Scam letter(s) from Ulyana Saukina to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my new friend Joe! Today I received your first letter. I am very glad to see him on you. I have a desire to be better acquainted with you, and learn about you as much as possible. I ask you that wrote to me, as much as possible letters. And in the letters told about themselves and about life more. As I want you to ask that you sent me even one photo. I would like to see you and your appearance.
I'll send you pictures.
Now I'll tell you a little about yourself that you knew who I was. My name is Uliana. Now I am 28 full years. I was born on October 15, 1981. I was born in a small town in which states Morki. My city in central Russia. This is a very small, and therefore do not represent it on the map. Until now, I live in this city. Also, I'm not going somewhere else to go. My city is very beautiful, especially in winter, it's normal. I live with my father in a 2-bedroom apartment. I have no brothers or sisters. I am a daughter of my parents. It's very painful to say, but I have no mother. He died. I have no computer at home! I wanted to write you a letter from an Internet cafe. I work in a city hospital for children. My trade Dr. children. I have long been flying children. That's why I chose this profession. And now every day I help children. But I still have no children. But I would like to have a child. I do not know how much I wanted to bear children. But one thing I know for sure! I love children! Throughout my life I have never met anyone who I could love. In the many times when I did not even one. I could not find in your city a worthy man. But it often happens that people try to look after me. But I'm not all at once. Because they do not love me. Now I decided to try to find someone on the Internet. For me, my friend advised him to do it. I decided to try it. In my free time I like to read romantic books. On it is written about love. How I love to read comic books. Sometimes at home I listen to music that calms me. Sometimes I with girlfriends I go to the theater, cinema or museum. I have a lot of good friends, most of which I am working in a hospital. I like to play sports. Sports help me to be a healthy person. With sports, I support the figure in good shape. During the week I happen 2-3 times in the gym, I work in fitness. When there is good weather, my friends and I would like to be outdoors. And now I want to ask you some questions. In addition, I want you to respond to them enough: Why did you choose to find a friend online? You is not got to find a favorite in the city? How much time you have to look for the ******* the Internet? You correspond with girls from Russia and with other girls? It is important for me to know: how old are you, what city you live, your name and surname. And I want you in detail written all about myself. Now I have to finish the first letter and with impatience I will look forward to hearing from you. If you send me an answer that I am pleased to write you a letter to read. At some time I'll try to tell you about myself and about life.
Your new friend Uliana!
Letter 2
Hello, my friend Joe. How are you doing in my new Joe? As a friend you have weather in the city? How Is Your Business on the job? I hope that you all excellent. I am very glad to receive your letter! I am very glad that you wrote to me the answer. It seems to me that I was sure you write me an answer soon. If you wrote me the answer I possible for you to have a little love. I decided so, because you wrote a volume response. And now we begin to communicate with you through our letters. Do you agree? It was a pleasure for me to read your letter.
I would love to see your photograph. Hopefully in the next letter you will send me your photo. I'll be very glad.
Now once again I'll write a little about yourself that you know more about me. You're the first person to whom I write letters to the Internet. I decided to find a friend online. But until I get that to find such a man. In my town there is no man who, like me. I hope that you write letters to me always the truth. Because I am writing to you but the truth. I am not accustomed to lie. I want a fair correspondence with you. I can only love the frank and honest man. We are not talking about our love, but I want to warn you once. I ask you to write me more about life. Can you tell me what you want. What did I not tell him. On the correspondence of the self to whom to tell. In addition, I am not going yet. It will be interesting to know how to pass your days. How do you want to relax with friends. I am very pleased to answer your questions, if you write to me. I always carefully read your letter. And I want the same from you that you are seriously concerned about me. From childhood I learned not lying to whom? My education was very strict. I have a very strong cultural and family. Now I live in an apartment of my parents together with his own father. My dad is a truck driver. It carries cargoes across Russia and sometimes abroad. Thus, it is often not at home. He loves this job, although she does not receive so much money. But most importantly, it brings money into the house. And we together with him to live on them. Unfortunately, I can not tell you about my mother. He died when I was 6 years old. My mother died a tragic death. Dad did not want to remember my mother, so I remember my mother very little. I believe that the pope is very difficult to think of my mother's death. Because she loved him. They love this, and I want that in the future, I was as strong love. For us it is very bad without him. We did not have his love and affection: (I loved my mother very much. And this, too fond of me. Because I'm an only child. I have no brothers or sisters. "We are very strong after it missed. But I do not like to tell you about the death of my mother. Because I do not want to remember his death. When