Letter(s) from Yana Malets to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1

Hi Gavin!

At first I want to say that I am new in internet and I have only good intentions.
I am a serious woman with a genuine desire to find my soul mate.

I am Yuliya. I am 33, live in Ukraine and work as a teacher of History. I am a serious woman with a genuine desire to find my soul mate. And I hope that you also don't play games with feelings. I am divorced, lonely woman without children and I have a great desire to meet my soul mate and get married. I dream to meet a serious, loving and family oriented man, who also feels lack of love, passion and romance in his life.
About me I can say the following: I am loving, romantic, faithful, passionate, sensual, optimistic and cheerful.
I have disappointed in our men and I hope that I will find my love abroad and I am ready to move to a foreign country, where I find my soul mate.

I hope, we will keep talking and knowing each other better by the letters.
You are welcome to write me here yulia.yulya@mail.ru

Will be waiting for your reply,


Letter 2

Hello dear Gavin,

Thanks a lot for your letter and interest. I liked your photos and was very glad to get acquainted with you.

If your intentions are sincere and real, I will be really pleased to start and continue a correspondence and relationship which would help us to reach the happiness and harmony that every couple and human being dreams about.

My name is Yuliya and I am going to tell you briefly about myself. I am 33 years old; my date of birth is August, 16, 1976. I am Leo. Do you believe in stars and compatibility concerning to horoscope signs?
I am rather pretty tall and slender brown-haired woman. My height is
171 cm, weight is 54 kg. I live in Ukraine, in Chernovtsy city, which is located on the Western part of Ukraine.

I am very romantic, passionate and cheerful lady. I like being among people and I never give up. I am a charming woman, who is very gentle at heart. I have an easy temper; I am very sociable, and I easily find a common language with other people. Also I find myself being smart, cheerful and outgoing person. I have never been abroad so far, but I would like to travel and I am ready to move abroad if I find my love there.

I have graduated from the Chernovtsy Pedagogical university and work as a teacher of History at one of the secondary schools of Chernovtsy.
I live alone in a small apartment, which I rent. I come from the big family and have three older brothers. My mother was from Kazakhstan and my father was Ukrainian. So, I am half Asian and half Ukrainian.
My parents dreamed about girl and was very happy when I was born. My mom was 40 when I was born and father was 48. I really think, that family relations are very important for all. Unfortunately, my parents do not exist any more, and they have passed away some years ago. I still feel pain when I realize that they passed away it and still can't accept it and miss them a lot. But I have made it over, life must go on. Fortunately I have my brothers, who always loved and protected me and aunt with whom we are very close.

I dream about finding a friend, a lover, a companion, some one with who I am madly in love with and he is madly in love with me. Always talking to each other very sweetly and lovingly, trust and respect each other. We are together as much as it is possible, and when we are not together we are connected in our mind, heart and soul. When we are sad we are lifting each other spirits and make each other comfortable and face the situation together. Helping each other in the kitchen, having romantic dinners, planning and going on vacation to some interesting places, and we are also happy just being together doing nothing. When he comes home, I am greeting him at the door with lots of hugs and kisses. We are always caring for each other, and we make love everyday.

I have greatly disappointed in men because my first marriage was unsuccessful. If you want to know why things didn't work for us, I can tell you in my next letter. I just want to tell you about my dreams and though I think, that the best husband is not only the best lover but that one, whom you can trust, whom you can give a big part of your soul, and be sure he would give you a part of his. It is very hard to find nowadays that kind of man, but I believe that my soul mate exists in this world and soon I will meet him.

If I may ask you what does relationship mean to you? Dose distance means any thing to you in a relationship? What is your commitment when a woman shows you her true love?

Ok, maybe that's enough for this time! I will gladly tell you more about me if you want so!

Waiting your reply...

All the best for you and best wishes,


Letter 3

Hello, dear Gavin!

It was really nice to hear from you again and I was glad to see your photos. You answered me and it may be the first step in our relations.
I think the fire of love is the most beautiful thing that can happen between a man and a woman and we have a small sparkle of it now.

To achieve goals of life is a great gift and everyone deserves it. I have read and heard a lot of stories about people who found their halves in the Net. That was the main reason why I decided to place my advertisement in the net. I really hope that it will help me to find my beloved and to create a real family. I realize the situation may appear that will make me to leave my country and part with my relatives. But I'm ready to accept it to follow my sweet dream. So, may be you are that one right man with whom I can chare the rest of my life and create a family of my dream. Are you the man, who doesn't play with feelings and whom I can trust? Please, tell me are you ready for serious relationship? Can you build a family with a woman from Ukraine who doesn't know the language? Unfortunately, I speak only Ukrainian language. I didn't have opportunity to study some English, so I have to use transport's help to have your and my letters translated and send. I hope you don't mind, do you?

I want to give you a better idea about me and my life. I live alone in a small apartment in Chernovtsy and often feel very lonely here, but I have many friends, with whom I like to spend time. I have a little smart dog Bobik, the one you could see on the picture and a parrot.

As I already wrote, I was married but I am divorced for more than five years. I got married too young, at 19 years old and my marriage lasted for seven years. We had difficult material situation as we both worked as teachers and had to rent an apartment. My ex husband decided to go to Moscow to earn money there as a builder. We lived together only two ears and all the other five years he lived in Moscow and I am here, in Ukraine, and we met several times per year. Once he told me that he had another family with children there in Moscow and that he wanted a divorce with me. We didn't have children, because he always keeped on promising me to have a normal life and family when he earns enough money for his own house and business. That was a real betrayal and I had a great depression when I learned about his dual life and about his unfaithfulness. I didn't want to live and I thought that I would never marry and believe any man again. But life goes on and I don't want to be lonely any more. I have disappointed in our Ukrainian men.
It seems that they can't love and be feithful. In Ukraine the amount of women is much more than men and they don't value women. I think, that abroad I will be able to find a man with serious intentions, who would like to create family with me. And that's why I am here and searching for a man, with whom I would create strong and happy family, and make each other happy.

