Scam letter(s) from Kate Smith to Dan (Ireland)

Letter 1
Hello My Sweet Dan
True love is all i have ever wanted and seeked for and i did found that true love in your heart and i am so happy to have found it cause i know that love will surely make me so happy that i will not want to leave your sight not even for one love for you is like the music that makes your heart sing..You are the man of my life and i will surely be the woman of your life and nothing can stop or change that right now not even a thing will change all we have built..we have both built our love to the strongest level and i am so happy that we both took that chance to love each other to the fullest and that we are ready to be husband and wife..Marriage is a big commitment to me and i have committed my heart loving you and been ready to be your wife cause you have the right love and the right heart for me...i sincerely do love and trust you so much that i cry most night thinking about you and how bad i miss you.....
Trust is all we have built our love on..and i do trust you completely that i have layed my heart for you and you have blessed it with the beauty of your love..Your sincerity and honesty made me love you completely that i just think and dream of you each night and day and i cant wait to have you in my body and soul trust you that means i myself i trust you completely and i am not scared of your love..cause its the greatest i have ever wanted and be waiting for.Your words mean a lot to me and it has filled the empty spaces in my heart.Your words has filled my heart with so much desire to love you and i cant wait to explore my kind of true love to you in Heart trusts you completely that it aches a lot and wants you so badly and i cant wait to start sharing all my life with you and be there for you....... I missed u so bad Dan Love u always, Kate
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