Scam letter(s) from Kelly Bates to Bill (USA)

Letter 1
Its good we get it started with some introduction so as to know who and what we want in relationship....Here`s a little info about me I am Linda Russell,29yrs old...with brown hair and brown eyes....i am 5'4 tall and weigth about 120 lbs...i am from Phoenix in Arizona and now in West Africa Nigeria here in my Ex boy friend country....i have not been working since i moved down here in Nigeria but i am a fashion designer, we made wedding dresses and suits..... I like to go out to dinner, go dancing, go to the movies, workout, travel, see new things. I enjoy the simple things like the ocean, cuddling at home watching a movie with someone special, I`m a extremely romantic, passionate and affectionate woman. I feel i let you know more about me,my personality,interests and hobbies...Personality: I am an open minded person,trustworthy,cool,loving,caring,understanding,down to earth...I been straight and want same in return because i wont treat people the way i dont want to be treated.... Interests and hobbies:I like reading, movies, games, brain teasers/puzzles. I like all movies but i cant watch scary movies alone...I also like jazz music but have not been exposed to much of it.I like reading poetry,novels,arts and crafts.My favourites are: sea foods,favourite actor:Angelina Jolie,Fav color:Blue... Likes:I like people been honest,truthful because trust is a vital phenomemon.i like people with intelligence and a good sense of humour. Dislikes:I get ********** easily at people not trying to be real,i hate pretence and i feel trust should be the foundation of any good relationship. I am a lips and eyes person... I heard them say that eyes is the window of our soul... I love to gazed at those eyes that speaks to my heart without saying a word... I am drawn to smiling eyes... & lips? And why lips? Because I'm such a big fan of a Kiss... There is nothing in this world that can recreate the touch and the feeling of a long passionate kiss that would melt your heart......I also enjoy lots of Hugs, talking, laughing, Holding hands, finding out that we have alot of things in common. I am a quality woman who is confident, honest, kind, smart, fun, trustworthy, supportive, loving, loves kids, outgoing, down to earth, friendly, great sense of humor, sociable, respectful (I would always treat you with respect). I have good morals, traditional values, I`m a lady who is a very good listener and someone that you could talk too about anything. I`m looking for a long term relationship and a life long lover. I also want someone that is honest with me at all times...I have attached few pictures of myself and i hope you like them... I think i should stop writting now and i will be waiting for you on IM. Looking forward to our chat. Linda
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