Letter(s) from Julia Korobkova to P. P. (USA)

Letter 1

My love. Many thanks for your letter. I was very happy. Want to tell that my holiday proceeds from July, 15 till September, 1. If I have arrived that certainly at once in your city. If fairly that my desire to be with you for ever. But if you do not want it that you may tell about it at once.

Last month it is very hard for me without you and I very much want to be with you.

I want to write to you that I have found out concerning that how many my trip to you will cost. I would like to tell to you about the VISA which I am going to issue that to arrive to you. Exists some various kinds of visas, but to me approach only the tourist visa.

This visa enables me to remain with you 90 days, thus we will have time to get acquainted Closer and if we shall decide to issue a marriage I receive your citizenship and can remain with you for ever.

For the beginning I should issue the passport for travel abroad and the visa. I have found out monetary units It USD and that quotations were clear for you, I shall estimate them in USD. Cost of forms of the visa and the passport for travel abroad $100 registration $150 . Also I should issue the insurance in cost $200. After registration of these documents I should To pass paid physical examination in cost and paid interview It will cost to me $150. Thus all this will cost for me $600.

To issue all documents and to pass all these procedures to me it is necessary to go to Moscow where there is the nearest Embassy. These two weeks when will be made out all these documents I should live in Moscow. As to me have told in travel agency Residing at Moscow is very expensive. For example the hotel with a meal costs approximately $25-50 in days. For two weeks it is required to me near $650.

After that I should buy tickets aboard the plane. AT what I agree to my visa should to buy tickets in both parties, it Obligatory rule. But if I remain with you I can receive at the airport money for the return ticket. To find out exact Cost of tickets, I should know your address and the name of the international airport where I can arrive.

Now the only thing that prevents us to be together these are money. I am not sure that you have such money, As it is very big sum. Whether my dear we can overcome these monetary obstacles.

I with impatience shall wait for your answer.

I love you, Yulia.