I think back, it makes me very sad. Sometimes I cry very much. It is very difficult for me to remember my mother, but you should know everything about me . My mother's father - my beloved grandmother raised me all the other children. She was very beautiful and strict teacher. From childhood, my grandmother taught me to be honest and fair with people. I left school in my town. After school I studied at medical university. university I studied for 6 years. There I learned English. But I use a translator to write a little letter. What do you understand me better. After graduating I wanted to go to learn more in a better institution. Then, to find a decent job . But to get an academic education in Russia is very expensive and difficult. And my family lives are not so rich, I can say that we were wrong. Thus, under the family finances, I do not intend to study at the academy. Then I decided to go to work at Children's Hospital, to help children. I love children, so I decided to go to work to Children's Hospital. My work takes time and spends a lot of my strength. But I like my job, so I did not want to look for another job. I understand that another job, I could earn more money, but it is not necessary to me. I earn my money, I have enough money for food and to life. And I have enough. I do not have grandiose plans for the future. I have not had time tofind favorite. Now the Internet for me to find a favorite. You're the first person who loved me. So I decided to write to you. I am very glad that you responded to my letters. My most important dream - to find your beloved in life and create with her family. I very tired from loneliness. Most of my girlfriends have already married. "In reaching out to friends, I realize that life is different. the lives of my friends more. In the life of my friends there are good and bad times. We can say that I have a very boring life, because I do not have near the beloved man. I give the majority of life on the job, and I would like her beloved man. Now I am fully prepared to start a family with a loved one. I want to find a favorite in the near future, because now I am 28 years old. I would to describe life in detail. I hope it was interesting for you to find out about my real life. I hope to hear from you my friend Joe. I think I have nothing to offend you in this letter. So write I answer in the next few days. I am pleased to once again write you an answer. I look forward to your reply. Uliana.
Letter 3
Joe! I am very grateful to you for your new letter! I am sincerely glad to each his own letter. Today I am writing to you thirdletter. And I think that I have a lot of letters. Because we could find each other understanding. In the future, we will write each other letters. Do you agree with me? It is very pleasant to me to refer to the letter. I often think about you Joe. Now you have become the most important thing for me is my friend. I appreciate our friendship. How are you? How do you feel? I hope that you all in order. I am glad that you write to me about his life. We must get to know each other in accordance with the letters. I hope our letters will help us to be closer to each other. When I write you a letter, which I imagine that all this is telling you to face. I hope you understand what I mean?
Thank you for the pictures you are looking good! I'll wait on you new photos.
Now I am lonely. I have a good hobby flowers. I have a place where I grow different varieties of flowers. My favorite flowers - red roses.
Red roses - a symbol of great and pure love. Flowers demand constant care and concern for them. This year, in a mine in the garden one cactus blossomed. I do not know his name:) It is very rare. I was brought friends for 20 years. All this time I was looking for him. I very much love her. She is very beautiful. This cactus blossoms once in 10 years. And here, this year I saw the beauty of this flower. It was pleasant to me. I'm sorry that I did not have time to photograph this moment. Because I was not at the time the camera. So I can not send you a photo of this cactus. And what is your hobby? What do you want to do? I have to work many times saw that the man gives a woman the big bouquet of beautiful roses. Red roses are the best gift for any woman. I think the girls in your country, love flowers. What do you think, than the Russian girls differ from girls in your country? I would like to know more about you. E-mail me what you think I knew about you. I would like to ask you a question. This is a question about his personal life. Do you have a girl you like now? I will finish the letter and with impatience I look forward to hearing from you Joe! I look forward to your response in the near future.
Regards, Uliana! Successful to you daily.
Letter 4

Joe Hello! How is your day? What's new in your life? How is your work? I am glad to your letter, read it again with pleasure. Thus, all the rest at home, not even working. but now I'm healthy and back to work and came to the internet cafe to write you a letter. Do not worry, I have not forgotten about you. I hope you are all well and good. Joe I do not know why you came so my message, maybe I will not correctly translated the word ((. I tried to find a man in my town, but I have nothing came of it ... As it turned out, Russia has a lot of men who drink very a lot of alcohol and hurt their wives. I do not want this life ... I want me to have a happy family and it was mutual love. I decided to do what my high school friend. She found a man from another country via the Internet. Now she lives in his country, and they are happy together. "They have families and young children. And I wanted to follow suit and find his beloved man through the Internet. But as I said it was unsafe, because the Internet is very much cheating ... I met with you and think you're a good man - you can trust. You really like me. "Thanks for what you sent me your picture.
