live in what room??? My mother is very interested by it. It is final my mother, and she should know me about all information of our meeting and residing. I hope that you understand why she sets so many questions. After all she worries about me. 4 In what airport I should arrive?

4 you can give me the full address where I can find you? Well? 5 What clothes it is necessary for me, to take for your country with itself??? It should be warm or summer things??? I am very happy that I have got acquainted with you. I believe that we can soon meet you to continue our relations, only it will be much better, than simply to correspond. You to me are very dear, you are attentive, and I think that you will be the fine man for me. And I will be glad to meet you. And my mum will not be against you. My mother is happy that I have got acquainted with you. Dear, I very much wish to see you, I wish to meet you. And to begin rather serious relations. And I really wish to meet you. Every day we with you do our meeting all more close. And be already very fast we can together. I am very happy. My dear please do not forget to answer all my questions. Liliya
Letter 18
Hello my most dear!!! I am very happy that have received your letter! Dear, I wish to tell to you that my intentions to be with you nearby serious.
I wish to see you, to see your life. It is very important for me. I wish to see your life, your centre, your work, your leisure. I wish to feel all it! It is very important to me to be with you together my dear! It is very serious stage in ours with you lives. I will be with you nearby! Yes I understood everything, that you did not explain. Yes I also do not want, that there were no problems. And we will receive the full information. And we find out as to make all correctly. I too will try to receive all information now. And then all of us will discuss. I thank God that he has reduced us with you! Today I spoke with my mum about us about our meeting. She has told that I already adult and can decide itself that to me to do. My mum has told, that I have listened my heart before I will take a step. And my heart speaks "Yes, be with him!" And I wish to listen to my heart. I wish to be with you!!! Yes, these words start with depth of my heart. From that depth which I thought I will not open never. But you have kindled all ice which was.
And now in my heart and a shower spring. Spring of our new pure relations. I would like to shout for pleasure, to run and say to everything that I am really happy! It seems to me that I now the happiest girl in this city, yes was not present, the happiest on all earth! And you, my have made me such. You have presented to me happiness in this life. Has let to me know that I am really necessary and it am pleasant, as the girl. To you, me it was cold in this world and I felt very lonely.
But now these feelings behind because you are at me and soon we will together. Tomorrow I plan to find out all about my trip to you. I have one acquaintance, and she can help me. I think that this very serious business and we should trust in serious firm. Tomorrow I will go there and as soon as I will have any news, I will write at once to you dear! Well it is fine, I will finish the letter. I will wait for your letters! Write to me much, and do not forget about me. I miss:)))))
Your Liliya
Letter 19
Hello, my dear!!!!!!!! I am happy to receive your letter today. And I am happy to read all your words, so tenderly. I went to the travel agency to learn about my trip. I learned all about the documents and tickets. anything can be done before. But it will cost you money. I was very surprised that it costs so much to go. It costs more money, and I have no money. I have been long enough in a travel agency and learned all the details. I spoke with the manager first, then the director.
That is all the information I received. we must do to prepare my trip in two stages. The first step is to gather the necessary documents. It does not take more than a day. only then begin immediately to sign all necessary documents to travel back in your country. The second stage was when I had ordered all the documents, then we can choose a ticket. My love is what we must do now. is to prepare the following documents: passport, visa, medical insurance and assistance. All documents will be made by the agency. they execute all necessary measures, we will not need to worry. Everything will be done quickly and qualitatively. They promise to return the documents within 14 days. but all will pay: Passport - 4900 roubles (130 euro), Visa and Consular Fees - 6500 roubles (170 euro), insurance and medical information - 2700 roubles (70 euro), the Service Agency - 1900 roubles (50 euro) . Thus, the total cost of the documents will be 16000 roubles (420 euro). And the bad news is that it is very expensive for me. It make me little suppressed and disappointed. I did not so now. I certainly assumed that all costs money, but what kind is expensive! And I have even been a little upset. I hope you'll help me come to you. I speak to you about financial aid. I'll tell you frankly, I do not hide something you, you're a grown man and very near and dear to me. you must help me get the documents, which cost 420 euro. I hope I'm not afraid of you as an amount of money. Indeed, in our era is not as easy to come to someone else who lives abroad. I pay for everything myself, but my small salary did not even allow me to pay half the cost of this. If I had a salary is not much more. I am so upset by this. But I think you can help me deal was that, my dear and well loved. My dear, I told you that my intentions you seriously. I really want to meet you. I want you to come to you next. I think you understand. I do not live rich. In fact, I do not appropriate to talk? I do not know what way can I pay for the trip. And it made me very afraid. Believe me, is not very at ease talking about. My friend, I really do not know what to do. If I had money or at least part if I am to see you come from you completely. I request you to write what you think of my dear Very important for me to come to you. It is very serious for me. you understand me?
