Scam letter(s) from Elena Tokareva to Julen (Spain)

Letter 1

Hi, I was very glad you answer me. I have a very hard work (It means that I am a teacher ?). I train little children by Russian language and literature. Regrettably I do not know English so well as Russian. And you must seriously toil to understand me. I hope you forgive me for this. I live in Russia (Cheboksary town Chuvash republic) . I know, that in mine profile it is written, that I from America. This site to me was given by my girlfriend who now lives in America, therefore in ìîåìprofile is written, that I from America. I am 28 years old.
Well, I shame on inexperience but I never got acquainted with man through Internet. I have solved to do it because one of my friends has met interesting man using Internet. Apropos he from your country too. Now she knows about your country so many good things. Probably you would like to learn more in detail about me. I was born on the 14th of January.
Birthday is not very remarkable day for me because in our country more all feels nervous the hero of the day. And friends to do nothing. They only bring the gift.
My family is not large. More exactly I am orphan. It's not very ingenious fun. Simply I got accustomed hereto and already it is not a tragedy for my as earlier. My parents have perished into catastrophe when me was 15 years old. Then I was brought up in shelter for children remained without parents. It was very difficult but I'm firmly hold. My familiars speak that I too self-conscious and trustful person. They consider that bad people can use this. I did not speak about this anybody; you are the first man who has heard nearly whole all my biography. I hope will be a warm relations between you and me. I do not know why I have chose exactly you. Possible it's fate or something like it.
If speak honestly I want to be interesting for you but I have not a big experience in such thing. As any woman I want to return initiative in your strong male hands ?. Please tell me about you. What do you think about Russia? Tell me about your life. Write me about your attitude to acquaintance through Internet.
Excuse me if I answer your letter not by leaps and bounds. I write you using computer residing on my work. But you can be certain that I much wait your letter and answer on it. Think about you,
Letter 2

Hi, I waited your answer anxiously. Once upon a time in childhood I waited train 11 hours. When it has arrived I was very pleased. But presently I see your letter pleased else more.
I lucky that has solved to write you using Internet. When I write you I forget about all problem on work and commonness. Probably it is too frankly but I simply never felt nothing like it. Upholstering with you I can remain most myself. It is much pleasantly. In our country and all over the world too much lies. But I think will not be a secret between you and me. Apropos tell me about your secret. Men always have a different secrets. May be you are Spiderman? ? Or you are simply romantic personality which I seem begins like.
I think, that the age cannot be a problem for development of relations.
I like those people which are more senior than me because more senior people have experience in a life more and they know, that they want right now.
I love children and would like to have them. Probably I have not correctly issued inquiries.
In past letter I have forgotten to ask you what music you love. The music is very important in my life. When I came home I include the tape-recorder and forget about all over the world. Now in such moments I think else about you.
My favorite foreign singer and composer is Sting.
In Europe and in America
There is growing feeling of hysteria,
Conditions to respond to other threats
In the rhetorical speeches of the Soviets.
Mister Khrushchev said, “ We will bury you … ”
I do not subscribe to this point of view.
It's such an ignorant thing to do,
If the Russians love their children too.
How can I save my little boy
From up and high mass deadly toys?..
… Mister Reagan said, “ We can protect you … ”
I do not subscribe to this point of view.
It's such an ignorant thing to do,
If the Russians love their children too.
… We share the same biology
Regardless of ideology.
Believe me when I say to you
I hope, the Russians love their children too.
You know Sting wrote more songs and most of his fans see him not a pop star but a troubled soul understanding the sorrows and joy of the existence in the modern contradictory world, more a philosopher, less a musician. Please tell me about your favorite musician or music group. What importance has music for you? You may be write poetry?
At one of the nearest days I am going to in small journey. Near by my little town there is a very beautiful and calm wood. Fur trees grow there. It's much beautifully when rays sun get through branches and create on herb inimitable drawing. Probably you was interesting see it. Tell me what do you think about it.
In following letter I shall tell you about its journey. Your travellier,
Letter 3