I'm very grateful for that. You're very nice and I would like to continue watching your pictures .
I think it will be interesting to see you me something else. Sometimes I think that I'm living the same day that all the time repeated. It's not often something new in my life. But recently, there was pleasant to me. I met you. And I am very glad that I'm even a little bit like you. So you write to me. Every day when I go to work, I see the same people. At work I often see identical people. I was tired from work. But I love my job because every day I help children. And for me it is very nice. I help children, I'm flying them from various diseases. I am very happy to see them smile on his face. When they realize that I helped them. What they say to me thank you, and at this point in my life I am very happy. Leaving the house this morning, I already know what will happen all day, my. I dream to find the nearest time favorite, and create a strong family with him. I want to live for a loved one. I would like to create a high quality of the family. The main thing in my life that a man who will love me, was happy with me. I hope you understand what I am writing to you? It's interesting to me, and you tested the happiness in life? For me happiness when next to me people whom I love and appreciate them. I always care about people that are dear to me. I was very tired from loneliness. I can not explain it in words. But do not misunderstand me that I am 28 years old. And I could not find all year for a worthy person. Which I very much would love. And that respects me as a woman. I am looking for someone who will destroy my loneliness. Your letters help me to not alone. Conversation with you is very important to me. Now in my life I had only two dear people - my father and my grandmother. Which are very old, but I worry about him. What was it all in order. My father always gives me advice is vital. But now in my life have you been dear Joe. And I'm very pleased. With every your letter, you have been to me ever closer and more pleasant. I'll tell you the truth of my life because I trust you. And I am sure that you, when he did not betray me. And also does not disappoint. It seems to me that I should not bear the betrayal and deception of a loved one. We have a very good communicating with you. And what I liked. Life in my city as if spending on the spot. Living in my city of good people. I am happy to communicate with people in my town. But my main dream in life to find a favorite. I can not find a favorite in my city. I feel that this year I am expecting big changes. Before, I would like to find love, because I'm tired of living without love. And I will try to put all efforts to find a man. I will finish the letter and forward early response from you Joe. I wish you all the best. Your friend from Russia Uliana!
Letter 5
Hello Joe! How is your day today? How your mood? I have a good mood, because I received your letter. I noticed that my day depends on my mood. When I have a good mood, my job is going well. Thank you for your letter. Your letters make my day a good and enjoyable. I have never been abroad ... Travels are very expensive for me. It is very expensive and I can not I afford that ... I have since high school her favorite subject was a foreign language. So I had learned English. And just continue to teach English when I was in college. Unfortunately my English is not perfect. I sometimes I have my difficulties with translating the letters. Then I use the Internet as a translator. But I am fluent in English. I have a good pronunciation ... I think that we will soon be able to talk to you and you will be able to my voice ...
My favorite color - is white.
I love all animals, but I have a house cat "Snowball"
I listen to music on the mood ... pop club music ...
I have a food diet, I watch my figure
Favorite drink is a homemade fruit compote ..
My longest relationship was when I was studying at university, it was my first love ...
My first kiss was at 18.
I am most afraid that I can not find love.
I worry that I was not properly understood ...
Tell me now you're on the same issues??
I've already talked a lot about myself, but I want you to know about me almost everything. I'm in that no man deceive you, and I'm not. For me, not what you to hide. My life is open for you. I hope that you and I'm not afraid to tell you all you in detail about life. I'm talking about myself, because I think that my letters make us closer. Do you agree with me in it? Yesterday, my father returned from a trip. He sent across the Baltic Sea to the Russian city of St Petersburg. After the trip, he always comes home to me. My father loves me very much. Therefore, the business trips he always brings me any gifts. This time he brought me a beautiful jacket. My father always tells me about his trips. And I tell him that there is a new in my life during those days when it was not. Every time we sit down at home on the table, we told each other news and we drink tea. Sometimes we sit up at night. Because our conversation turns cheerful and interesting. Then we realize that it is too late, and we go to bed with a good mood. Yesterday, I told him that I found you on the Internet. The fact that we are now consistent with almost every day. That was a good and kind man. When he heard it from me, he was very happy. He was glad to hear my story about myself. She did not interrupt me. Because he understood what I'm talking about you seriously. Also, that my words were filled with pleasure. Then he asked about you. He asked me: Do you love me or not? What I want from our correspondence in the future? How do you feel about me? What do you expect from our correspondence? He asked me many questions, he asked about you. I told him about you, what you wrote me a letter. You wanted it for his story. He wished us that we have in the future everything was fine. This is our correspondence continued for a long time. It was he who brought us only a good future. Now I sometimes represent our meeting. Reflecting on our first real conversation at the meeting. How do you imagine it yourself? It is very difficult for me to imagine. But when I see our meeting before my eyes, I have a smile on his face. You will be glad to our dialogue, which is very nice and interesting? Do you have a different attitude toward me, after my first letter? I think that with each new letter, we are getting closer. Unfortunately, now I'm alone. From my side there is no favorite. And now you tell me to replace him. Because I feel from you the good and kind to me. Although quite me, and time will tell what will happen next. Do you agree? I want you to be in my dreams. I wish you good luck! I want to make your day was very good, and what you wrote me beautiful letters! Good-bye, just a friendly love Uliana!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Joe! Kisses dear I would like to inform you that I waited for your letter. Your letter is filled with tenderness, kindness, honesty and love. You are very good and attractive man Joe!
