Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Ryabinina to Mario (Italy)
Letter 1
Hello my dear Mario.
I am very glad, that today I have read your letter and me so it is important to answer you...
You have not correctly understood me. I in that letter have written that to me of 30 years and I the purposeful girl. I see that you had a grief one year ago at you there was no mother. I very much regret for it. Accept my condolences. Tell to me you not against I named you "my dear"???? You know I can explain why I so named you..... Now I receive only your letters. You one person who writes to me and me is pleasant to you to answer.... I cannot now without it... I wish to ask you that you wrote to me every day???? For you it is not difficult, tell to me please????? You can write to me every day????? It would be the big happiness for me, every day to see your letters... I as well as many women want happiness and love, here and consequently I write to you... It does not frighten you??? I too would not like to lose your time, and mine... Please be not afraid I never I will tell to you, that at all of us it is finished, if only the person who writes to me does not appear any maniac... :) For me the feeling which unites both people is important in the relation too...
I always respected those men who respect interests of women... And then these men are very serious and lovely with all with whom they in contact. I so think.... With you it was very interesting To me, but I need to go.... I will wait your letter... It will be very fast??? Well I wait...
Yours Elena!
Letter 2
Ciao Mario...
Ottenere la risposta di oggi ... Mi fa molto piacere ... Grazie per quello che si continua a scrivere di me, perche si prendono in giro la mia vita, che a lei e stato molto noioso .... Finora, non ho un sacco di voi cosi mi avvio con me ..... Ho un serio obiettivo orientato ragazza, di eta non superiore a 30 .... Il mio lavoro e quello di trattare i figli piccoli ... Io lavoro per un ospedale per bambini ... Non dico che questo lavoro e molto facile, perche i nostri figli si ammalano molto spesso ... Ma mi piace il mio lavoro, ho non tanto, mi puo fornire loro e pagare per la mia camera .... Io vivo da sola, perche non voglio sedermi sul collo con i miei genitori ... Io cerco di aiutarli come posso, mi hanno portato e per me e importante prendere cura di loro ... Tell me please circa il rapporto con i tuoi genitori? Li aiutate? Sapete voglio anticipare la sua risposta e quindi tutti noi avere, mi riferisco nodo di comunicazione e vorremmo ... Quindi impariamo a ......
Si prega di incontrarmi nuovamente cosi avra il piacere ... Per favore, non mi lasciare senza risposta ...
La vostra Elena.
Letter 3
Ciao Mario....
Voi sapete anche io sono molto contento di ricevere la Sua lettera .... :) Ci sono uniti dal fatto che siamo felici di leggere le lettere di ogni altro .... I'm so revocato lo stato d'animo, quando si scrive a me ... Voglio farlo ogni giorno ... Ancora una volta ... ancora e ancora .... Forse ora non ho nulla da dire a voi, ma e perche io sono su internet non molto tempo fa, e non so come fare .... Voglio dirvi un po 'di te ... Il mio nome e Elena mi da la Russia, la citta Zelenodolsk ... Ho sempre vissuto qui e non ho mai viaggiato nella mia vita non molto tempo .... :) And how are you? Probabilmente hanno gia visitato molti paesi? Cosa fare? Egli lavora in quale zona? Cosa fare nel tuo tempo libero? Quanto a me, io amo passeggiate, bar, a dedicarsi agli sport ..... Io amo la vita, ma non ho uno ora ... Non ho detto molto su di me, Non vedo l'ora di cio che avete fatto la stessa cosa, mi dica su di te ... :) Io certamente attendere il vostro prossimo lettera, vi chiedo di non ritardare la risposta ...
Letter 4

Hello me dear Mario...