I dream of you about our meeting.
Me come to your home :)
I'm in a crowd, and I can not find you!
Then I heard your voice "Liliya" I raised her head and you see.
You ask me how was my flight.
you want to take my luggage.
But I want to say: "Thanks, but I'll carry your luggage itself.
you give me a bouquet of flowers. And this will be red roses:)
For the moment I can not comfortably carry your luggage and you can see. And you ask me to give you. And I do this because I understand that I have not brought myself. And if we go together, and in your hands my luggage in my hands your beautiful flowers:) Smile on my face, and I'm saying something but it will be impossible for me because I am a little worried. Later, we go to the cafe and I stopped worrying. I'm not creative enough. What should we do now??
Do you think???? Tell us what you think of all this my dear??? I hope you understand my letter correctly. I'm so excited for you. I apologize if I wrote something, not so much in a letter today. Postscript I am really pleased that we will be able to meet and be together. Your favorite Liliya!
Letter 20
Hi dear!!! How you? I'm fine home and on work! I very much waited your letter! I am very glad to receive your letter. And I am very glad, that we can be with you together. I read your letter, and I have many optimistic thoughts. Concerning the visa of the bride. I found out all. You do not need to be afraid about what. All can be made so.
I have found out I can easy go to you to the country as the tourist. And it does not do any damage for the visa of the bride. I can visit the USA simply as the tourist. We will spend time together. Probably even to me to receive the visa for 3 months. I can spend with you all the summer long. And when I will be at you, we can do a photo together, and it will be the proof of that we were together and are already familiar for a long time. And also me have still told, that if I can go to the USA now as the tourist. That then to me will be even easier to go to the USA again. If I to have once the visa second time it to receive most easier. Understand me correctly. It not the best variant if we meet at first at me. We with you yet did not see each other. And you represent, that I will present you to all my family, my mum. And itself I will see you for the first time. It will be wrong, and my mum will not be ready to meet you now. I think, that at first we should meet you. We should meet, speak about our relations, learn better each other. Probably in a current of this sew meetings, you will not want to be with me. Then what for this acquaintance to mum? It will be better if we at first solve all with our relations. And already then we will invite parents. You understand? I do not understand that with me, I think the whole days of you! You pleasant, good, kind, I can always tell you it! And you understand me! It is very pleasant for me that far there lives the person to whom I am necessary! I very much love your letters, I with the great pleasure read letters! And I understand you more and more! I feel, how with each letter you become closer for me. I am tired from a life here without the person whom I can grow fond, and you - unique who is necessary to me, and gives me force to trust in love. You see that we became much closer, than ever before. You cannot imagine at all that you mean for me. You mean much. You can ask, is possible: why. I do not know. But I really know - that you for me became very much the loved one. I never knew such beautiful soul as yours. You have opened it once for me and never closed. Now I open my soul for you. I give you my heart. I think, you unbiassed and are fair to me. Now I completely trust you, and you became for me the close and native person to whom I can open the heart. I like to read letters from you. My heart always trembling when I see the message from you in my mail box. I become the grasped aspiration from you. I think that all will be good, and we will meet! Our meeting will solve much! Unfortunately, I cannot write you all about the feelings. It is very difficult to transfer the thoughts through a paper. I would like to tell to you it personally. The life in loneliness is very difficult. I try to distract work, but all the same constantly I think of my future, about our future. I do not represent myself lonely. I want that near to me there would be a beloved. If you think that I write to you not so, please, correct me.
What do you think of my letter? I wait the frank answer.
