Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Elkhouva to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1
My dear man ,
It is written to you by yours Ekaterina :)
I very much missed on yours to kind words and to write to you as soon as I to arrive from other city.
I to speak to you I went to work and now I to have possibility to arrive to you and I to want our meeting.
I not to write to you long 20 days and I to think every day of you and our meeting.
Now I have bought phone and you can call to me I to wish to hear your voice and your breath.
My number +7 961 378 3468. My english very bad , but i think you can understend me .
I to promise to you that I will buy the chamber and I to make it and now I can see you in Skype, add my name women1189 in the Scype.
I think that you the serious man which to wish to create a family and strong love.
I do not play game and not to want what you a deceit me.
Think that you to understand me. I can fly to you on the next week.
You to want and can a meeting me??
I will go in travel company and I will receive the visa and to buy the ticket.
I will wait your answer and kind words for me.
I want our meeting and to look in your eyes because 1 meeting will replace 1000 letters.
I to wish to feel you.
Sincerelly your Ekaterina
Letter 2
My dear Man,
Excuse what not the answer to you, my health is bad now. I to have temperature high of body.
I to lie in a bed 3 days.
Tomorrow if my health is good I will go in travel company and I will write to you in the evening and to give all information.
And we can see the each other in Scype on Tuesday!! Ie?
Write me kind and gentle words for me please to me it is very bad now.
Remember the woman to love the ears, it is Russian proverb.
I will wait for your letter.
Yours Ekaterina
Letter 3
My dear,
Today I have received my visa, I am happy also I to make for you video and a photo. I am happy...
My manager to reserve for me the ticket in airport Stockholm Arlanda for July, 14th and I can fly to you this day. I a payment all money for the visa, documents and the ticket.
I not to have more money. I would require that you have bought to me of the second ticket from Sweden-Russia.
You to understand me?? You can a payment 400 euro to my manager tomorrow?
You should call to my manager and speak with it. The manager number +7963 126 2041.
I will have the ticket in my hands for July, 14th I to fly to you!!
But if you cannot buy to me the return second ticket. You can buy to me the ticket in my firm??
You should speak with my manager, call to him.
I hope that you to buy the ticket for me tomorrow and we will be together on July, 14th!!
I to dream about our meeting and to wait your answer.
Yours Ekaterina
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