Hi, Your letter has much pleased me.
I love that way about which you speak. I also want to have the friend for a life. I do not want to have short relations. I the woman of one of man. I am glad, that our ideas are similar. Probably it raises our chances that our relations grew in the necessary direction.
I promised to tell about my journey. Regrettably I was to remain on work because other teacher was in hospital. I was much sadly. I shall not be able to realize my desire soon. Our family often had long walks in the country. My parents called such walks hikes. We took our rucksacks and the tent with us and did not think of any tickets. We was not in a hurry and we walked a lot just watching wild life. And what way you prefer to travel? Where do you like to walk? Has you a place where you can to remain in private with your own thought?
I want to ask you how you pertain to alcohol? Simply my friend (about which I already spoke you) has said that her friend too like to drink. It's much unpleasant. Two years back I had a boyfriend who afterwards turned out to be alcoholic. I understand when man sometimes drinks but if it becomes hobby it is terribly. Man must be independent. I hope you exactly such as I think.
When I presently write you I much want to eat. Presently I have several minutes of the rest. Instead to run in cafe I write this letter but I am not distressed by it. We correspond not long but you already became part of my life. And have I importance for you?
Apropos many familiar speak me that I wit to prepare meal well. Really I love to prepare meat dumplings, pies, salads and much another. I consider myself very home person. I like purity in my house. It's interesting if you has invited me on supper what has you offered me? At present woman has more possibilities than earlier. But however I consider that woman must not concern with serious commerce. It is for man. Tell me in detail about your job. Why has you chose such life way? I like my work though I shall much tire. Children are such good and funny. It's strange but when they become adult they changes in rough people. Several months back some juvenile criminals wanted to hit upon me and withdrew my hand-bag. One of them even haved time to knock me. Police patrol appeared in this time and they have run away. I have felt real shock. Though in our town it happens often. I certain that you was able me to protect. Tell me what situation with level of criminality in you country.
Regrettably time to finish. My rest is completed. You do not know how I do not want to return to realities. Anxiously wait your letter,
Letter 4

Hi, my honey! (Privet moy dorogoy) Today I have a bad news. Mood is bad. Only your letters do me lucky.
The matter of fact that some regions in the field of unite and will send authorities from one ***** state authorities to other. It is an administrative reform. School (where I work) is state and its can close but me to fire. It's foolishly but children to come to learn far from their building. Possible I come to search for other work. In our town it will be a complicated way. In whole Russia high jobless rate. People with higher educations and good knowledges can not find work but idlers on the contrary get greater salary. Paradox.
Plenty of people have not a home. It's miserable to look on them. They are ***** and skinny. When I passer-by past them I shall always add a little more alms. Even small money is very important for them.
Near my house asks alms one aging woman - Vera Ivanovna. Her son married and banished her from home that she did not disturb newlyweds. It is so cruelly. I always help her, give money, products and cloth. If I will not be a work I shall not be able to continue do it. It is necessary will earn money to pay for apartment.
Well, I am distressed earlier time. Do not happen nothing else.
Please tell me anything merry. Some history from childhood. Pleasantly will hear that all well by someone in distant country Loving surf,
Letter 5

Hi, my dear! Today friend Sveta rang me. She with her buddy from your country (I already told you about him).
Two days back she has left to him in guests for several weeks. He has introduced her with his parents. They have much well met her. They are very friendly and hospitable people. Presently Sveta is lucky. Her voice for the first time sounds as at present.
While all well on my work. I do not know that will further but hope on best.
Subject about love does not leave from my head. I simply can not think about other. You become for me such native. I am afraid it. I hope you very gentile man. And you will not be able to offend me. Is not simply play for you? Is it truth?
First of all, I am woman. Excuse me if I dialect about not interesting things. Simply my heart pines for love. Tell me about your first love.
How old was you?
My first love was a nice boy in kindergarten. He was very good and honest. Presently he is situated in prison for ******.
Today is remarkable weather. I am a review on starry night sky from window of my cabinet and think about you. I recall my baby dream. I always wanted to jump with parachute in the night so that not to see land and feel zero gravity. And what about you? What are you dreaming now?
The most interesting that similar feeling to uncertainties gets through whole my life. I want to be sure of tomorrow and hope on good. Hoping on best,
Letter 6

