Scam Letter(s) from Alla Viktorova to Gavin (Australia)

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Letter 1

Thank you so much for your e-mail address, it makes me think that you want to continue our communication and it pleases me a lot. First of all I want to say that I am looking for a man to establish close friendship that then can grow into love and long term relationship. I have never been married. Just never met a man who would have wanted to start family - perhaps they were too young and immature. Those who were mature enough were already married - but I have taboo - I have never had a relationship with married man - especially if he has kids - I would never want my Dad to leave the family for another Woman. My parents have taught me good family values, and for me marriage is very serious and my desire is to marry once for a life time. If you have been married it is ok - I can understand, what I say is that I will marry when I will be 100 sure it is the man I want to spend my whole life with.

I will close up for today, I will tell you more soon. I also look forward to getting to know more about you and your life and your principles and views.


Letter 2

Good day, Gavin!

I can't say that I belong to the digit of clairvoyants;-), of course I'm not this one, I don't know why, but something inside has prompted me that you will write to me. I'm really very glad it was not only dream, it is reality, as now I'm reading your message. I'm honest and sincere woman and I want you to know, I'm interested in you:-) Also thank you for your nice photos, I like them:-)

I don't know from what it is usual to start telling about myself, may be from such a banal thing like my shortest biography. I think it will help you to have a better idea about me:-) so my name is Daria or Dasha, how do you like. I should tell that I like both these names, so you can call me like you prefer. Or may be you would like to call me in some another way;-) I was born in a Ukrainian city with name Kirovograd. My Birthday is the 14th of December in 1981. I don't have any sisters or brothers, though in childhood it was my great dream - to help my mom to grow my younger brother or sister. I have cat instead:-) And also I have a close friend who's daughter Victoria for me is a God daughter and whom I love very much. What else to tell? I'm humane and sociable person, I love people. I'm very curious and may be this a reason why I have many interests in the life. I like sport, arts, music and many other things. I have ended school, then attended college and have a degree in economics. But work as nail designer - it is long story, to make it short I would just say that it just happened and I like my work as I create beautiful things and make ladies happy as when you have wonderful manicure you feel yourself good:-) Also I am a little bit physiologist as ladies who come to me to make nails usually tell me their life stories - I never advise anyone what to do I just make logical conclusions. And only in case they ask for, often my clients just need to talk it off and they talk it off easily to a person they do not know and do not have any bonds with.

I hope my letter was interesting for you, as now you know a little bit more about me, my life and my passions. I stop here, as I should go, but I hope for the soonest meeting here:-)


Letter 3

Hello Gavin,

I'm happy to know that your interest in me doesn't diminish, but on the contrary grows bigger and bigger! I think we are on the same page with you:-) What do you think? Also thank you for your nice photos you sen to me:-)

You know, I like you and our communication, your letters and everything what we are talking about, have already taken an important place in my life. I don't know how to explain you that, but it is really for the first time that I feel now. As you know from my profile, I'm alone and I have never been married. I have never even had serious relationship. Of course I have had many admirers, but all this relations were transients and there were no feelings and of course love in their basic. Frankly speaking, my private life was always on the last place for me, as all the time I was occupied by my work. Each evening I have been coming in my empty apartment, I have been eating my dinner alone and have been going to my bed cold bed also alone. But now I don't want to live such life any more, I need love, care, passion, I want to feel that I'm alive. It's a pity, but men that live in my city need another things from me, only sex and nothing else, that's why I have taken a decision that I will never marry Ukrainian man. I have heard a lot about the inner beauty of men from abroad, that they are family-oriented, caring and tender. And now I have met you and though we know each other not for a long time, I feel that something strange is going inside of me. Each time I get your letter, I feel like my heart jumps in my breast and all my body trembles. You get me excited:-) You have caused the wave of positive emotions and senses in me and I'm already happy because of the thought that I have met a wonderful man who is very interested in me and shares with me so much!

I hope that I am not too front, we are grown up people and these are my thoughts and feelings and I understand that may be it is too early, but I need to tell you that, as honesty and sincerity are the first step in any relationship. It is my principle in a relationship - no lies and full trust.

Full of emotions and impatience
in waiting for your reply,
yours Dasha.

Letter 4

Hello my darling Gavin!

Thank you for the letter and for the photos you sent. I like them:-) Darling, have you ever thought that life is really a wonderful thing, as you don't know what will happen with you next days and how all these events can change your own life:-) I have heard such stories from many people, but it hasn't ever happened with me till this time.

Last years the sense of all my life consisted only in my work, my achievements and failures - in the affair which I have decided many years ago to devote myself. I thought it is the main thing in life, but I was really blind. Darling, our meeting here has changed a lot for me and in me. You know, every time I'm thinking about you, your letters and how it will be everything for us in the future. Honey, I know for sure, you are the man for whom I was waiting all my life. You are so far, but in the same time you are near, as you are in my heart!
Yes, Gavin, I have started falling in love with you and I feel myself like these little girls that believe in the fairy-tales and want it to happen someday in their life. My dear, with our meeting in the site and then with all our letters, we have started our own story and I want with all my heart this story to become eternal!

Yesterday I couldn't fall asleep for a long time, as I was dreaming about you and what mutual future we can have together. I want to have romantic evenings with you, to perceive new places in this world with you, to see you every day and talk to you and be by your side - just sit next and watch TV or stars - both even talking, I feel that near you every woman would feel safe and secure - you are a gentleman, rare kind of men.

Truly yours



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