Scam letter(s) from Elena Ryabinina to Alex (UK)

Letter 1
Hi sweety Alex!
I am glad to receive your letter. That you have written thanks me. For me it is always pleasant. How are you today? I am fine. I hope that at you also all well. Weather in your country good. Weather in Russia to become worse and it to not like me (((.
Alex, in this week end in Russia will be Easter. I to wait for it with impatience. I shall waste time with my family. I think that to us I on a visit will come the uncle and the aunt. It is a pity that you are not present here and you cannot get acquainted with my family))).
sweety Alex, yes I like wine and fruit. I like red wine. There can be we sometime drink wine together. I can cooking for us a romantic supper. I am assured that to like you my supper))).
Alex, in the company of travel to me have told, that they can make a full package of documents. (the visa, the passport, insurance and return tickets). I think that it conveniently and soon. The full package of documents to cost 750 euros. For me it is many money. I to have 250 euros but if you can give 500 euros, I to arrive to you soon.
What you to think of it?
Alex, I hope that we can plan our meeting soon. I to miss on you and I to dream about our meeting. Write to me soon.
Kiss Katya!
Letter 2
Hi my dear John!
I am glad to receive your letter. That you have written thanks me. For me it is always pleasant. You wasted time with friends. I hope that you to enjoy it. I spent week end with my parents. We had a family supper, and then we went to church. I had good Easter. sweety John, following week end we shall spend together, and I am very happy from it.
my dear John, I received my documents and tickets. Today I to send you the schedule of my flight. Tomorrow I should go to embassy to receive the visa. To Kazan we to not have the Norwegian embassy. And consequently I should go in Moscow. I to have friend in Moscow and I can remain with her some days. When I shall receive my visa, I shall arrive to you. I think that in Moscow is many Internet-cafe and I can write to you letters and there can be I shall try to call to you.
my dear John, I to wish you good day. I hope that at you all well.
Write to me when you to have a free time. I shall wait for your answer with impatience.
Yours forever Katya!
P.S. My flight
Start : MOSCOW 20:50 on April, 26th 2009
Arrival : OSLO 21:25 on April, 26th 2009
Flight : SU 211
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