Dear Joe please send me your new pictures, I really want to see them.
I look forward to wait for them in your next letter.
It is a pity that we are so far apart from each other. So I can not tell you all personally. I think I can be a good wife to her husband.
Every woman is looking for a man who will love and respect him. I want that I'm interested me very well and tenderly, with love. I wish he appreciated me as a good woman, and in the future as a good wife. The thought that I was the ideal woman for him. It's better than me, who was not present in the world:) I'm sure the feelings always. And you probably have noticed that in the beginning of this letter, I called you "My dear Joe". And it's true. Because you loved me as a person. In the future I want to know you more and more. My feelings for you grow with each passing day, with each your letter. I want someone who will be a good father to our children. In addition, I want the man who really loves me. How was your day today? What's new in the present life? Looking for a serious relationship with a man who can understand me and I'll understand. We will have mutual understanding and identical views on life. A man should treat women kindly, with love and respect. And most importantly with affection. That he knew that the woman loves this man. It should be next to him in good and bad times. He should take care of him in those moments. Please note that the woman for him the most precious in life. A man must give the woman all her love and support, which in his mind. It should make him a woman was happy on Earth. As a woman should do the same thing for a man who will love you. To support always be with him when he requires it. And I think that love is very important for relations between a man and a woman. That's an attitude I want in the future. My thoughts are like you? Tell me please what you want in future relationships with loved ones? And the important question, you'll see me in the future? At the time I like the fact that not a hint, but I would like to know the answer. I'm not forced to love me, but you very much liked me. You should know that I do not live in the best country. I want my kids to have a better life than I am now. I really want us to continue our correspondence with you dear Joe! I think you're the person who is necessary for me. We know it in the near future. I assured him.
I look forward to wait on you Joe. Sincerely Uliana! Kisses
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jason ! As you my good man? :) I was very glad to receive your new letter. All your new mail for me is very important. Every time I read them to me, raises the spirits. And I'm glad to know that I'm with you care about. Your letter is very interesting for me! I am happy to answer your letters. Every day I think you'll write me a letter:) For me it is very important. This means that I have a very great interest. In your letters I see respect for me. And most importantly, you have the desire to get acquainted with me closer and communicate more. For me it is very nice. I keep your letters, because I appreciate them.
