Letter(s) from Elvira Yamanaeva to Bob (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Bob.
It again I, your woman from other edge of the Earth which loves you and always waits from you for messages.
You have received my message I yesterday it have left to you on an answering machine. I today shall try again to you to call and speak with you about my arrival.
You would want that I to you arrived? If yes when you can send that to me of money to the visa???
Which cannot live and day without your love, yours gentle words, caress, kisses. Which is ready to divide with you all bad and good.
Only it is important for her that there is you, that your heart is beaten.
Also that you which unique the man she so passionately wish and thinks of you every night, every minute the life.
It I. I love you and very much I like to read your letters.
Your letters - roses instead of lines.
How you have carried out day? How at you an affair on work? How your health today? I'm fine.
Today worked not so much. There was a regular rehearsal, little bit boring and I all time thought only of you.
When I can escape to you! And, now I have run in Internet - cafe to answer your letter, my loved.
In the evening I again shall go to theatre for work. At me the majority of days pass so.
In them the unique pleasure is that I have you and in breaks between works I can run in Internet - cafe and write to you all that I think and that to me would be desirable to tell to you.
Sometimes I am paid you as the little girl and I know, that I can always find Support and love in your letters.
If you were a line that to me it would be necessary only that you with me spoke, burnt the in love sight, gently lips caressed, me is strong.
I fall asleep each time thinking about you. I know that you feel too most.
I want to be for you all. I want to be that unique woman whom you will wish constantly.
I would like to touch your neck, your back.
To caress your body the hands, lips.
All my kisses only for you.
I only can wait for your kisses and I wait for them, my lover, my husband, mine the man are necessary for me it and you....
I love you
I want you
I need in you
Always and for ever only yours..............
I send you many kisses, my sweet!!!!!!!!