Letter 21
Hello my destiny!!! Thanks you for the next letter. This happy moment has come, and I can learn that you think of my previous letter. Your letters fill my life with sense. I have started to understand that my life means nothing without you because I am enamoured in you. We are created for each other and nothing should us prevent to meet in this life. We should be together, it is our destiny. I think, that you do not need to worry about my arrival. I received this information in travel agency. This travel agency works for a long time already, it is more than 10 years. And they have experience in the organisation of trips.
They already did documents and organised a trip for many girls. And they know as it is possible to make all well for a trip of the USA. And nobody complained for them. Then they did visas of the bride to these girls. And there is nobody there were no problems as you explained. So I do not worry at all concerning that we will have these problems. I trust this agency.
I think, what even on the contrary it is better to us to trust professional in people, than to try to make something. I think, that so it will be better. I am confident there will be no problems. Yes, you are right that it will be better to see at first for me your country, to get used to it. And then we can already start to make out the visa of the bride. It would be fine for finding out each other more close, better. I have fallen in love with you, with each your letter, I understood that you the remarkable person that with you to me are very good. When I read your letters, at me is cheered up, and I would like to see you, I would like to meet you to find out, see your world. I very much grieve without you. Each person has a world, there is a house, work where he works. And it is very interesting to me to find out, how you live, than are engaged to feel your warmth, your love, your tenderness. I am very happy that I have got acquainted with you. I believe that we can soon meet you to continue our relations, only it will be much better, than simply to correspond. I wish to be with the unique man with whom I will feel favourite. I wish to be with you, you that man. I will give myself to you completely both a body and soul. We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion will pour out for love limits, and we will enjoy the friend the friend all life till last moment of our existence. These are my dreams, and I hope that all becomes fast it is a reality I very much miss under your letters and always I wait for them. I wish to tell to you that now you are not lonely and that you have the person to whom you are not indifferent. Therefore do not forget to write to me. Your letters are important for me. Your Liliya
Letter 22
Hello dear!!! I had no doubts that I will see today your letter. I am confident, what you missed on me? I very much missed, and consequently tried to see your letter more likely. I read your letter very attentively. And I could understand all your words. Thanks, that you understood my words, and you agree on that I have arrived to you. I understood, that for you now not absolutely convenient time. Also it will be better, if I arrive in the beginning of July. I understood, that you can solve all concerning the house. Of course, I am ready to wait this time. I understand, that it will be much better. I understood, that you have explained all, and I agree with you completely. It is good idea. Of course, I will wait till July. Certainly, I not to leave you never. I could not think of it at all. I love you! I waited for you all life. And I am ready to wait even 1 month. It not a problem. I will wait, and I will always remain with you. I can arrive in the beginning of July. I agree with you. I just, will have time to spend time with my mum, and then to go to you. I do not take offence at your words. I understand, that there are many awful people in the world. And I understand, that you think of it. But I hope, that you really do not have any mistrust to me. I could doubt also, but I to trust you completely in all and I give my trust and respect. I hope, that our feelings will be mutual. You said, that do not know my name and the address. But it not a problem. You can simply ask it me, and I am easy to you it I will tell. I do not have any secrets from you. My full name Liliya Kuznetsova. Here my address: Russia, Kostroma, street Spasokukotsky 27, apartment 19. I read your letters, they are full of emotions, warmth and liking to me. I grieve without you very much. You are in my heart. I have such strange feeling inside. I grieve without you awfully. I require you so much. It not only words that I feel now. I think this all time. I never had it before. I know that I require you very much, and it is very pleasant to me to feel that you require me too. I always think of you, about our meeting, about our feature. Now I feel that you - my second half. And I wish to be with you most of all on this planet. I’m lonely and now I have found you in this huge world. My feelings and words concerning you always were sincerely, and I always understood that we place a lot of trust that our union would be real. I understand now absolutely that you are a person of my dream. I searched for you all my life, and now I have found you, and I am not going to lose you. We will be happy together, I will do all for this purpose. I am ready to overcome many kilometres to be with you. And I am confident that it very soon happens. We do all for this purpose. I do not know as still to express my feelings. I wish to be with you... I will finish my letter and I should go. I leave to you all my dreams. And I again will return tomorrow, and we again will be
together. Liliya
Letter 23