What else...music! I like Madonna, Seline Dion, Enrique Iglesias, Sting, Melene Farmer, Kristina Aguilera, and some of the Ukrainians groups and singers.

Please, write me soon and tell me how you see your future life. What are your views to the family and happy successful relations. I will be impatiently waiting! I am sure you have your own special point of view.

Missing you already,
Your Yuliya.

Letter 4

Hello my dear Gavin!

I was happy to hear from you today! I really hope you've great time there. Believe it or not I could not wait until I get free today because there was a letter from you waiting for me and with a great pleasure I read your sweet words. You are the man, with whom I want to continue relations in reality and that we become soul mates.

I have a very special feelings inside my heart when reading your letters or thinking of you. My heart is sad sometimes because I am here and you are there such long distance apart. But I believe that there is no long distance about love, as it always finds a way to bring hearts together. No matter how many miles there are between them. I am not afraid of cultural or language barriers, I am not afraid of any difficulties as happiness worth that. Do you remember the last time when you were really happy? Do you remember that feeling? What does happiness mean for you? For me happiness in life is to love and be loved. It seems so simply but I am so lack of it... I am tired of identical days, of colorless existence. I want to enter love in my heart and to light my life with it. I want to feel the comfort and security of knowing that every time I say "I love you" I will hear the same words back. I want my heart tremble only while hearing the name of my beloved, I want my body shiver only while thinking of him, I want my soul melt only while imagine his sweet smile... I just want to be happy. And I want to make you happy, my dear, as happiness is finding love through giving love rather than through receiving it. Do you agree with me?

I really want to meet you in person, my dear Gavin and I wish we could realize all our dreams together! I want to tell you one of my dreams about us. I see us walking along the beaches of the sea, hand in hand with my head on your shoulder, making me feel like nothing in the world can touch me because we are alone in the world. Life has stood still for that moment when our eyes met. You pull me tightly, so you can feel my body against yours as you take my breath with a slow wet passionate kisses. You lay me gently in the sand and kiss down my body till you get to my already wet sweet spot. We passionate make love and it feels so good and the water washes up around us and we have to make love in the moonlight till we both feel exhausted and fed with love and passion... Will you tell me your dreams?



Letter 5

Dear Gavin,

I get so happy when I receive letters from you.

Dear, I would teach you Russian with a great pleasure if you want.
Yes, you are very correct in your assumption of my character and I can say the same about you looking at your photos. You are sweet and good looking man and I have already noticed the passionate way you look.
You are attractive to me and your beautiful eyes tell me that you are a honest and affectionate man at the same time.

I believe I have found the man I want, and it is you! Baby, I know we have very much in common. Our dreams, our goals and our wishes are the same and it means that we could be a fantastic happy couple together and fill our lives with love and happiness. You are always on my mind and I always wonder what you are doing and if you are thinking of me at that moment. I wonder when you lay down at night if I am on your mind like you are mine. I have even dreamed about you so I can say I always think of you. Baby, I was just talking to my family about you and I was very excited and they want to meet the man that makes me so happy. They will like you very much and I know that my relatives will like you. I can hardly wait for you to meet them. I will be so proud to introduce you to them. Just as I know I will be proud of you for the rest of my life.

I would like to go with you to a nice restaurant for a beautiful dinner. You would meet me at my door with roses and chocolates and you would greet me with a smile and reach out to hold me, kiss my neck, my cheek, and my luscious lips. Then we would depart for our romantic dinner. We would enjoy our food selections, share conversation, and looks of love. After dinner we would take a short walk holding hands, enjoying the night air and feeling the excitement of our sexual attractive energy.

Then we would go to your place. We would talk and perhaps have a glass of wine. I would reach out to you and you to me meeting our eyes with a sparkle. I would kiss you, first slowly and then more eagerly. You would undress me and take my bra off and kiss my breasts. Then you would put them in your mouth and suck them gently. Then you would slowly kiss your way down to my pussy and kiss and lick it till I get my orgasm. Then you would come up and meet my lips and we would have a long passionate French kiss. Then you would enter me with your large hard penis. You would start out slow and build to a climax where we both have an exquisite orgasm. Then you would lay beside me holding, and kissing me gently on my breasts. Then we would fall asleep together. I want to end each my day in such a way and wake up in your arms.

Hope you will write me soon, darling!!! I will wait for your next letter very impatiently. I am sending you a strong hug and a warm sensual kiss on your lips.


Letter 6

Dear Mr Rodie,

The company "Dialogue" is greeting you.

We inform you that your lady Yuliya is our client, and we assist her in correspondence with you, translating your letters. Unfortunately her account is over now and she is not able to answer your letter today.
She is very frustrated because of this situation as her intentions towards you are serious and she wouldn't like to stop correspondence with you. In case you are seriously interested in Yuliya you may help her to fill up her account to continue your correspondence. Yuliya truly hopes for your help.

If you will decide to help her please send an e-mail on the address of your lady or our e-mail address dialogue_ua@mail.ru with a request for further information, and it will be sent to you immediately.

Executive manager and translator
Vera Kotova.