Letter(s) from Alena Savochkina to Phillip (UK)

Letter 1

Hello, Phillip!
I’m so glad to read your mail again! And to answer you! Our acquaintance continues and develops. I think it’ll be interesting to you to learn more about my family. Well, my family is my daddy, mum and my lovely granny! My parents are doctors, you know it already. I’m the only child in our family. My childhood was the most fantastic and brilliant! I have grown in a very beautiful place. There was a beautiful garden round. The garden blossomed each spring. I looked at those flowers and it seemed to me that I lived in a fairy tale. When I was 4 I told my mum- "I will fall in love only in the spring! When gardens will blossom!" And everybody laughed. I have grown up in atmosphere, which was full of love. My parents never swore, I don’t remember any scandals. My daddy was always kind and careful! He liked to please me and my mum. My granny was very kind and cooked well. Her dishes are so tasty that it’s impossible to describe. My mum and granny taught me to cook. My granny says "the natural woman should be a gourmet!" That’s why I can perfectly prepare any meal. I treat very attentively to food and health. Now I live along. But the experience I got in my family is always with me! I visit often my parent and granny. I adore them, but I must have my private life now. Once all of us will grow up. And we must choose own way. I realize, that relations are very difficult. It’s not easy to be by other person’s side. But if you take care of him and respect him, everything will be o.k. So, I answer the question, what qualities of a partner are important for me. I can say that there are many. Every moment is an opportunity to show oneself’s care. An opportunity to show attention. Our life is not the eternal! I’d like to have by my side a careful, reliable and kind man. A man who’ll respect me. Respect my force and my weakness in one tine. The trust is the most important thing for me. Without any trust everything is impossible: work, friendship, love. Trust is a ground, basis…I wish to be careful and gentle. I’m a very true person. It’s not a farce. It is truth. I don’t understand and don’t accept any treachery. I hope, you will agree with my principles. Am I right? Phillip, I’d like to thank you again for your letters. Probably I repeat. But it’s very pleasant to me to write it. Thanks! It’s very important to feel attention, important to realize that some other person is interested in you. It’s important not to be lonely, lonely in thoughts and dreams. Thank you for your attention and patience when you read my letter!!!!Sometimes I write much. I just want to tell and ask all. It is important and interesting to me to find answers to questions. GOOD LUCK! Luck for you for all the time. I’ll wait for your reply. Yours Alena