Scam letter(s) from Alena Bashenina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear! I'm writing to you even without knowing anything about you. I can call that a jump into the darkness. I'm just following my intuition which has cheated one me very seldom in my life. My name is Alena, I'm 26 years old and I'm single... that's the problem!:( I've been single for already about a year. I'm so tired of my condition... my friends and girlfriends try to cheer me up all the time, try to find a man for me, but their efforts are useless, maybe men from here from my country are not suitable for me. I decided to use alternative way of acquainting.
I heard about Internet dating sites and that many people found their love partners there, so I thought, why not to try? I hope that I did a correct choice and soon I will find my happiness and someone from here will become a partner of a kind, nice-looking and honest girl :). To say a few words about me right now I can say that I love men of a word... if a man promises something then he will be obliged to make it true. I need a mentally-strong person nearby, whom I can rely on, but I love cuddling and gentle attitude to women as well... so maybe my ideal doesn't exist in the world at all, but it's so nice to dream about him. So if you want to know me better and to try getting us closer to each other, if you feel something special about me and like my photos, you may write a letter to my e-mail address: I'll be impatiently waiting and answer your any questions, but remember, I'm looking for serious and long-lasting relations, but not for "one-day fun" or some e-mail jokes. I will expect a nice informative letter about your personality if you decide to try corresponding with me... maybe we are born to be together? who knows... let's check it out? Impatiently waiting for your respond. Alena
Letter 2
Hello again my sweet! I was waiting for a letter from you with impatience actually. Maybe you can't believe in that but it's true. I hope that your interest in me is serious and sincere. Anyway, I can't hide my emotions that I'm happy to hear from you today. The days last time are so grey and unhappy, but now I'm getting a hope on a brighter future... can you bring it into my life, dear? Thanks a lot for these great photos. You look extremely handsome... I like you a lot! At first, it's my turn to retell about myself, right? :) So, I'm a simple girl as I've already told. The reason I'm in the Internet looking for my husband is also simple. After many unsuccessful tries in real life I've become desperate in finding my husband... and I heard that many people were lucky to find their second halves through the Internet... that's why I decided to try it as well. So now let me tell you about myself. My full name is Alena Bashenina, I am 27 years old and was born on the 12th of April 1983, but I look younger, don't I? My height is 170 cm and weight - 54 kg. My birthplace is Lozovaya , and I live here for all my life. It's situated in Kharkovska region. I can hardly remember facts from my childhood, but those who took care of me say that it was happy. People here are kind and simple to communicate with. My family consists of my mother and father. We live not in a big flat, but we are happy together as we love each other and are ready to do everything for each other. Speaking about my education, I finished the agricultural university and earned a profession of a saleswoman in supermarket.
It's interesting for me, and I'm already working in one of supermarkets of a big trade network - ATB. I'm trying to catch every missed aspect of my duty, to have a promotion in future to become an administrator... and then more and more. I'm excited to have a challenge at this job. I know that if I work hard I'll get a higher position and a ****** salary. About my interests... I like up-to-date music, mostly pop. But I can listen to classical themes as well. It depends on my mood mostly :) I'm really happy that you are so open-minded in this letter and I don't have to pull information from you :) I want us to proceed communicate in such mode... retelling everything we can to each other.
In this way I know that we can fast understand if we have a happy or unhappy match here. I hope that it will be happy... and to prove that I'm going to retell much about myself... do the same next time again.
You will write, won't you? I agree with you in saying about hurting someone. It's disgusting. Speaking about your age, I must say that it doesn't matter at all. The most important thing in relationships is understanding each other. I know many examples of marriages when a couple has something about 20 or 30 years difference, and it does no harm to their family. People should sort partners not by the age criterion but by the character. If it suits to a partner that it's ok.
And to find out if we in such situation, let's know each other better!
