Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello from your future fate ! ) I had a dream this night, do you want me to share it with you?.. I believe so, I have met a perfect man in it, and I felt the happiest woman in the world! I woke up and suddenly realized I cannot recall his face, but I swore to find him. You know, my heart hints me you are the same like he was, the same caring, tender, sympathetic, kindhearted, impassioned, funny, attractive and responsible. Can it be you? Is your heart seeking for a young pretty attractive woman with big green eyes and brown straight hair who is fond of talking to smart people, reading much for self - growth, listening to music of all the kinds. So if you’re interested in serious, strong and lovely relations, I’ll be very happy to continue the communication with you. With best regards, Tatiana.
Letter 2
Good day, dear! I’m very glad that you answered my letter. I believe we’re able to build very warm and lovely relations. You’ve replied to my soul message, I am happy to know you can be the one I was dreaming for so long, and I belive there is the one true soul mate seeking for and mind unity! Maybe you?.. Believing this I think it will great if we could discover one another better, the way we will live, our occupations, your life intentions. Dear, honestly, I was very glad to know that you are oriented on marriage and you are serious with me. I am glad you have your lovely boy, maybe you would like to show me his pictures, sure if it is ok for you. I would be very glad to know you better as I am very interested in you. My name is Tatiana. I live in the town of Izyum in Eastern Ukraine, about 53 thousand people live here. My native town is a wonderful place with its beautiful little cosy houses and parks. I was born here on the 3rd of December in 1982 and lived here for all my life until present. I’m a romantic girl with big green eyes and brown straight long hair.
My friends say I am smart, calm and easy-going with good sense of humor. My favorite movie style is a comedy, because I like laughing and joking? As I have told you I am desperate romantic but according to my horoscope, I am Sagitario, I am very responsible and demanding to myself. I combine studies in journalistic with part-time job as master of ceremonies. I think life is a always a holiday and I am keen on helping people to do their holiday brighter. My job is very interesting and responsible at the same time, working with different people you should always mind their preferences and suggest the best possible ways of making a holiday brighter and more recalling. I am active in life and go to the sports to keep healthy and fit. At times I prefer to stay at home with an interesting book or simple to listen to music. What I read mostly depends on my mood, my passion is love poetry. I belive books develop the personality. The more you read, the more you know! Do you like reading? I hope you enjoyed to know more about me and got interested to continue talking. Will you tell me more about yourself now? What was the most successful day in your life? What true happiness means for you? I will be waiting for your answer with impatience. Warm hugs!! Tatiana.
Letter 3
Hello, dear!!! I am happy having received your warm letter, I feel you really make my days. As it has been raining for long time when I got your letter and your sweet words warmed my heart, I felt your calling. Dear, i was so pleased to know that you are so interested in my person, but you know at the same time I was really surprised you didn't answer my questions. Can you explain me this? Are you serious with me? Did you read my letter till the end of it? But I hope you will change your relation to me. I hope you will understand me correctly as I am very interested in your internal world. That is why I asked you so many questions in my previous letter. I think there must not be such misunderstandings between us. If you do this little favor for me I think I will tell you everything you would like to know about me. We have learnt a little about one another so far, today I want to tell more about my habits and dreams. Remember I told you I belive we are to care about ourselves so I do sports and I keep to healthy way of life without smoking or alcohol. To be frank I can allow myself to drink some champagne on holidays only. At the moment I live with my beloved granny, she is old but supports me greatly in life, you know when I decided to study journalistic my parents said it was not the best choice of mine, so I will be without any serious perspectives in future. I love my granny so much, she is the dearest person in my life, and when I decided to find my dream man from abroad she told me I was on my right way! I belive you do not stop wondering why a girl like me could not find her second half in Ukraine? Have I read you? Well, two years ago I had very serious relationship, we even wanted to marry, but broke up when I realized there was no trust and care from his side. I believe respect, understanding, care and especially trust is very important in relations between a man and a woman. Of course, at first I thought that my life was over, but then understood that all happened makes us only stronger. I do not know why but it is very difficult to find true love in my town. Some of my friends gave me a hint to try it in the Internet, I found it a nice idea. Despite of the fact my English is very broken, I managed to find special translation services, people here help me a lot, and I am on the point to start learning the language myself. I value our communication. You could never imagine how much happy I was to hear from you the first time! I hope distance between us won’t freeze your heart and our warm communication will continue. Your sweet letters bring back me to life. I want to belive you feel the same.
Please, tell me this the next time, I am already waiting for your reply. Kiss you in your sweet cheeks. Tatiana.
Letter 4

Good day, dear! Thank you for your message, but I just want to know you better before this phone calls. I try to tell you more about myself and my life, but you can answer me with this short note. I think that you are not serious with me. I miss you. Your Tatiana.
Letter 5
Hello my darling! Honestly, it is more than I understand how could have I lived without yourself? Thank you for our warm open communication. We have known one another so little but you are already special for my heart, so kind to me. I am happy to feel this as this feelings makes me feel alive, and the cold loneliness I suffered from was defeated by the warmest fire of your care and attention! Honey, certainly I understand that every man likes to be treated in bed with his woman, but not always women can be liberated in bed. I think this some psychological problem of every human. As for my point of view I prefer to make love passionately giving whole myself to my beloved man and this so good process like ***. Dear, I think your spending time with your son is really great for both of us, as you should be the best friends. I always thought that man or woman can not have many friends as most of them are just mates, but true friends are always with you in troubles.
When I had so me problems I thought that whole of my friends will support me but I saw only three, who were next to me in that not very good moment of my life. I hope you realize that your money is not important. As I have never seen serious and really strong relations based on money. I would like to make everything possible for you never to feel this burning cold which so often visits people as now you have me: I wish you were my support and assistance in life. I wish my heart was always open to share the tiniest secrets with you. These words are only for you! I truly understand there is a distance between us, although, true love is breaking the rules, and leaves the space for unbelievable miracles. Please, tell me your opinion on this.
Love can be various but from my point of view the love is the relations, free from any compulsion, full of care, warmth and self-returns, the relations at which people love absolutely and certainly, they entirely devote themselves to well-being of another, its comfort and development, they give the chance to stay aside the pain, loneliness and melancholy and present each other self-dissolution possibility. Last night I saw you in a romantic dream. I was in your arms, you hold me so tender and strong that I began to cry. But don't worry those were the tears of happiness because you were next to me, my dear. Then I woke up and returned to everyday life, realizing that was only a dream the tears started to flow on my cheeks. Tears of missing you, please, write me soon. Sincerely yours! Tatiana.
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