Hi, the most understanding me!
I also search for a kind correct men for serious relations.
I heard about those women who name scammers much.
I think, that it is terrible people which do bad reputation for Russian women.
It dishonours us because Russia was always known for good Russian women as good wives and mothers. It seems to me is mistake to think, that women in Russia it is similar to what want only money. I do not search for that way for reception of money. I search for serious relations for creation of the strong union and family.
I never went by motorcycles, but I think, that it is the big entertainment. I would like to test it. It will be possible with you.
Thinking about my life, I always recollect my girlfriend about whom I want to tell.
In shelter for children remained without parents I got acquainted with one girl. Her name is Maria. We always were together and presently sometimes meet. I wanted to seen her often because we have felt together so much. But, regrettably, not all, but may be nothing, in this world depends on us. Although we live in one town I see her seldom. She has husband and two children. She says all right. But I do not want to live such Maria. She works from morning to evening. She even has not time to see her own children. Goes on work - they else sleep, comes with work - they already sleep. And it is whole life. But afterwards children will grow. What they will be in the absence of any contacts with mother? But sometimes we meet. We go in guests to one another. Before night we sit on kitchen. She tells me about her own problem, I tell about my own. We are a weeping, argue, but life lasts. Not so? But else I want to ask have you friends? Can be have you best friend amongst them? And probably main question: what friendship signifies for you?
But in general I do not be dejected. The Life - such thing: today one, but tomorrow another. Someday all will well. But I should like to know it will happen soon..
Marie speaks that it is necessary to live one daytime, does not need to build the plans for the future. Its does not realized. But I can not live one daytime thinking that it last. I plan I shall do tomorrow, day after tomorrow, in week.
In my opinion such people are pessimists. They consider that each day last and tomorrow approaches the end of the light. I think so live is impossible. What do you think?
Am afraid you had tired to read my complaints. It is necessary to finish this letter. I wait your letter and hope it will. Forever yours,
Letter 7

Hi, my bunny! You really big philosopher. I do not share many ideas with you, but nevertheless I was impressed with your reflections. I like people which are able to think of things and to draw the certain conclusions as result of cerebration.
Today I did cleaning in house and I have accidentally found the book with russian public fairy tale. I do not know whence she appeared beside me. You know that Good always wins Ill beside all folk of the world in fairy tale. The Princess always meets her Prince she long waited. Fairness triumphs. It simply splendid.
What do you think if only Good will rule by world, people will better?
I want life as in these fairy tales. I want to live the interesting life, leave married for worthy man, give birth him children. I want to devote only him and children. But else I want to take a vow to husband that I always shall only be with him. And I shall not abandon his never. I certain that I shall be able to execute its promise.
In recently many marriages are terminated in Russia. The husband and wife can not tolerate one other already through 2-3 joint life. I think they do not understand that life together superimposes the ensemble of the obligations on both spouses. But they simply ignore it. The family is necessary to create on love only. If people love each other family will be strong. Their children will be beautiful and clever. I read about it.
I do not want to live one whole life. I want to understanding and loving man was beside. I should like to rest in his shoulder at difficult minute. I did for it too most. I hope that you understand me?
The family is most big value. All other things are *******. I see the sense of my life in making the strong family. The people are born and die. One generation changes another. Certainly I will dead too because eternal life is a myth. But I want to leave after myself anything significant on this Land. It will be my children. I think you comply with me. But I not certain I can do it all.
Well, I formation plans for the future again. I already spoke I can not live one daytime. It is my habit. I want to hear what do you think about household life? Keeper of the home centre,
Ps I thank you for a photo. I do not want to do to you flattery. You have really liked me.
Letter 8

Hi, my dear! I also want to have family. I am very glad, that my girlfriend Sveta has found the love.
I know, that they are lucky enough. Frank and Sveta have very quickly grown fond each other.
They also both wanted to have family. he told, that in you country it is very difficult to find the good wife. Has passed approximately month of their acquaintance and Frank has proposed to marry.
Sveta could not give up to him. It is a kind good men with family values.
I am very glad for the girlfriend. She dreamed of such husband and her dream became a reality.
Sveta has found the prince.
Unfortunately I do not know where they live. Right now they have departed to have a rest on any islands...
It is considered summertime is time for lovers. I go on town and see much young girls and pair. I envy them. While they can be together. They are young and do not know nothing about their future. Certainly I can get acquainted with anyone. Simply I want the serious relations. It is a responsible step for me. The tempestuous past remained behind. I want to find the tranquillity with reliable persons. What do you think about it?
Well, summer is now. For many russians summer is the time rest. The furlough … I so long ago was on a holiday last time that chief will give me it at short notice ?. On a holiday possible forget about my own problem and try be weakened. I want to leave somewhere thereof town by summer, get free on air, become the free bird. But regrettably earnings of the russian teacher does not allow to do it. In our country work in sphere of the formation was not valued never. I know that situation other in your country. Working the teacher is honorable.
Speak that in you country each person can realize his dreams if he will try. You are a lucky person that you live there. Independence and freedom of speech is the main value of civil society. I know that you have it.
When I review films from west country, I see that person working teacher or engineer has get prettier machine and house. I understand that certainly films do not reflect reality. But I think that if it at least share of the truth that it is beautifully. In Russia they are doomed on beggarly existence. Dreaming,
Letter 9

