Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1


This is me again! I hope you remember me)I will remind you a little...My name is Anastasiya, I know that it is long, so you can call me Stasya as my friends do. I hope that our communication will be easy and it will bring us both a lot of joy, as you see on my photos that I am very debonair person) But it doesn't mean that I am not serious! I can not say that my purpose is to find a husband here, but I don't mind to find a man who we can build serious relations in the future. Also it is not a secret that I have a son, who I will tell you about later, but he is great! And it is useful for me if you can accept it...

I think it is not a bad start, so let's continue without losing a pace in knowing each other) I have a lot of interesting things to tell you.
And I hope that it will be not a monologue. Please, let me know if you are serious, it is very useful! Any way, I will understand it with your new letter!

With best regards, Stasya

Letter 2

Nice to see you again,

So I see you have a will to know me better, and it is very pleasant to hear from such a good man. It is difficult to explain why this or that person take our attention, but I had some signs about you) I think we should try with you! I have a good feeling when I look at your photos) You are very nice and positive man) Are you really 54!? I would never say this! You look much younger than your age. You see, I had enough from young men, so I need a man like you near to me, wise, calm, reliable and kind. And these qualities don't depend on the age. Do you agree? I am impressed from the way you describe yourself and your wills. You are a grown up man who knows what you want. That is I was looking for! You wrote exactly those words about yourself, which qualities I would like my soul mate has. Is it a coincidence?)

You are lucky to live in such a successful country as USA. I don't think that your life there is much easier than here, but the government there cares about your people. So you should appreciate it!

You see, the chat needs time to sit and write. I don't have such a possibility because of my job and my son. It is more comfortable to answer a letter than to chat for me. And I am not a great user of computers, so it would be very, very difficult for me)

I am not going to hammer your head with a lot of information about myself. Let's make a deal, you will ask me what you are interested about, if you want to know something, and I will stop my attention on your questions. I promise to be honest and open about everything. And the same I wait from you! Just some basic facts about myself...I like my life in small city of Dnepropetrovsk region called Pavlograd, but I don't see the future here. I have an undistinguished job of administrator in a night club. I live with my mother, who is a wonderful woman ,who helps me a lot, and my only love for now, my son Sasha. He is my life and everything I am doing, I am doing for him. it is very useful for me that you are ready to be a father for Sasha. He will need the father's education with time, I think you can teach him a lot) So your kind words about him warmed my heart. Tell me more about your son. Of course, i will accept him if we are together. I am just 27 now, so I hope to have more children in the future, but at first, I need to find a decent man for the happy future together))Oh, I forgot to mention our little kitten Manya, who will stay a kitten forever) I love animals, and my son asks me for a dog. I have not decided yet, because it is a big responsibility for one more life. OK, this is me with my simple life!

What about you? How do you think what should I know about you before we continue our communication. You see, you have a good possibility to express everything that had accumulated over the years inside of you) I promise to be a good listener. And I still have some questions to you, please, answer them!

What are you looking for here?
How do you see your future partner or a soul mate?

Aren't you tired after my questions?))OK, I am finishing. I am new in such way of correspondence, but I like it...or I like you)) Take care!

With best wishes, Stasya



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