Scam letter(s) from Maria Goncharenko to Lawrence (England)

Letter 1
Hello Lawrence!!! I am very happy, that you have answered my letter. I to regret for a Small delay of my answer to you. In general I do not know that to Begin the letter. I Should inform concerning me. It is probable to describe About me it would be direct easier if I did not do it for the first Time. Excuse me for the disorder of words, it because I excite a It is a little, you see this my first acquaintance through the Internet. Time Has arrived to continue history concerning itself. I like to create a cosiness in the house. I am very good to cook food. Also very much it is pleasant to me To be occupied on sports meets meets, without it I feel not in shape. I love sports meets, meets from the childhood, I participated in Competitions to track and expose track and field athletics, and repeatedly won The awarded places. My age of 29 years. And you love sports meets, meets?
However, it has not for me a big value. It is important, that we Have with you mutual understanding. I live in a city of Cheboksary, here I was born also dews. It is very beautiful city. I live With mum and the daddy in apartment with two rooms. I live in a Separate room, I very much love it. In a life I very much The cheerful person, and at me is very responsible work. I am not absolute Well speak in English, but to write in me it gathers round many errors As you can see. My dream it to create a family with the correct person In the future. Not to do Leave my letter without the answer. I hope to receive news You, and your photo with impatience. Sincerely Mariya. P.S. Send please to me your photo.
Letter 2
Hello my long-awaited Lawrence!!!
I am very happy to see your letter today as soon as I have seen your letter I I had delight do not know that with
There is I wait for your letters and news from you as the phenomenon of that that especial I am very glad to see your letters
They me
I go for work and I do not wish to go there because I did not see your letter.
Girlfriends speak that I have fallen in love and that on me all is visible I I do not know that with me
Constantly I think of you and to me it is bad if I do not receive from you news I very much I worry. Yours parents, I very much was delighted, as have understood, that you the excellent son of the
Parents. I am grateful to them that they have brought up in you the fine person! Also
I have understood, that at us with you it is a lot of general though we live in the different countries. But, basically,
It is not important, in what country who lives, that from itself the person represents is important.
Important what person inside, whether kind heart at it.
I, in turn, have learned the girlfriend is tasty to prepare.
When at us winter, the rivers and lakes become covered by an ice, I go to pool, I like navigation. At me is to
To you a question:
You love Russian bath? Imagine, as birch brooms smell,
The smell of pitch allocated from heating of a tree... It also is Russian bath. If you were in
To Russian bath tell, about the impressions! I am very happy that have got acquainted with you and it seems to me that I shall not find any more whom you are better than you to me very much
Has liked as soon as I have seen your questionnaire on a site.
Know my person that you are not lonely in the life and that I shall divide your pleasures
And mountain because I you love yours also you to me I am not indifferent is very glad that have told
Though I even you did not see it in alive but I do not know as still to understand such inclination to you I wish to be with you and
To be a number.
I shall wait very much for your letter and very to miss on you Lawrence.
Write to me soon.
Yours Mariya. P.S. My dear, I wish to arrive to you. It is very interesting to me as you live. My parents are glad that I to meet you! You to do me by the happiest ******* light!!!! We are familiar very little, but it seems to me that I know you very much for a long time. You very fine person!
Letter 3
Hi my loved Lawrence!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dear I very strongly love you. I am happy to see your photo. My mum asks me why I to not go to you. I to tell that I do not have money. My dear I to ask all relatives. Nobody can help me. If you really love me I hope that you to me will help to arrive to you. You are necessary to me only. I love you! I hope that your heart will prompt you that I am real.
I love to dream and I see else one dream about us!
I wake up early in the morning, go to the kitchen, cook breakfast, coffee or tea. I bring breakfast to you in bed when you still sleep.
Then I start to wake up you, kiss your sweet lips, then a neck, then I kiss your ******, after I kiss your teats. You start to wake up. Then I start to fall below, I kiss your tummy. I feel, how you start to want me, you want to take me in the embraces and to love me right now. I continue to kiss yours tummy, then slowly I falls below and below... Then we are engaged love... After we have breakfast together, joke, laugh. When you go to the work I will work in your house. When you will come home in the evening, supper prepared me will be on the table. We will have supper at candles, talk romanticly and gentle.
After a supper you will switch on the music and will invite me to slow dance, we shall dance and kiss each other, you will slowly start to remove from me a dress, I shall be to remove your shirt, we shall undress each other and we shall dance absolutely *****. Then we shall go to a bed and we shall make love. Such imaginations at me, I very much would want that every day at us was such. But if you leave on for a long time then for time of your absence I shall do you surprise to make happy you, and I shall hope that you also will have a surprise for me.
I love you Lawrence and miss you my loved man in the all world!
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