Hello my dear!!! Today I am very glad to your letter. Also trust me that all that I write it sincere words which proceed from my heart. And when we will meet, we will enjoy each minute spent together, my lovely and tender! I also do not wish to stop on these bad thoughts. Of course, at first I was harms on you. To me was insulting to hear charges in the address. Because it does not concern in any way me. I also was fair with you in all my words. And here after long our dialogue, you have decided to doubt me. Also spoke such things. Certainly, it touches me. But after perusal of your letter, I understand your doubts. And I am ready to forgive you, and I do not take offence at you. I do not wish to stop on these doubts, I wish to have fine emotions with you. I hope, that we will never lift this theme more. I so wish to nestle on you all body, I wish to feel your breath, your smell. I so passionately want you, I do not know that with me, such never was, that I, never seeing the person, and me to him so strongly pulls. I want, that you have felt, as I now miss you. I wish to feel your gentle kisses, your strong body when your language gets into my lips, on mine a body the pleasant shiver runs, I want that you did not cease to kiss me, to embrace me, to caress me. Recently I think only of you, fairly, I cannot of what the friend to think, except you. I wake up and I fall asleep with thoughts on you! I cannot describe the feelings words. And I feel that in my heart there is only a love to you. And I promise to you that you will feel it when we will meet. Thanks you, dear, that you are at me, and I are at you. I promise to you that I never will hurt you. I believe that by the destiny is intended us of happiness. Of your occurrence in my life which I expected, had a presentiment, of which has been assured how you have appeared in reality, the best proof of that it so. That for me now every day goes very slowly will suffice, and each minute passes as an hour, and each hour seems eternity. It is very a pity to me of that time which we spend not nearby. You imagine, how your Favourite Lady, sits and waits for that fine moment when we for the first time can look each other in eyes, embrace and kiss each other, I feel it more and more.
When you will try my first warm evening dinner prepared specially for you. My hands will prepare for you the warmest foodstuffs, and you enjoy this moment when eat with me, and we speak, laughter and our light of eyes very much. And after dark evening time when we will go to bed. We will have fantastic time where two persons bathe in feelings each other and in the biggest Sense which named Love. I would like it now when you have, this evening you imagine this time that you have quickly and know that the life can be more interesting and more heat. Your Liliya!!!
Letter 24
Hello my dear! What a joy to read your letter again. While I yet did not do any plans for my holiday. While I have simply a rest. I think, that next week I will go to my mum to spend time with her in holiday. And then I will be with you. Therefore I wish to go to her now. I for the present have not solved when precisely. I also love winter. I like this season. Only when it is not cold. There is no I did not go yet on a beach to sunbathe. While weather yet so heat. That I wish to do the first, when I will arrive it simply to spend time with you. We could to remain simply at home weigh day, both to speak with each other. And to find out better each other. Then we could go in your city, look all places, your house. I would like will get acquainted with your family, your friends. I'm so glad you're with me. I want to be with you as soon as possible. I never forget you for one second and I'm sure you will not forget me. I think about you all the time. You can not imagine how I like receive a letter from you. I'm glad I found my favorite over such a distance. Are you with me in my mind. I always think and dream, because it would have been very happy to be together. We are very happy together! I am so excited about our meeting! I'm so glad we're together. I believe in our happiness. All my thoughts now - about our meeting. I want so much. I know that now will be very important for us both. I think we'll be happy together. It is very important to me. I dream and imagine the first time we meet. Of course, I'm so excited! Here I am. You're becoming very dear for me. I think of you, I dream of you, I want you. Sometimes I despair of knowing that you're now so far from me. But soon we'll be together and we're really happy! Your Liliya
Letter 25
Hello my love!!! I am very glad to read your letter again. In your letter it is so much many fine and remarkable words, for me pleasure to read your letters. At that time while we not nearby our letters this unique means of dialogue which connects us with you. But I know, that when we with you will meet, we will make up for lost time time which we have spent in separation from each other. I am glad to have you in my life! I with pleasure would try to do with you snowmobiling. It will be interesting:) When I was younger in villages at the grandmother there lived a dog. I loved her very much. Also went often to the grandmother, and played with my dog. Once my dog was brought down by the car. She has wounded paws. She at first lived some time, but then we had to lull her. I so have been upset. It was awful. I would like to arrive to you, and to remain with you for all life, to look after you, to love you. If there would be at me a possibility, I have thrown all and right now would sit down in the plane and have arrived to you. I dream only of you! I am so happy the nobility you, you cannot imagine at all! I only wanted, that you were, each time near to me. I wish to say, that I THANK YOU for your existence. For everything, that you did for me to light dreams, and sweet emotions proceed. A sight, that I have beautiful words for you: There is a sea between us, love, and it is a pity to me, that it was not true, within each day when I clear up, I grieve to be with you. There are many kilometres between us, love though you - always here in my heart, and every night, below silver star light, I pray within day, about that remarkable day when we will be together. I promise to you, that I never will hurt you. I believe, that by the destiny is intended us of happiness. Of your occurrence in my life which I expected, had a presentiment, of which the best proof of that it so has been assured how you have appeared in reality. Nobody is necessary to me except you, you are necessary to me, and only you. I very much love you. I will wait for your letter. Your Liliya
Letter 26
Hello my love! I am very happy to receive your letter. Thank you for your sincere and warm letters. It is very good, when know that worldwide there is a man who thinks of me.
