Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Surkowa to Daniel (USA)

Letter 1
Hello!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your attention! At last i see your letter in my mail box and I am sincerely glad. May be it will be a big beginning? do you think?
Anyway, as i understand your name is Dan. I like it!
My name is Kira as you know. I hope you will like me and i will like you:) Just let me know more about yourself and i will do the same with every my letter! It must be interesting!!!
Wow, you are so far, but the piece of your thoughts, your soul are here, with me! It's great that there is such technology as the internet. I can't even imagine how wide this net is!...And can you imagine what is a per cent that you will find your second half here?...I don't know...but I really hope so...
So, well, enough empty words. I have to tell more about myself if i want to become your friend:) Well, I am 23 years old. I've just finished university and work as a teacher in a primary school. I like children very much and i think that it's my mission. But also, I feel that i miss my second half, the person i would love and to hold true. I dream to have my own good, strong family to take care of! This is my dream and now I hope it's time to come true! I am here and I am writing to you, my dear friend! Who knows, time will show...may be you are my future?
I will be waiting for your letter impatiently. Please, write me more about yourself...what are you looking for, what are your dreams and your hopes, what is a purpose of your life etc. Ok? It's very interesting for me!
Letter 2
Hello again! Dear Dan, I am very glad to be here again and to continue our communication! Thank you for your letter which was very interesting to read as it allows me to get to know you better and to understand who you are. it's very important for our relations now as it's not so easy to build something being so far from each other, that's why I think we should be totally honest with every our letter!
Well, today i would like to tell you more about my native town...actually, it's not native as i was born in Kirovograd, but then my father found another job and we moved to Zboriv, to the west of Ukraine where we live already half in year. I still can't get used to this town as a lot of friends stayed there, in's not very easy for me, but all my spare time I dedicate to my work(as you remember, I work at school with small children). May be that is why I decided to go to the internet in hope to find my soul mate who can support and understand. I don't like parties as you know and I don't have where to make friendship with people...and i think it's much easily to use the internet. By the way, I don't have it at home and I am writing to you from the internet cafe and sometimes from the school. By the way, I work there as a teacher of English.:)
Please, could you tell me more about the town you live in...and also, about your friends, how do you like to spend free time and so on...
And i will write you later this week too:) I am glad my letters make you happier:)
With best regards,
Letter 3
Hi, my honey Dan! how are you today? glad to be with you again! and you?
Thanks for the wonderful as always letter! i am glad to become a small part of your life, your thoughts...i am very excited with every your letter and I feel how we move forward! it's just a pity that we can communicate only with a help of letters as i would like to get to know you better and better! I have found out about chatting programs in this internet cafe and unfortunately they don't sue such...they told me that it's not wide spread now in our town and nobody ask them for that, that is why they are not going to make an exception for me...I thought it would be great to speak on phone and to hear your voice...Unfortunately I don't have my own phone at the moment. I know that I need it very much, but I can't afford buying it now, so I have to save a little bit. You know, I am not a kid anymore and my parents don't have to help me as I have to take care of myself. Unfortunately my payment of a teacher doesn't allow it now. But I understand that for us it's very important to be closer to each other. And I have found a solution! you see, one woman I work with(she is a teacher of English also and she is elder than me(35years old) told me that she will be very glad to help me to arrange my private life:). So, well, what I am trying to tell you, is that she gave me her number to give you! she knows how excited I am about our meeting in the internet and she told me that you can call me to this number. I work since 8 till 5p.m. You can call any time and ask for me. We work in a same room and she will gladly give me a phone. By the way, her name is Marina Vasiljevna:). And here is her number you can reach me at: +30664591965.Hope to hear from you soon!!!
Yours sincerely,
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