Scam letter(s) from Alina Butina to Rafal (Poland)

Letter 1
Hello my dear beloved, Rafal! I want to say that in recent days, I was very nervous. I think a great deal about our relationship. I want to say that I am very hurt because of the fact that our meeting prevented circumstances. I really cried a lot in recent days. I was very upset. Rafal, I am sorry that I did not respond immediately to your letter. Yesterday I was very busy. My soul mate Rafal, I want to tell the good news to you. After I read your last letter, I decided to follow your advice. I decided to try to find a bank that can give at least some credit to me. I began to learn from my friends Regarding your bank which can issue credit without a certificate of income. I have a very long time communicating with my friends. And finally, the girl with whom I work, advised me to one bank. She said that the bank can help me. I asked my friend the address of this bank. I immediately went to the bank. At the bank I found out that the certificate of income is not required to obtain credit. I was very happy about that. Of course, I want to say that this bank is very large percentage of the overpayment. But it is not very import_ant to me. The most import_ant thing is that we have a chance to make our meeting. Rafal, I want to say that the bank I could take credit for 500 euro. I am very glad that I managed to get the money. Because I had already begun to lose faith in the fact that our meeting will be fulfilled. So this money is very import_ant to me. I can not believe my luck. After the bank I immediately went to a travel agency. Since before the beginning of my vacation time is short. In the travel agency I immediately signed a contract. Manager of travel agency told me that I still can pay only part of the required sum of money. At the moment, the most import_ant thing to start preparing my documents for travel. We can not waste time. Manager of travel agency said that the remaining amount of money I can pay a little later. I am insanely happy that travel agency begins to prepare my documents. This means that our meeting approached one step further. I am very happy that I found the money. It is very import_ant to me. I did all that was in my power. I got the maximum amount of money. Large amount, I could not find. Dear Rafal, I wrote to you that just need 850 euros to pay for my trip. Now I just need 350 euro. So my only hope is you. Lovely Rafal, I want to say that now I only hope for your help. I very much hope that you'll help me. I understand that it is still a very large sum of money to pay all my travel. But this money is necessary that we could finally realize our meeting. Honey Rafal, I hope very much that you can help me! Rafal, you asked that I sent a photo of my passport to you. I want to say that at this time, I unfortunately can not send a photo of my passport to you. Because now my passport is in a travel agency. Travel agencies have already started preparing my documents for travel. The agency is currently in great need of my passport. Since the agency should have time to time to prepare all the documents. I can not now pick up my passport from the travel agency. I'll send photos of my passport to you when it will be possible. I count on your understanding. Rafal, you must understand me. Dear Rafal, I'm really miss you. I want to feel you next to me. 1000 kisses, Maria
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Rafal! I enjoy your letter. Today I have not slept all night. I thought only of our love with you. I thought all those beautiful words you wrote to me. I imagined your beautiful eyes, your voice, your strong body. With each passing minute, I know that I love you even more. You are my handsome prince. I belong to you alone. But at the same time, my tears flowed down her cheeks. I was very bad. Since I did not know what I should think, to make our meeting. I was very upset by the fact that my dream was falling apart. At the moment, I do all I want to be close to you, my dear Rafal. I madly love you! Rafal, you wrote to me that I can take money from my mom. Also, you wrote that I can take a smaller amount of money in the bank. I want to tell you that I have checked all possible options. I asked the necessary amount of money from all my friends and acquaintances. None of my friends did not have the necessary amount of money. Because wages in my city an average of 300 euro. Also, I have asked money from my mom. But she also has such a large sum of money. I want to say that the wages of my mother is much less than my salary. That is why my mom can not borrow money to me. Therefore, I can not take out a bank loan for a smaller amount of money. Because I would not be able to collect the necessary sum of money. I've tried to get money wherever possible. Unfortunately, I never could find the money. This is very frustrating to me. Dear Rafal, I am constantly sore. I do not know what to do. I really want to make my trip. But I do not know how to do it. I want to say that now I look forward to only your help. I do not have other options. I hope only on you. Beloved Rafal, only you can help me. I do not know who else I can count. Dear Rafal, I really need your help. At the moment, I really need you. I can only give you my sincere love and pure feelings. Unfortunately, I no longer have anything. I look forward to your letter. I need it. I am madly in love with you. Rafal! I think only about you. Your loving Maria.
Letter 3
Hello my dear beloved, Rafal! Dear Rafal, every new day brings to our meeting. I begin each new day with a good mood. Good mood accompanies me from morning till evening. This spring the happiest in my life. Never before in my life so much joy was not there. I always smile. When I walk down the street, then I imagine that you walk beside me. I always imagine how you hold my hand, as you hug and kiss me. Rafal, very soon it will be a reality. A little more time to wait. I am very glad that I live at home. We will always be next to each other. I can finally cook your meal. You've always wanted to try to eat my cooking? I know how to cook many different dishes. I think you will like my food preparation. We will be having a good time. Rafal, I think that we will visit many interesting places. But the main thing is that we always do together. For me the most import_ant thing is to feel you near. I want to sleep and wake up in bed with you. I want to see your eyes, hear your voice. I am increasingly beginning to think about our first passionate night. I really want to make love to you. I am confident that we will have a very good ***. I will do everything to make you happy. I will be very gentle. We will never forget our first passionate night. I also really want to get acquainted with your friends. I think that I can meet them. I love the fun and great company. All this will be unforgettable. During my life I have never traveled. So I think that the upcoming trip will be very unusual and romantic. Dear Rafal, I think we do a lot of our photos. I also think that we'll send a lot of photos to my mom. It will be very glad to receive photos from us. Dear Rafal, we'll be very happy couple. A few weeks left before the whole of our long-awaited meeting. I am confident that this time will pass very quickly. My beloved Rafal, I want to say again how much I love you and miss you. Dear Rafal, tomorrow I'm going to go to a travel agency. I will learn new information about preparing for my journey. I will tell you all the details. Kisses for you, your Maria. 1000 kisses, Maria
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