Hi, my dear! Today I went in theatre with children. It was really test for me. It is difficult to control to screeching and fidgety crowd (smile).
There is a small theatre in our town showing provincial plays. But I am theatre lover. Since I like to sit in the pit I try to buy tickets beforehand. This time I have seen “ Duck Hunting ”. The play was exciting.
There was a storm of applauds in the end. I think that children have not understood about than it indeed but their too made happy some moments. In their lifes it can be seldom.
On the way home we discussed the play with my neighbour Olga. She is a wretch woman because husband beats her. I do not want to repeat her fate which looks like thousand such. Single her amusement is television.
Sometimes theatre productions and musicals show on TV. It is quite interesting because you can see the play of the famous actors from abroad.
But the impression is quite different because there is no curtain and the darkness of all hall. And your applause could not heard by the actors you liked.
I do not like bad weather. And you? Springtime is best time of the year for me because it is time for flowers and lovers. My loved flower is lily. Will you present it me someday (smile)?
I think, that we should have our meeting. I know, that it is a unique way to find out us more and to draw conclusions on our future. But I have already made the choice. I love you. I hope, that it does not shock you. I know, that we can make happy home life.
I want to give you my address for the proof of that I love you and I trust you.
My address: city Cheboksary, street Ivanova 12-12.
Unfortunately I have no phone. You should not have surprise. In Russia things are distinct from things in your country.
Say honestly can you love me?
Don't forget about me. Tired, waiting, Loving,
Letter 10

Hi, my dear!
Yesterday I went in theatre with children. It was really test for me. It is difficult to control to screeching and fidgety crowd (smile). There is a small theatre in our town showing provincial plays. But I am theatre lover. Since I like to sit in the pit I try to buy tickets beforehand. This time I have seen "Duck Hunting". The play was exciting. There was a storm of applauds in the end. I think that children have not understood about than it indeed but their too made happy some moments. In their lifes it can be seldom.
On the way home we discussed the play with my neighbour Olga. She is a wretch woman because husband beats her. I do not want to repeat her fate which looks like thousand such. Single her amusement is television. Sometimes theatre productions and musicals show on TV. It is quite interesting because you can see the play of the famous actors from abroad. But the impression is quite different because there is no curtain and the darkness of all hall. And your applause could not heard by the actors you liked.
I do not like bad weather. And you? Years{summer} it is time is best time of the year for me because it is time for òåïëà, ñîëíöà, öâåòîâ, îòäûõà and lovers. My loved flower is lily. Will you present it me someday (smile)?
I can not overpower my desire. I want to confess you I love you.
Probably you will not write me but I must say it. It is happiness to love you for me. I want be divided by its with you.
Say honestly can you love me?
Don't forget about me. Tired, waiting, Loving,
Letter 11

You ask about the letters which you to me sent during 18 and 26. I really have not received from you of any letter.
Today it was especially pleasant for me to read your mail and also to write to you. Now you will understand why. Today I have fine mood. My chief has called me for discussion of working questions in the morning when I have come for work. After discussion of working themes he has told to me that one of our employees soon leaves a vacation for work and I can take a vacation. He has added also if I shall not take a vacation now I I shall already not have a vacation this year. I did not expect such news and at once have thought of you. I always hastened for work faster to look your mail and to write to you letters. Every working day was for me as a holiday for this reason. Thus, if I shall take a vacation I shall not have access to a working computer. I have been afflicted from these ideas. I have told to the chief I do not want to take a vacation for me. The chief has been surprised very much and has asked the reason of my refusal. I have explained to him all and have told about you and your letters. I have told also I shall not have an opportunity to write to you. He has been surprised a little and has told that I can use the vacation as I want and to meet you. I silly also could not think of it. It is really big chance for us and our meeting. Why I have not thought of it at once? Certainly I have agreed with the chief and have been very much pleased with an idea on our future meetings with you. He has told that I can take the vacation when another will come the employee for work from a vacation. I hope you are glad to this also. But there is other problem nevertheless. I have the passport for travel abroad but I have no the visa. For reception of the visa in the in your time and if I to gather to you to me is necessary shall be necessary to prepare for the visa already. I have decided to not postpone it and have decided to address to agency of travel. I believe and I hope that I have not angered and have not offended you. I believe and I hope that you want to meet me. It can be outlined in advance by destiny. I sincerely hope that my letter has brought pleasure to you. And I sincerely hope that you want to meet me to spend some time together. And I sincerely hope that you would be happy to meet me. Your Elena
Letter 12