How are you? I hope in you is all good. Washing a dog called Bonchik. It was the German shepherd. If you also want we could get a pet. I also would like a dog. Yes the wing at mine Yashenka already healed. And I sometimes let out it from a cage in a room. And he flies on a room.
I close all windows and doors that it has not taken off:) I would be glad to try to do with you all. I am able to ski, and I think, that a problem will not taste these two new a kind. I would like to study new things. At us in cars all wheels are on the left side of the car, as in your country. It in any way at British. In Russia also there are many holidays. Many holidays as at you. The cores it is Christmas, on February, 23rd, on March, 8th, Easter, on May, 1st and on May, 9th, now new holidays, it also are entered on June, 12th. Also then new year. Name days it something a birth similar to day. Someone even considers it more important birthday. Well for example, Tatyana day. This day all women with name Tatyana have a holiday. Usually such days happen approximately in 1 month after birthday. I probably on Friday will go to my mum home to Galich. I do not know how many an exact times I can spend there. I will inform you. Every time I read your letter, I feel that it brings me closer to you. I think a lot and I dream of our future. I can not wait for that day or we can meet. I can not wait for day when we can have the first conversation, our first embrace, and our first kiss together. Every minute, I think of you and I think our meeting!!! I just want you and I want to be alone with you!!! I really missing! I want to be each morning and dinner and evening with you my love!!! I wish to inform you that I have never felt so much love in my life. I know I can trust you, respect you and you'll always be with me. I want to say thank you. With you, I feel by the woman who wants to be happy is love. When I've met you, you have given me the hope of happiness. I am most grateful to you for it. I am very happy that you do not leave me and our estimated relationships. You're the real man, who is not afraid of problems, which can take care. I am very happy that you have chosen me and gives me the chance to give you all the love and tenderness. I think of you my love. I need you in my life. Your Russian women
Letter 27
Hello my perfect and wonderful! I am again happy to see your letter. Each of your letter brings heat in my heart. Each letter of your to take a place in my heart more. How your mood my love? Whether you dream today? I will necessarily speak to my mum hello from you! I also do not represent as I there can be without you all this time if I go to mum. I quite understand your words, because my thoughts same. I will miss very strongly very much on you!
I will try to find possibility though what Internet. I even thought of to going to my mum. Because I cannot sustain so a lot of time without you. But then my mum will be very upset. I think, that you understand, that I should go. Yes it is improbable, that from the moment of our first meeting already there passed month. And all this month we. And I so am happy to it. It seems to me, that it any more 1 months, and at least 1 year. I so already well know you, you my closest man. Dear, I want you to tell an that I love you and I can not live without you more. I wish we were the earliest possible date so that we have created the family very happy. I spoke with my mother about my moving from Russia has left me in you.
That we were all living a whole family. That our love has assembled. I wish that our future was very good and happy. You have always with me in my heart. My ideas you have returned again and again. I want to give you everything I have, I want you to very happy, as you do me. I feel very well, because soon we shall meet. I hope that our relationship to you as much, and for me. I'm so glad you've met. I always wanted to meet to his love and his man. For what I sought all my life.
you're probably intended for me by fate. I have to connect life only with you my love. I'm glad you're my. I greatly value. I do not want to lose you ever. You are my meaning of life. I always dream of man as you, such understanding and human love. I want us to be with each other. I will wait your letter soon. I hope to receive it and be happy for your reply. Many kisses to my!