How at you mood today???? I hope, that is very good... :)
At me it is good, because I read your letter. hihihi
It will be better to me to communicate in English. As I very well know it. Send me your photos. I wish to look at you. You know I reflect sometimes on arriving to other country, will get acquainted with the person with whom I could live further... But as though still it early because our relations have not reached such level when We could meet you already in reality, in a reality, instead of on the Internet... You understand I to what I speak now it?????? I want that you knew, that if We will converge, sometime in the future characters We necessarily should meet you... And then we would decide to build with you to us relations or not.... I watched yesterday transfer on TV about deceits on the Internet..... And there there was such history, that the woman was deceived by the man, has stolen at it money and jewelry.... They communicated also letters and have decided to meet at the woman. . The man has arrived to it, they have got acquainted for the first time in a reality, it was happiness for them... And the woman has very strongly trusted in this man... When it was on work it has stolen from its apartment all precious and was gone.... You know, I would not wish to appear in the same situation, as well as that woman.... You understand me?????? I hope, what you not such man???? And our remarkable correspondence to proceed and will grow to the best???? And this beginning of "the big love" can?
I by all means wait tomorrow your letter...
Yours Elena
Letter 5
Hello my dear!!!!
You know my mood is SUPER when I have started to correspond with you.:-D
Yes, saw your photos 2 days ago. You the nice man. :) You wish to know how many still the man with whom I still I correspond. I write only to you and all. What for to me still someone if I write to you. More nobody is necessary To me. Me to like you to write. :) You are such lovely man... I think, that to me have very much carried with you, you very interesting and for the present the mysterious man for me... But I have very huge desire to solve all your riddles. :) I hope you wish them to open to me???? :) I very much would like, that you understood, that I speak, because I like to speak and I like to joke. But there is between them a limit, it is necessary to restrain in time and I think, that I am able to do it... I love when my interlocutor is able to joke and talk too... You it are.... You did not take offence at me because of mine the previous letter??????? I did not wish you to offend, because I have simply told to you, that I watched transfer on TV where there showed this history about the man who so has arrived very badly!!!! About you I had no it in view of because I very much like to communicate with you... I wait your following letter, please do not leave me????
You have so changed my sights... I thought, that I never will find such serious man as you!!!!!
I wait your answer...
Your darling Elena!!!!!
Letter 6
Hello my dear!!!!
How at you mood???? Well?? I will hope for it very much very much...
You thought of our letters????? Tell have not got tired to write to me??? I at all, even on the contrary it very much entice me, because with you will not become bored!!!!:-D you do not take offence what I write to you???? If it is not pleasant to you or it seems very direct for my part tell to me please about it... I will try to correct all.... Simply I think you can understand me, that I write in general for the first time to someone in other country... For me it is difficult and before something to write to you I think much... It seems To me and should be between two people who write each other.
I will not have not enough your attention if in any day you do not write to me... Even now I can present, that if you will not answer me for any reason I lose something, such necessary for me... Yesterday I was at my parents... I helped mum to make a supper for the father. Always it was pleasant To me and it is pleasant to help my parents... It is my debt to lovely parents which have brought up me.... At the same time I have told to my mum about you. She has been surprised and even has supported me... She has told, that on my place it would make too most... Spoke that relations are necessary to me, start up it while virtual, but at us still all ahead! We will achieve the if we will want to be together, in the near future... I agree with it.... And you???? Not against if our dialogue leads to something serious, for example love????
I think, that over it it is necessary to think much both to you and me....
Well I finish my letter and I wait your answer in that that did not become... I can not without your letters...
Your small Elena
Letter 7
Hello my dear!
