Scam letter(s) from Irina Borkova to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello my angel Cristobal! I have already arrived to the fine city! At me just fine mood! As I am rather happy! After all I have you! I love you ! Now I very much wished to wink at you an eye, and playfully to present to you the kiss. (Smile)
And how your mood? You waited for my letter? Why I do not feel your smile? (Smile)
You know Cristobal, I should tell, that this letter will be short.
As right after how I have arrived to the city, I first of all have visited travel agency. I have told about results of interview, and process of registration of all necessary documents.
Cristobal, you know, me have very pleasantly surprised. We will tell so, to me have given not the big gift. To me have told, that for me there is a possibility of acceleration of registration of visa process, but for this purpose it is necessary, that you would contact travel agency and left the personal data. Therefore you should right now will address on a travel agency site «New Star», or to write the letter to this agency. Here the address of this travel agency:
My full name: Anna
My full surname: Vokhmyakova
My lovely angel Cristobal, you should make it as it is possible soon. It is necessary for this purpose what to confirm that I will arrive to your country to you. And for this purpose, what to accelerate process of registration of the visa. I very much hope, that you will do it as it is possible soon. As our meeting really depends only on you. Therefore I want, what you as are possible soon addressed in this travel agency.
But! Mine Cristobal, you should not forget, that I really love you! Also what even in a dream I think only of our meeting with you! And it is very necessary for me to be with you! Only with you!
Well, my honey, I will finish this fast letter! What to receive your prompt reply.
Now, I want, that you again would present to me the smile!
I love you Cristobal! Yours Anna …
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