I am glad, that you have written to me. I am pleased, that you want me to meet and already worry about my stay.
You speak, that you will have job. I think, what is it will not be a problem.
I could wait for you and prepare for you supper. Then we could go for a walk in the evening.
You should not have trouble on it. I shall be glad to see you.
I understand, that sometimes words do not correspond(meet) to real ideas, but you do not owe To think of it, because I always speak that I think.
I shall have my vacation within one month, but if we shall be ready to greater, I shall stay with you on 30 or 40 years (smile)
I would be glad if you will help on my trip.
Me will give holiday in 2 weeks. He will proceed one month. And any problems with job at me should not be. She remain behind me, me will not dismiss from job. Really I now have a lot of emotions. To me is not believed, that we can meet. My soul is filled with you. All my thoughts only about you. I fall asleep with your name and I wake up with your name. I go along the street and I smile, because I think of you. All that was in my life earlier not important for me. Now I think only of you.
How are your mood? Today I have addressed visas agency. I wondered how much it will cost for me to make visa. They told me that consideration of the application on reception of the visa costs 100 dollars. This sum does not come back even in that case if my application will not be approved. And for getting a visa is necessary to go to Moscow where there is an consulate. They have told that I will must visit set of various departments, state and medical institutions in Moscow. It is necessary to wait for a long time the queue. It is a usual way of getting a visa and procedure of reception can be delayed for some weeks or even months. Besides if my application will not be approved, it will turn out that I squander money all for nothing. To me have told that is possible to avoid set of problems and to make all in faster terms if to use full package of service. Full package of service includes additional payments for a category of the visa, consular services, preparation for Interview with commission, interview. The full package of service costs 225 dollars, but the visas agency remove all problems and thus increases the chance of getting a visa without excessive delays. I asked how long time it will take to get a visa If to use a full package of service. They have answered that it will take about one week. Maybe 2 weeks if there will be some troubles. I have told that this variant satisfies me and I agree. I was answered that they will request information about me in the police. And if in the police they will be answered that I the law-abiding citizen, I will get the visa. I have never outraged the law. And I have never done anything unlawful. I will have preparation for interview. It will help me to receive the visa. And I really have registered the visa application with great belief and with great hope that you will be glad to meet me. I really want to give you a gift - our meeting.
I understand that our relations are not long yet. I know that you did not expect that I will tell all this. But it is possible to wait eternally. But in fact nobody knows that waits for us tomorrow. Maybe such opportunity will not be presented any more. I have opened to you my heart and soul. I speak what I feel. I am not confused by my feelings. I speak straight and openly. The loneliness has made me courageous. You can think that I hurry events. But I have found new feeling which never had. I am happy right now. I seem I has found what searched for long time. In Russia speak: " under a lying stone the water doesn't flow ". It mean that it is necessary to do a step onward to achieve something. I should use this opportunity. In my heart never was such confidence and feeling.
And I am afraid to lose it. Much tenderness from Elena!!!
Letter 13