I am very happy, that I see your letter.... When I only have come to the Internet of cafe and have seen from you the letter it have resulted me in such high mood... And my letters please you or afflict?? Tell to me please???? I would like to know all about you because it would be desirable to tell, that I wish to be with you, but I would not like you to frighten of my intentions... I do not wish you to offend my speech... But I say that at me has collected in a head! I never am silent, if it is necessary to tell.... I do not know spoke to you or not, but I live always by a principle "better the bitter truth, than sweet lie"! You agree with me, tell to me??? When I come to the cafe Internet I write all my thoughts.... And you read it now!!! :)
Know. I think... It seems To me, that I have fallen in love... Yes yes yes!!! But in someone in my city, and not in my country, and absolutely in another a place, the country, and a city... This person now reads these lines and me so it seems, what starts to smile?! :-) Please only it is not necessary to be frightened, it is not necessary to say now, that it cannot be... All right??? Simply I from the very first letter, I have felt to you something especial that I did not feel for a long time.... My heart starts to be warmed and fight very strongly when I receive your letter. How it to name???? Love or very strong liking??????? I am assured, that the first. I so worry now, that I at all do not know what to tell to you still... But I do not want, that you have thought, that I the madwoman.... I am quite serious also I say that I feel to you.... I will wait your letter, now it for me energy of a life and pleasure...
Your gentle Elena!!!!!
Letter 8
Hello my darling and road Mario!!!
I am now very happy to read your answer and to write you the letter... For me it became very much an important issue which I should make within day.... It is very necessary For me also I cannot without it, not as till these days when I yet did not know you... :) I wished to talk today to you on very serious theme? You will listen to me, I hope for it?? I much and long thought before to tell to you about it... Remember I said to you, what I told to my parents about us? And so it is all very seriously... I have hinted them if I fall in love with you and We will decide to meet for example at you in the country, whether that my parents will be ready to it? They have told to me, that it is my private life and I should solve how to arrive to me... And if I suddenly want to leave the country to search for happiness and love they will not be against... Can you now be afraid of my words and intentions? I spoke you now all sincerely... I am ready to meet you... Unless, you do not want it? Yes I understand, that We know each other absolutely not for long, but I am not afraid of you, I very strongly trust you... I would like only that you trusted me and did not think, that it is simple words! But today I have solved, because I have been surprised and stunned from the happened situation! When I went to the cafe Internet today I have seen how the man beat the woman and anybody has not stood up at all from passers-by. And the most surprising that nearby there was a militia... They saw it and at all have not helped that woman. I remember till now it and I can not depart from a shock. I hate men of my country, except my daddy after that case more. I do not know what to do... Take away me from here please... You want, that We have met, that I have arrived to you? Now I do not wish to be more here... I am glad, that I have found you... I never will want to live with the man from Russia, I have made sure of it today. You to me very much like also to me very much it would would be desirable to be with you, I thought of it... It not spontaneously, simply the situation has accelerated my decision... You can understand me my dear? We can meet... I will wait your letter tomorrow and I think, that I can not fall asleep now....
Your expensive Elena!
Letter 9
My very expensive Mario!
I so am improbably happy to receive your answer though I even yet have not read your answer, but I am already glad, that You the God have presented to me your loveliest attention.:-D
I think of you much!! You madly like me it so tightens, when you write and speak me the whole heap of the most beautiful words... Yes certainly happens, as not always, but all the same I like it very much... I now very much am am overflowed with emotions, I do not know what to speak to you! :-) Nearly has not forgotten to tell to you that I have had time to talk to my best girlfriends... I have told to all of them about you, that We wish to meet you and so on...
One my girlfriend has told, that it is not necessary to go to you, that it can be very strange case. She has told, that there are many cases when foreigners call to themselves Russian girls and then they vanish there and from them there is no answer more never... Yes I have regretted, that have told to it about you because I trust always to you and I will not believe, that you the man who is capable to make any slave of the girl... Is not present is not present there is no I do not trust in it... You very good person and I cannot already live without your letters, I am not indifferent to you very strongly. But I was very glad that other my girlfriend has agreed with me... She has told, what it is destiny and it is necessary to use this chance, destiny to me gives such and what I will refuse it???? I was madly glad, that all: my parents, my friends, all all have supported me that I should meet you! And now I am quiet, and I can and I wish to meet you! I am afraid, I will die probably if I hear from you, that you do not wish to meet me. :-( I so wish to see you already in realities, this such happiness which not to transfer words. :-) You want, that I have arrived to you?!?! I already was interested at my girlfriend that is necessary for a trip because it went recently to Egypt to have a rest. She probably knows that is necessary that I could arrive to you... Tomorrow I will more particularly specify all at it! I so am glad, that We can meet you... uhh. Now I hope, that you will not keep me waiting long your answer... You write to me very soon...
