Scam letter(s) from Elena Krasavica to Steven (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Steven, this is me, Elena!We was meet at dating website russianeuro. Its was nice meet you there. And I hope we can be friends.I'm 30 years old. Of course i'm not young and i know what i want. If you attentive read my profile there you know that i'm from Russia. I have good work here. i work as manager. and for me interesting to know you some more. Please write me about yourself.
what kind of work do you have? What you like do at your free time? if you have qestions for me, its great, i will answer. I wait your letter back. Elena
Letter 2
Hello my friend Steven How are you today? I'm good and i have good mood. Bcs i was recieved letter from you. And Its soo nice. I did not think, that I will live in other country. But if you that man whom I will really love, and you love me then certainly we will together. And I think, that is not important where it will be.And we can live at your country.ANd if you want at mine. Today we again have good weather. All day was sun. I very much love solar weather. But I as like a rain. To me to like to be at home, when in the street a rain. I like to listen to a rain, I am am calmed by rain noise. And it is pleasant to you when it is raining? Still I like to go to the cinema. Last film which I looked at a cinema was Avatar. I liked this film. It that that shaking.Its will be great if at future we can go to the cinema together. I like to go in for sports. I like to go to pool. Two times a week I go to a sports hall. I like to go by a bicycle. And I think, that if once we will have competition I will necessarily win against you. You would like to have a bet? I would like to ask you a question.Steven, when you were born? Mine birthday on January, 1st. I was born in 1980. And on a sign on the zodiac I napricorn. Though, I not especially trust in horoscopes. Probably on it I will finish the letter. I wish you pleasant day. I with impatience wait for your answer. Yours faithfully Elena
Letter 3
Hello Steven, I am happy to receive your letter. Today again excellent weather. And I have recollected at once, how we with mum went to have a rest on the sea. It was already 3 years ago. But at me to these impressions of that trip were postponed. As I already spoke to you, I never was abroad, but I travelled on the country much. We with mum went in Sochi. This city is by the black sea. In 2014, there will pass there winter Olympic games. You know, there it is very beautiful. It at all you will not transfer simply words. Very much it was pleasant to me. Especially I liked mountains and the sea is final. It has very much impressed me. Tell and you like it? Every day we with mum went on a beach and sunbathed. From the south we have arrived sunbathed as chocolates. I will send you some photo, I hope, that to you will like. Almost every day in the evenings, we with mum walked along the sea. You know, I very much would like as to walk and with you. Imagine, we would go with you along the sea on sand. We would hold each other for hands, not looking at all on that that we would look as children. I think, that to us would be all the same. We would enjoy a society each other. We would laugh and would talk on different themes. I really was is glad to it. You would be glad to it, Steven ? I was very happy, when spoke with you by phone. Very much it was pleasant to me. I really want, that we with you would become closer. My number +7 909 369 84 57. It would be more convenient for me, if you call to me after 7 evenings Moscow time. I have put some photo from hardly travel. I hope, that they will like you. I with impatience wait for your answer. Yours faithfully Elena
Letter 4

hello my love. Dear i all understand, But i want say to you that i cant write to you 10 years.Dear my salary 400$ for mounth. And this is hard have soo much money for me. But dear i understand what you mean.
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