Letter(s) from Maria Gennadjevna to Kazuya (Australia)

Letter 1

I am very glad to see your letter. It is very pleasant for me that there is a person which wants to have with me acquaintance. Certainly I could tell about myself very much much if you want that our communication will make us friends, and who knows may be more! You know that there are many people who want to meet the person for creation family, and I am one of these people who want to be the happy girl! But I know that it is not easy to meet a right partner. But I think that our communication by the letters help us to know each other better and I think that time will show. On my structure to be spoken that I from the USA. But I not to time was not in the USA. My girlfriend Veronika lives in the USA and she registered me and from the USA because I do not know as to address with computers. Ok, now some words about myself. My name is Maria. I live in Russia, I think that you know where it is. I live in city Samara. May be you know that here the most beautiful girls live are? :) I am not good with internet and computers and my english is not good too. And when I write you letters I use translator. I studied english in the institute where I studied as the fashion designer. When I studied in the institute, I had dream to become model. But now I work as the assistant in children's home. I like my work because I very much love small children and hope that I will have my children one day too. I sent you my photo, I hope that you will like it. And it will be very pleasant for me to see your photo. What do you think about how I am looks like? I am 26 years old and I my birthday is on the 8th of December. My friends say that I am happy and cheerful person. I appreciate my friends very much and I lie to spend my free time with them too. As you can see on my foto I have long Brown hair and brown eyes and have average type of body. I am 170 cm height and 55 kg weight. And I wantyou know that I do not love game with feelings, in fact it is hurt to break to the person's heart when he is absolutely lonely. If it is really interesting for you to continue communication with me then it will be very pleasant for me to see from you a news soon ! I still all cannot simply believe myself that there are such relatio in the Internet and it is possible to meet the person to divide the part of a life, and to enjoy instants of happiness! But I hope that when I will come to the Internet cafe again soon I hope to see a letter from you! Oh yes, I write you from the Internet cafe. And it will be very pleasant for me to know more about you, and about your family as your life going because it is interesting for me. But now it is time to finish my letter because I have to go home. Write me soon. All the best. Maria.

Letter 2

Thank you for your letter, I am very glad! I really did not see your letter with your photos. If I saw your photos I would tell to you. You so do not think? Why your letter has not reached me. I cannot understand that occurs. As you already know I write you letters from the Internet cafe because I have no own computer at home. But I think that it will not prevent for our communcation. I have been invited by my close friend to the Internet cafe for communication with other people! My friend Veronika has met the man in the Internet, and she is happy! In the same way I want to meet the person for serious attitudes. And who knows may be I will meet the person as Veronika! We always helped each other in a difficult situation, and have never overlooked about each other. I want to meet right partner and if I really will meet such man as Veronika I will go with it up to the end if it will be real love! Veronika sometimes writes to me letters because she has advised me about try the Internet. I looked program on TV, that a lot foreign men want to meet the girl also from other country for creation of family. Whether tell me is it really so? If it is valid so all my hopes are probable. Once again thanks for your letter, and I want to tell to you more about myself. I live in not a big apartment with mum and I still have younger sister. We live three together. My sister in present time study at school in an elementary grade - she is f 11 years old. My mum Natalia Gennadjevna. Mum works in shop as seller, my mum is 48 years old. My father died when I was 15 years old. It was very awful to lose the father. My father was very good person and it is very a pity to me. All right it is not necessary to speak about sad, now it is time to me to care of the future. Because mu main desire to meet the correct person, then to not regret:) so we live three together, in family only women and no man:) But to us it is very cheerful. But in general I am l very cheerful girl, and love adventures very much. I think you still learn in my following letter on me more. But now I should go now, and I write to you next time more about me. I hope that you will write to me soon. With huge hope. Maria