I wait very much...
Your expensive Elena
Letter 10
Hello my dear Mario!
I am glad to see your letter which for me was necessary today...
How at you mood??? Rises what We wish to meet you???? At me yes, it does not fall at all...
I wish you to please... :) I can now is quiet meet you, I can go to you because on work to me have told, that I can take my holiday when it will be necessary for me... It so is improbable cool because I take my holiday and meal to you. There are no problems... Recently I saw my girlfriend who had a rest in Egypt... She has told to me everything, that it made out to go to have a rest in other country! She has addressed in travel agency in which to it did all documents... And when documents were ready, she has easy left to have a rest to Egypt! You understand me???? I wish to make too most with documents that I could arrive to you. Tell to me you want, that I have gone to the same agency in which my girlfriend addressed??? She has told to me, that this very good round the agency to travel somewhere. If I arrive to you and I take holiday on work where I will live this time while I will be with you???? If I go to hotel or hotel it will be not so expensive??? Simply I do not presume expensive hotel??? The usual room how you think will be simply necessary to me???? I do not wish to arise to live this time at you because for you it can be a problem??? ?? I easily can to understand you, but I all the same wish to meet you, I wish to arrive to you.... I cannot more without you... I need only your decision???? After all you too want, that I have arrived to you that We have met you?! Well it is fine, tomorrow I go to it round agency and I learn, that is necessary for a trip to you... Tomorrow also I will tell to you, that to me will tell in agency...
I wait your answer, I cannot fall asleep probably again today because I will think of you...
Your expensive Elena!!!!
Letter 11
I cannot wait, when I can meet you, I so am now glad and intolerable is happy... It is just necessary to present It, it is necessary to believe, that We are going to see each other!!! WOW uhhh. The truth improbably. I in the life am going to make for the first time something such improbable, that will change very strongly I wash a life...
I went to travel agency as I and spoke to you!!! lol I try to learn as soon as possible all for a trip to you... My dear can to you it seems, that I hurry up, but it only seems, because I began to notice the return... Time goes, and I only have still learnt the little about a trip... To me have explained round agency that I could arrive to you to the country, I need to do some things... The visa of the tourist which goes on 90 and for 180 days Is necessary and its sum depends on that country to which the tourist travels. You understand me??? The document which proves the identity in other country is still obligatory, at us it is called the passport for travel abroad! The ticket will be necessary... I can learn the Prices of the visa, the passport and the ticket, when, My favourite, you will tell to me in what International airport at you I be going to fly??? After all it I can learn cost of my trip to you in my travel agency and to tell to you. Well my favourite??? I wish to take immediately wash holiday and at once to you!! I do not wish to frighten you, but it seems to me that I will not want, that my holidays came to an end, when I will arrive to you... I think, that to a smog to elicit the holiday how much you want itself. I will not admit to bother you when We will be together!!!!
I wait immediately your letter that you have informed me that I asked from you for my trip!!!
Your favourite Elena!!!!!
Letter 12
My love Mario i again with you, I write you the letter...