I am very happy that I have received time to write to you.
I understand, that is necessary to be cautious always.
But I do not understand. I do not believe that it is not possible to distinguish the real people and people, which play games?
Well. If you do not want to help me directly now with money, I shall not insist on it. I did not want you about it to ask. I think, that I can itself pay my travel to you...
I should inform you that I have deep feelings to you. It is valid so.
Today at night I could not fall asleep for a long time. I thought of you, about our future meeting. As it will be wonderful. By the way, I do not know exact date of my vacation but when I shall know it I shall inform to you at once.
I have good news for you. Today I went to agency of travel and to me inform that they have submitted my documents for the visa already and it will be necessary for me to hand over various analyses and to wait for the special invitation for interview which is necessary for reception of the visa. I am sure that I shall receive the visa and I shall arrive to you necessarily. I believe in the God and I think that He will help me and our meeting. In agency to me have told also that I should bring to him the characteristic from my work. The chief promised to write me it.
By the way, I today saw dream. I saw the sky, and in the sky a bird. It was the big beautiful bird of blue color. When I have woken up I have thought that it is dream about me as I hasten to you. You trust in dreams?
I always dreamed to be near to the favourite person. I hope that I am not mistaken also I have found such person to myself. (Smile) When beside the favourite person this big happiness. In Russia speak " with favourite person it is possible to find paradise in a tent ". It is valid so. Now I understand this saying. I always dreamed to look after the favourite person, to be near to him every day and every night. Probably my dreams will come true sometime... I do not want to think of it.
Forgive me, but I have no time more. I shall write to you next time.
Remember I always think of you and only about you my.
With the best regards your Elena.
P.S. 1000 kisses.
Letter 14

How are you today? I hope you have fine mood. Unfortunately I have no good mood today.
Today the automobile has flown near me in the morning when I hastened for work. This automobile had the big speed and has not had time to brake, when on road the dog has run. The rain in the morning was and road became wet. Probably therefore the automobile has twirled also it has brought down a poor dog. The dog has not had time even to begin to whimper and has died at once. I have been very much afflicted with it and have burst into tears even when stood and looked at a poor dog. Drivers in Russia very much frequently go with the big speed on roads and I sometimes even am afraid to cross roads. It happens even ***** drivers behind a rudder. And if on road instead of a dog have run out the person or the child? It would be awful. Really a life it is very short and never you find out for what reason a life can break. I believe in destiny and I think that to me the destiny has prepared not such terrible death nevertheless. Forgive me for sad ideas, it is probable you do not want to read about sad things. But I sometimes reflect on the further life. Suddenly my life will be torn off by any ***** driver? In Russia many such cases. Certainly I not so strongly am afraid of death, I am afraid that I shall not leave anything after me. And anybody is possible will not notice loss of me except for my friends. It is really terrible also I do not want to die in loneliness. I want to live with the loved man in care, love and caress and never to think of such things. Probably I have really bothered you with the sad ideas, but it was necessary for me to be uttered to you. I hope you will understand me. There are such moments in a life when it is necessary to state the ideas to the close person. For me such person is YOU.
You speak I is beautiful. I recollect sometimes the school days. Then I was not such beautiful as now. I carried staple on a teeth and was ****. I did not like to look in mirror at myself and all children named me "sabreteeth" at school. Probably you are dared now, but I felt unfortunate myself at that time. Mum of me calmed and spoke that I shall grow the beautiful girl and I be happy. My mum was the most close person for me always. You recollect the school days? What you were a boy? You were happy at this time?
Forgive me. I should finish the letter.
With the best regards and kisses
Your Elena.
Letter 15

I wanted to write to you much. It is a pity, but I have no opportunity to write very long letters. But I am glad to acquaintance to you and we write each other.
Your ideas are very deep also I agree with your words.
Today I slept at night a little very much. Because the husband at one woman from our town has come ***** at home. He has banish from home the wife and children. They such small, boys of 11 and 9 years. He ***** not first time. He frequently beat the wife, but to she suffer him because if she there will be one cannot bring up children and have money enough. Same has the small salary and it will not suffice for feeding and clothing of children. For a long time, when I have found out about a problem of this woman I have told that she always came to me home and never there was one with children in the street when her husband expels. I am always glad to shelter them at any time. Today also. Approximately at 2:00 A.M. she was knocked on my window. She cried. I have passed her with children in my house and calmed for a long time. Then we drank tea and talked. Children slept already. She apologized, but I have told that there is no necessity for apologies and I understand her trouble. In the morning she left home. Her husband slept and has not recollected that was at night. People in our town abuse him frequently for it, but it without result. He drinks ***** nevertheless. It is a pity to me of his children very much. They come to me sometimes and help me in a garden even, but I do not allow them a tough job. They watering only and frequently play with water then. But I do not swear, on the contrary I also play with them.
I spoke you about a shelter. I and my friends frequently visit a shelter for children and I help them. We bring toys we play with them and we teach them. Them there is more 40. Government of Russia finds money to contain prison for criminals but does not find money for the contents of such children. It is insulting very much. Recently I painted for children a playground in a shelter. Many children tried to help us. It was amusing very much. Children are pleased to our arrival because we frequently play with them. But it is hurt to me to look at children. They have no parents. I never would throw the child. Many of these children have parents, but their parents are deprived the rights because they alcoholics or criminals. They require parental caress. Once one girl has named me the mum during game. I did not know what to tell to her on it. How to her to explain? It is a pity to me this girl. I understand her. Then I could not sleep as well thought of her. To her of 5 years only. But I hope that in her life all will be good.
I am very much tired today, but I am happy that could to write to you.
Now I shall stop and I shall go home. I should go to bed earlier.
With the best regards
Your Elena.
Letter 16