Love always you Liliya !!!!!
Letter 28
Hello my love! You access the plane and we are looking each other eyes in the crowd. We find our heart also strikes us give each other gentle embrace. We have embraced and look after everyone has us. And for us, whether real person. Only you and I. He was the big day I received the first letter of your hand. I thank God. And I know I have you found.

You love me? you also want that we were together? Thank you very much for you. I see you have a good heart even, and it can make us hotter. It is very pleasant for me to hear my!!!!!!!!!! Yes I also would be very glad to hear your voice. It would be really fine, and we could remember each other. I could call to you before I will leave to my mum. What do you think? If you agree, you can tell to me the phone number. And I try to call. Thanks, that you understand me. I will try to search for possibility to write to you. Last time I went to my mum for a holiday on March, 8th. I had 3 free days, and I have gone to mum. A wild angel it not TV show. It is a serial so. It resembles on Santa Barbara. I think you know it. It also a serial about the girl who has then fallen in love. It so much to tell, so it is a lot of series. And the main actress also was the Wild angel. She was the girl-boy, liked to play football, a vein in a shelter. And the sense of a film that she then turns to the true lady and to find the love:) For me, today, not very good mood. Possibly because of that we still far apart. And very much you do not suffice me.
Yesterday I thought of us before the dream a lot. I thought that now would be great together and joyfully. I'm glad you are to me. It has the unique feeling of my life. Through for me all my life, I do not now represent to you the outside of my life. With each day love for all is becoming stronger and stronger. When I think of you I have all the mood is improved also for me to become better. I have many many missed for you, my love! I want you my love were with me one minute hard you could calm me when I hurt. And like you I could calm and console one minute hard.
But why I we should be together, I should arrive to you! I kiss you my honey. I expect your letter below.
Your love Liliya!!!!!!!
Letter 29
Hello my love!!!!!! I am happy to see your letter again, and I am very pleased to once again reading your letter. It is the greatest to me during the day. I can not even find words to describe this feeling I have when I receive a message from you. Many thanks for your phone number. I have written down it. And I will call to you. I find out as to do a trunk call, I think, that there will be no problems to understand in all. I only received your letter. I will call to you tomorrow. I will try to call while you asked. I will inform you. I to call you tomorrow, and on Saturday already I will go to mum. My dear, I think of you for everyone second. You're always in my thoughts, you're always near. My love, today, I also have a good mood, your letter makes me feel happier in the world. My dear, I sincerely hope that soon we'll be together and everything you say and everything I have said, we can say to the other. I look forward to the day we meet, it will be the highlight of my life. I know that when we're together, we remember with a smile on our communication on the Internet. I am very grateful to fate that joined us, I am very grateful to the internet where we found each other. I am very grateful for your love, for your consideration, for all the sweet words you told me. It gives me great pleasure to love you. It seems that you and I are already on so close to each other, we, as if the husband and wife. But do not look at this subject we should bear in love and trust each other. I dream of our meeting and what we will do a walk with you, keep a hand, as we shall see after one after another and we'll make love. I am very strongly in the expected of you. I want to be with you and wait for that day. I ask you, that you to speed up our meeting.
Now, nothing can prevent us to be like. I love you my dear. Now, I look forward to the moment after, still bright when I see your letter.
I embrace you, my sunshine.
My prince.
My love.
My man.
Your Liliya!
Letter 30
Hello dear!!!!!!!! I hope very much that your day with great pleasure and advantage. Yes yesterday I received your phone late. Also could not call any more. But, I to call to you today. I hope to hear your voice. I lived and in urban area and rural area. When I was younger, I often lived at my grandmother in villages. And then already in a city. So for me there is no big difference. It is pleasant to me everywhere. Now I live in a city. I live in the city, almost in the centre. And I like it. Tomorrow I will already leave to my mum possibly. I still will try to write to you since morning before departure. I am very grateful for all the nice words you told me. I will never forget. I want you to talk more and more of our love. Me again and again want to offer you the pleasure of saying how I love you. My dear, it's you that I searched everywhere and always. Several times I saw you in my dreams, and I do not want to wake up not to lose this wonderful dream. And soon, all my dreams are realized and we will be together. My day began with the idea of silent. I've been to the haste and did not even look out the window. Usually when I wake up I look out the window to know the weather. But today I am in such haste to review your letter and I was totally indifferent to the weather. But when I left, I realized that this was not good for the weather. A few days before the day was a beautiful sunny weather, but this morning, everything changed. Today is a very overcast weather. In ordinary times, I was not happy with this time, and I have a bad temper. But today, even the overcast weather did not spoil my mood. I know that I love you and I know you love me. In my life everything has changed, and now all the usual things for me to become invisible. Dear, I love you and we should be together. My dear, I wanted to share with you the happiness. I hope that reading this letter your mood was even better. I love you my only love.