I am glad, and know why???? I represent, as We will meet you already here here :-).... I cannot simply believe in it, but I trust. Because I trust you very strongly and consequently I have dared to go to you... I have already learnt all that is necessary for me for my trip to you!!! I went again to travel agency!!!! I have learnt all prices for documents and ticket cost to you... The Tourist visa will cost 279 euros it goes for 180 days... I can be in other country this time, but it not the fact because you can and do not want, that I came to you for all this time... But after all I can leave earlier if I bother you...:-D Has learnt, that the passport costs 50 euros, it is valid within 5 years!!!! But it will be more difficult with the ticket because to your country it will be 540 euros... I in a life did not see such prices! O_o I could not answer them of anything at all when they have informed me on trip cost! I saved the sum in the near future to go somewhere to have a rest!!!!! I saved very long, postponed from some salaries, but at me it has turned out only 5000 roubles, in euro it is all about 140 euros!!!! It is not enough of that is necessary for me that I could give the demand to travel agency to start to make my papers!!!!!! I will think today what to do for a trip... But at me even the head does not think from such sums! And what my love you think???? What will we do????
I wait your answer! It now is very necessary to me.... Yours already love Elena!!!!!
Letter 13
My love Mario I has come to write to you today....
But I have no mood.... I as have learnt in agency about cost of a trip and in general, that is necessary for this purpose, I now in general, as not in the plate... :-( You understand me my love???? There is such expression... But I have put now not in it, and that as not the recently.... Simply, as I will recollect where to me to find this sum the head starts to be turned... :-( If it is fair, at me does not remain a choice in general, besides, how simply to begin to cry and all... I am More I can do than nothing... I said to you, that I have 5000 roubles, but it is not enough, for my trip... I saved it so long, but I only have more recently understood, that it is not enough... :-( It is not enough that I could go to travel agency and could be engaged in my documents.... I will consider now every day to our meeting... Whether But I do not know there will be it in general...?? I as the child who did not manage a gift for Christmas... At me tear has begun to flow.... But I abstain from all my female forces not to burst into tears here before you that You did not think, that I such weak, defenceless... Though I can and there is a such... I cannot understand, what I have made such bad for someone, what I cannot be now with you?????? I do not know, that to me to do.... But I will search and ask right now from my friends, at relatives, it is absolutely not important at whom, I will ask from all this sum.... I do not wish to be more here, I wish to arrive to you... I do not wish to wait. There are no forces to wait... I very much wish to arrive to you, I wish to love you, I wish to be with you nearby, to feel you....
I will not fall asleep today, I will do all to search though for something for my trip to you...
I wait your letter... Your love Elena...
Letter 14
I am very very happy to read your letter! Each your letter for me the big pleasure, is one more particle you....
I see that you wish to help me. It is very good. I simply thought that we cannot meet you because I do not have sufficient sum of money. That you can Well help me. I am very glad to it. I will make the passport itself. But I should do the visa and the ticket still. My dear Mario the visa costs 279 euros and the ticket 540 euros. The most important thing is the ticket. It is very big sum of money. I think you can find it. Today I will already go to make out the passport. When it will become I to you I will write. You wish to know where you can send the money. But I at all do not know any ways of transfer of money. Then today I will try to learn any ways of transfer of money. And tomorrow to you I will write. Well.
I well feel today myself, because I had today very cheerful day.... Today I at last that have carried out the little dream.... I descended to have a rest with the girlfriend... We have very cheerfully spent time!!!! Such cheerful days at me any more was not very much for a long time!!!! But I did not forget to think and of you.... I represented all this time, that instead of my girlfriend there would be you! It would be very healthy!! I dream to descend so a long time with you at cinema, in park.... I hope, that it soon all will occur.... I very much want, that we were together.... Simply I not so little and me serious relations with you are necessary..... I wish to be yours, I wish you to love, caress constantly.... I will warm you the love when to you will be cold!!!! I never will leave you, I am afraid of you to lose, washing unique love. I wish to spend with you the most passionate and romantic nights.... We will love each other all night long, to make love. ... At all of us it will be romantic, I cannot suffer any more when it is all will occur.... Now you do not suffice Me.....
I will finish the letter.....
I look forward to hearing from you!!!
Letter 15
Hello my love Mario!!!!!!