Dear Joe, I can not correctly understand your message. I may have some difficulties with the translation of your letters. But now I understand what you wanted me to say in my last letter. I think you're very good man. If we have to go with you all well. We can together take the decision to have children or we would rather your children. But it's all we can discuss only in person, when we'll be together. And while I think it too early to talk about children. You are very good and caring people. I am touched by your love and care about me. Are you ready to help me find love if I'm not even going with you. This is a very commendable thing to do. But I want to tell you that I do not want another man. I need only you. You are very dear to me, and I do not want to lose you! Dear Joe is very nice that you want to meet me. I also want to meet with you to know you better. I want to see your wonderful children, meet with your parents. I do not when was not abroad, I would love to see life abroad. I was very glad to see your wonderful photos. You are looking good! I think that after you take care of a lot of girls. I would like to continue to see your photos ... I would like to tell you about my character and my soul. I think you should be aware of my inner world. I think you do not mind, I will learn. I particularly romantic. I would like to tell you about myself as much as possible that you do not have questions for me. I'm not looking for a rich man, for me money is not important. For my money for last place. The key to my heart and man's relation to me. His love for me. For me, it is important that this person I valued and respected as a woman. What are her feelings toward me were real and sincere. I am looking for someone who will share with me my love and happiness. The man with whom I will have a happy family. What I did when I was not exempt from himself. Most men in Russia are not ready for marriage. Because they drink lots of alcohol, smoke a lot and often use drugs. I am very glad that I could find in this world. You are not a man who lived in my town. You pay attention to me, and I am pleased. All the men in my city want from me only one. But, when I do not give to them. I'm blonde, and I I need serious love. You are very kind and very kind person. You are a person with whom I could love! I consider myself a very romantic woman. I think I can be your wife in the future. Have you thought about this? I can discuss with you the various themes of life. I can talk to you about these issues. We are with you is very easy to find a common interest in life. We are very aware of each other. I can do good, tenderness and love of your life well. From human qualities I most do not love flattery and deceit of some people. I would really like to see all the people on earth to be happy. I get a lot of pleasure from our correspondence. I spend a lot of time in the house. I love domestic comfort, I love calmness. Many times, when I listen to music, a silent slow music that brings a lot of peace and harmony. I love flowers, especially red roses. But nobody gives me them already for a long time. I dream that in the near future I will be with the woman he loved. With his help, I'll go through the streets with roses to introduce me to this day. I will carry them in their hands, because they are very nice. And I'll be proud of this gift, because I will be presented to the flowers from her beloved. I'll kiss the person very often and for long, because this would require my love. And I'll be ready to give him love and affection. I am ready to devote all my soul to a man because I love it! It's all will be so beautiful and romantic. When I think about it, I wish that this happens to me as soon as possible. And you want that happening to us? I and you my dear Jason ? I hope that you will have the pleasant moments in life when he will read my letter. I look forward to hearing from you dear Jason . Sincerely Uliana!
Letter 8
Good morning dear and beloved Joe! I am very glad to receive your kind letter. Every day when I receive your letters, I know for sure ....... What it will bring me many positive emotions and feelings. Thus, I am pleased to read all your letters. How is your day today dear Joe? I would like to believe that you are all fine. What you do not have what problems. Because I worry about you and your life! And it is important that you do not have what problems. Dear Joe, I am not writing to other men. I tried to find a loved one on the Internet. Prior acquaintance with you, I corresponded with other men but they asked for my ***** pictures. I had to stop contact with them. At the moment I have no one but you do not overwrite! I do not need another man, I need only you! I have not yet met with such good sincere people. You really liked me and I'm afraid you lose! " What can you tell me new things about our correspondence? You are very much like me, every day I long more and more. Now I can tell you that you love me. You love me as a person. And I maybe you fell in love. You know what I mean? You, as I Joe! Thank you for your attention that you give me almost every day. I would very much like a serious relationship with you, and be gentle partner of life! We are far from each other, but we keep in touch through letters. Perhaps in the future we will be together. Although we can only dream! In the letters, we must continue to learn each other better. With each new letter I understand that you are that man, whom I sought all his life. For all time of our correspondences with you I have not had a bad day. I never thought of you badly. In my head only good ideas from you. And for that I say thank you, because your letters help me to be happy. I think that we should write letters each other as often as possible. Nothing makes a man and a woman closer, than their dialogue and their love. I love to dream and think about my future with you. I often represent the future of the house in which we live. I would really like to have in his house an old fireplace and lots of flowers. Nevertheless, I would like to have an aquarium with exotic fish and sea turtles. What do you think about this? What house would you like to have in the future or the present? It's very interesting to me to know your dream about the house in which you want to live with a woman. From the beloved, and be with me? Have you thought about me? Of course, I will create comfort in my house. I think that I am very good housewife. I feel very happy woman if my husband will be safe. Would you like to see my friends? You love free days? You like to relax? I love free days. In my spare time I sometimes like to be in the kitchen. I love to cook at home meals in the kitchen. I would like to prepare you for something very unusual. I can see that you enjoy. And you will be very pleased. :) I would like to know what your favorite dishes. Many people told me that I am very tasty I prepare. What do you like expensive food Joe? Do you like sweets? I am very fond of sweets, but I look at the picture. So I limit myself to the use of sweet food. To keep the figure in good shape, I must attend gyms. You care about your health? You see the picture? " I want to get all the time for new messages. After each response to your letter, I look forward to your new letter. Do not leave me for a long time. I'll wait for your answer tomorrow Joe. It will be very good if you can write me an answer so far. Bye! I send you my very big kiss! Yours Beauty Uliana!
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