Scam letter(s) from Maria Shapkina to Luigi (Italy)

Letter 1
Hi Luigi! How r u? So glad to see your message in my mailbox today, thanks. It wasn't so easy to find someone on dating site, but I see I have some luck :)
I Hope that our further correspondence will be kind, sincere and honest. I think we CAN become very good friends and even more... if you don't mind of course...:-) Before we start our correspondence I want you to know that I'm looking for serious relationship (but with a lot of fun :))), with serious intentions. I mean I am not looking for just panpals, men who I can take a cup of coffee with and have some walks, NO, I am looking for someone to share my soul with, my thoughts, my heart (however I love to have fun and I need man who loves this too :)) I don't want to play games with anybody and I don't want someone to play with me. I know, that there are such people, but I hope this is not about us, right? Let me be sincere and honest with you from the very beginning. And I do hope that you will do the same.
I want to promise you that if you read this message till the end, you will know a lot about me and I am sure you will find a lot of useful information for yourself :) Let me start... I know that this can be a surprise for you, but I am Russian and I live here. It's up to you if this is Good surprise or Bad one :) I think first question, which you would like me to ask is: "Why do I have wrong country in my profile!" I can explain this. This is just a mistake there, which can't be fixed. I tried to put my country when I registered there, but with no success. Why? I have no idea! BUT!! There are some GOOD NEWS!!! I know that real love has no distance! And I have a very good example on this...but about this next time.... So...why I am here? Do you know that we are looking for totally different things? Surprised? Yes, we are! We (women) looking for men.....but you (men) looking for women.... :)))) Everything else is very simple.... I am woman, who wants to find a real gentleman who will love me, take care about me and who will be the most important man for me in the whole world. Instead I will give him all myself, believe me, this is a lot :) Do you know any gentleman? Ask the mirror :))) Ouch, shame on me, I still haven't introduced myself, I'm Krestina!
In my 29 (my birthdate is 10-10-1980) I am very easy going,
down to earth woman, who loves this world :) I enjoy spending my time
with my friends my family and my amazing cat, who I love very much. So...I work in building firm, like accountant. I have never been married and have no kids, but the same time I am one of the happiest person you will ever meet. I live alone separetly from my parents. I love spending time with the people that matter the most. I think I am fun to be with and enjoy new experiences. My friends say that I am open minded, confident and definitely a good listener. What about you? can you tell me about your family? what treats, would you say, yours the best? Who is woman for you? I'm...Looking for a matured man that is primarily loving and caring. What did mirror told you? Is that you? :))))) We'll see! :)
I hope all I have written has given you an insight about what sort of person I am.
You you know much more :) My dear, I would be very glad if you reply me back with some information about you. Some common things, like I've just written you. These some questions above are for yuo too, I am very interested. So I see you read this message till the end?? Here is you medal for patience :)) I would be glad to continue, if not, than all the best for you? Can you make me a favour? One more thing that I would really love to know... What is the main priority for you in relationship? Thanks for spending your jewerly time for reading my letter till the end, I apprecite this a lot and promise you that you will never regret about this :) I'll wait for your message impatiently! Take care! Have a nice day!
See ya, Krestina!
P.S. forgot to tell are some of my pictures.
1. In country place where my grandmother lives. (near the tree)
2. On Mazda Event (with flowers)
3. Just in the city (in pink)
Letter 2
if you really think that you made a big work to post my first email to you to scammer site you are wrong. God see everything.
I've never asked you for something and you had no right to do this, but I don't care. You will get what you deserve. Take care! Krestina (but not Kristina, idiot)
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