I am very happy to read your letters, they always give to me very huge pleasure and very high mood!!!
My dear Mario I spoke yesterday to you that I will go to learn as you can translate your money to me. My dear to me have told there are two good companies which are engaged in remittances. It Western Union and Money Gram. Whether you can learn from you there are such companies are not present???
I cannot be here, when You there..... I very much wish to arrive to you!!! You would like to meet!!! I hope, that our meeting will take place already very soon..... I cannot live without you! You sense of my life... When I will arrive to you, I will give you very good gift... I hope, that it is pleasant to you.... I do not know, that I would do without you!!! I cannot wait for that moment when You would began to wait for me at the airport!!! I so love you, I am ready to run on streets and to shout, that I love you.... I wish to spend with you time, to be engaged with you in love gently gently!!!! It so is romantic, my favourite!!!! I all yours, You can take me all.... To Caress my gentle body, from feet to a head!!!!! I will like to caress your strong, strong body!!!!! I very strongly want you!!!!
I very soon will in in your hands!!!! We can caress very soon each other!!!!
Letter 16
Hello my most unique and eternal love Mario!!!!!
I am very happy to see your letters, they to me always deliver very big pleasure.... I see from you the letter to me becomes warmer on heart, to me it is very pleasant, that You are at me....
My dear Mario I see you want that I went to Venice because it more close to your city. I will Well reserve the ticket as you have told to me. But if I cannot find such flight that to me will be arrived to do another. I see that you very much worry about me because I treat for the first time abroad and I should be as it is possible more cautiously. I am very glad that you care of me. :-) To like me it. I see that you know about company Western Union and can send money. You wish to know in what quantity of money I require. It is necessary To me 819 euros it is the ticket and the visa. The Visa costs 279 euros and the ticket 540 euros. It is very big sum. But I think you can find it. I see that you require my data. Well... Now I will write them to you. The Name: Elena the Surname: Dubnikova the Country: Russia. My dear Mario these data to you should be enough. You speak what city. My dear Mario to me have told not necessarily to write a city. . They can send your money and without a city. You my the most expensive and favourite, that are at me now at present.... And You always will be only my favourite person.... I do not wish you to lose, for me very big misfortune you will lose.... Now I do not see sense to live without you my love because I have found that favourite of which at me never was.... I do not wish more anything to have except you!!!! You to me are very expensive and we love... For me You now the loved one... I often think of our meeting and about our little family.... I will be very very happy....
I cannot already suffer when We will meet you my love, I want that all it has more likely occurred!!!
I with impatience look forward to hearing!!!
Letter 17
Hello my unique love!!!!
I am very happy that you have written to me!!!!
My dear Mario but why you so speak as though I the unreal girl. Whence it is you all a beret from what reasons??? I do not like it that you so think of me. And what for then you sent me your money. If you so about me think??? Means at you all the same there are any feelings to me. Means you love me and do not wish me to leave. But all the same you have any a doubt. But I do not know why it is at you. I cannot transfer the emotions words, I hope, that you understand my feelings!!!! You can see my emotions when I will arrive to you my love.... I will show it to you!!!! I now such happy, it is possible to tell drunk with happiness, from the finest man of my favourite!!!!!! I now very much am very very happy my favourite.... I cannot believe, I very strongly wish to be your most favourite and desired woman.... I wish to hear your answer my love..... I now cry with happiness, at me the most beautiful and favourite husband all over the world.... I very strongly want it, I cannot suffer it any more..... I am very happy, my parents too are very glad for me.... They are glad, to that that at last that their daughter has found to itself the most favourite person..... I wish yours to be eternal, I wish to have from you children..... I can cry now, because It for me the greatest happiness.... You sense of my life without which I cannot live.... You my air, you my water, you my love.... As I am now happy!!!!!! I very much would like to meet you soon...
I very strongly wait your beautiful answer.
Your the most devoted and favourite Elena which cannot without you any more!!!
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