Scam letter(s) from Ulyana Saukina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon, I saw your profile on a site You have liked me also I was grateful to correspond with you.
My name is Uliya, I the girl and me of 29 years.
I wish to learn about you if you will not be against contact to me more.
You can give the answer. My e-mail adress: I send the picture for you, I hope that is pleasant to you also you will give me the answer and to send the picture.
Faithfully Uliya!
Letter 2
I am very glad that you wrote to me, I saw yours photo! I must confess that I was waiting for an answer very much, but were not sure what you write. When I saw your letter, it was indeed a surprise! We do not know each other, but I really wanted to know you better! I have long dreamed to get acquainted with a man. My name is Uliya. I'm 29 years old, I was born on 18 july 1980, 30 years will be fast to me. I already become the old girl! Perhaps, in my opinion the photo I am younger. Often people who do not know me, very surprised when I tell my age. I do not know why??? It can that I try to watch myself and the body. I hope you like my photos which I have sent you together with the letter!? How I have liked you??? I would like to see your new photos too! If you have them, please send me! I shall be very glad! I hope that my age appropriate for you? The difference in our age is not a problem for me because the basic things, like a person feels! I do not know why, but I have always been interested in a man like you. I am very glad that you have found and want to know you better! I'm from Russia in the big city of Ivanovo. It in the central part of Russia. Perhaps you not heard about this city? My city in Russia name city of brides. Here there live the most beautiful girls in Russia. I live alone in a small apartment. I'm not married, and now it is open to new relationships. I have never been married, no children. I as everything, wish to have children of not less than 2 kids. I've always dreamed about real happiness, but so far have not found it. It may sound surprising to you, but it true. I because of it have decided to find the favourite person by means of the Internet. I heard much that it is the best variant for creation of family and to find the favourite person. In a reality and in the city I have no sense to find real males. I wish to find real for the life. I do not play and I am not going to play with you and I do not deceive. If you do not wish to create serious attitudes, you inform me. So that I did not think of what or serious. If you wish to have serious attitudes then we shall learn more about each other.
A little about me:
I'm blonde. My height is 174 cm and weighing about 53 kg. I like communicating and I have friends. We are very good to spend time together. I can say that in my life is almost everything. But there is no one person who will care for and love me. I had relationships before, but this was not what I really wanted. I hope that we can continue our correspondence, if you do not mind. I shall be very glad if we are friends now but when or we shall have serious attitudes and can we shall together when or and to have the general family. I work as the doctor on first aid. We go to patients and we carry in hospital. It is more than time we with colleagues on road. I love such work and I have already got used. That to me long time is not present the house. But not who at home does not wait for me, as I live one in the apartment. When I have free time, I spend it on going out with friends and entertainment. I have many interests and can always invent something new! I hope you all understand what I write. My grammar is not perfect, but I try to improve it. English I could study only at school and in institute. It would I think that is enough for today, I would like to tell you more, but I'll try to do this in my next letter! I'll wait for your letter! I really would like to know you better!
Take care Uliya.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear!
How are you? I very much waited your letter and a photo! It's very interesting to learn everything new about you!
Today, I hasten to write more about yourself! I love life, and I would like to spend time with good people. I am an optimist and always try to have a good mood! I believe that everything that is in our lives only as a result of our choices and actions, and therefore only depends on us, everything that we get a result. Of course, it is impossible to be constantly cheerful, and sometimes I feel lonely and tired. But I can not be such a long time, so I'm trying to fill my day as much as possible. Now many women try to be like men, and even surpass them. I think that this is not correct. Of course, the woman should realize the ambitions and interests. But it is not always possible to be strong! By nature, women are weaker than men, and requires care and attention. In my life really is not. I have no family, I the orphan. I grew and was brought up in children's home. I know what information on the parents. I have no brother or the sister. But life goes on, and increasingly feel that I should create your family! Perhaps, for women it is especially important! Probably because of it I most appreciate those qualities in people.
I love the kitchen! I can do almost any food and it turns out, is very tasty, so my friends very much like to go to visit me. I would always prepare for my man and take care of him when we are together! I support my health and body in the best possible way! I'm not interested in alcohol, probably only a glass of good wine. Of course, I do not smoke, because it is very bad for women. I know it as the medical worker. Also, I love to read! Especially magazines about life, fashion, and cuisine and, of course, interesting books! I love movies, music, dancing and walks in the fresh air! Twice a week I go to the gym for aerobics employment. Sports and good food makes me a good shape and good mood! Also, I like rollerblading and biking! In the winter I love skiing! I love nature, forests, lakes and rivers! Sometimes I can go with friends from the city at barbecues or picnic! Life in the big city is not as good as it may seem, and I am very glad when I can go to a new location! I do not go for a walk late at night, because my city is very dangerous. It now in any city dangerously. At you it is dangerous to go at night?