I rejoice in your reply.
I embrace and kiss!!!
Your love Liliya!!!
Letter 31
Hello my love!!!!!! Again and again, I read your words with great pleasure and with love in my heart. All your letters and words that I carry in my heart, and always good to remember everything you told me once. I tried to call you yesterday. But at me it has turned out nothing. I very much am angry:( I tried to dial some times number, but there was no connection. Likely I incorrectly did something. I still never called in other country, and I do not know as it. I will try to find out everything, to call you in this week-end. I have decided to postpone my trip to mum, for some days. I cannot leave from you:( I have not left yet, and already I miss on you. I have told to mum that I will arrive on Monday. I wish to stay with you some days. Yes I understand, that you read about the American men. I also heard it. But I do not think at all of it. I am confident you completely. I am confident absolutely, that your intentions not the such. And all your words very gentle. And I know, that we will have a true love. And both of us are happy with it. I also am ready to open to you all my heart. Today in Russia a holiday. It is absolutely recent holiday. On June, 12th it is day of Russia. And it became the state holiday, and all people have a rest. Also there will be some concerts and celebrating. I think, that we with girlfriends will go to park. There it should be cheerful. It is a pity, that you this day are not present nearby, and we could celebrate together. If I were a poet, I could express my feelings in poem, and it was very nice. Even if I did not have the opportunity to express their feelings in poem but I am trying to tell you the most important, but I think it's also beautiful and sensual. My dear, this day I very want to meet you, and you finally express all the feelings I have accumulated for all our love. Maybe I will repeat, but now, as always, I want to go to bed and wake up with you there, just a gentle touch on his hands.
Meeting with the soft love, and a lot of tenderness and caress. Just talk about anything until dawn, just laugh and be sad.
Even though I know that when we're together we'll never sad. Dear, I always said I love you, but I could not think of words to express you my feelings. I always try to tell you something unusual and very pleasant. I do not know if I could do it, but reading your letter, your words feel that I understand that our feelings are reciprocal. A very real sense, we understand even without words. I love you, and I think our feelings are reciprocal. I love you, but, and I am so far from you. For our love has no barriers. Nothing can be an obstacle to our senses, and I once again convinced. I love you and I want to show everyone what our love is very strong and sincere. Our relations are growing stronger every day. And we meet, we will be in one piece. I just want to dream to be near to you, only two changes expected. Just love you with all my heart, and get the same feeling in return. Always be faithful to each other and never quarrel. My love, I love you and always a smile on my face when I remember. Now I will wait for your reply. I look forward to the time once again be able to enjoy reading your letter.
I love you! Your love Liliya!
Letter 32
Hello my dear!!!!!!! My love, I am very glad to see your letter. I missed by your words. And now I am glad, that I can read again, and to become less sad. When I read your letters, I feel you near to me. Also I do not feel lonely. I will try to call you again today. I will call in some hours. I hope, that to a smog to call. Wait for my call, and not be on the Internet:) My evening was yesterday well. We with girlfriends have gone to park. There there was a celebratory concert. Also various competitions. We still went for a drive on a big wheel. You know this attraction? It is a holiday at us it began to be celebrated after falling of the USSR. I know, that in the USA there is a holiday day of independence. Here this holiday was yesterday the same. To me was so pleasantly to hear, that you wish to make a song for me. One your desire, is already huge gift for me. It will be so unusually:) This day, I am particularly happy to receive your answer. My love, so pleasant and happy feelings rushed over me at this time. I love you and I try to express their feelings, you have really understood my love for you. My dear, we are pleased to be so little, that of loyalty, love and warmth. To ensure that our feelings are goodness of our hearts have increased. To warm up my soul, this feeling again and cheered with great force. And there is nothing this world can not destroy, if there is love in the world. And that everything in life is not smooth, rain and wind and cold around. Our feelings are always hot and warm up our hearts. My love, I wish you the best always. Be always happy and unique. Always love and be loved. May there always be achieved everything you want, and leave all the moral qualities of men in you is the strongest love. And hope very much that these days like today do not stop it. And all the days we would be happy as today. I believe in your love, and are looking forward to your reply. Today, it is still a kiss, but I hope that soon we will have a real kiss.
