Scam letter(s) from Kelly Bates to Roger (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Roger,

I felt so much excited after talking to you and its nice meeting you Roger,I understand a had good conversation today which means we both on the same path and channel looking for right relationship that will last long for us also,I want you to take this very easy due to our past experienceds we had in last relationss,Like i told you befoure,I never been married but have bee n into relatiosnhip which didnt worked for me,as i wanted it in life due to hurt and cheating and most bitter place hitting whenever i make a complain,It really hurts me sometimes whenever i tell me smone about my past because i didnt want to but i remark that it good to share them out with someone who has open is his heart and soul and willing to get to know much better much.I didnt want to date any more when my mum and lovely friend Elizabeth asked me never to give up in life but rather try to forget about my past and think about my future,Yet not all men are the same like you and i need to a chance surely i will make all my dreams and inspirations will come true and likey i have met you today.I am ever ready to get to know much beter since a good relationship is base on knowing eac h other much better and building all what it takes to the commitment,Honesty,trust and everlast love foundation.......!

To tell you a little about me :I am a fun and easy going understanding person who enjoys life and wants to find someone to share it with. I am past games and pretense and am honest with who I am and what I need.I am a single warm hearted woman looking for friends to share dinners, movies, walks and conversation with.I am also Outdoorsy and down to earth. Athletic, loyal, faithful, caring and deeply honest Sensitive and empathic. Passionate, compassionate, sensual, a good listener. Big heart who believes in taking good care of herself and would be happy to take good care of you.I am looking for someone with similar interest, goals, values who wants to have fun and be happy! I am unashamedly a hopeless romantic. I desire a long-term, fully committed, monogamous relationship.I am looking for someone who is warm and caring. Someone who is not afraid to show and receive affection.

I am attracted to kindness, intelligence, a quick wit, a good kisser, passionate. A good career is important, but so is enjoying the benefits of working hard. In addition to a balanced life, I also value good communication, emotional availability, integrity and HONESTY! Someone who can admit when he's wrong. Someone who means what he says. "above average".I am also not looking for someone one to have games with or play with as well but someone i will love for who he is and also what he has in his heart for me too.

Thank you so much and i await to hear from you soon.

Letter 2
Hello Roger,
How are you doing?,i hope things are going on well and you had a sound and blessed sleep last night.How is the family and specially Todd doing out there?i also do hope they are all in the hands of the good Lord and well taking care of.Dear,I am just coming back from the travel and tour agency's office just as ou asked me to do first thing in the morning,Well,as i went there i met the agent and he was saying something which i dont understand so they asked me to give you they are contact details so you can personal write to them as well.

This is the contact details ........

The Manager Mr. Abraham
Town and Country Agency
(Travel & Tour and Real Estate Developer)
1159 Tema, Accra
E.Mail: I was really sad this morning after i waked up i didnt received any mail from you as you promised ro email me yesterday,I dint know why though i lost connection yesterday night during our chart but i believe i left some off line messages to you which am not sure if you got them but i will be n line waiting as you said you'll be on line at 1 p m my time and it 12:35 p m now.Hope to chart with you soon.
Yours Ever,
Letter 3
ATTN: Roger Mr Strudwick It is true that your fiancee Miss Rabiatu has Contacted me to Assist her Get a Passport and a Visiting Visa to Canada, Which i can assist her with.
Mr Strudwick the Passport and the Visa will Take 10 to 15 working Days to be issued,that is if she is Interested, i can help her get a minimum of 1year visiting Visa and later can be Renewed,that is if she wished to stay longer(When applied for a working permit it will be a Minimum of 1 year) After which she has to legalize her stay in Canada during her stay,before it can be renewed.
The particulars i will need from her is her portrait Pictures(8picies)A letter from her Employer's/Missionaries, which i will give her the details latter,
Tell Your fiancee, She will have to come to My Office to Fill a Passport Application forms and Some Documents together with 8 Portrait Pictures, Criminal report and a Medical Exam certificate,which Include *** Aids test and Yellow Fever And a Deposit of $750.00 USD for the Passport and Visa to Start, Has to be made to start her Process. I will Also Need the Date She will Like to Leave the Country to Canada, so that I Can Start with the Bookings,before i can get you the fix price of the ticket.
Waiting for your Response. you can email or call me on the Office line, if there is anything else you required to know. Sincerely Yours. The Manager
Nayo Abraham Town and Country Agency
(Travel & Tour and Real Estate Developer)
1159 Tema, Accra
Letter 4

Hello Roger,

I have been on line waiting for so long bt i hope all is well with you and also Todd well too,I will log out and come back on line to check on you again
Letter 5
Hello Roger,

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures you have sent me and letting me know why your phone was answered by one of your friends which didnt know and i believe you know how it hurts after he told me it was wrong number but all the same i accept your appology so you're welcome as well.Hope to chart with you soon again.

I will be on line again this evening as well.

Your Love,

Letter 6
Hello Roger, I love you. I love every little thing about you. I love your cute smile, your magical eyes. I love your Honesty and caring heart you have shared with me,I can't stop thinking about you when we are apart or when i don't see you on the chart. I need you by my side. You complete me. You mean the world to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the one I've always wished for. I never thought that I would ever meet someone as special as you. I love each and every moment I share with you. Love Always, Rabiatu
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