I am very glad, that your mum approves our meeting.
I think, that we shall like to each other.
Yes, I have received your address and telephone.
Concerning the visa. While me have not informed, something new.
But when I shall know more, I necessarily shall inform you.
Now I often think of you before sleeping. I think about our letters to each other. I often ask myself what will be then, when we will meet.
You know I have a flower lily at home. It is very beautiful, and it needs much care. Now I call it Julian. I hope you are not against of it.
Every morning I say to it " Good morning, Julian ". It is pity that it can't speak to me. It is very interesting how long would we be able to talk when we met for the first time. What do you think of it? It seems to me that I want to tell you much and it will take me several days to tell all about myself. But I am shy and can be confused when I will meet you for the first time. But I think that we are mare than friends that is why we will be able to speak of what we want.
I saw a plane not long ago. And I thought that these " Iron birds " allow to meet million people who are happy to see each other every day (for example you and I). But when I think about my future flight on board the plane I can't forget last catastrophes of two planes. It was terrible to see grief and tears of relatives of the dead people. Now our government is sure that terrorist acts took place hare. I believe that guilty people will be severely punished. They have no right to prevent peaceful people from living. I hate terrorism and violence! You should know that fear of terrorists will never stop me. I will be able to fly on board the plane and to be afraid of nothing. In my childhood I was flying by plane. But people saw that flights are if it is true. I heard that passengers are very well served during the flight. I am interested to see it.
I should finish the letter. I want to tell to you that I think of you always and I love you my dear. By the way, next week I can tell to you exact date of my vacation. About the visa do not worry also. I try to make all necessary documents. Also to me will give the characteristic from a shelter for children. It will help me.
With many kisses for you.
Your Elena.
PS Thank you for beautiful foto
Letter 17

Yes, I know about that life, with which many children in Russia live. It is very a pity, that in our country there are similar facts. It is a shame for our government. Russia the richest country on resources, but the people live very poorly though there are many rich people is like Abramovich, which has bought to itself football club Chelse. You heard about it. I not against the rich people, but I do not understand as such probably in our country. Well. I do not want also to speak about sad things much... Now I every day think of you and about our meeting. I try to imagine it and always I present it differently. I do not know as there will be our meeting but I will be sure that it perfectly. Do you represented our meeting? Now we are far apart but our hearts together. Do you believe in love on distance?
Earlier I thought that it not probably but when I have to get acquainted with you I think differently. I think - the main thing in the person it his soul and heart and it is not important as far he to be. You have fine soul and heart and it have subdued me. Now I sit and I look in a window when I write to you. Behind a window a sundown. It is a fine sundown, but it is one more evening without dialogue with you. I shall sit in the house one and to think of you mine. But I see off the sun without a regret because it will shine now to you. I hope that the sun will give you safe day and happy mood. Sun will remind you of me. I dream sometime to observe a sundown together with you. I think it would be romantic very much. You romantic, whether not so? But dreams it is dreams only. Now it is necessary for me to go home and to be engaged in domestic affairs. I would like to cook for you fresh vegetables from my garden. Fresh vegetables have special aroma and taste and these are useful to an organism also. Later for me laundry is necessary. Usually I do it in week-end, but now I have a lot of work in a garden and not enough time for domestic affairs. I should finish the letter and go home. With the best regards.
Your Elena.
Letter 18