Your Lili!
Letter 33
Dear, as a starting of your day today? I also was very very glad to hear your voice. I was so is happy, that could phone to you. And we could speak about all.
My love, now I will remember at least your voice when I will be at mum. I so am glad, that could speak with you. And I was happy to speak about about all. My love, our connection it has been disconnected, because at me money came to an end. I did not think, that the call costs so expensively. But it is not important. I am happy, that could speak with you. Only it is a pity, that not long. But I remember each your word. I so am happy to our conversation. Now I write you last letter before my departure. I write to you, and then I will go on station to go to my mum. I already start to miss on you my dear. I have not left yet, but already I represent that I can not communicate with you. And I so am strongly upset. My love, please be here always with me. And I will write to you at once as soon as I can. I will try to write to you in the near future that you knew, that I have reached to mum well. My love do not worry about me. I will reach well. I will be safe. I love you!!!! And I will miss very strongly!!! My day starts as usual, it takes from the moment we met. My day begins with the thought of you, my day ends with the thought of you. I love you. After all, before I felt for you, it's a wonderful feeling, and did not know how to say in words my feelings. But now I can explain what love is. My love, he still likes to forget the daily problems and nobody can force me to think about these questions, I can only think of you. Love is the feeling, when all the good feelings you can experience.
Compassion, tenderness, kindness and a lot of feeling very well that I have all of you alone. It is impossible to forget a single second. I love you and when I say these words I feel myself feeling very good that I felt at once. Dear, the opportunity to read your letter as an opportunity to meet with you briefly, and in this short time we can share them with all the feelings that we have accumulated since our last communication. I love you and every day more and more I want to meet you. Today, I woke up and I had a great desire to meet you today. There is still a little time and have almost no patience. I can not so far from you, for me, it is unbearable difficult. My sweet, I want to hasten the day of our meeting. But alas, I can not do anything, and you must wait patiently for the day we met. I am very happy to see your next letter.
I am delighted to read and enjoy everything you say.
I love you my sweet and wonderful man!!!
Your love Liliya!
Letter 34
My love!!! I am happy to say hello again in this wonderful day like today. I am also always very pleasant to read your letter and learn from you. I could find at last possibility to write to you. And I so am happy. I very much missed. And I very much wished to write to you. My love, I has very strongly missed. Many thanks for your congratulations on my birthday. To me was so pleasantly to hear it from you. Your words do my mood better. And me very pleasantly your attention. Thanks you:) I had good birthday. My mum cook a lot of tasty, also there were some our relatives. And my old girlfriends from school. It was remarkable to celebrate in a circle of the relatives. But I very much did not have you. To me was so sadly, that you were not near. We with mum will go to this weekend to the grandmother. We have decided to guide her. I did not see for a long time already the grandmother. And I am confident, that she will be glad. Every day, I desire more and more you see, and enjoy the beautiful moments we spend together. I love you, and every day I never tire of talking to you until we meet again, and we are really able to express their feelings that have accumulated during our communication. I believe that love can create in us such feelings. Every day, our conversation, I discover something new in you, and I can say with certainty that they were good moments in my life. And so, step by step, I discovered that you really have the man with whom I have their fate. you're just the man who really loves me with all my heart. My love, I understand that words can not convey the essence and all the senses. I understand your feelings, I feel your pure love for me. You can not fake true love, and he can not understand people who truly love. We love and want every day, our feelings grew stronger and became stronger. I'm sure you too you want to make our relationship was never completed. Every day differs from another, there are successful and unsuccessful days. And now, I can say with confidence that on this day like the rest of us has ended successfully.
I will write again to you when I will have a possibility.
Many kisses.
Your love Liliya
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