Unfortunately, many people are ***** and high crime. Usually TV is trying to hide it, but it's true. In Russia, a country of contrasts. On the one hand, this is a very beautiful country with great history, but on the other side - the bureaucracy, crime and cruelty. But I believe that someday, where the world becomes kinder. I tell you a little secret! I hope that we will be friends, and we can hold this time together and know each other better! Now I have no exact plans, since it depends on my vacation from work! But as soon as I find it just let you know! I am afraid that I must finish my letter! I'll wait for mail from you very much! Have a good day!
Letter 4

Hello, my dear friend!
What's your mood? How is your weather? I hope you are all well! I am very glad to receive your letters! And I read your letters. I can understand that at us with you identical tastes in rest. Today bad weather and your mail improves my mood! I felt a little lonely today. Usually, I always try to be cheerful and positive. I am an optimist, and I wanted to smile. How happy does not require much prophetic, sometimes quite a smile to the mood. But people without love can not be happy., When is the next closest person whom you love, life becomes fine irrespective of where you live and what you have. But the loneliness fills life with grief. I'm tired of it, and I want to change everything at once. How are you today? I love music very much, but the choice depends on my mood. I love to dance I love the radio or listen to music just a tool. Such music can relax and rest. In this music I love to dream. I love movies very much. In Russia create good movies, too. My favorite Russian film - Admiral, irony. I love foreign films too. I take great interest in learning English though I could study. But grammar at me not fine. I started when I went to school. I'm not so fond of grammar, because I like to talk and communicate. I've never had a friend abroad, but now I'm writing a letter to you, and it is a great pleasure for me! I wrote to you earlier that I have many friends. But only one best friend. She name - Lena. She is a true friend and always helped and supported me as I can to help her. We often spend time together! I am very glad that I have such a friend. I always dreamed that I was surrounded by only the good kind people. I want to find a man with a good heart who care, respect and love me. I love kindness, and I hate lies. For me, the most important thing in a man - honesty. Without this it is impossible to create a world of harmony and love. Lying destroys love. I am ready to give all my love to the man, who is also willing to give me her love. I think the main thing in any relationship of mutual respect and understanding. But of course, also kindness, care and support. I am glad that I have the opportunity to address you, and I am glad that you write to me. And this is really the best that I have. I'll wait for your letters again and again. Be well my dear friend. Your friend Uliya.
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend!
I am very glad, that you have written. Many thanks that you do the interesting letter for me. You have again lifted my mood and have placed a smile in my face. Today I have gone to the work, being absolutely assured, that you write to me. You become the best friend for me and I always wait your letters! I most of all appreciate in people honesty, kindness, respect, compassion. I do not respect with arrogance in people. I think, that the arrogance worsens a life to these people and to closer people too. My main hope and dream is to find beloved man and create happy couple with him! For me the main thing, that the person loved me, dear as the person and has paid to me attention. I do not ask, that he sat with me every minute. No, I want, that my beloved has do not forget date of our acquaintance! I am assured, that I shall have the happiest family. I shall make everything for my man and I lived in harmony and mutual understanding. I always would support my beloved, when he will be tired go in bad mood. I sit with my favourite every evening also have divided ideas and dreams I wish to work and help to the husband with difficulties of a life. As I have told to you, that I do not think, that age so important. The most important, that is in you and as do you feel about a life. I know this life from many sides, and I more likely mature already to, know how to make the person happy. I wish to try something very much, that I shall regret, whether I shall not try. I think, that we should use all chances to find our happiness. The life is too short to think and dream only. I sincerely hope, that ours correspondence will allow us to learn better each other. Certainly on our way there will be many complexities.
It is possible, that we can remain only friends. Possibly between us strong feeling of love and respect will appears. Now I do not know. The life will show. I have not told to you about my city. This it is big city, but I am already very tired from vanity, noise and constant movement. I love my city for its parks, avenue, palaces, theatres and channels. My favourite place of walks is a recreation park. But a life in the big city enough expensive also it is necessary to work diligently to provide it. I even more often would like to leave it and to move to another place, because the life in the big city becomes dangerous and I would not like to create family here. Mass media constantly inform on terrible events and incidents for last day. I cannot sometimes believe, that it happens beside to me, but it is valid so. My friend, I shall be very glad to learn more about your city too! All that you write very interestingly for me! I shall wait your new letter with impatience and there is more than photo from you! I today have forgotten a disk with my photos and I can not send you. But in the following letter I shall send you. I send you care and the best regards!
Yours friend Uliya.
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