Hi! How are you today? I hope you have all miraculously.
Tomorrow is a very important day. I worry much. Today I have got a invitation on conversation with commission, which deals with granting the visa. It is the most important in process of the reception of the visa.
Commission will do the final decision after conversation - to give me visa or no. The conversation very difficult, but I ready. It is a difficult test, which I must pass. I want to meet you much and my desire will help me. Where there is a desire there is a decision. The children from shelter, where I help already for several years, together with mentor have written the letter for commission to support me, solicitation and feature. It will help me when commission will come to a conclusion. I certain that all will well. I hope you will be prayed comparatively me?
(smile) Also I have said my chief about my possible receiving the visa. I have said that I need for vacation particularly when I get my visa. I want to arrive to you. The chief has understood me and has said that I kept cool. I shall have a vacation, but have not said the exact date however. But you must not care also. I shall arrive to you in any event. I am adjusted on our meeting.
Today on work my colleagues have begun to ask me, whom I write. I never talked with them about you. Only do not wake jealous to me, colleagues - women with which I work together. They knew that I write and only it. But they saw change in me. They speak, I changed in the best side in recently. I have a good mood always (smile). I began to go for working first and leave - last. And each free minute I sit opposite computer. I always hid my feeling to you from them, but today I have said him about reason. You know the reason is you. I have said him about you, about our feelings and about our future meeting. They were complacent for me and for us. Also they joke on me. They have said that I have always done lucky other people on work when I have registered the marriages, but never had happiness by myself. Now I have happiness. This is you, my love. Yes, you are my happiness and my future, I hope. Probably I naive little, but I want to trust our lucky future. I hope you also. I have an ocean of feelings to you. My ocean of feelings much more than ocean, which separates us. But I believe that a distance between you and me not obstacle, and we shall together. I am really lucky, but my happiness will be packed, when we shall together. Do you feel similar? I can always write you many words about love, but, regrettably, I have no so much time for it. I must finish, but you must remember that I ALWAYS THINK ABOUT YOU MY DEAR. It's about time we all get out and vote for love. With the best wishes, your Elena. P.S. I need a name of the nearest airport where you may to meet me.
Letter 19

Hi, my love! Today I went to the company which reserves airway tickets. I asked them how I can reach you and how much it costs. They answered me that the ticket costs $ 750 USD.
I asked them to find cheaper tickets, because this price is expensive for me. They answered that they had a cheaper ticket but the beginning of the flight 6-Oct-05. It costs $ 579 USD (450 Euro). I asked them to reserve a ticket. But they refused, because they have a lot of clients at this time and they can't reserve my ticket without advance payment. I spoke with them for a long time and asked to reserve the ticket for me without advance payment but they didn't agree. Then I wondered if it is possible to pay a part of the money now and the other part later. They didn't agree. I spoke with them for a long time and I managed to persuade them. They agreed. We agreed that I would pay a part of the price today and the other part later.
I paid $ 200 USD. But it was little for an initial payment. Then I went to the pawnshop and pawned my silver and gold embellishments for $ 150 USD. It was my last money. The number of the flight on which I reserved the ticket is Airline: Lufthansa Flight: LH3189
Departure: October 06, 07:05, Sheremetevo
Arrival: October 06, 08:15, Frankfurt Intl
City of change: Frankfurt
Airline: Lufthansa Flight: LH4500
Departure: October 06, 10:20, Frankfurt Intl
Arrival: October 06, 12:24, Sondica Arpt
Time in ways: 7:20
It is very difficult for me to tell you about it. But I have done everything that I could. I paid visa. I paid a part of the ticket. But this money is not enough. I didn't want to burden you. I wanted to reach you with my own money but unfortunately I failed. Now I have to pay the remaining part. It is only $ 229 USD (180 Euro). I have to pay this money 5-0ct-05 morning. Otherwise I will lose my money and ornaments.
Of course if you don't want, you can not help me. It is bad but not fatal.
It is big money for me, but I TOLD YOU ALREADY THAT MONEY IS NOT THE MAIN THING IN THE LIFE. But I trust you, and I know that you love me. If you can help me I send you my coordinates. I give you necessary elements for sending money with the help of Western Union: CHEBOKSARY, VNESHTORGBANK
IVANOVA, 80A, 428018 for Tokareva Elena.
To get the money, I should tell to employee of bank your full name (exactly as you will write in send form) and some confidential numbers (Money Transfer Control Number), which will give you, when you will send the money.
Please forgive to me all my words. I speak so because I am in despair and confusion. Now, when only one step is separated us, I am afraid. I understand that it is the big money for you. I did not want to ask you. I thought that I can make all myself. The loneliness has made me strong. I have got used to live without help, and to rely only on myself. I ask somebody for help very seldom, but now I ask you to help me.
I am waiting for your reply.
Kiss you.
Your Elena.
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