My attitude to *** is certainly positive. I like it very much and I think I'm really experienced in it... that doesn't mean that I'm looking for anyone to have *** with. I'm very demanding in this aspect. But if I like the man and have strong willing to present pleasure to him and to be satisfied by him, then there are no limits in *** for me. I'm ready to do everything to reach the top of pleasure!!!! my favorite position is on top... I have plenty of energy that I can express and show all my potential!!! And if my feelings are truly serious I don't care about public... there is only my beloved and me at such moments... nothing else matters. Honey, you must have already noticed that my letter is written in a nice English... but it's not my merit as my English is rather poor, though I've been abroad... I always used interpreter's help and it was so much time ago... I'm not connected with English at my job. I'm sorry for not telling it to you earlier... but I felt now that I'm hiding it, so I decided to say. I'm using the the OPCT company's translating services. I want to know if it's bothering for you or not?
I don't want to loose you so much!! Please, don't worry! Translators don't care about our correspondence. Their duty is to translate and not to be curious about the content. I don't want this matter to be a barrier for us.. but how could I get on-line without being able to understand English... so I found this way to communicate with foreigners and now it became vital as I can loose contact with you if I quit these translating agency's services. I'm thinking of taking English courses now. We can't use interpreter all the time if we meet, right? :) I need to tell you one thing about my English. I know that you won't like this certainly, but I have no choice. It's important to be honest with each other. My English is very poor. This brilliantly written letter was translated via translating services in the OPCT company. I was advised to use it by one of my girlfriends, who found her love in the same way. I decided to use it too, as I obviously worth being happy and this was my only chance. I don't want you to be worried about it. I'm not here for any games. You will find it out if you continue corresponding with me. Dear, I'll be anxiously waiting for your letter, in which I want you to tell more about your life, dwelling places, hobbies, as I really want to know you better, and for this we should communicate honestly.
Waiting for your reply. Wish you a good day! Yours Alena
Letter 3
Hello my dear! Honey, and don't you need anything else except my photos?:( I thought you are serious and want to be with me. Last days I became very romantic in my dreams. I often think about possible future with my beloved, imagine how happy we are together, building nice and strong family. I can't wait the time when my best dreams come true! To find my soul-mate and my dearest will be the best moment in my life now. Do you think it's possible for us to become such close as I want to be with my MAN? I understood that I have a bond to you now, and can't just forget your letters, words, and stories. I do want to meet you in future, but for that, I think we should correspond a bit more, and have spiritual talks, in which we can open our hearts to each other, be honest and sincere, speak about deepest secrets... be just as close as it's possible for the moment. We've passed some distance on our together trip, and I wish we have much ahead. You are like my saver now. I have you in my life to communicate with, to exchange minds... and I'm very happy from that. I think I have love at first sight... but not personal - electronic one
:) It's quite a figurative meaning, but reading your letters makes me feel really good. Darling, I hope you feel the same. Tell me about your feelings! I do think that our correspondence has sense and future continuing, bright future! I'm now really anxious to find a man of my dream. It's just the thing I'm crazy about all the time now. Would you be so kind to share this dream with me? :) It's very pleasantly for me to send you letters, as I know that a nice answer will follow soon.
Our friendship is very important for me, but I prefer saying that not by letters, but directly in person... what a pity that I can't just see you in front of me... I want it so much now. I hope you'll write me soon. I will be missing your letters, dear! I hope you are feeling nice to me! You are free to ask anything you want, I'll obviously answer. I'm already missing you, dear! Kiss you gently! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Yours hopefully Alena
Letter 4

Hello, sir! We are sorry for the interrupting your correspondence with Miss Alena(Alyona) Bashenina, but we have to inform you about the reason of her silence. Lady Alena is using our company's translating services. Miss Alena is already informed that her account has to be replenished again for the continuing the translating of your and her letters.
Unfortunately, she has some financial problems and she can not fill the account herself. However there is a possibility for her to use your help in solving this problem. Let us know if you are interested how to do it. All your letters are saved in lady Bashenina's mail box. Hoping for further cooperation. If you have any questions, wants to know how everything works or other details, you are welcome. We will be glad to help you in this situation. Contact information:
27 Georgivska street, Lozova, Ukraine, 64300.
tel: +380663259172
Skype nickname: foster393
We work: 10 am - 6 pm (GMT +02) Sincerely yours
Executive director
"Officcial and personal correspondence translating"
coop. company.
Nikolay Javorskiy
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