Letter 3

Thanks for your letter! It is very pleasantly that we began friends. Your letters make me by happy girl and I am in good mood. Thanks for your photo, is very pleasant for me. The photo is a lot of that for me means. You beautiful the man. If you have opportunity to send me still your photos I shall be very glad. You spoke about scam. What exactly did you want to tell? I cannot understand. You want to tell that you do not trust me? Please tell to me... You are not right. I do not pay attention to men. I not when shall not meet the man in Russia. Because I know, that I not when shall not be happy with Russian the man. It is very a pity to me to know, that you have grown without the father. I know as you it was not easy. Yes, certainly at us is pepsi. I very much love a drink pepsi, but better I prefer natural juice. At me on work more than 30 children. I always can be pleased only, that I have work which I very much love. My girlfriend has met men from the USA. And now the girlfriend lives together with the husband in the USA. I promised you to tell more about myself as my life passes every day. Basically part of time I spend on work. As you already know from my previous letters, I work as the assistant the tutor in children's home. I love my work very much. I love children very much, it is always very pleasant when children are happy. Every day I think new games for children.Children like to play very much, and I sometimes have feeling as though I the little girl which love children's games. But I do not forget about my private life. My friends, my house where I am waited always by my mum and my younger sister. My free time I like to go with friends where or on a disco or is simple in a bar where it is possible to spend time and have a fun. I like to play on a guitar very much and ti is my hobby. Sometimes with friends meet each other and go out of city and make a barbecue. All my friends like when I play on a guitar because they like my voice very much. When we arrive back home, I simply fall from legs and it seems that we did not have a rest but worked :). I not only like to sing and play itself on a guitar. I like to listen to music simply. When I am at home I love slow music and when I with friends and at me cheerful mood, I love all kinds of music, except for rap. I like to go to cinema with my friends. My favourite film is "Titanic", I do not know you agree, but I like it. Tell to me more about yourself about your hobbies, how your life there? It is very interesting to me to know about you more. Because I have told to my close friends and my mum, that I have communication with you in the Internet, and I think that you do not mind. Unfortunately it is time to finish my letter and I will wait for your answer soon. Write to me soon! Maria.

Letter 4

I am very glad that there has come time to write the letter again. I do not know to you pleasantly to receive my letter, but anyhow I here:) Thanks for your photos, is very pleasant for me. At you very beautiful friends:) Now I can understand that you speak about scam. My girlfriend spoke me about scam. Also that many men will not trust. And I want to meet the man which will trust me. Yes, I have met one man with which at us were good relations. But now I very much regret, that I have met this person. I do not want to speak about it now. If you want to know about it, I can tell in the further letters. Today very bad weather here and at me with all is not present mood, but it is very pleasant for me to write to you the letter. Recently to us there came my close friends in our house, and I my mum prepared for various dishes. My mum prepares completely and I also not badly know cookery. Very much very much to like my friends and my relatives my cookery. Yet who did not speak that I badly prepare. My favourite dish a fried potato with meat. In children's home where I work, I sometimes very much like to prepare children for a pie. Children very much like to eat sweet, especially with sweets. When my birthday I do very big pie for children in children's home. I very much like to make to children pleasantly because there is no not that better how to have own child. I hope as I will have my children. I know many various products from products, and from this I very much love vegetables fruit. As far as you know in my structure that I do not smoke and to not drink, sometimes I like to relax behind a wine-glass of the best champagne. But I very much like to drink natural juice, I block grape it was very useful for health. As I very much care of the health that in the future I had healthy children. Tonight I am going to go to the girlfriend home Natasha, she is my best girlfriend. We shall look together cinema. But now to me I was time to go home is very tired after work, and I am going to take a shower. Write to me soon! I send you a photo, near to me my girlfriend Natasha. My best regards to your relatives from me! From the far country. Maria.

Letter 5

Hello Friend! I very much hastened in the Internet of cafe to find your letter. But unfortunately you yet have not answered me. At you all is good? I very much worry, that you do not write to me the letter. Today I very much have early woken up, my alarm clock for played much earlier. My work begins with 8:00 mornings, usually I wake up in 6:00 mornings. While I go to take a shower, then on to have breakfast before work. The bus on which I go for work always very full. All people hasten for work, and not when there is no an empty seat in the bus. But I have already got used to go for work in the full bus because it already proceeds many years. When I arrive for work, my children always run that me to meet. We have on work one little boy, he always speaks me hello. He so the girlfriend speaks as though I. At the boy mum very young girl, and always comes in children's home very much early because she very much worries if that happen with the son. But as that that can happen, if I always look and I play with small children. Usually parents for children come at 18:00 to take away children home. I always very much get tired after work when I come home I at once I go in souls, and then simply I fall on the bed. When I again wake up, it repeats again and again. And all my days I only on work. Sometimes I have time to go with friends in a bar, or on a disco. But it has already bothered me all time one and too. I hope that very soon, I shall have my family, and to continue to live as all usual people. I wait your letter with the big impatience! Maria.