Scam letter(s) from Mary Gren to Tom (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my love, I love you so much Tom and i really wish you know how much i do honey.Am missing you so much Tom,am always thinking about you every seconds and you are the only thing that occupy my mind Tom.This make me love you so much and know that you are the right man for me and i will never let you go my sweet love.Well honey i hope you are having a good day at work and i hope you are doing good and great for me your wife.I want you to know that me your wife Mary loves you and will always love you forever Tom. Tom i got your address and i want you to know that i can never forget you in my life because you are doing a great help for me as husband and wife,am really happy we find a solution at last and am happy very soon am going to be with you my love Tom and i can't really wait to make you feel like a man and give you all the real love you deserve from me baby.I want you to know that have e-mail the address to my client today but he told me he will still need your number so that he can contact you and always be connect with so that he can know when you get the check and instruct you if you need anything to know.Honey i want you to know that you have to quickly get the $100 send in the morning on Saturday so that the check can be carried and so that it can quickly get to you then you will help me cash the money and remove your $100 that you send to me and you will send me the rest so that i can quickly get out of here and be together with you my sweet husband.I love you so much Tom an i have to get something to eat now,i will love to chat with you at night when you get back from work my love and i hope you still have my info to send me the money with you.I love you Tom Kisses and hugs for you.
Letter 2
Hi Sweetness Tom, Hi my love i hope you are doing good and fine my sweet love,if so glory be to almighty God Tom.Have really missed you so much my sweet husband and i just can't wait to be with you and share every moment with you my love.Tom i want you to know one thing and always be sure of it that i love you so much with all my heart and soul and the kind of love that i have for you is a true love Tom it is a love that can never fade and i pray that our love for each other shall never fade in Jesus name baby. Tom this is not the best time to give up on me and you know that my love.No matter what i will never give up on you my sweet husband because have fall in love with you and am madly in love with you Tom.I just can't stop thinking about you and you know that.I use to show you my love,i email you,IM you,text you everyday so that you can know how much i love you,care for you and missing you so much and i really wanna be with you my love. Baby i have explain everything to you before and we have agreed i don't like it when you are going back again my love.I want you to know that this will be the last time you are going to send me money okay.I told you i owe a lot of money here baby try and understand me and i can't be sending you check 2 times don't you think that is a waste of time.Am sending you the check ones Tom and is 25k so that when it get to you then you cash it and remove your $300 okay.You have to understand me my love please Tom i promise never to let you down,i told you to always have believe and faith in me and never give up my love.Allow me to meet you and prove to you that my love for you is a real and true love.I want you to know that their will be no more problem when i get the $200 honey so that everything can work as planned baby just believe me and have trust in me and i promise you that you will never regret doing this for your wife Tom.I swear with all my life and heart Tom that i will never let you down so let it be my love.I promise you baby you will ave me in your arms very soon and i know you will be very happy to have me in your arms honey and me too.I love you so much Tom and don't let us be wasting time on any arguement again you know is not good to argue too much i don't like it Tom. This life is very simple and we don't have to take it hard.I want you to believe me and have trust in me honey so that everything can work out as planned and as have told you.I promise you no **** Tom and i will never let you down so let it be.Have already told my client about it and i will let you know online tomorrow how you will get the money send to me as soon as you get the check cashed and remove your own money okay and i know that i just have to wait till on the 15th on your pay day as you've told me my love and i hope you won't let us down.I love you so much Tom and i want you to always know that.Stop leaving me lonely here you know is not good Tom.Stop treating me anyhow my love because am lonely without you and you are the source of my joy and happiness.Kisses,hugs and love for you my sweet husband.
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